MMM 361: prints

Ever done this?  It’s kind of fun and you can do it with any gilled mushroom cap.  Often useful in species identification.


IMG_7404 spore print.jpg




Happy Monday.  Get to work.


  1. I’m running out of things to say about fungus. I might have to go back to chicks in lycra just for content.

  2. Wakey wakey

  3. H2 is QUIET in the mornings.

  4. There’s probably some fungi in those chicks’ lycra. All sweaty and gross, you know.

  5. So, you’re saying mushrooms are growing all over your fungi poats?

  6. Antifungal bacteria.

    In high school german, we learned that compounding words is normal, common, and is often done when a new term is needed. So I invented one:


    I’ll translate that at noon if no one gets it.

  7. What else can MMM stand for?

  8. He who sniffith crotches?

  9. Also, I’ve been looking into conspiracy theories and why people believe them. Fascinating stuff.

    I think Muh Russia is bound to go down as a new kind. A hysteria conspiracy.

    It really has the elements of both.

  10. Magnificent Mystagogy Monday, where we do a brief snippet on upcoming saints feast days.

    Malignant Melanoma Monday, where I post tumors.

    Mysterious M’fuggin Monday, where I post about unsolved mysteries, UFOs, or cryptids ‘n’ shizz.

  11. I’m not sure. Wouldn’t they have to actually, y’know, believe it? Rather than just using it as an excuse?

  12. The people who believed Lusitania sinking was a false flag or a deliberate baiting of Germany turned out to be right, but they were all dead before the boat was found on the ocean floor a century later. Sometimes the ‘kooks’ are right.

    I wonder about Pearl Harbor. FDR was a fucking asshole and I wouldn’t put it past him.

  13. Mocking Mare Monday

  14. I’m not sure. Wouldn’t they have to actually, y’know, believe it? Rather than just using it as an excuse?

    What’s the word for desperately wanting something to be true? In German it would be a funky compound verb like wollenglauben.

  15. I mean at this point they’re basically blaming evil spirits and faeries for their misfortunes, for God’s sake…

  16. I was always fond of this version…

  17. I should mention the utter irony of that video in light of SRV’s ultimate fate. (Seriously, one would think rising musicians would avoid air travel, but what do I know?)

  18. Leon, I like all those ideas.

  19. MJ, the problem with saying conspiracy theories are nuts? The lefties make every crazy bullshit deal real.

    Hillary lying to family members in front of the caskets of guys she’s partially or fully responsible for killing?

    Eric Holder selling weapons on the border to get more gun control?

    Bill Clinton meeting lynch on a tarmac to talk about grandchildren?

    Shall I go on?

    I believe every effing crazy thing the right has said about the left. Everything.

  20. But to think Trump (of all people) is a Russian patsy when we have Obama on video and tape saying he can be more flexible Ayer his last election, Hillary selling Uranium and who knows wtf Breannan has been up to is absolute absurd projection.

  21. What a weird and appropriate typo/autocorrect.

  22. Do I think the Clinton’s are directly or tangentially responsible for the deaths of several people who cross them? Abso-effing-lutely.


    The mafia never went away, WASPs just took all the good action.

  24. Do any of you know if Hillary’s email to (I think) Huma wherein she says something to the effect, “if Trump wins we’ll all hang” is an urban myth or 100% true?

  25. I believe every effing crazy thing the right has said about the left. Everything.
    I’m not saying there aren’t bad things that happen that are real. There’s a shit ton of that going on.

    I’m saying this one ranks with the moon landing and JFK assassination. An entire political party and the media tried to convince the nation that the president was a Russian spy.

    If they pulled this on Jeb! he would have resigned. Please clap.

  26. *claps

  27. Jeb wouldn’t have needed that, he was going to take a fall like a good little bitch.

  28. My father in law is 100% convinced the mob elected Kennedy (probably true) but then killed him even though they now had a friend in the WH just to show him they could.

    Never mind that the point is sort of lost on the dead guy.

