Black Tuesday

Just not feelin’ it today.

So – the ass-wipes at wiki attribute the term black/dark humor to some french dick in 1935, based on his thoughts of shit written in the 1700’s… fucking typical late to the party thought process.,550x550,16x12,1,transparent,t.u1.png

for jay


get to work


  1. Humour noir

  2. i see the derp took a humpin’

  3. I’m seeing news that Trump’s justice department is now claiming that Obamacare is entirely unconstitutional, and that the military has notified Congress of $1 billion transferred to construction of a border wall. I wonder if, with the Mueller report done, the WH feels free to play hardball.

  4. I think you’re right Alex. I just saw that Obamacare thing too. Some of the Post-Mueller Report deflection I heard yesterday was how it was actually good for the Democrats because they could now focus on legislative concerns the American public wants or some such bullshit. Pretty sure Trump has kept all this at the ready and is going to be relentless. Hopefully that includes getting some of the assholes who peddled the dossier under oath.

  5. I gave this a like for the Malaysia one.

  6. Comment by beasn on March 25, 2019 9:45 pm
    When I talked to daughter this morning, I had asked if they were gonna elope while they were ‘there’. She’s like, ‘OH, you wouldn’t mind?’ At this point, no, I wouldn’t mind tho, I don’t know what her dad would say. So long as there was a church ceremony later, I’m good.



  7. I’m just glad the badgers are safe.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. I don’t get it

  10. Want to listen to some music?

  11. If Hillary and 0 aren’t torn apart by red-hot blacksmith’s tongs in the public square then hung there to be pecked at by scavengers until naught but bones remain, they got off light.

  12. For reference, this is what happened to the leaders of the Anabaptist Rebellion in Muenster, Germany, after the siege was broken. The cages the bodies were kept in still hang there to this day, three hundred years later.

  13. Correction, five hundred years later. Forgot that the event was contemporary and not far from Martin Luther in Wittenburg.

  14. That Hitler parody from last night’s thread was the best one ever. I think it portrays every media cock gobbler perfectly.

  15. I listened to NPR last night. There was endless talk about how the Mueller report didn’t exactly exonerate Trump – there just wasn’t enough clear evidence to indict. Yeah. Okay. Keep fucking that…

    There was not a single story on Michael Penis Head.

  16. Hotspur, your first problem is you listen to NPR. WTF listens to NPR?

    It’s worse than CNN. The voices are smugger.

  17. What, did Hotspur give up “having a fulfilling radio experience” for Lent and just fused his radio to NPR instead?

  18. I liked the part when he said, “America will be great again.”

  19. Beasn, that ring is beautiful.

  20. I listen to NPR so you don’t have to.

  21. Someone said it at Ace’s yesterday and I agree, one of the first tenets of spycraft is to stop leaks. Someone was feeding Brennan complete bullshit and I think they followed where that leak lead them.

    Brennan was certain that indictments were coming. And I think there is a stack of indictments but I think they were for the dems who lied their asses off. Or made shit up.

    Revoking Brennan’s top secret info access was very, very important. He’s a true POS. He’s also mentally unstable. No stable person converts to Islam. NO ONE. Plus if you listen to what he says it’s very hyperbolic, irrational and reactionary.

    Imagine how shitty he was as CIA director. Oh. My. God. Unfathomable.

  22. Think on this, Obama chose an Islamic/communist for OUR CIA director.

  23. Obama
    Biden (start reading about his and his son’s ties to the Ukraine)

    Holy shit, the traitorous actions are staggering.

  24. Mare, calm down.

  25. Tenets, Mare. Tenants are people who stay in a leased domicile, and tenents isn’t even a word.

  26. Done and done.

  27. LOL at Leon trying to be me. Good job though.

  28. Dark humor is like food,
    not everyone gets it…

    – Stalin

  29. I have a question.

    If the dems are sad that Trump was found not to have colluded with Russia, does that mean they were happy if he had?

  30. Second question:

    If Russia interfered in the election, didn’t it happen under Obama?

  31. Third question:

    Given that the dems were pissed off at Comey, and called for him to be fired, why was it obstruction of justice when Trump fired him?

  32. Fourth question:

    If Trump didn’t collude with Russia, did Cankles?

  33. hotspur 1, 2. and 3 shut up because RAYCISS

    4. Yes. Not an ‘if’.

  34. *likes leon’s idea for cankles and buttboi*

  35. mare and I are simpatico.

  36. Anyone know the artist from jam’s link to mare?

  37. Someone reported seeing a rare yellow cardinal in a city near me. When I searched for exactly where only news report about one is in Alabama.

