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  1. http://tinyurl.com/Good-Morning-Lauraw

  2. Who has more wisdom? Snoop Dog or Rothlesberger?

  3. Did your potato masher make the move to NC?

  4. I’m glad I wisely held off on poating, since this is far better than anything I was coming up with.

    Aaaaaaa to you, as well, sir.

  5. I have to repot my tomato seedlings. Time to cook some dirt!

  6. Just fat

    Nailed it.

  7. Spinach, Japanese summer turnips, and mache got planted out to the garden yesterday just before a cold soaking rain. Very nice.

    Finally having some success growing spinach from seed. I’ll share with you my special technique for $5. Which is a bit more than your Mom charges, but well, I don’t do volume discounts.

  8. Anybody else see Andy’s drive by last night? I missed it at the time. Good to see him, anyway.

  9. wakey wakey. Crackfat. Switching out a water heater. Already cleaning.

    Waking up at 6:30 on a Saturday (after working friday night) probably isn’t going to end well.

  10. Didn’t you just get a new water heater recently?

  11. I find this a reasonable alternative to CrossFit:

  12. I think Pay is sabotaging these water heaters just so he can watch you carry them away.

  13. He would do that.

    The one we installed is leaking. @@.

  14. Tango classes today, plus I need to do some work from home. Maybe. We’ll see. The Tick, season 2, is on Amazon.

  15. Guard weekend. Might be warm enough to go to the park.

  16. http://tinyurl.com/im-sorry-in-advance-to-Leon for next week’s BBF.

    Park sounds nice. Take a horse.

  17. Horses stay, ı only wrangle horses in dire emergencies.

  18. Morning, great poat, needed the funny this morning. I was hoping to wake up today in less pain than yesterday but no such luck. I’m down to promising God I will quit smoking and go back to training for a little extra healing help. Frustrating, looks like today will be the first “real” spring like day and I’m stuck being stationary. Woe is me…….I really wanted to put those ARs I built through their break in / zero procedures this weekend

    On the good news front, my boy has paid off his first car loan and has not one, but two interviews lined up for full-time work. I also delivered him a ultimatum….”Come fall semester YOU WILL be attending school”. Period, end of story. First interview is for a shop job, building aluminum docks. The second is with ADM in sales. We are hoping the sales job is offered as it’s a better fit for him. He’d do fine in the shop job, but would get bored very quickly. (Unfortunately for him, he’s alot like me in many regards)

    So, this weekend I will live vicariously through your exploits. Now get out there and do stuff for my entertainment please.

  19. PSA- Tonight at 7pm CST, The Twilight Zone- It’s a Good Life, is on SYFY Channel. You’re welcome.

  20. Whoa!!!!!!!!! SoHoS, WTF?

  21. One day we have a BBF featuring women who are mostly dead now and the next day sohos shows up. Connection?

  22. http://tinyurl.com/SOHOS-tacklehug

  23. I may have a comment in limbo

  24. I think there is actually a link between smoking and lower back problems.

  25. Yep


    Chronic LBP, not acute. I can imagine recovery from acute LBP is on average faster in non smokers.

    *blows cigar smoke out*

  26. Twilight Zone on SyFy … is that the one with that Peele guy?

  27. Thanks for the rescue. I intend to quit and have started the taper down using a vape. Before my last round of kidney stones I had myself down to less than half pack a day and was preparing to trans to all vape and then nothing. But vicoden does not help when trying to quit. Anyway, quitting is the goal this year, the least of the motivating reasons being it will allow me to purchase more mailbox happiness.

  28. They are about $10 a pack around here.

    Most CT smokers have quit.

  29. SoHoS, get your ass back in here.

  30. $6 in Charlotte, but I roll my own.

  31. $7.37 in Maine


    I’d roll my own if I smoked anything but cigars. Cigars vary in price a lot. I can’t say there’s a huge difference between a $5 cigar and a $10 cigar. There probably is but I’m not enough of a connoisseur to tell. Paula hates them all equally.

  32. Pay and I are pretty much professional water heater installers now.

    I’m mostly just the muscle.

  33. The Car in.

    For time:
    Deer Drag
    Water Heater Installation
    Newfie Ice Rescue

  34. Auburn kid is named Anfernee.

    I bet Hotspur would have used that if he had a boy.

  35. Not enough vowels.

  36. D’Anfernee

  37. Auburn got hosed.

    Anfernee is sad.