  29. Good morning.

    All I’ve heard from the Dems and the media is the need to publish the FULL Mueller Report. Never mind that “the Full Mueller” sounds like some sort of sex kink thing found on Urban Dictionary but they all know it will never be completely released for a host of reasons. Trump ought to bring all the Dem contenders for president into a room and give them full access to the report. Then let them and the American public know if there’s any leaks it came from them.

  30. Your father in law sounds like a cunt. Don’t talk to him.

  31. He also told me that early Catholics conspired to get Mary Magdelene downgraded from the wife of Jesus cuz misogyny.

    I saw both movies…JFK and The Davinci Code.

    Eerily similar.

  32. I have to, you dick. I’m not old as fuck like you where I can choose to be ‘myself’ at all times.

    I still have to keep the peace!

  33. He also told me that early Catholics conspired to get Mary Magdelene downgraded from the wife of Jesus cuz misogyny.

    Uhhhh, wut? This is literally of the same family of bullshit as Flat Earth, Young Earth Creationism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. 3 centuries after Martin Luther, ‘fundamentalists’ start misreading the Bible any ol’ which way and making shit up to pretend special knowledge. Sola Scriptura leads to madness.

    I saw both movies…JFK and The Davinci Code.

    Dan Brown has a reckoning coming.

  34. Mare, if you’re still around, I apologize for my wisecrack a couple of days ago. Upon further review, it was OVER THE LINE. Some low hanging fruit should be left alone.

  35. The Magdalene got fucked. She was every bit as important an apostle as most of the actual fucking apostles. (I’m looking at you Thomas, and you Peter you fucking weak pussy.) And yet she often gets portrayed as a prostitute.

    Misogyny indeed.

  36. Right, Magdalene wasn’t the woman about to be stoned at all, she was essentially the first nun.

    Thomas was also the first to call Jesus “my Lord and my God” out loud, and Peter, for all his faults, insisted that we all know his faults.

  37. I believe Mary Magdalene goes unnamed for the same reason that the Synoptics don’t mention Lazarus: protection. She was alive and anonymous to the Sanhedrin and Roman authorities at the time of writing, and the Gospel authors wanted her safe.

  38. Hahahah, my dear PD, I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to but I can’t recall you
    ever crossing a line with me other than making me hold my lady parts laughing.

    Which, as I think about it, my be connected to the joke you made!


  39. And, asshole, my fruit is NOT low hanging…yet!!

  40. 3 centuries after Martin Luther, ‘fundamentalists’ start misreading the Bible any ol’ which way and making shit up to pretend special knowledge. Sola Scriptura leads to madness.

    As Michael Flynn once wrote, “If I want to know ‘what Christianity teaches,’ I would be inclined to ask the Orthodox or Catholic churches, as they have near 2000 years of noodling over it. Yet when the Coynes of the world want to tell us ‘what Christians believe,’ they agitate over the idiosyncratic beliefs of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Bible Shack, whose teachings go back to last Tuesday. “

  41. Warning: MJ is flying today

  42. Everyone in America should be. He pushed us toward civil war with that bullshit dossier.

  43. LOL

    When I click on that Onion link I get a pop up that says Murder your hideous conscience by disabling your ad blocker.

  44. Do I think the mob killed JFK? Not specifically if you keep the definition of MOB to non-governmental organized crime. Did the Mob have a motive to kill JFK? Im pretty sure they did. Joe delivered Chicago for John. John then turned around, appointed Bobby AG and told Bobbie to get the mob. Cant see how this would’ve sat well with the Mob.

  45. I was kind of hoping that link was real. Dragging McCain’s corpse behind the motorcade would have made my week.

  46. My ad blocker is so good that it blocked that pop up.

  47. Should I buy a new lower (mailbox happiness) or wait? Decisions…..decisions……

    On the good news front a District Court here in the Peoples Democratic State of Illinois has ruled that the Firearms Owners Identification Card (that is required by law to even TOUCH a firearm as a adult in the state, seriously you cannot handle a firearm in a gun shop in IL unless you have a FOID card) is unconstitutional. See what happens, IL Supreme’s will probably disagree and then it’ll head to the big boys n girls in DC.