  38. There are still people trying to fuck this chicken.

    Glenn Greenwald of all people is out there slapping these people silly.

    It’s all so embarrassing.

  39. If the dems are sad that Trump was found not to have colluded with Russia, does that mean they were happy if he had?

    Yes, because then they could claim he was illegitimate and fundraise and organize off of it.

  40. Which they were going to do anyway.

    Oh well, not like any of the rest on any level is legit any longer.

  41. Dinesh D’Souza Verified account @DineshDSouza

    Stop with the “so much winning.” Surviving a lethal strike by the other side is not “winning.” When we can compete with them in getting our message out and can deliver lethal strikes against them—that’s when we’re winning

  42. I think I made this point on Wiser’s show about 2 years ago…

    The Left is actually talking about treason, which really means the execution of the sitting president after his impeachment.

    That’s totally fucking nuts.

  43. Charges against Smollett are being dropped? With the left politics trump justice. Same shit that’s killed Seattle.

    Told my husband that and he’s like, ‘Wonder what kind of deal they made…I mean all the man hours the police put into it…’

    You don’t get it. Leftist activists like Farakkhan, obama, and twinkle toes, run Chicago. Smollett is black with ties to the Black Panthers. Police are nothing there.

  44. The 2018 election was partly lost due to the Russia lie.

  45. They want the Russia hoax to be true because if it isn’t, then they have nothing left except that Hillary was a terrible candidate and people don’t like their policies. The left relies on being seen as cool and compassionate to sell Progressivism. They’re like a pretty girl who gets what she wants because she uses her looks to manipulate guys, only now she’s getting older and isn’t as pretty anymore and suddenly has to attract men with her nonexistent personality.

  46. 2020 will be fun.

    Please baby jesus let it be Biden. I saw a picture of him a few days ago scared me.

    He looks really, really weird. His plastic surgery isn’t good. People are going to be totally freaked out by a guy that looks nothing like he did 3 years ago.

  47. I dunno CA. I think they just wanted to get rid of Trump.

    And you can’t underestimate the stupidity of the media. 90% of them are below the median IQ, I’d wager.

  48. Dailywire…..”According to USA Today, court documents reveal that Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, contacted Kim Foxx, the Chicago-area’s lead prosecutor, before charges were brought against Smollett in February to request that the police department let the FBI take over the investigation…”

    Yep, there is the rat.

  49. A campaign between Trump and “Creepy Uncle Joe” would be wonderful. Ditto Bernie. Bernie would turn out the young ‘uns, but every sane adult who has ever had a real job would think twice. Joe might appeal to blue collar workers, but the hard left would never accept him.

  50. If only the Dems hadn’t spent 2.5 years talking about Russian farts in the wind.

    Maybe, just maybe, they’d have a real party or platform.

  51. I want to know who inserted Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort into the Trump campaign in the first place. Those three were a key part (and seemingly unknowing pawns) of the “insurance policy” that people in the highest levels of the intelligence community were using to bring Trump down.

    Trump HAS to win in 2020, because this perfidy must be rooted out and exposed to the American public.

    Unfortunately, the whole thing is far too complex, convoluted, and insidious for most people to understand. But there can be no doubt that both intelligence agencies, along with politicians and players at the highest levels of our government and the Justice Department, were coordinating their efforts to thwart the will of the American electorate and to bring down a sitting President.

    Heads need to roll.

  52. Remember the video linking AOC to a group selecting other congressmen? He put out another:

    Mr Reagan 2nd video

    Spoiler alert: now they work with Beto.

  53. And Rosenstein is in this up to his neck, as well.

    Hopefully Trump is just keeping his enemies closer.

  54. I’ve lost hope that Trump is going to do anything about it, Teresa. For starters, both the FBI and DOJ are so compromised, who can he ask to prosecute all those involved?

  55. Jay, their problem with choosing Beto is that now they are running with the big dogs, and that pack is going to tear Beto to pieces before he has a chance to get any traction.

    You think Willie Brown’s whore is going to let some white boy with big teeth usurp her perceived place at the table?

    She didn’t suck all those dicks just so some RFK wannabe could cut in line ahead of her.

  56. Public Service Announcement: it’s Epilepsy Awareness Week- Seize the Day

  57. An interesting question: Have the Dems gone full tilt bozo the past two years because they were convinced they could “undo” 2016, lock out any competition, and just rule forever? What happens now that their pretext is a smoking ruin?

    My answer? Things get real bad. Real fast.

  58. Cavil, the Dems have been in a low-level civil war for the past two years. My guess is that it heats up.

  59. Thing is BroCavil, most of their constituents are either full tilt bozo themselves or are so LIV that they are clueless to how full tilt bozo they really are, thanks to mainstream propaganda outlets.

