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  1. *testing the theory that no one actually reads the post*

  2. what’s this “read” you speak of?

  3. there’s a battle brewing for the shortest poatation

  4. This is the type of poat that will be forced on us if AOC gets what she wants.

  5. This complies with EU article 13.

  6. Urrrgh, New Mexico just passed election day voter registration, and outlawed all right-to-work laws. Gotta help those unions. Full speed ahead on the Lefty wish list. The only stutter has been the unlimited abortion bill.

  7. Pajamabois won’t fight, but those turds are in their 30s already. Gen Z is something else. They wouldn’t sign up or be motivated for an overseas adventure in the sand, but a truly defensive war against China? I like our odds.

  8. Our vacant land will be listed soon. I’m optimistic that we’ll get out of it almost what we put into it.

  9. Maine now has an all Dem legislature and we’re seeing more and more evidence of that with the bills being presented. A couple of weeks ago it was allowing every conceivable health care provider to rip a baby out the womb because having just two centers in Maine is not enough. Women might have to contemplate their decision longer if they’re forced to drive more than one town over. Also the appearance of Red Flag Laws to let your leftie neighbor swat you when he sees your Trump 2020 sign.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. We passed a bunch of vote-fraud-facilitation garbage in 2018. I expect a lot more 105% turnout in 2020 as they only need 5000 or so fake votes to flip MI blue.

  12. I’ve been at worky worky for over an hour, and I’m probably working a fake double today since we’ve got too much to get done.

  13. Wow, everyone is getting mileage out of the $18 million cut to Special Olympics.

  14. 1) It’s a pittance
    b) find some sponsors

  15. “The Special Olympics is not a federal program. It’s a private organization. I love its work, and I have personally supported its mission,” she said. “But given our current budget realities, the federal government cannot fund every worthy program, particularly ones that enjoy robust support from private donations.”

    I can find ONE article that gives the reason for the cut, not just the overblown aftermath.

  16. It’s not the money, it’s the message, leon. EVERY woman in my timeline is up in arms about this (except Car in, who, according the the Argument Room, looks like a man).

  17. I’m rather curious as to how many of these children actually are able to participate in special Olympics?

  18. Do we federally fund the regular Olympics? Why?

    Cut that too.

  19. Fuck the special olympics. They’re not special, and it isn’t an olympics.

  20. Why doesn’t the Federal Government fund crossfit?

  21. I very much want them to stop funding churches who “find home for refugees”. I’m lookin’ at you, Minnesota Lutherans.

  22. Ditto for Catholic Charities in Dearbornistan.

  23. Our crossfit hosted a workout for differently-abled people. No federal funds were used.

  24. ^^lol. Comment prompt is funny. I slept in a bit. You guys get what you pay for with my wakeys.

  25. I despise words like differently-abled. Don’t use them on this blog.

  26. Refugees have a home. They just aren’t there for some reason.

    A true “defensive war” against China would mean they’re on our turf. If we’re fighting ANYONE in the CONUS we’re well past fucked. (Hawaii I can see. Alaska, well, set me up with some T-51b and I’m good to go there…kidding, still fucked.)

    We may have to fall back on “fuck with us and the bottled sunshine opens” for a while.

  27. It doesn’t happen often, but EuroAbians are smarter then we are.

  28. It’s the best term. Encompasses all the various challenges.

  29. “Resettling refugees” gets us toxic cuntslime like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. End it, and end the payoffs to “faith-based” organizations doing it.

  30. Shut it, Carin. It isn’t the Americans with Different Abilities Act. It’s the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  31. Yield no ground.

  32. Differently-abled is in the same category as:

    people of color
    undocumented immigrants
    pro choice
    open borders

    All crap.

  33. Vapor Trails was a badly underrated Rush album.

  34. sex workers

  35. I find it interesting that the party that wants to murder a special needs fetus is suddenly up in arms trying to get them more funding. Stop funding special olympics, stop funding planned parenthood. I love special olympics, but if they are raising $100 million without my tax money, why do they need more? Im betting their leaders probably live in mansions.

  36. Seems to me the word “handicapped” covered everybody just fine. It has nothing to do with worthiness, just a recognition that the individual isnt playing on the same field as non-handicapped.

    It may not be a gentle word, but then again when has real life ever been gentle? I think the phrase “differently-abled” also opens the door for all the scammers to sneak in. (As evidenced by the proliferation of “service animals”)

  37. Handicapped need an accommodation to compensate/correct for some function that does not work as well as a baseline person’s does, through no fault of their own.

    Differently abled demand accommodation because entitled.

    I may be cynical on this matter.

  38. “Retarded” and “idiot” used to be the nice-word euphemisms of their day.

  39. The left keep introducing terms for things we already have words for:


    Fucking cut it out.