  48. That was a rite of passage as a yoot in MA. Turn 18, get your FID so you could take your turn buying shotgun shells for the trips to the dump where we shot the shit out of inanimate objects

  49. Indiana skirts that by requiring a hunting and target shooting permit rather than an owner ID, with limitations on transport and casing if you don’t have the permit. The permit is $15 and automatically granted if you don’t have a felony record, at least. When I had it, the carry permit was another $10 and required fingerprinting of your dominant hand, but was again automatic if you weren’t a felon.

    Michigan requires (at least last time I bought one) a “permit to purchase” for handguns, which was pretty obnoxious but not hard to get. Nothing for long guns.

  50. The upside of the Indiana permit was that you didn’t need a NICS check if you had one, an FFL could just sell to you directly without waiting for the “instant” check.

  51. A must-read by VDH.

  52. Got my first chest to bar today. Then got 14 more.

  53. It is now official. I am going to be a mother-in-law!

    Now to start making some phone calls to the church. Future son-in-law is not Catholic.

  54. Excellent Carin! Paula believes that there’s moves she can’t do because she lacks some muscle memory or doesn’t know the trick to doing it. She is determined to get a muscle up.

  55. It is spring break for daughter and they went on a hiking trip. Boyfriend was going to ask her at some point on a trail but feared she was on to him because he was so giddy and his poker face sucks, so they stopped at college dorm where they first met and he asked her there.

  56. WOW WOW Beasn. Congrats. I wondered if that was what that cryptic talk was about over the weekend.

  57. And the ring? A big meh but he got what she wanted. We think his dad gave him a host of shit over it but it’s not his fault. Husband’s remark was, ‘It’s depressing how ‘tarded our daughter is.’


  58. There are a lot of good videos on youtube that show different strategies for the trickier moves. Different cues work for different people. I got my chest to bar using Wod Prep advice.

  59. Hillary is not, nor ever will be president. Discuss:

    Some other Cunt (term is gender neutral in this context) will be though. Our fellow countrymen are too fucking easily led by our traitorous media for it not to happen.

  60. Even the boyfriend was worried about it. That is how he brought the whole thing up to me over at the house. When I said, ‘it’s a pretty little ring’, he goes, ‘’s so….little’. So I tells him he can upgrade later and she can wear it as a stacker on top of it.
    He didn’t want us to think he was a cheap POS.

  61. I have never and will never get my chest to a bar unless the bar is at chest level.
    Even when I did some weight training in college, I could never pull myself up to a bar.

  62. Congratulations, Beasn (and Beasnette)! How exciting for all of you 😊🎉💕

  63. “If each one of those faith communities received, if they made the commitment to receive 20 refugees per week, just per week, that would allow us to receive 8,000 refugees per week,” said Garcia.
    From Dec. 21 to March 20, ICE released more than 100,000 people into the U.S., reported the Fox affiliate in San Diego.

    How about we don’t let them in in the first place?!?!?

  64. Big diamonds are a literal scam.

  65. How about we don’t let them in in the first place?!?!?

    I hear ya, but evidently that isn’t an option.

  66. We think his dad gave him a host of shit over it but it’s not his fault.

    I hate to admit it but it took me about 10 years before I realized that I was going to have to tell my parents to completely and totally fuck off as regarded their “helpfulness” when it came to my marriage and my child rearing. If I had it all to do over again it would happen about 10 months in. I got my mom reeled in by threatening to never invite them to my house again and to only visit them once a year. I never totally got dad reeled in. He had too much of the “only one true way prostheletyzer” in him.

  67. I’ve liked reading about the synthetic diamonds being able to fool all but the best jewelers. It’s only a matter of time before that’s the new standard. My wedding band is some metal (completely forget which one). It’s super durable to the point where they can’t cut it to size it. Paula went with a gold band with a few diamonds but it lives in her safe. She wears a silicone ring by QALO.

  68. Ok, who did this?

  69. The tape and balloon are likely to mark it for when they can get the truck with a winch there to heft the carcass.

  70. They need a good Used Cow Dealer.

  71. I have a pretty nice diamond ring, but now I kind of regret it. Rather have the money. I’m in the ‘status symbols are a sign you are retarded’ phase of living and I’d be quite happy wearing gardening gloves and overalls for the rest of my life.

