Carin hasn’t told us she hates us all recently.


i assume she’s recouping from yoga or something and trying to get up enough energy to recommence her poison pen ranting again.


my original post thought was – “who wrote the first poison pen letter?”…

it became too much like a project to track it down so this is what you all get.




your mom wrote this song a while back after being jilted during fleet week:


  1. Quiz: Which Hostage nicknamed his or her schlong “The Poison Pen”?

  2. I got a couple of poison pen letters and a prank phone call from a former co-worker. I never did understand why I was the target. Probably picked at random out of his tiny mind.

  3. The prank phone call was what gave him away. He left a message on my phone that Mr. RFH had been in an accident and to call security. Well, I did, but to report the prank, and security came to my office and used the callback feature to track down who called. I hope he needed new underwear after they showed up in his office, asking questions. That was the end of the harassment, and he left NASA not long after.

  4. That’s not a prank. He’s a psycho. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. When we return from traveling my daughter makes a casserole (my favorite) and puts it in the fridge (often with a bottle of wine). God, do I love that girl.

  6. I know you know that, Roamy. Just the use of the term prank…well, I think of someone removing the toilet paper from the bathrooms or something like that.

  7. *puts saran wrap on mare’s toilet

  8. *puts toothpaste in Jay’s Oreo cookies*

  9. wakey wakey.

    Here’s a good morning song.

  10. Car in, I see Dan is trolling me in the argument room. Posting insults on old posts.

  11. Kind of pathetic.

  12. Comment by mare on April 2, 2019 8:13 am
    When we return from traveling my daughter makes a casserole (my favorite) and puts it in the fridge (often with a bottle of wine). God, do I love that girl.

    I was thinking last night after I joked about the beer that while food is nice, a casserole ready to pop in the oven would be perfect. Throw it in when you first arrive, and dinner is ready by the time you’ve unpacked.

  13. Bittersweet time of year in a way…..on one hand, its getting warmer and new plants and spring and stuff, on the other hand, the change in temperature means I have to pack up and say goodbye to my Flannel lined Jeans……I luv my flannel jeans and will miss them

    Ode to my Flannel Jeans…….(never mind, I suck at poetry)

  14. Roses are red
    violets are blue
    It’s fucking cold out
    But I’ve got flannel-lined jeans.

  15. https://www.dailywire.com/news/45375/jeff-flake-i-want-democrat-defeat-trump-2020-paul-bois

    Like we didn’t already know that, Flake.

  16. Just so you guys know that I’m not completely crazy, my CF gym is putting together a group to go to the games. Second year. There is a couple that go every year.

    It’s in Wisonsin. Hard pass. I’m just not that interested in watching other people work out for three days.

  17. What the fuck is wrong with the people of Arizona? First they gave us McShitStain, then they gave us Flake. Now they give us a cunt named Synema and a cunt named McSally.

    Let enough illegals into your state and you end up a liberal shithole.

  18. I’m not interested in watching anyone work out for three minutes.

  19. Flake seemed like a great guy when he first ran. It’s after he got into office that he decided to “make an impact”.

  20. Arizona has a bunch of liberals in Phoenix who voted for Synema, and a bunch of retirees who voted for McCain because he was a veteran and POW.

  21. Flake is part of the GOP establishment. He sees the party as his personal thing which is designed to keep him and his friends employed and which feeds his ego. What he can’t stand is that Trump is showing the world that the establishment leadership is full of shit when they claim that they cannot push conservative policies.

  22. I dunno. I could watch this for a while. Shirts come off around 2 mins.

  23. The liftts at the end are exciting.

  24. Matt fraser loses the the jerk. Pretty exciting. But the entire games? Pass.

  25. the snatch is what we are concerned with. nothing else matters.

  26. I’m not clicking on that.

  27. Click it, faggot.

  28. I think in this case the not clicking is the nonfag option.

  29. I telling you, the last 6 min is a clean and jerk competition. It’s pretty exciting. Matt would have had that last lift if he’d settled down a little more before the lift. He could the clean rough.

  30. “He could the clean rough.”