  40. From the WSJ today:

    “U.S. national-security officials have ordered a Chinese company to sell gay-dating app Grindr, citing the risk that the personal data it collects could be exploited by Beijing to blackmail individuals with security clearances, according to people familiar with the situation.”


  41. My brother did Special Olympics…on the local level. Former coworker’s son also did Special Olympics and probably still does. His parents, like mine, love them some free shit and use their sons for their social life.
    The latter also got a taxpayer funded scooter thing for fat-assed father which they let their equally fat-assed retarded son use as a toy around the yard. My coworker would tell me about all the ‘subsidies’ they’d get to pay their $500-600 electric bill and how she couldn’t work overtime because if she’d go over a certain amount, her husband’s disability check would get dinked. Pretty sure, after she got fired, she went on disability too.

    I bet both are steaming over Special Olympics. Nevermind about their party wanting to kill disabled babies like they had or that there is plenty of private funding for the enterprise, it is the government’s job to take care of their kids. And them.

    This is the same shit about PBS. ‘Oh you want to kill Elmo’ Nevermind Sesame Street can support the entire channel with all the merchandising it does.

  42. “U.S. national-security officials have ordered a Chinese company to sell gay-dating app Grindr, citing the risk that the personal data it collects could be exploited by Beijing to blackmail individuals with security clearances, according to people familiar with the situation.”

    Say what you will about the Chinese, but you can’t call ’em stupid.

  43. I’m curious if the Chinese have made buyout offers to MindGeek* yet, or already own it behind the scenes.

    *PornHub, RedTube, and others

  44. How about if you have a security clearance, you are not allowed to be on any dating app?

  45. citing the risk that the personal data it collects could be exploited by Beijing to blackmail individuals with security clearances

    Think back to horndog Clenis and all the goodies they gave to the Chinese. Wonder how much dirt they have on the Clintons. Shit they were hacking in real time thanks to hillary wide open email. And noone ever mentions it because RUSSIA!!

  46. There used to be another solution, where they just didn’t issue security clearances to folks with certain potentially compromising characteristics, but we don’t seem to be allowed to use those measures any longer.

  47. Comment by beasn on March 28, 2019 11:39 am
    How about if you have a security clearance, you are not allowed to be on any dating app?

    Well, there goes half of D.C…

    I remember when I first was going through intel training, they told us point blank to stay away from Facedouche.

  48. heh, brilliant, China. Seriously, that’s some upper-level espionage shit.

  49. You should assume any Chinese business is also spying for the state. Assume any Chinese national is a spy.

  50. Twitter Execs Clueless Of Democrat’s Russian Bot Factory

    I watched another video, and not being a left-wing zombie I had no idea who this guy was, and thought it was another right winger.

    But no! The Young Turks? Really? Absolute left wing outfit sounding like The Heritage Foundation. Top link at AOS also covers this. How does the left get this, and The Bulwark doesn’t?

  51. Our company won’t do business in China. Every patent will be copied, and reproduced by the state. And in the concrete business, there is a LOT of business to do in China.

  52. I’m seeing reports that Caracas just went dark.

  53. electronically dark, or electrically?

  54. There used to be another solution, where they just didn’t issue security clearances to folks with certain potentially compromising characteristics, but we don’t seem to be allowed to use those measures any longer.

    We did it long enough that DC has a bizarre over-representation of Mormons and still does.

  55. Electrically. Venezuela sin poder.

  56. How Venezuela can keep dying by degrees without boiling over is incredible.

  57. Apparently this is now a meme

    Enjoy memes … while we still can

  58. Meghan McChubby, daughter of The Songbird/Traitor/Cocksucker.

  59. This represents my entire web presence. I rarely rarely comment on other blogs. I think I’ve commented twice at AOS. Occasionally I flame the shit out of some stormfronters on a more “radical” blog. But no facebook, or insta anything.

  60. I have a facedouche because I keep in touch with relatives and far flung friends.

  61. What if you’re an asshole? Is that covered as a disability?

  62. I thought asshole counted as an alternative lifestyle.

  63. What if you’re an asshole? Is that covered as a disability?

    I don’t know. Ask MJ.

  64. Only if you aren’t a white male.

  65. Stuck with Facebook against my will. Here, the HQ, one or two special interest joints. I have a WP blog I do zero with. That’s about it.

  66. I have a blog where I record my workouts and host pics I want to hotlink here.

  67. Twitter is making noise about shutting down Trump.

    One step closer to party time folks.

  68. Twitter execs are not clueless. They’re lying POS.

  69. Trump could shut down Twitter just by closing his account.

  70. Twitter is an open sewer.

  71. Calm down, Hotspur.

  72. LOL

  73. I’m here, and on IG and FaceDouche for business.

    Never been on Twitter.

