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I know you are still recovering from my BBF poat of several years ago, but you didn’t revoke my keys to the blahg so I live for another day.

I’m not doing your usual Titsianna Gigglioni, bed dusting, veiny tits, stretch marks model. Instead Ima put you guys some knowledge.

First of all on this day in history:

1242 – Russian troops repelled an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights. 

1614 – American Indian Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe in Virginia. 

1621 – The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, MA, on a return trip to England.  

1792 – U.S. President George Washington cast the first presidential veto. The measure was for apportioning representatives among the states. 

1843 – Queen Victoria proclaimed Hong Kong to be a British crown colony. 

1887 – Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller the meaning of the word “water” as spelled out in the manual alphabet. 

1895 – Playwright Oscar Wilde lost his criminal libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry. Wilde had been accused of homosexual practices. 

1908 – The Japanese Army reached the Yalu River as the Russians retreated. 

1923 – Firestone Tire and Rubber Company began the first regular production of balloon tires. 

1930 – Mahatma Ghandi defied British law by making salt in India. 

1941 – German commandos secured docks along the Danube River in preparation for Germany’s invasion of the Balkans. 

1951 – Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death for committing espionage for the Soviet Union

1953 – Jomo Kenyatta was convicted and sentenced to 7 years in prison for orchestrating the Mau-Mau rebellion in Kenya

1955 – Winston Churchill resigned as British prime minister. 

1984 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles Lakers) became the all-time NBA regular season scoring leader when he broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 31,419 career points. 

1985 – John McEnroe said “any man can beat any woman at any sport, especially tennis.” 

1989 – In Poland, accords were signed between Solidarity and the government that set free elections for June 1989. The eight-year ban on Solidarity was also set to be lifted. 

1999 – In Laramie, WY, Russell Henderson pled guilty to kidnapping and felony murder in the death of Matthew Shepard

2004 – Near Mexico City’s international airport, lightning struck the jet Mexican President Vicente Fox was on. 

2009 – North Korea launched the Kwangmyongsong-2 rocket, prompting an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. 

Now on to the show:

These chicks are famous, but most of you probably don’t know them, hence the educational part (you’re welcome):

Gloria Dehaven:

Lee Remick:

Anita Eckberd:

Stella Stevens:

Paulette Goddard:

Rhonda Fleming:

Veronica Lake:

Dorothy Dandridge:

Hind Rostom (I think she was Egyptian):

Virginia Mayo:

Gina Lolabrigida:

And finally, meet my first date, Theda Bara (twice as fun as your mom):


I hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you have any questions you know where you can reach me.

Have a great weekend, and Spring Awakening™


  1. Much better than those humongo ass women that have a tendency to show up here.

  2. Mighty fine looking wimmin.

  3. Classier than usual. I like.

  4. How many of them were casting couched, I wonder.

  5. Most likely all of them. Hollywood back then was just as sleazy as today.

  6. I always thought Lee Remick was so pretty!

    Good job, Hotspur, not your usual douchyness on this one.

  7. Yeah, they were all on the casting couch. It was worse then than now.

    But I don’t know shit, so whatever.

  8. Heh, Meathead just posted anti Trump budget facedouche post. Not going well in the comments.

  9. I give this poat a dozen of these: 💋

  10. It’s a Friday in Lent, no hamberbers.

    And I get enough casein in the form of cheese.

    A quick Amazon search shows no cookbooks titled, “The Low-Carb Catholic”. I think Leon may have a money-making opportunity here.

    Although “Low-Carb Catholic” does sound more like a slur. Perhaps “The Protein-Powered Papist” would be better?

  11. Meat Is Proof God Loves You And Wants You To Be Happy

  12. Vintage B+W Boobs that your grandfather fapped to

  13. Veronica Lake was a hottie

  14. A quick Amazon search shows no cookbooks titled, “The Low-Carb Catholic”. I think Leon may have a money-making opportunity here.

    Although “Low-Carb Catholic” does sound more like a slur. Perhaps “The Protein-Powered Papist” would be better?

    I have my doubts about either being particularly marketable. Catholics in general seem to love their doughnuts and pancakes.

  15. Filet-O-Fish seems about the extent of that kind of marketing.

  16. I’d be 0bama, confess to every crime on camera, then bang some hot white liberal chicks. Also on camera.

  17. Scratch that last part, confession is enough. No one would believe it if he had sex with women.

  18. Heh, Meathead just posted anti Trump budget facedouche post. Not going well in the comments.

    Great, another liberal who’s crazy enough to piss off his core customer base. I hope he’s made enough money in life.

    What did he say?

  19. Wait, which Meathead?

  20. The only way Obama could have sex with a woman is with “himself.”

  21. F*ck Meathead with a rusty steak turner.

    Sick of this bullshit.

  22. Ha! Clint!

  23. Well, that’s not so bad, Jay. I’m sure the USDA could use a haircut, but it’s not unreasonable to raise sensible questions.

  24. tell that to the commenters

  25. Every single department in government could be cut 30-40% (besides the military) and no one would know the difference except those with cut jobs. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  26. Happy Belated 50th Anniversary, ChrisP and Anita!

  27. Thanks for the poat Hotspur. I’ll take over again next Friday.

    Eat a big bag of dicks, MJ.

  28. MJ’s big bag of dicks killed it.

  29. MJ’s big bag of dicks will be redacted from the Mueller report.

  30. The Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg, it was MJ’s big bag of dicks.

  31. This place has been the online version of Mentone, TX today.

  32. I put together 85% of my zone-specific garden calendar today, and two pages of crop-specific advice (so far); this is a new project where I’m distilling the last 6-7 years of first hand learning that is recorded in my garden journals.

    It’s pretty dry except for one part where I swear a purple streak about the lies and shitty advice that are written on so many seed packets.


  34. Pleasantly surprised by Hospurt’s work here today. Like, “What the fuck is this shit,” but in a good way.

  35. HS has the best BBF. I wasn’t familiar with Hind.

  36. I have, in fact, been fondled by Biden. So I guess I can poat.

  37. It was more of a grope, actually

  38. Did you have a photoshop of the said grope?

  39. blerg.

    So AOC did black accent talking to a black crowd. LOL.

    What a turnip.

  40. Locarican

  41. I always finish every sentence with “and shit” when I’m speaking to black people. I’m totally condescending like that. And shit.

  42. I got sniffed at by Jill Biden once. But to be fair, I farted.

  43. My mom’s surgery is on Wednesday. UNMH is going all experimental. She’s cool with God. I’m chill.

  44. Sean is fucked up. Everyone knows that it is Dr Jill.

  45. Pendejo, I’m totes feeling your comment and shit

  46. Praying for you and your mom, oso.

  47. Oso, I know you’ll cherish the time you have left witcho mama. I’ll pray for a favorable outcome. I don’t know that anybody up there listens to me much anymore and shit.

  48. Tango tonight was a safari themed dance. They gave me a sticky name tag and told me to write my spirit animal on it. I was tempted to write “Rhodesian Scout”.

  49. You have to honestly ask yourself, Colex: Do you have the legs for those short shorts? Do you?

  50. I would rock any short shorts.

  51. Daringly edgy Rhodesian panties

  52. Rhodesian Nut Huggers.

  53. Good morning! Sean, your derps have been of very high quality in recent weeks. I really don’t know how you always keep it so fresh.

  54. I find this a reasonable alternative to CrossFit:

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