    This is obviously some kinda code that only the cultists understand…

  31. He caught the clean rough.

  32. That’s a good way to get a trip to the hand surgeon.

  33. “He caught the clean rough.”

    Oh, Well that clears up everything then……

  34. Teeroy- you get that vaginitis thing cleared up yet?

  35. Four fruit tree whips planted and cut down to knee-high (less than 18″) stubs. I hope I’m doing this right.

  36. What are you planting Lauraw? Apples?

  37. Aren’t you due for another hard freeze?

  38. leon’s new house

  39. Just signed up for a mole exterminator program. Those fuckers are all gonna die, bitch.

  40. Paging Leon……


  41. Paging Leon……


    Dinner, dessert, late night snack.

  42. Paging Leon……

    My Iberian ancestry calls to me across the ages to re-unite with the women of the tribe.

  43. I’ve seriously considered the pine wall around the house, at least on the side facing the road.

  44. Two winter pears and two plums, Jimbro. The plums are a red and a green Gage. I’m really not a fan of apples.

    A perfectly sweet juicy pear in Winter is the most divine treat, AFAIC. Winter pears don’t ripen on the tree. You take them green and hard as rocks at the end of the season, place them in a cold storage, and pull them out to ripen at room temperature as you need them.

    I’m totally excited. This will take about 2-4 years to finally happen, of course, lol. Plums will probably come along a year or so sooner. I should have done this when I first thought of it ages ago. The time to plant a tree is always 10 years ago.

    Cherry tree in the backyard should give us something this year if we protect it from the boids.

  45. Baltimore’s mayor is taking an indefinite leave of absence “due to health issues” after a scandal came to light about the local hospital spending $500,000 on buying copies of her children’s book. Several thousand copies were found in a school warehouse.

    Looks like once again, a book depository ends a politician’s career unexpectedly.

  46. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 2, 2019 1:13 pm
    leon’s new house


    BWHAHAAHA….Mare likey.

  47. The plums ought to be nice. Pears can be fickle. My pear tree is well established but yields poorly. I tried pruning it gradually to get it to focus on fruit but so far no luck. The biggest thing I’m not doing is fertilizing it like I should. When I read about the right way to do it I start to roll my eyes with the different bags of stuff they recommend. If I just put bags of compost and mulched around it I’d be that further ahead.

  48. I hear you about the apples. For pest free apples there’s a lot of work involved. My apple trees feed the deer in the fall and winter.

  49. I’m not fertilizing anything. Just a top dressing of leaf compost and then some hay and wood chips. See what happens. I put them all in the sunniest part of the yard, in a high position on a slope because our soil is heavy clayey stuff. Everything grows well here as long as it gets good drainage.

  50. Must hear Tucker take on AOC:


  51. Best pie I’ve made to date is apple/pear, 50/50. Try it sometime.

  52. No.

  53. I can imagine that a good tart pie apple would complement the pear flavor pretty well. Will try.

  54. Heh. Dan just told me I no perspective because people just HAVE to eat airport food.

  55. math checks out. I have beer at the airport.

  56. Heh. Dan just told me I no perspective because people just HAVE to eat airport food.

    Wut? And how does that excuse AOC’s fundamental, deep misunderstanding of micro-econ?

  57. I don’t even drink coffee before I get on a plane. I fly first and dry fast until I’m on the ground so I don’t have to pee at the airport or in the bathroom on the jet. Drive-thru coffee after I’m a few miles from Dulles and no sooner.

  58. Dan can’t fast, cuz he’s old, hyperactive, and diabetic.

  59. He shouldn’t fly, it’s too dangerous for someone in such poor health.

  60. What does airport food have to do with politics?

  61. AOC doesn’t like spending $7 on a croissant at Reagan National. So all poor people need a raise.

  62. Never mind it’s probably $7 because the least the folks working there make is $17/hour…

  63. We should set the maximum wage to $15/hour to bring prices down.

  64. It’s been said, but A) don’t buy the food. B)Bring something from home. C)Fast like Leon and Mare. D)Please AOC, please stop making nonsensical arguments. You’ve been called a moron for a reason. STOP.

  65. “Teeroy- you get that vaginitis thing cleared up yet?”