  72. I used to wear beautiful suits and high heels to work, and that kind of spiffed up appearance was important to me then. Now its scrubs and sneaks, or clunky sensible shoes. Total life and attitude change. Probably just age.

  73. Heh, I seriously doubt they are using balloons to mark cow carcasses!

  74. Reminds me of my favorite picture from Car in’s timeline

  75. If you are on facedouche, you can see Car in kip a pullup.

  76. I just made some decent low-carb, high protein pancakes. I’ll try the recipe again later this week then add it to the other site if I still like it then.

  77. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 25, 2019 1:15 pm
    If you are on facedouche, you can see Car in kip a pullup.

    Car in’s voice is different than I imagined it would sound.

  78. You get used to it.

  79. I used to wear beautiful suits and high heels to work, and that kind of spiffed up appearance was important to me then.

    There’s nothing wrong with nice suits and shoes for work, if it’s the kind of job that requires you to dress up. I actually like wearing a suit and tie, especially when traveling. I think it is more comfortable and I get treated better.

  80. I’m just glad we’re almost into cargo shorts season.

  81. Mare: “What else can MMM stand for?”
    Answer: More MIdget Machinations.

  82. I need to tweak the recipe a bit, cakes came out a little dry. Probably need some cream or melted butter in the batter itself.

  83. Man, the Avenatti deal is glorious.

  84. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that God loves Trump, or at least loves the USA enough to send Trump in our moment of need.

    I mean, how else do you explain why God keeps giving Trump such enemies?

  85. I just read where avenatti was on cnn 74 times in a two month span. News networks just can’t buy that level of credibility.

  86. Credibility cannot be bought, but man oh man can it be spent.

  87. Coinkydink or first to fall? Plant that seed now. I wanna see motherfuckers jump off a roof before this is over. You think Trump isnt going to punch back? I need that clip from Terminator where Kyle is explaining that the Term will nevah stop evah, photoshop Trumps head on the Terminator body…

  88. I’m not a girl or a boy, where do I pee?

    San Francisco.

  89. God didn’t send Trump these enemies; He simply took pity upon us and sent a man who would bother to fight them.

    Remember, up until Trump, we were losing to these cretins.

  90. Reminder:

  91. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 25, 2019 1:15 pm
    If you are on facedouche, you can see Car in kip a pullup.

    Car in’s voice is different than I imagined it would sound.
    Comment by leoncaruthers on March 25, 2019 1:47 pm

    You get used to it

    It’s actually a kipping chest-to-bar. The kipping pull up is easier. I can do that all day.

    And I cackled after each one. I was pretty happy .

  92. “What else can MMM stand for?”

    Milfy Monday Motivational

  93. Now that I got that, I work on getting up higher.

  94. Heh….the IDF is paying Hamas back for last nights rocket attack as we speak……

  95. Michael Avenatti’s last two hours— Barstool News Network (@BarstoolNewsN) March 25, 2019

  96. Remember when Michael Avenatti was going to run for president and take down Trump?


  97. Antique fire extinguishers are filled with carbon tetrachloride.

    Really toxic stuff, and when you expose it to fire you make chlorine gas.


    Anyhoo. We found a canister of that today.

    It’s going to live outside until hazmat day.

  98. Scott,
    They used to sell those in a spray-can size as an ‘under the sink’ kitchen fire extinguisher. We had several. Now, it’s all dry-chem…

  99. I doubt the chlorine produced would be anymore or less toxic than the gases produced from a fire. I hate fire. I’ve had to do a couple of training courses that included smoke house and the rest of that shit. Fuck that. I’d rather have people shooting at me.

