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  1. If I’m not careful I could waste a lot of time watching A-10’s blowing stuff up. Great attack plane. Can’t understand why they want to mothball it.


  2. phat could opine im sure

  3. i used to stop and watch the a10’s doing their thing when i was heading to school in the north country.
    they trained with the fort drum peeps

  4. not sure why i have eclairs on my mind this AM

  5. I love the A-10. My nephew says they saved his life in Afghanistan.

  6. Do we care that Julian Assange has been arrested?

  7. At this point I forget whether I’m supposed to care. I think way back in the beginning of all this he was a villain for exposing US secrets but given the past few years of intelligence agency fuck ups I’m less alarmed.

  8. Quote of the hour: Eric Swalwell couldn’t poll 20% at a family reunion.


  10. Do we care that Julian Assange has been arrested?

    I can’t see him as a villain anymore, not after what’s happened in the last few years.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. Belgium is fucked, now isn’t it? https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12203/belgium-islamic-state

    Mark Steyn is the profit of doom with Europe.

  13. prophet

    Before Leon has an aneurysm

  14. Brussels is the city of the Smart People Who Are Not Racist And Know Better Than You. See how smart they are? They’re going to lose their city, and the social compact and Western freedoms that they have known for generations.

    Which the dumb racist people fucking predicted, ad nauseum, but never mind about that.

  15. Why the hell does anyone have an Alexa?

  16. I suspect that a lot of European stupidity can be explained by an underlying desire to be seen as Not American.

  17. Yea, they hate us but they’re going to eventually wish we’d pull this out and save their ass

    (obviously not safe for work)

  18. I give Lauraw’s comment 10 (out of 10) of these:


  19. Brussels
    September 2015


  20. A10 is the shizznit. I never could understand why some thought she was ugly, I think she is beautiful.

    Europe is fucked. The fact that Belgium (where the EU just happens to be based) is the first to go is a fucking CLUE.

  21. I will go on an insane postal spree (IYKWIMAITTYD) with my daughters by my side if our government, local or otherwise ever legislates Sharia. I’d effing stab the deciders in the effing face before I wore a burka or whatever the eff you call them.

    No, I will not calm down.

  22. Troy, I was actually typing out my comment about the Capitol of the EU just as I read yours.


  23. Beginning to think looking for a mountain fastness might not be the worst possible life choice.

  24. Yes, just pick the best defensible position. Stock it well, learn some survival basics and buy a shit ton of bear repellent and ammo. Which can be the same thing.

    Unfortunately, our own government would probably use thermal technology to ferret you out and drone your uncooperative patriotic American ass.

  25. IMHO the bug out retreat will not provide survival. The best model for survival is the feudal model within a small town. Costners movie “The Postman” I think best depicts what Im thinking about.

  26. Poland and Hungary are going to have to be the point of the spear that saves Europe this time, but I pray we will be their winged hussars when needed.

  27. The sperm collectors look like giant electric razors for women.

    Also, I keep picturing them on wheels chasing some terrified Chinese man down a hospital corridor.

  28. Leon, that’s not going to happen if democrats take over. They will submit to f*ck over the deplorables. And we know they will use government agencies – including military – to rid themselves of us.

  29. And….Holden Matthews voted for Trump in….5…4…3…2..

  30. Odinist sons-of-deputies burning churches seems like some seriously misdirected anger.

  31. Yes, the democrats would have us join the war on the side of the moslems*.

    *I’m done spelling it their way

  32. Do we care that Julian Assange has been arrested?

    Yes. Much of what he released showed what ‘our betters’ arrogantly, brazenly, corruptly, stupidly do behind our backs. It makes one question every single international foray we’ve been involved in.
    The same evil POS who did this to Trump are the same POS who ‘advised’ Bush into Iraq….and most likely gave the green light for hillary to do what she did to Qaddafi, unleashing the horde into Europe.

  33. Trump voter: Lead story everywhere

    Hillary voter/Didn’t vote: Memory holed

  34. almost time to fly to Vegas!

  35. My bet is Bernie Bro.

  36. [Yes, the democrats would have us join the war on the side of the moslems*.

