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  1. Weiner Whiskey FTW

  2. This video is making the rounds


    “Always be herding”

    That so called Border Collie looks a lot like an Australian Shepherd. My favorite description of the Aussie is a “Border Collie with an off switch”

  3. Meh, tail wasn’t docked which is sort of the custom with Aussies. Who knows.

    As an aside, the new Firefox update automatically prevents autoplay videos. I keep reflexively trying to push the stop button on any page that first opens but autoplay be gone.

  4. http://tinyurl.com/y3zb7hpx

    I saw and heard some of these infomercials when this scam was active. Just listening to it I knew something was off but since I really don’t do much Medicare work figured it was something that happened in that world.


    Scam warning video is nowhere near as dynamic and enticing as the scam commercial. The .gov needs to hire better producers.

  5. Pups, you’re a meme master.

    Jim, I so loved that video I watched it 3 times. Dogs, they are a wonder.

    I have to figure out a smoother way to say “ceiling ironer.” Regardless, I’m going to use that and you people (yes, you people) will know I’m referring to costume wearing, porn, skanks.

  6. Went to be early last night and got a good night’s sleep. Woke up at 0430, wide awake and ready to go. Dogs were reluctant to move and after making a trip outside and eating kibble they’ve been snoozing on the couch since.

    Paula and Ben are on a Disney trip and it’s been awfully quiet around here. I have to remember to talk to the dogs because they’re used to Paula talking to them often. I’m more of a hand signal guy except for occasional “GOOD BOY!!!”‘s when Rowan makes a spectacular frisbee catch.

  7. Bed duster, ceiling ironer, filing cabinet opener, pizza delivery recipient, home plumbing consumer …

    We’ll know Mare

  8. Kurt is my hero:


  9. I just wanted a change up from bed duster. You know, because I talk about porn skanks so much. *cough*

  10. Swalwell’s proposed “global affirmation tour” didn’t work out so well the first time Obama did it.

  11. Morning world!!

  12. ww

  13. http://tinyurl.com/L-to-R-Wakeywakey-H2

  14. http://tinyurl.com/L-to-R-Morning-Pup-Family

  15. Charcoal and pellets secured. Mulling my options for a breakfast sandwich since my sandwich maker is on vacation.

  16. Rainy weekend, was going to mow for the first time but it looks like I’m going to have to wait until it’s up to my knees.

    The Ohio State University Buckeye Football – Spring Game 12:00

    The Masters – Live Coverage ALL DAY

    Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it.

  17. The Tiger Woods Show.

  18. I might try Chick fil A today

  19. Chick fil A is awesome. Chicken sandwich, no pickles. Twice as many chicken nuggets as you think you can eat, three times as much Chick fil A sauce as you think you need. Waffle fries, cheese sauce. Sweet tea.

  20. http://tinyurl.com/Nessie-the-wonder-dog-update

  21. I’m going to watch the Masters, too.

    Last night, I went with Mini-me to see “Little Women: The Musical” put on by the high school. One, they should really stop doing musicals because the chorus teacher can’t teach how to sing because she herself can’t sing. (She’s the mother of one of the students, and I think she does it purely for the tuition discount.) Two, if you insist on doing a musical, pick something where the songs are in the range of normal people. These kids aren’t Roy Orbison and Aretha Franklin. Three, putting a tenor on a baritone part is child abuse.

    At least the acting parts were good.

  22. Chick fil A is 5 minutes from here, but I don’t fast food.

    I think that’s the problem.

    Last McDonalds breakfast was over 10 years ago.
    Last fast food burger was over 15 years ago.

  23. Chik fil A is BIG on customer service and friendly attitudes, they are a little bit different for fast food. I like them a lot, and I’ve never been to one that wasn’t busy, never had a meal there that I regretted.

  24. Culvers is another one that I think does it right, but I’ve run into some surly employees there, but the food is always good.

  25. I love Chick-fil-a, and you can go low carb with a Cobb salad, no corn or beans, grilled chicken, avocado ranch dressing. Nom nom nom.

