MMM 360: no fungal ideas today

Not sure if photoshopped or Latin American


Dumbbells in the frame make this about “fitness”


Pearl necklaces aplenty


Eh, it’s only a 10#er


A woman cleaning and an Andy Gunther ad photobomb


Looks warm there


Happy Monday, y’all.


  1. wakey wakey.

  2. 19.4 in 30 mins

  3. 19.5 if you put your mind to it.

  4. Hahhhhaaahh, Scott!

  5. No visible fungi?


  6. If it helps any, every woman has multiple fungal colonies in the ano-genital area.

  7. Taint Beer

  8. Thrush in the throat. It could happen.

  9. Those are more rare. Vaginal yeast is a sure thing.

  10. Not helping.

  11. Thanks for the new header caption, Leon.

  12. Who says I’m trying to help?

  13. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 18, 2019 9:16 am
    A fun way to ruin a weekend and blow 100 bucks

    I thought that was your mom.

  14. Your mom is only $20.

  15. Pastrami looks great, Jay. Did it stay that tender after smoking? Looks like you didn’t need to thin-slice it.

  16. My dog ate all of the scrabble letters. He shits out smarter things than most of what AOC has to say.

  17. AOC is the answer to the question: Who can we elect that is dumber than Patty Murray, Hirona and that idiot who thinks islands will tip over?

  18. I’m sure this has already been posted here but I love it so much I’m posting again so tough crap:

  19. I was that tender. It wasn’t that I didn’t have to thin slice it, I COULDN’T thin slice it. Was falling apart, at 135 (medium).

  20. My meat life name is Jim. And I’ve treated a bottle of whiskey that way before. That’s where the similarities cease, however.

  21. The democrat wonderkid who was much loved when he took on the hated Teodoro Cruz is kinda getting the cold shoulder now that he’s running against fellow travelers. I guess the best way to prove that you have no clothes is to run against all the other naked emporer wannabes.

  22. They elect the idiots on purpose. Seeing ourselves as ruled by low-functioning retards who we can’t seem to displace no matter what is demoralizing. Part of the plan.

  23. I bet that makes amazing hash and sammies. I’m gonna need you to post your method, sir. Please?

  24. Ah, but BroCavil, the puppetmasters know their even more low-functioning retardeded constituency, well. That and the greedy, lazy, and envious.

  25. Mr. B and I have came to a conclusion yesterday. We are the worst tilers EVER.

    We should have either..

    A. – hired this shit out


    B – ordered one of those one piece tub/shower units, screwed it in, bing bang boom, done and mostly level.

    We had to tear out a section it was so bad.

  26. came = come

    …and shut your whore mouths

  27. Anyone know how to find that book review Wiser did of Under the dome?

  28. I always hire out artisanry unless it’s code or computer stuff. If half-assed isn’t good enough, I get someone who can whole-ass it.

  29. Wiser did a book review?

  30. Yeah, it’s multiple-pronged. Easy to control, keeps the dumbvoters on board, demoralizes us. It’s why it’s so effective. To a point.

  31. The book review was longer than “It was shit, don’t read it”?

  32. Work at Home Depot, she said. It’ll be fun, she said…..

  33. Oh man, imagine cleaning that up.

  34. Could be worse, it could have fallen on you.

  35. I always hire out artisanry unless it’s code or computer stuff.

    I made him hire out the electric and plumbing. He kept saying he could do it — wanting to save all that money in labor. As much as we wanted done, it would have taken him months and months while it takes the pros 2 days.
    He admitted later, hiring the electrician was the right move. He’s close to doing the same about the plumber (his regular job being crazy busy with all kinds of code breaking, when would he have had time…).

    When I mentioned, months ago, about a bathfitter-type tub, he nixed the idea. Tile looks so much better he said (yes it does), we could save so much money doing it ourselves he said. It’s just that old house – uneven floors and walls…weird cuts no matter how you plan it out. We had to toss out a bucket of mortar because we argued too long on how to tile a problem spot. Also, while I’m good with my hands, I have a hard time with trowels and such because those hands are small and at the end of skinny wrists.

    Had I mentioned hiring out the tile, too, he probably would have lost his shit due to all the $$ we’ve paid out to tradesmen.

  36. After getting some housework done here this morning, going to go over and start painting trim and doors. Painting I’m good at.

  37. laura, posted the pastrami at the recipe site.

  38. Who’s wiser?

  39. Thanks Jay!

  40. On the whole I’d have to say my corned beef dinner was a disappointment. I just bought a hunk of corned beef of about 3 pounds, it’s just the two of us eating it with leftovers. After you all mentioned price/pound I checked the wrapper and mine was about $5 per pound. There was a huge hunk of fat on the back of it which instantly pissed me off. It had to be a half pound of fat that I trimmed off. And it was some of the saltiest corned beef I’ve ever had. Should have made a roast beef or instant pot paella.

  41. soak it in water overnight, before cooking. That will remove a lot of the salt.