  74. NM Governor asked the entire Game Commission to resign so she can put her lefty cronies in control. So far they won’t resign. She’s trying to figure out how to get rid of them. The last thing we need is for the bunny huggers to grab control of all the hunting regs.

  75. I’m on facedouche, but only so I can call HOstpur an asshole w/o him knowing.

    (whispers differently -abled just to piss him off)

  76. You’re on facedouche to argue with a bunch of liberal douchebags.

    And to call me an asshole, even though you love me.

  77. Mostly I’m on facedouche to keep in contact with family, friends, and a few groups (sport related things – crossfit, work). We have a work page that actually is pretty essential to follow.

    Arguing with douchebags is just a bonus.

  78. Cool

  79. and just like that, the dems switch gears, back to health care:

    Make sure to watch Tucker break it down.

  80. that’s great!

  81. Whoops – let me fix that….
    OK, done.

  82. I found a loose hairpin at the gym the other day and I still haven’t found the lock I need to pick to get to my next quest objective.

  83. Wow. Ace’s post on that lying Chicago whore that let Smollett off Scott-free is very telling about the dirt at the top of our justice system.

    That cunt should resign, and then be disbarred.

  84. Well, this is, well, it’s, well here:


  86. Seeing the news about the Nebraska flood, I’m glad as heck that I already bought my CSA share for this year.

  87. Flooding killed it.

    Just like Atlantis…


  89. Hotspur’s poetry classes in college finally pay off.

  90. I didn’t go to colidge.

  91. LOL I think Trump referred to Schiff-for-brains as a pencil neck.

  92. The Trump rally is great.

  93. It sounds like Ace accidentally did a salt cleanse.

  94. Possible he fucked up the Flora in his gut? I don’t know, I’m kinda of the mind that unless you’re a religious Yogi or some shit maybe stick to fasting a couple days at a time. That’s just me, I could be wrong.

  95. Fasting more than 7 days can kill off a lot of them, but they never die out completely without a heavy antibiotic bolus. No, he probably took in too much salt when he ended it and his kidneys said ‘nope!’

  96. Holy Shit, nobody’s commented in over 2 hrs at this dump? Well, allow me.

    The assortment of imported negros from Lubbock seems to be having their way with the imported negroes from Ann Arbor. Shit could change though.

  97. We saw “Unplanned” at a special early showing by the Knights of Columbus. Theater was sold out. Holy shit, what a movie. “Gosnell” was creepier, but “Unplanned” made me cry, even though I had read the book and knew what had happened. Very, very moving.

  98. XBrad retweeted this but didn’t post it here. Gonna let it embed.

  99. Designers enhanced Reebok’s products.

  100. Every news site I’ve visited this morning (3-4 local ones) still have their “TRUMP CUT FUNDS TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS” stories up even though he reversed the decision last night.

    A lot of my patients participate in Special Olympics. Make of it what you want but my take on it is that it’s more of a social activity for the participants and their caregivers, whether it’s a biological parent, foster parent, adoptive parent or an institutional person. There are, of course, exceptions to this, but most of the athletes are not participating at what would be considered even HS level. Who gives a fiddler’s fuck about that? Whatever, call it what you want but everyone has a good time and no one gets hurt (which frankly sucks for business). The more important question is how the hell did the government get conned into ponying money up for this endeavor?

  101. The Special Olympics are exactly the type of fluff shit that should be funded privately.

  102. Mid morning boobs

  103. And that was DeVos’s point. It gets MOSt of it’s funding from donations.

    wakey wakey


  104. Did anyone see the OJ documentary on ESPN last year?

    I distinctly remember a juror saying that she found OJ not guilty because of Rodney King and the way black people were treated by white folks.

    I wonder if the Jussie Smollett thing will be the same? He’s going to be celebrated for his crimes in the black community.

  105. I think the feds are going to get him.

  106. Jussie Smollett is nominated for an NAACP Image Award.

  107. NASA’s catching shit for not having enough ready spacesuits for the first all-women spacewalk, and I’m like, well, that’s what you get for playing it up in the first place.

  108. I am glad they didn’t force the issue by making one of the women go out in the wrong size suit. Spacewalks are hard enough.

  109. Good morning! A fresh new day to defile! Whose turn is it to slander Hotspur?

  110. The media played the Special Olympics angle just like their dem masters wanted them to. It was exactly what they needed.

  111. Someone has a list. IS it alphabetical? I think Jimbro is up.

  112. Nope, Coalex’s turn.

    Let’s see what you got. Remember- Hostpur has no soul, so you won’t hurt his feelings.

  113. heh, watching AOS vid re: Trump rally. I hope no lib watches this, so many red MAGA hats.

  114. Special Olympics: I see so many people up in arms about it. And you can’t argue the point with them, they just don’t get it. You come off looking like an ass.

  115. Breasts for your pleasure!

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