  26. Carin might know. How do I get a mp3 of the Five Finger Death Punch version of “Blue on Black”, the one with Brian May and Kenny Wayne Shepherd playing. The version I see on Amazon is a year old and is just FFDP. I don’t do iTunes if I can help it.

  27. It is on iTunes.

  28. Amazon too. You have to search the song itself and it will come up.

  29. I’ve got a musical to attend to in Detroit

    /disappears in a puff of smoke, but with munchkins singing

  30. Thank you, just downloaded it.

  31. Flap on the toilet tank thingy broken. Gonna rebuild the entire tank, or more specifically, I’m gonna supervise my 19 yr old while he does it. Just another part of skills you show yer kid before they depart your home …..

  32. Oo, likey that version. Thank you.

  33. I’m trying to get motivated to begin the finishing of the bathroom tile. Dragging my feet because by the time we realized we fugged up, it was too late to rip all the tile down and begin again. Now it’s, how do we work around the fug-up without it being so obvious.

    Only painting I have left is the trim around the doors, as it’s being put up, and the bathroom itself.

    Then move all the tools, equipment, and assorted garbage, out of there and move her in.

  34. Good plan Troy. I had to learn on the fly and took a few trips to the hardware store to get the job done

  35. I have a return for my groceries I gotta do at some point. I bought English Breakfast tea and when I got home noticed it was decaf. Nope, not yet

  36. It stopped raining!


    Scarlet 10

    Gray 28

  37. Mare, instead of “Ceiling Ironer”, you could use “Ceiling Presser” 😇

  38. My last toilet rebuild turned into a toilet replace.

    Know how you are not supposed to overtighten the tank bolts?

    I completed the job and thought everything was fine, until the tank filled up.


    The rest of that day sucked.

  39. http://tinyurl.com/yy4855m4

  40. Thanks, TIFW!

  41. HA! Stupid sheep those dogs will kick their ass. Sneaky.

  42. They just interrupted the Masters to show us a 3 minute commercial for the Masters.

  43. Possibly of interest to Leon and CoAlex


  44. So this guy I know who does a radio talk show in CT spoke at a rally in the Capitol today.

    I guess he was good enough to be quoted by two of the largest newspapers in the state:



  45. From a blog, talking about Russian women.

    “There is another type that was the majority, from what I could tell. They are plain and pleasant, thin in their youth. They sort of remind me of country girls. I started talking with a women in her early 30’s, I’m guessing. She had good English, so we could chat without using hand signals. She was visiting her mother, as she lived in England. Her mother looked like she pushed school children into her cottage oven. That’s the thing about Russian women. Father time is never very kind to them…”

  46. Yay, wiserbud!

  47. Toilets done. He loved playing the loosen one side to tighten leaking other side game. I was waiting for him to over torque and trash the tank.

    Back in my youth I cracked not one but two brand new thrones in a row trying to get a fit with a wax ring. I was working maintenance in a psych facility. The director was not happy, the lead was like “how else is he supposed to learn”.

  48. Comment by PepeLp on April 13, 2019 3:21 pm
    Possibly of interest to Leon and CoAlex

    This is relevant to my interests.

  49. http://tinyurl.com/y2brvwqg

  50. Jeez wiser, that first article was focused on how small the crowd was, not the actual message. It’s almost like both papers want the tolls.

  51. >>>>Jeez wiser, that first article was focused on how small the crowd was, not the actual message. It’s almost like both papers want the tolls.

    It’s Connecticut. We’re lucky they give even half a moment’s attention to the opposition.

  52. Fun, busy day.

  53. If Lamont were a republican there would have been 100,000 people there.

  54. If it were anyone other than Visconti, there would have been 100k people there.

    He’s an asshole

  55. The Baker testimony on Scribd (at CTH) is fascinating…

  56. Somebody told me that that Steve Noxen guy is a real up and comer.

  57. Evidently that was pure bullshit.

  58. Distrusting Eric, Raoul panicked.

  59. Tornado watch, yay.

  60. BroCav needs to check in – some bad storms south of here.

  61. I must have screwed up and bought espresso ground coffee, because this is the worst cup of coffee I’ve had since Mr. RFH’s sister (RIP) made coffee here and put in one scoop per cup. (It’s two scoops per pot.)