  60. The party itself has already gone off the cliff.

  61. Did anyone else notice that last night Rachel Madcow was already referring to the Mueller Report as “The Barr Report”? (No, I don’t watch it – it was on a screenshot of a video on one of Ace’s posts yesterday)

    I found that very interesting – and have no doubt that is how the media has decided to refer to it henceforth.

  62. And now that little shit Juicy Smollett is going to be out there gloating about his charges being dropped.

  63. Waiting for the MAGA hat wearing, noose carrying, white supremacists to start blocking highways, breaking windows and stealing hair weaves in Chicago

  64. Good. Now the death squadz will have a excuse to hunt hollyweirds. They know not what they sow. As far as their civil war….I double dog date them. CPD rank n file are beyond pissed. Once it heats up just a little bit weather wise, things are going to get Sooper sporty in that shithole.

  65. Auto crack or my less than nimble fingers?….date=dare

  66. You know, the cops in Chicago should abandon the south side and just let those guys kill themselves.

    Oh wait…

  67. Would one of you smarties tell me again, who, exactly, “dropped the charges” on Jessie Smollett?

  68. Glenn Beck had someone on this morning who thoroughly outlined the corruption of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. HO-LEE-SHIT. He named names, named companies gave dates, use of AIr Force 2, etc..

  69. I agree with Rahm Emmanuel on a subject. Someone check if hell’s frozen over, please.

  70. Rahm weighing in on that side of it suggests he sees a serious potential negative for his admin. Likely just a cynical ploy to keep votes.


    ““It’s absolutely a punch in the gut,” Wodnicki told a Tribune reporter. “We worked very, very closely throughout our three-week investigation to get to the point where we arrested the offender. So for the state’s attorney’s office at this point to dismiss the charges … without discussing this with us at all is just shocking.”

    Before departing the courthouse Tuesday, Smollett thanked his attorneys, family, friends and Chicago for supporting him through what he called “an incredibly difficult time for me.” He also thanked “the state of Illinois” for “attempting to do what’s right.”

  72. L Brooks Patterson has pancreatic cancer . (michigan/detroit news)

  73. I typed out a think about being irritated at crossfit games but it went poof somehow and I don’t feel like typing it out again.

  74. Probably for the best.

  75. I spent part of this morning watching YouTube’s of pirates getting blowed up by various navies at a safe distance. It was nice, highly recommend.

  76. Just for that, i’m going to type it out again.

    If you register for the games ($20) you get ranked world-wide. It’s just kind of fun. You have to complete the workout by monday, and submit your score to the website (and then it’s verified by your gym).

    Well, I did it yesterday morning, got home, and the website wasn’t working. ALL day. Finally, used the “if you can’t submit your score” back up deal – and emailed them all the info. Did that before I went to work. My score was supposed to be “secured” by that action.

    Well, now I don’t have a score and no response. I get an email while I was at work to resubmit, but by the time I got home, it was passed the cuttoff time.

    So my last workout is wrecking my ranking (I mean, who cares, but it’s kind of fun and it sucks)

    Another $20

  77. Just ordered season 3 of GoT.

    My tv is on the blink, though. They don’t make things like they used to. The picture is dark on the bottom and starting to creep up.

  78. About 1500 women in my division alone didn’t submit a score for the last workout.

  79. I haven’t been in Portland in over a year!

  80. Don’t forget all the trans competitors that will be ranked ahead of you.

  81. That’s true. Trannys . Didn’t even think of that.

  82. Paula mentioned being in the top 2000-something or 4000-something in her age group. (Big difference I know … I should be a better listener!) The workout before this one killed her score.

  83. I’m boycotting crossfit until they see the light on letting men compete as women.

  84. I’m in the top 19%. Or I was until this fiasco.

  85. My top workout was last week – I was 781 in the world. I can’t do a muscle up, so it was a race through the first two things for time. I thought I sucked, because women in my gym did it faster, but then I guess in my age group it wasn’t bad. Last week was pretty bad (the workout). Snatches and burpees until you barfed, basically.

  86. Comment by Jimbro on March 26, 2019 3:26 pm
    I haven’t been in Portland in over a year!

    So, which nurse had the baby a seven months ago and brought it in for everyone to see?

  87. I knew about Gerragos but now Smollett’s lawyer being named as co-conspirator in the Avenetti case. So how does it all tie into cutting hate-boi loose?

  88. Oops, he was lawyer for Smollett.

  89. Apparently a “relative” of Smollett’s also called Foxx before she was taken off of the case. Anyone else thinking it was Auntie Kamala?