    You mean like in Syria, Egypt, Lybia…

  37. Yes, Cavil, precisely that.

  38. Belgium is fucked, now isn’t it?

    How convenient their stated goal of world domination begins…well….where Europe is allegedly ‘ran’, while Europe ignores what they so plainly state while browbeating THE RACISTS throwing red flags.

  39. This Assange thing has a consequence that I dont think many are considering. If you were him, would you have a “insurance” package setup to drop in case of bad things? Cause I know I would.

  40. Well, Holden Matthews certainly isn’t your typical White Nationalist. That’s what they were hoping for.

  41. We are being attacked by giants who keep shouting “we’re windmills, bigot!”

  42. I’ve given up on my quest to rewatch GoT before the season starts. I thought I had another month.

    So I had to read up season recaps. I mean,I’ve seen it once. It’s just been a while.

  43. Tits and dragons, what more do you need to know?

  44. Palmetto State Armory has a great deal on a completed AR pistol lower for $199.99. It has the enhanced trigger package. Then just wait for the barrel length upper you want to come on sale and its mailbox happiness time !

    *you can purchase these pistol lowers and have it classified as a “other” on the ATF paperwork. Once that is done you can put whatever length barrel on it you desire. Anywhere from a 7.5 to a 22 inch and you can change it legally anytime you want.

  45. This is interesting a in a scare the shit out of you kinda way…any gurus here care to comment?



  47. But, but… we could connect all our transformers to The CLOUD!

  48. Just pretend I gave my standard Internet of Things rant, I’m feeling lazy.

  49. I don’t believe in the internet.

  50. Scott fixed my potting bench, which was falling apart.
    Then he dragged my big pot of tulips out of the greenhouse and onto its perch by the blueberry bed.
    A few days ago he moved both my garden gates to better spots where I needed them.

    He’s collecting gold stars like medals on Khaddafi’s uniform. I’m way behind.

  51. Yea, well it snowed here overnight.

  52. I don’t believe in the internet.

    It’s a scam. That or it’s the physical manifestation of Nyarlothotep.

  53. Shub-Ethernet. It’s a thing, look it up.

  54. …or it used to be. Time leaves me behind clinging to forgotten memes yet again.

  55. Shub-Internet. Well hell, it’s been 30 years…

  56. He’s collecting gold stars like medals on Khaddafi’s uniform. I’m way behind.

    I’m pretty sure you can get all caught up pretty quickly with the right attitude.

  57. I’m pretty sure you can get all caught up pretty quickly with the right attitude.

    Yeaaaaah “attitude” thats what we’ll call it…….the right attitude always made me feel good……starting the day off with a right attitude really puts a spring in yer step…..

  58. LOL

    Penishead is going down.

  59. It’s rare when I have such an abysmally poor opinion of a person, only to find out it’s actually worse than I thought…

  60. Anybody got any popcorn?

  61. Hey, I’ve got a great idea. If you want to sew up the black vote, run on a platform promising reparations for slavery.

    Oh, wait…

  62. You know what might win? Keeping out all the messicans and gwattamallens who keep taking their jobs.

  63. Hell, who keep taking welfare that is rightly theirs in most cases.

  64. I mean, I want it gone entirely, but if we’re going to have it, shouldn’t it be going to rightful US citizens first and foremost?

  65. Word. That’s the core of what animates Trump–being a citizen should mean something more than being yoked as the world’s mule. America and Americans first, everybody else as appropriate.

    I keep having to tell people this isn’t conservatism, not as it’s classically or even colloquially imagined, it’s straight up populist nationalism. It’s the idea that the only interest group the government should work for is the 350 million strong one made up of American citizens.

    And you know…that’s a damn sight better than what we’ve been doing for a long time.

  66. Wow. Just spoke to a lady that I am meeting next week. I guess her mom passed away and she wants some furniture from the house.

    The house happened to be on my paper route about 45 years ago.

    I tell her this and that I know exactly where her house is, two doors down from the sheep dog that always popped my bicycle tires.

    “OMG! That was Jason!!! I remember that dog!”

    Small world.