    I tried a little salt and a lot of milk, and it’s still undrinkable.

  62. Life’s too short for super bad coffee. Time for a new pot. “Meh” coffee is okay. Rare to drink a truly exceptional cup.

  63. Paula turns 39 today. She’s down at Disney with Ben so her cake will happen later this week.

  64. I have been spoiled by the Mystic Monk coffee. BIL brought me some coffee from Hawaii, and that was pretty good, though it smelled better than it tasted. Mr. RFH set up the coffee pot last night, so I don’t know what this is.

  65. Happy birthday, Paula!

  66. Yesterday was sunny and warm and awesome, and I spent it inside with a nasty headache. I finally took three Excedrin around 4pm, used my prescription nasal spray, took three Benadryl and fell asleep. Now my headache is gone, but my back hurts and it’s raining outside. Meh.

  67. At this point we’re using either Folgers or Maxwell House. Average day here involves 1-1/2 pots. Every now and then we splurge for Black Rifle, Dunkin’ or Starbucks coffee. It’s good while it lasts.

    In my residency I was so busy I only made coffee on the weekends and did the whole Green Mountain coffee beans freshly ground at home. That was good!

  68. I’m a fan of Excedrin. Aspirin is underappreciated. Obviously too much is a problem and some people can’t take it all but before ibuprofen and all its analogues it was the only show in town.

  69. I thought it was just my allergies acting up, but now I wonder if I wasn’t coming down with something. My teeth hurt, which is usually a sign I’m sick, and I fell asleep on the couch and woke up a couple hours later soaked in sweat.

  70. wakey wakey. Shitty day here today. I need to get dirt to fill my beds.

  71. woke up a couple hours later soaked in sweat.

    That says sick to me. Hope you feel better.

  72. Now my headache is gone, but my back hurts and it’s raining outside. Meh.


  73. Excedrin is loaded with caffeine, surprised you could nap.

  74. Don’t forget the 3 Benadryl. Bill Cosby never did.

  75. Buddy of mine was eating excedrin like candy to deal with a toothache and turned into this


  76. The grass in the back yard is so high now Nessie the Wonderdog is scared of it. Inclimate weather again today though, so she’s going to have to put on the big dog bandanna.

    Am I the only one rooting for a Tiger meltdown?

  77. Pupster, I was rooting for him to miss the cut, but that didn’t happen. Amen Corner has one more chance.

  78. I thought his meltdown was the last 10 years.

  79. I think its going to come down to Woods and Koepka.

  80. I thought his meltdown was the last 10 years.

    Fair point. I’d settle for a couple or three f bombs on the live mics followed by some dramatic back grabs and grimaces.

  81. Paula, 39?!?!?! Happy Birthday!

  82. The fans at any tournament always want Tiger to do well. He has the biggest crowds and people go nuts when he hits a great shot.

  83. Rainy and cool, dogs did the abbreviated potty this am. No fucking around sniffing the entire world today. Ran out, found a spot quick, did their business and ran back. The Yorkie went to groomer yesterday, my Cairn is looking at me like “when you gonna get this shit off me?” My back is fooked and I have one pain med and one muscle relaxer left. Do I take before or after I shave the dog? The flexiril knocks me out but the vicoden amps me at this dosage. Decisions…..decisions……

    Better Living Through Chemistry!

  84. South of BroCav, north of RFHDad.


  85. Yikes, Roamy! You guys be watchful (and careful) 😮

  86. Happy Birthday Paula!


  87. Shopping done. New collar for moose bought (he outgrew his last one – and you can’t just find ones big enough ). I’m gearing up to take him to one of those “wash your dog” places.