  100. We have close to one extinguisher per room here. It was half that until Paula bought a bunch more a few months ago.

  101. Why is Ace berating Jackstraw on the blog?

  102. JackStraw was ribbing Ace on his shelving misadventures.

  103. This is the ring boyfriend got her. I think he may have paid too much for such a thin/little ring. He wanted to get her something bigger regarding the diamond – more like 1/3 or slightly bigger carat, but he got what she said she liked. For her, she’d rather save money or spend it on travel. (knowing she will inherit mine)

    Now me? Husband bought me a really nice diamond ring for our 30th. I love it and enjoy it immensely. I know all the negatives re: diamonds and don’t care. I might even get a lab grown one, too.

  104. Diamonds are handcuffs.

  105. The ring is lovely and NO ONE should question or wonder about another’s engagement ring.

  106. It is a pretty little ring (he showed me ’cause he was worried) and will probably look just fine on her long, skinny, fingers. I just worry about how thin the band is. But hey, she picked it out.

    Perhaps they can find a local jeweler to make them a matching wedding band without getting a mark-up price like I fear that jeweler did.

  107. I think it is a lovely ring, but I would be worried it is so thin it would break easily. I got Mrs. Pupster more ring than I could afford at the time, but she would have said yes to a bread bag twist-tie ring.

    Congratulations beashdnekndkes.

  108. Anniversaries are great opportunities to upgrade or get another ring.

  109. It is a beautiful ring. Big rings on young women are ostentatious and gaudy.

    Your daughter has elegant taste.

  110. I especially like the asymmetrical setting of the small stones.

  111. mare, the boyfriend agrees. He’ll just update later and she can just stack that ring on top. Her fingers are long enough for stackers.

    hotspur, I love the delicate look and the rose cut diamond (just wish it was a smidge bigger. A great cut on the rose cut makes them shimmer so beautifully). She was talking about taking my original engagement ring after I got an update. It’s a thin band (but not that thin), and a little over a third of a carat. It is a perfect size for her finger.

  112. Congratulations, Beasn.

  113. bread bag twist-tie ring.

    Mrs Jay has been complaining, hasn’t she?

    Congrats, beasn.

  114. in beasn world, suitors ask mom for permission!

    When will the feminists ask you for advice?

  115. Congratulations Beasn. My diamond has been in our safety deposit box for 25 years. Planning on getting it reset in rose gold. We always win our Amigo cart accidents. Our lawyers are brutal. Went into Walmart to buy pistachios for today’s baseball game…Dan found $20. I won Slug Bug. Isotopes beat the Rockies. IDF lit up Gaza. MAGA.

  116. Feminists don’t want my advice. It would make them cry.

  117. Thank you all very much. I’m glad the boy came out of his coma. He did say that it was him dragging his feet and that he had asked daughter to wait for him…which he apologizes for the former and never should have asked the latter. Now that he has jumped in with both feet, he feels much lighter and giddy and that he is finally getting on with his life. Didn’t like the holding pattern. YAY!

  118. When I talked to daughter this morning, I had asked if they were gonna elope while they were ‘there’. She’s like, ‘OH, you wouldn’t mind?’ At this point, no, I wouldn’t mind tho, I don’t know what her dad would say. So long as there was a church ceremony later, I’m good.

  119. Jay, he did speak to Mr. B too. Later. Heh.

    He talks to me more because politics and we hates democrats.

  120. Oh, and his dad? Totally loves him some CNN. Believes everything they spew.

  121. You knew it was coming.

  122. I think it’s interesting that Mueller filed his nothing report.


    The swamp didn’t want the investigation to end.

    Is it about to backfire?

  123. I hope it does scott, in that indictments are dropped on many heads, starting with hillary.

  124. I think Mueller figured out just how hinky the appointment as SC was, and also figured for his own reputation, he’d either better have rock solid evidence, or be squeaky clean.

  125. Im with Hotspur, that ring is gorgeous and elegant design. Something really natural and informal about it.

  126. I want her plane to crash, into a volcano, while being attacked by a flock of badgers.

  127. I’m still not tired of winning.

  128. Eh, I don’t want the badgers to go into the volcano. Lets give them parachutes, and a landing zone in Seattle’s government building.

  129. They’re imaginary flying badgers who feed evil people to the volcano, they’ll be fine.

  130. Congratulations beasnette!

  131. Danielle envied Roger’s penis.

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