  90. I love that photo, Jimbro. Even if you aren’t personally responsible. Women having babies is a good thing.

  91. Jay, their problem with choosing Beto is that now they are running with the big dogs, and that pack is going to tear Beto to pieces before he has a chance to get any traction.
    You think Willie Brown’s whore is going to let some white boy with big teeth usurp her perceived place at the table?
    She didn’t suck all those dicks just so some RFK wannabe could cut in line ahead of her.


    This may be my most favorite thing Teresa’s ever posted.

  92. So, which nurse had the baby a seven months ago and brought it in for everyone to see?

    Yeah, they should have been wearing masks, and not used the same toilet seat.

    *gets jar of leeches

  93. They better be prepared to pay for a lot of overtime shifts or traveling nurses.

  94. They really don’t have much of a social media presence

  95. Yeah, they should have been wearing masks, and not used the same toilet seat.

    *gets jar of leeches

    Wait, what?

  96. New Acronym: MAGA

  97. @ Jay……… heh heh…..

  98. They really don’t have much of a social media presence

    All I see on social media is leeches.

  99. Heh, she probably hasn’t seen that movie. scott saw the Waterboy.

  100. Damn, too bad we can’t play the race card, huh?


  102. At least Car in won’t have to worry about losing any more charging cables.

  103. Let’s go rob Smollett’s place. Cops won’t show up now.

  104. I would tease one of the liberal cousins about the Mueller report and the Dems all voting present (my senator was caught on camera looking to Schumer for permission to vote no) on CLIMATE CHANGE IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!ELEVENTY!!!! but she’s on vacation in Mexico.

  105. Aww, green new deal GND didn’t pass? Shocking.

  106. But the Green Nude Eel did pass. Donkey Chompers should take solace in that.

  107. That’s hyphenated! Donkey-Chompers, you racist!

  108. Asked to comment on her Green New Deal being defeated by a vote of 57-0 in the senate today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez replied, “John F. Kennedy didn’t abolish slavery on his first try either.”

  109. My bad. But you could count on one clenched pinky the shits I give about hispanic culture.

  110. Somebody call Mueller, since he’s finished:


    Funny speech.

  112. I do celebrate Cinco de Quattro though.

  113. Mueller found no collusion, son

  114. He really schlonged them.

  115. Wichita State’s team name is Shockers. Does that refer to two in the pink and one in the stink?

  116. The only good thing about Hispanic culture is brown girls with big booties on soap operas about drug dealers.

    Change my mind.

  117. I don’t like big asses. I don’t like brown eyes. I don’t like dark hair.

  118. Sophia Vergara is hispanic. Rawr

  119. She’s 46 now.

  120. Carmen Villalobos is Colombian… and a delight to the eye.

  121. Hotspur is rather picky.

  122. You gotta talk funny.

  123. Sí.

  124. Vergara is one of those obvious 100% Spaniards who happen to be living in South America. She’s not ‘hispanic’ the way people usually mean it. She’s a european white person, the same way my relatives in Argentina are still Italians. But she probably walks around calling herself a poc because it’s hip.

  125. The stupidity burns

  126. heh, $2k a month in food, with 2 date nights? Must shop at Whole Foods and throw 3/4 away.

  127. Depending on the kids I might believe it. My aunt had three boys, all athletes…

  128. Is Roamy still up? How long after a mission takes place before the patch goes on sale?

  129. Dan has a Wichita State Ballcap. He wore it last week and everyone was all “Huh?” He wore his Cedar Rapids Kernels ballcap to the Rockies/Isotopes. Laura, did you read where Mexico’s new leftist president challenged the Spanish King on colonialism? He got smacked down. We all know I have no link fu.

  130. Papa Frankie was touted as a Latin American Pope. He was born to two Italian immigrants.

  131. Udall announced he wasn’t seeking re-election yesterday. I started getting fundraising texts from my cousin. And my family fundraising for my cousin. I’m ignoring. They better think before they put me on blast for my opinion about my Democrat familia.

  132. Talking to myself time, 🤣🤣🤣. Member asked me if I had Jordan Peterson. We started chatting. He was radicalized by being failed in a class at UNM for being a Trump supporter. Old guy was eavesdropping, we MAGA’d for awhile. Old guy and I shared a reading list for young guy. Thomas Sowell. VDH. Young guy recently moved here from Cali. Didn’t know there were fellow travelers in NM. In NM, Gary Johnson still has cred. They recognize his Aleppo comment was only a thing because of the MFM. They H8 the media more than I do. 2020 will be lit AF

  133. Started getting Blue PAC BS updates from family this AM. I think Raul May be running for Udall’s seat. Pray for Oso.

  134. Dianne erased Paul’s recordings.

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