  67. Speaking of small, where is MJ?

  68. Love that clip, Hotspur! Feinstein must have filled up her Depends.

  69. Miss Lindsey is acting like a bitch to the right people, for a change.

  70. Hi there

  71. I think he moved to Minnesota.

  72. MJ is an undercover Russians spy or Trump. He’s had to go dark for a bit.

    I’ve said too much.

  73. I agree with you BroCav. This explains why they have to vilify the concept of “Nationalism” and make it extreme. I think that, like religion, there can be healthy expressions of nationalism and unhealthy expressions. They want to make any “nationalism” equal to the worst case scenario, doing so deprives a focal point to rally under but also supports the open border agenda of the globalists. I believe Candace Owens missed a real opportunity to establish the premise that moderate nationalism is a good thing and radical nationalism is not, just the same as religion.

  74. Screw all those whores! I’m never going to be embarrassed about loving The US of A and wanting my President and government to put my Country’s interests first.

    You don’t like America? Get the eff out.

  75. Calm down, Mare.

  76. https://images.app.goo.gl/sY2vJWBqbBAbh7DK6

  77. You know what word I never, ever want the Left to use ever again?


    To them, “community” is a random jumble of people with no common ground, thrown together Because We Want It That Way And Diversity!

    To us, community is a group of people with something more than just proximity in common.

    Their version, they can rule. Ours, they can’t. That’s why they’ve spent generations destroying it, and we’re fighting desperately to preserve what’s still standing.

    May God forgive them, because I never will.

  78. Doesn’t speak well of me that I can’t forgive a thing, but I don’t see where the unrepentant rate forgiveness.

  79. Haahhahahaha

    It’s Mare kicking Hotspur’s poon time!!

  80. I rant too much. Feel free to tell me to shut up when I do.

  81. Comment by scott on April 11, 2019 5:25 pm


    Ha! Mare shouting at clouds again!

  82. If I wasn’t shouting at clouds, what else would I do besides being a greeter at Walmart? I literally have no skills.

  83. Love that gif, Scott! 😆

  84. I liked the Atlantic story on the college admissions scandal linked from the mothership. A good point was that here’s all these rich people acting unethical and breaking the law just to get their kids into the “right” college, what are they doing in the businesses they run?

    I got pissed at Mini-me’s counselor for leaning on her to apply to up to ten colleges. I know what they are trying to do, her class is small, so they are trying to pad the scholarship numbers so it doesn’t look like the school is doing worse than in previous years.

  85. If I wasn’t shouting at clouds, what else would I do besides being a greeter at Walmart? I literally have no skills.

    see? This is why I miss Rosetta. He’d have a ball with that comment.

  86. “I literally have no skills.”

    Politics, senator Mare.

  87. I need witnesses. I just told Dan that I would never go on the Bridge to Key West with him. (Cousin retired and moved to the Keys). Dan “You might be in the trunk and tied up with duct tape, but you’re going”

  88. It’s a beautiful drive.

  89. Oso no hablo el bridgo.

  90. Scott, there are sharks right beneath you…swimming. It’s FL. American equivalent to Australia. CoAl just used code words to call me a “Wetback” AKA Mojado. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  91. There’s a rum drink and Key lime pie waiting at the end.

  92. The sharks stay in the water.

  93. Just wear floaties as you cross, oso.

  94. You stay on the bridge.

  95. Or rent a canoe and tie it to the roof of your car and sit in it. If the bridge collapses, untie the canoe and watch Dan slugbug shark noses.

  96. Politics, senator Mare.


    This is what concerns me. Although, I really do believe I’d be like the “New” Lindsey Graham, except not gay.

  97. If you make it to Key West there are literally cocks running in the streets


  98. Had to put a second coat of paint on the walls in the livingroom at the house. Stupid hoosiers painted everything…walls, windows, light fixture bases, with semi-gloss paint.

    Husband is putting ‘farmhouse/craftsman’ style trim around the craftsman doors. It’s gonna look great once I get them painted!

  99. Isn’t the Keys where middle-aged and old people walk around with nothing on but body paint?

    Take a container of Lysol wipes, oso. Maybe some gasoline and matches.