  38. About nothing. You’re still way ahead on breakfasts.

  39. Fuck. That was sposta be a text.

  40. I’m a Tech fan tonight PG. Go Red Raiders!

  41. Anfernee!


  42. J’ames…I H8 the Fingerbangs! Sparty is Ghey. I have no dog in this hunt. I’ll just sit back and smack talk.

  43. Sparty has been there. Let’s see Taco Tech!

  44. NOOOOOOO! They are so obnoxious! Their fans are obnoxious! (We didn’t kill their horse, but he died during a Lobo game)

  45. Izzo looks like a perv.

  46. He rents bounce houses on the weekend.

  47. Reasons to like Taco Tech, and Beard:

    He’s talking about the pizza place I work at, on the Dan Patrick show.

  48. Beard is about as unpolished as one can be and survive a press conference. Winning helps.

  49. Rents bounce houses and gets pizza from J’ames

  50. WOW! Go tech!

  51. I like Beard, a lot. Hope he doesn’t go to Texa$. I like beating Smart there.

  52. They came to Ames a day early, because of a snowstorm. They ordered for the team 5 times.

  53. For Leon

  54. *tortillas flying!

  55. Mahomes in the stands. Dan is trying to get me to fingerbang. Dan is looking for his VA Cav ballcap.

  56. I didn’t know that Dan swang “that” way…..

  57. 🤣🤣🤣 We really H8 TT.

  58. I’m so excited – Paul just bought tickets for us to go see The Piano Guys in concert on the 27th!!!!! 😊💕🎼🎹🎶

  59. OMG I ❤️ Them!!! Michael posted them at the IB. Seems like yesterday.

  60. Little girl in exercise gear with Starbucks drink in sleeve: “Where is the rest of your books?” (She didn’t have the manager haircut. I wasn’t afraid)

  61. I lied and told her we didn’t have Easter books.

  62. I was a wee bit afraid. Had a fat little Mexican girl tell me to get out of her way. I just said “Excuse me”. Ready to throw down with her fat mom and grand. They backed off. NM retail is “Different”

  63. Did she tell you to get out of her way in Spanish, or English?

  64. Destroy everyone’s respectable pieties!

  65. http://tinyurl.com/yyaoeaf7

  66. http://tinyurl.com/yxm2ucsj

  67. http://tinyurl.com/y6s6jt9g

  68. wakey waeky

  69. Did anyone else read Sean’s derp as “destroy everyone’s respectable panties”, or was that just me?

  70. Just you, psycho.

  71. *joins CoAlex on the psycho bench

  72. Pious Panties: For Confirmed And Reformed Virgins

  73. Making a chorizo and noodle messican casserole. It’s an old recipe if my mom’s but I’m substituting chorizo for ground beef. If it’ no good we’ll get pizza.

  74. 🍕

  75. Your mom liked my chorizo.

  76. Hotspur if your chorizo deal works out well, would you post the recipe?

    If not, eff you.


  77. LOL Mare, you can eff me anytime you like.

  78. Just got done culling tomatoes and potting the winners on, into bigger pots.
    I saved one weird, obvious mutant tomato out of curiosity/ solidarity.

    I always think, maybe this will be the mutant tomato that will become famous and make me a tomato celebrity.

  79. Beautiful day today and 3-4 inches of snow tomorrow.

  80. http://tinyurl.com/y2oqp37q

  81. “solidarity”

  82. Go team psycho!

  83. Pups couldn’t make the team but he’s damn useful:


  84. Comment by Brother Cavil on April 7, 2019 12:57 pm
    Go team psycho!



  85. https://imgur.com/gallery/tBDtIK6

    I read where he has to give his wife 36 billion in the divorce settlement. Is that an urban myth?

  86. http://tinyurl.com/yxqbq5uf

  87. Leon tried to make a business selling Pious Panties but couldn’t find any customers.

  88. It’s true, Mare. She gets 4% of Amazon.

    That makes her the third wealthiest woman in the world.

  89. The Urban Thong and Benedict Brassiere were slightly more successful.

  90. “I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.”

  91. “If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.”

  92. Why is lauraw playing solitaire with tomato plants?

  93. Solitaire? I think you mean russian roulette.

  94. I used some Bondo Rotted Wood Restorer today.

    That stuff is magic.

  95. Soft squishy wood turns into stone.

  96. Is this place still active? I kinda fell off the map and forgot about it.

    Spring has sprung and the birds are chirping. Doesn’t help that the doggie is demanding much more outdoor time. Asshole thinks I should cater to him. I want to be lazy and enjoy a bourbon & ginger in the afternoon, dickhead! Go get your own food…

  97. Is this place still active?

    Yeah, especially when your mom comes around.