    Check Appropriate Response

    a) No, yer mom is still working on it
    b) It was Herpes Simplex 77 you goof and No. Why? Do you want some?
    c) You’ve hurt my fweelings and now my vag hurts and itches, YOU BASTARD!

  66. Here TTroy, rub some sand on it.

  67. TSA holds them hostage, so the restaurants can charge whatever they want. If you don’t buy, then prices go down.

    But not in Dan’s socialist paradise.

  68. Playing catch-up again..

    Gonna switch up and answer a question Beasn kindly posed re: my medical situation a day or so ago….

    Thanks ttroy.
    Keep a folder of all your records and keep on their asses. The scan said nothing about RAA, well…ask them to look at it again and find it as that was the whole point of getting said scan.

    *orders you some Vagisil*

  69. And that’s why Jay can be my battle buddy anytime, he’s so thoughtful and caring…….

  70. Also..”I detect a general dismissiveness towards the male in this discussion, as if he doesn’t have as big a stake as other family members. Just shut up and pay…….”

    The only dismissiveness on my part has to do with him wanting to invite all the people. I’m trying to save him money.

    I didn’t want a wedding back when we got married but did it because he wanted one. He was working in another state and didn’t have to deal with the bullshit I had to put up with from my parents and they only bought the cake – $45 (for 100 people).
    My mom gave me a host of shit over the following – ‘Since I’m paying for the cake, I get to choose the topper.’ Wut? Why spend another $25 when we can put on the Precious Moments statue my sister gave us as a gift? I got my way and put up with bitchyface and cold shoulder for days or whenever it was brought up.

  71. Totally sending – How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps (The Honest Version) – to my daughter and husband.

  72. Anytime, TT!

  73. It fucking snowed in North Carolina today.


  74. Pupster, that sounds awesome. Your life is so great.

  75. Cool. I was 8 years old, remember the POWs coming home from Vietnam, landing at Scott in IL (hi Phat!)


  76. The blog goes quiet at quitting time everyday…..

  77. Pupster, that sounds awesome. Your life is so great.

    My life: http://tinyurl.com/y3pccga3

    Your life: http://tinyurl.com/y3k4vop6

  78. Bunch of quitters

  79. Ne’er do wells even.

  80. Be careful in bringing the northern climes wit-cha …. the locals will get pissed and throw you out.

  81. I work with a guy who moved here from CT 2 years ago, and he was telling me about all the damn northerners moving to Charlotte and driving up the real estate prices. Yesterday we hired a dude from New Jersey. Another guy I met today lived in Columbus, OH before moving to Charlotte 8 years ago, my old boss used to be his old boss at a different company in Ohio.

    Fuck snow.

  82. Canadians? Burn them!

  83. 57% of the homes for sale in CT right now are owned by people that are leaving the state.

  84. If they approve tolls, look out.

    You should invest in real estate soon.

  85. mmmm chicken fried steak. Didn’t cook the roux enough, so a bit of flour taste. Other than that, perfect.

  86. White pepper gravy or brown?

  87. white. Added a couple cubes of frozen corned beef jus from sous vide bag. mmmmmmmmmmm

  88. I need to try that.

    Not sure if gravy is legal around here.

  89. I heard they call spaghetti sauce “gravy” in New Hampshire.

  90. Sounds tasty. And I’m glad you went with the proper gravy. Polite company knows it white gravy for chicken fried steak and brown gravy for Salisbury. We must have our standards Suh.

  91. I heard they call spaghetti sauce “gravy” in New Hampshire.


    Something like that could only happen in Florida or Ohio.

  92. https://tinyurl.com/y6of2wek

  93. I think it’s an Italian thing to call any sauce gravy.

  94. Salisbury is brown gravy, and swiss is tomato, right?

    Cheap bottom round, jaccarded and sous vide. Very tasty!

  95. yeah, pupster, that’s Italian.

  96. Your mom seems to prefer the white gravy.

  97. One of my college professors was related to “That” Sickles. He taught us about that situation in class. BRB Gotta read the comments

  98. Defying expectations, Raquel prospered.

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