  100. Oso, Besnsnssnns has good advice when it comes to crossing bridges.

  101. Had the boyfriend over to help paint yesterday. Oh Lort, he’s as ‘tarded as my daughter. I gave him the paint can opener and went about my business. Kept hearing clink clink and mutterings. He couldn’t figure out how to use it!!
    It wasn’t that long ago I had to give beasnette another lesson with a regular can opener.


  102. **head tilt**

    You use something other than a flathead screwdriver to open a paint can?

  103. lauraw?


  104. roamy, the paint can openers work better. I don’t get him having trouble with it because he used it the last time I had him over to paint. No…I think he used it on a loosely fitted lid, after I poured the first batch for him. The tightly closed lid confused him. LOL

  105. This is what concerns me. Although, I really do believe I’d be like the “New” Lindsey Graham, except not gay.

    Not gay? Geeze, not even elected yet and she’s lying.

  106. Leon and mare? (first 20 seconds)

    View this post on Instagram

    Fill in the blank: Granny is a ______

    A post shared by Ross Smith (@smoothsmith8) on

  107. Oops.

  108. Musical selection for BB Friday. And possibly the highlight.


  109. I’m watching the repeat of today’s Masters. I see it’s all Tiger all the time mode again.

  110. roamy, the paint can openers work better. I don’t get him having trouble with it because he used it the last time I had him over to paint. No…I think he used it on a loosely fitted lid, after I poured the first batch for him. The tightly closed lid confused him. LOL

    You’re never getting grandchildren…

  111. That makes me so sad, CoAlex.
    He’s a nice kid but his …softness?…worries me a bit. He has been interviewing within the company for jobs where he will work 5 days a week instead of the 3, while sitting on his ass for the other 4, but so far, it hasn’t been panning out. Not sure if he has anything saved….while she does.
    Maybe his softness feels safe to her because she has a streak of Nervous Nelly and stresses easy? (she totally gets that from her grandmother but grandpa would only take so much before he’d set her straight….which, since he’s been gone, her bouts of depression are more frequent, him not being there to ground her..)

  112. I was trying to make a joke, I don’t want you to be sad!

  113. These young guys are too soft. Indoctrination. Toxic Masculinity. I work with a guy that was totally in love with a wonderful girl. Her dad was military. Mom was Panamanian. I love her, too. They judged him as being too lazy. Too willing to settle. I really like him. He didn’t fight for her. Dan thinks she deserves better.

  114. I know you were, <3 CoAlex. <3

    My son isn't even dating. It seems too much work for him to bother. That, and he would be required to talk in a relationship. He's not chatty. I can't figure out when he developed hermit tendencies. He was a friendly, chatty, little boy. Perhaps some gene from my side of the family got triggered somewhere? On the other hand, Mr. B's older brother was found….by a force of nature who became his wife. She made him participate in life and made him decide (when he was 31) to either marry her or stop wasting her time. (She's 6 or 7 years his junior.)

    *sigh* Stupid millennials have zero concept of time.

  115. oso, tell that young man to go sweep that girl off her feet.

  116. Got into it with libtard cousin. Said I’d rather not be on the side of people who believe in leaving babies to die, a Mother Teresa quote is hate speech, and 3,000 deaths on 9/11 is “some people did something”. Had to remind her that a neighbor of Mr. RFH’s died on 9/11, and his uniform is on display on the Intrepid. Though it’s no more or less real for knowing someone involved.

  117. How’s your mom, Osita?

  118. She thinks they are trying to kill her. Diabetic diet at UNMH. Rehab facility that UNMH uses was/will make her lift weights. Muscle building is possible until the 90s.

  119. I’ve been on three dates in the past year.

    It’s difficult to meet women nowadays. And to be quite honest I don’t have anything in common with the liberal idiots around here.

  120. Biggest surprise. My brother cleared his legal BS and was ready to be in Albuquerque yesterday for my mom. My Nina told him to wait in Vegas. Dan and I were both flabbergasted. One: my brother tried to be here. B. My Nina blocked a martyr

  121. Dan bought a really cool Lodge dealio. Added packets of Skyline Chili. Not spicy, but flavorful. I will stop making fun of cinnamon chile weirdos. Will always make fun of carrot boy.

  122. Did everyone receive permission?

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