  98. Pious Service Announcement: MMM is pre-empted this week by request.

  99. Preempted by what? Mold?

  100. Sort of.

  101. Does preempted cost extra?

  102. I get a discount, iykwim.

  103. https://nypost.com/2019/04/07/star-auburn-gymnast-breaks-both-legs-in-gruesome-fall/

    39 minutes in if you care to watch

  104. Comment by Jimbro on April 7, 2019 7:00 pm

    39 minutes in if you care to watch

    Jeebus. You can see her legs break. Horrible. Hopefully she’ll recover without much trouble.

  105. Bilateral knee dislocations. They’re bad with just one. ACL, PCL, +/- collateral ligaments, possibly arterial compromise and peroneal nerve injury. She will be lucky to walk again without pain.


  106. Glad I wasn’t eating.

  107. Announcer “I think she may be hurt.”

    He should get an Emmy for that.

  108. “ultra-low energy” knee dislocations

    I was at a conference about 5 years ago and was shocked to hear that knee dislocations can happen in morbidly obese people just by walking down stairs or stepping off a curb. These are pretty rare in kids and during my training I only reduced a few on trauma patients so I have always thought of them as high velocity injuries.

  109. I’m not watching that

  110. Damn, Jimbro, that sucks for the gymnast.

    The injuries that you can suffer when morbidly obese is one reason that I try to lift weights regularly and at least walk, if not run a couple times a week. Even if I don’t lose a lot of weight I at least want to try and keep my body in some semblence of shape.

  111. I hear tell that Baylor’s women are national champs. The Taco Tech men are playing for it tomorrow. Plus the tu Horns (Spit) won the nit. I guess Texas is transitioning to being a hoop state.

  112. The end of that game was a hoot.

    Notre Dame was down by two, with 3 seconds left, and their best shooter got fouled.

    She missed the first free throw.

    Coach tells her to miss the next one.

    She drains it.

    Game over.

  113. Home from Missouri. The St. Louis zoo has a huge vertical sign, like

    Mini-me said she first read it sideways as “NOOOO”

  114. Went to a knife show in Mesa, then on to visit my mom in Tucson. She watched golf, then HGTV house hunter shows, now it’s the country music awards. My eye is twitching. Pretty much at the “kill me now” stage.

  115. Lauraw, English. 3 generations of fat New Mexicans. Sunday is Illegal shopping day. Our remodel started today. I had to Spanish. I H8 speaking Spanish. H8.

  116. Dan made Hawaiian style oxtail soup. I H8 soup. Pray for Oso.

  117. I H8 speaking Spanish. H8.

    Make “No hablo Espanol” Great Again

  118. hawaiian style? Cooked with ham and pineapple?

  119. 🤣🤣🤣 Soy sauce and served with rice. Needs more heat. Recipe modification…

  120. Heh. CoAl. I’m like “No intiendo” as I walk away.

  121. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 7, 2019 10:38 pm
    hawaiian style? Cooked with ham and pineapple?

    Spam in coconut milk with a shot of Koloa Rum.

  122. I love Koloa Rum. Too pricey to cook with.

  123. I should have said, with a shot of Koloa Rum on the side.

    Also, a welfare check on the other side.

  124. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  125. My mom is crapping on me on FB. I had my brother’s GF set up her account so she could view family pictures. Most of my FB friends know our history. I ignore her comments. I get PMs and DMs about her verbal abuse. Dan gets so ANGRY. If you guys are still on FB, don’t engage with my mom. Ignore.

  126. Sorry Oso, that’s a bummer.

  127. Lauraw, I know! I H8 soup. Trying to get Dan to oxtail a French onion. (Thanks for your support. Toxic family is toxic. I am blessed by my H2 and Moron Family. IB is still too highbrow for me. Still love the IB crew)

  128. Diamonds eased Rebecca’s pain.

  129. Random item in laundry/utility room started screaming as I woke up. It’s not the fire alarm, I don’t think it’s the breakin alarm (I don’t actually have it enabled…), it’s the red box that I learned controls the alarms for the entire apartment building (learned after that false alarm a couple of weeks back). And it’s too early to summon maintenance to shut the damn thing up.

    Why the hell did they put this box in this apartment? Makes no sense.

  130. To women’s basketball and to those who waste time watching it:

  131. *Except for Scott, I like Scott. And he’s not a lesbian. *that I’m aware of

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