  88. Car wash.

  89. Tiger Woods colluded with Russia

  90. Paula could do 38 of them. Double unders might be harder.

  91. One of you guys recommended Matthew Bracken. Maybe Troy? I’m working my way through book #2 of the Enemies Trilogy and it’s pretty damn good


  92. The order they were written is different than how I read them. I read #2 on that list first and now I’m on #1. Wonder how that happened. The order I am reading them seems to make sense.

  93. Welp.


  94. Yep, I’ll take credit for Bracken. They are a little unpolished but they are gems. He’s almost prophetic.

  95. everyone in Vegas is rooting for tiger. it’s on everywhere. knights play tonight, gonna be crazy.

  96. Glad you’re enjoying them, you seem to be reading them correctly. His last book “the cliffs of ” something is the best overall in my opinion. He’s an aproachable guy. You can find him on the net. He’s done a number of interviews with Infowars. And I normally see him at Western rifles where we do battle with real nazis. The stormfronters are trying to take over the blog.

  97. Front yard flower garden expanded, new perennials planted, and all mulched with the mountain of free wood chips I got last Winter from getchipdrop.com.

    Looks nice.

    *collapses happily*

  98. Agree with you on the unpolished part but the plot carries it well enough that it’s easily forgiven. Considering when they were written the prophet part is on target too.

  99. *invents poopdrop.com*

  100. Moose is clean.

  101. Place was cool. Three sided tubs for the doggies so you could spray them any which way w/o getting yourself soaked.

  102. I can’t believe Moose let me blow dry him. He seemed to like it.


  103. Christ Carin. You live on a fucking lake.

  104. I’m making this for dinner.

  105. When you got home, did he go outside and roll in the mud?

  106. It’s 35 degrees outside. So, no I’m not washing him in the lake. He has hot spots so I wanted to get those really good and clean. I figure he needs a bath twice a year whether he needs it or not.

  107. He’s napping under my computer. So no mud. Yet.

  108. Cute picture of moose in the tub on face douche.

  109. Moose is coote.

  110. Man, I take a while to check in, folks panic…seriously, whatever happened around here I clearly slept through it. Troy had some damage but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Beauregard twister, thank God.

  111. Honestly, I’m trying to spend LESS time online on weekends, for my sanity’s sake.

  112. http://tinyurl.com/yyjy22ea

  113. LOL Skank is right.

  114. HA! PEPE!! AWESOME!

    Skank, indeed.

  115. I am making this https://pressureluckcooking.com/recipe/instant-pot-pastrami/ but it’s going to be dinner tomorrow.

    Beef stroganoff tonight. Haven’t decided whether to instantpot that or just make it the regular way.

  116. That pic of Buttigig going around Twitter is terrible – he looks like a cross between a serial killer and a Mormon missionary. “I will save your soul so I can absorb all your energies later.”

  117. HA! good one, Roamy.

  118. He’s cringy weird and sappy. Not the good kind of sappy, the fake, folksey sappy.


  119. MSM are behind him big time. “Mayor Pete” is the campaign moniker they’re going with. Aside from his claim to be married to another man he’s the least weird of the bunch.

  120. Since Paula hates TWD I’ve been trying to catch up on episodes. After watching 5 episodes I can see why no one is talking about it anymore. I saw Carl get bit a while ago and knew he was gone. No idea how Rick bought it, must have missed that episode. And the whole Skinwalkers thing is bizarro.

    Some day I’ll binge watch it. Eh, that’s a lie. More like I’ll “intend” to binge watch it.

  121. I stopped watching it a few seasons ago.

  122. I stopped watching after season 1. Walkers aren’t a danger to anyone with half a brain.

  123. People on Facedouche are proudly boasting that they’ve never seen a single episode of GoT. Good for you.
    Now shut up.

  124. *joins FB to proclaim GoT agnosticism*

  125. If I did facebook I would join them.

  126. I’m watching Dunkirk. I didn’t know Kenneth Branagh was in it.

  127. I saw the first season of GoT. I’m good for now. Maybe someday I’ll watch enough to get to the Red Wedding episode, but I think that’s about like Jimbro’s binge watching promise.

  128. You guys know nothing.

  129. The Red Wedding is just so horrible. Ugh.

  130. George RR Martin is never going to finish the books, so if you’re a fan of those, the HBO series is the only semblance of finality you’re going to get.

  131. Xbrad, you around? I had a question about streaming tv services online. Now that a certain show has resumed production. There’s a metric asstonne of these things that come up on searches but many of them smell like virus vectors. Do you know of a good one?

  132. GRRM will finish the series after he writes another twenty short stories set in Westeros, two new “World of Ice and Fire” compendiums for the fanboys, and finishes up three other writing ideas that he suddenly has.

  133. Nobody knows what that means.

  134. I just have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Dunno about any others.

  135. Which show?

  136. Game of Thrones. In the intervening two years between episodes, I lost the link to the place I used to use, and when I went searching for it, there are all these similarly-named sites that look very sketchy.

  137. I’ve got nbc, abc, and cbs on rabbit ears. Am I missing something?


    OK nevermind, I’m just going to buy it on amazon after it’s all done.

  139. George RR Martin is never going to finish the books

    Yeah, that’s the main reason I’m not too fired up to watch the series or start reading the books.

    I just finished “From Here to Eternity” after starting it in January, so I’m not ready to commit to another long book/series any time soon.

  140. My mom is very close to “Sketchy” cousins that her siblings ignore. Gangsters and Hillbillies. My mom asked on surgery day if anyone had contacted Cornelita. She was in the ICU at UNMH. I contacted her kids and let them know my mom was at UNMH. Hillbilly Mexicans that raise animals for cockfights and pit fights. Their Grandfather might’ve been Spanish Pete in Al Capone’s gang. Cornelita’s kids started visiting my mom once they knew she was there. Cornelita passed away this morning. My mom was moved to rehab facility this morning. I’m being guilted from all sides. Pray for Oso

  141. Osita, I lit a candle for your mom yesterday. Well, Rocketboy lit it for me. The kids take turns being my pyro.

  142. I’m completely ok with having a guilty pleasure and GoT is it. I think it’s actually rather cleverly done in parts and I sort of fast forward, ignore the nudity. I do like a bit of entertainment, and television is so devoid of anything that fits the bill.

    I would wait until the last season is out on DVDs, but too many of my friends watch, and it would be spoiled. And since it is more of a complicated show, at least discussions of it are a tad more elevated that “DID YOU SEE HIM WHEN HE TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF?” or (god forbid) discussion of some reality TV bs.

  143. Thank you so much, Roamy family. God is great. Miracles happen.

  144. I get to do taxes tomorrow. YAY. Totally expect a refund from 45. I live in NM. We always pay. DINKS.

  145. heh so many knights jerseys on service personnel in vegas.

  146. 1117 bill, 200 cash is not a sufficient tip, is it?

  147. Daniel’s errors rattled Penelope.

  148. Your mom likes a little tactile nuclear weapon every once in a while.

  149. Gave my tax stuff to the CPA last Friday. She told me it might be done on time or the extension would be filed to keep me legal. Our deadline is actually April 17th since today is Patriot’s Day in ME and MA (i.e.: “Marathon Monday”) and tomorrow is Emancipation Day in DC. Only government hacks get Patriot’s Day off.

    The other one Boston/Suffolk County in MA gets is Evacuation Day to celebrate the British leaving Boston Harbor way back when. Amazingly it corresponds to St. Patrick’s Day and most people celebrate by getting inebriated and engaging in brawls.

  150. Parody Photoshop not for the faint of heart or those easily offended


  151. Had dinner last night in Michawaka. Local news was covering it with a straight face.

    Yes, I said that ironically.

    MMM in about 10.

  152. 1117 bill, 200 cash is not a sufficient tip, is it?

    Well, $200 on $1000 is usually about what I make a night (or more). So… not really. Not if they were really good. /shrugs.

    I made $200 on sales of about $800 the other night. But I”m good.

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