  42. Yeah, Mom usually soaks hers overnight and changes the water a coupletree times.

  43. Next time I will. It was a different brand that I hadn’t seen before at Hannaford’s. I normally just take it out of the package, give it a rinse and pop it in the oven or crockpot.

    That pastrami you posted last night looked awesome. Tempted to try that out once I get my cooking confidence back.

  44. posted the recipe at HostageRecipes. it will work on the PBC, too, not sous vide, just take it to 200. I’ve done it that way too.

  45. Tiling is exact. Pay does a good job, but because he’s a perfectionist. Most jobs he has a hard time finishing because of that, but tiling he can.

  46. Got Boobs?

    Not a Car in joke, I promise.

  47. Boo on the swordfish.

    Three HAHAs on the other two.

  48. Jay, that pastrami looks so good!!

    Well done!

  49. That Roger Daltry clip at AOS is great. I love it that he isn’t one of the little fashionable snowflakes toeing the lefty line.

  50. Roger was great on Highlander, the Series.

  51. Oh man, I just watched it. HA! The crack on FIFA alone was worth it.

  52. Ha, saw that this morning, Colex

  53. Robocop is a Transformer


  55. Huffpoo? Of course.

  56. “Phobias” are irrational fears. Islamophobia therefor does not exist.

  57. heh, I was waiting for Floof to trip

  58. I love how that stupid, old, white woman thinks she can get the Dem nomination for President.

    You’re white and old. You are low on the victim totem pole. (racist and cultural approbation)

    Now if she’s in the mix to get some of the sweet, stupid dem cash, well, I get that.

  59. Racist and cultural approbation was referring to my use of “totem pole.”

  60. first corn dog.

  61. Your mom likes my totem pole.

  62. What do you think of Charlotte?

  63. Ah yes, being told the Nazis are right wingers again. Love the argument room.

  64. What is the argument room, and why are you wasting your time with those imbeciles?

  65. because it’s fun. And you have to know what the enemy thinks.

    Usually it’s what they are accusing you of.

  66. The lefts biggest weapon in their own little minds is projection.

  67. I thought their biggest weapon was ignorance of historical fact.

  68. Know what would be fun?

    An agility course, but instead of dogs we run toddlers.

  69. I thought that’s what Tough Mudders were, but with adults.

  70. We have those, they are called “playgrounds”. I usually get a calisthenic workout chasing Possum around them.

  71. I only have one thing to say to the commie homo supporting baby killers…….See you on the battlefield bitches.

  72. “Ben Shapiro is the Dane Cook of the conservative movement”
    I’m not sure if I should repeat that but I’m pretty sure the guy who said it is keeping it as just-among-friends witticism, but I think it deserves bigger play than that.

    From the HQ. I want to laugh, but I’m at work, so I’ll just chuckle quietly.

  73. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 18, 2019 5:11 pm
    I thought their biggest weapon was ignorance of historical fact.

    What about a fanatical devotion to the Pope?

  74. I don’t think anyone has a fanatical devotion to the pope these days. Other than pro-sodomy, pro-abortion CINOs who can’t name 4 Mysteries of the Rosary without using their smartphones.

  75. I like it so far Scott, from just a small sample size. Traffic is pretty crazy, a lot more aggressive drivers than the passive ones in MN. People are nice, the cashier at the grocery store handed me my receipt with a “..there ya go, baby” which was different. When they find out you are from out of town they all tell you how great Charlotte is and you’ve got to go here and try this and see that.

  76. Honey and Sweetie get used a lot.

    Up here you are lucky if you get a grunt.

  77. I think you’re going to like it, Pups. A great new chapter for your family. I’d imagine the kids are happy about the change?

  78. Even with the increasingly sketchy atmosphere of MTG, I’d rather live here than most places North. (Sad thing is, I loved it in MN back in the day! Has it really changed that much?) And I’d sure as hell never want to be in a big city, those are just breeding grounds for madness.

  79. We liked most of the folks up there Cav, but the climate was rough and the cost of living didn’t match up to the quality of life.

  80. Yeah, dad didn’t miss the snow, that’s for sure. (Honestly neither do I, though I don’t mind its occasional appearances here.)

    As for CoL/QoL, yeah, that does seem to have gotten way out of whack since I’ve been gone. Also that whole Minnedishu thing. Real bummer that.

  81. When I think Minnesota, I don’t think, “high cost of living”. Where were you?

  82. West Minneapolis area, around Minnetonka, Leon. It’s not stupid expensive, only 10-15% higher than average for the country.

  83. Living cheap right here:


  84. Do any of you have a theory on Kellyanne Conway’s weird husband tweeting out crazy about Trump? I don’t get it.

  85. 18.5% have a bachelor’s degree, only 6.9% of the zip code has a graduate degree.


  86. Estimated median house (or condo) value in 2016 for:
    White Non-Hispanic householders: $118,010
    Black or African American householders: $108,188
    American Indian or Alaska Native householders: $119,329
    Asian householders: $305,361
    Some other race householders: $94,554
    Two or more races householders: $98,806
    Hispanic or Latino householders: $133,696

    Read more:

    There’s like one rich asian family, I guess.

  87. Hmm, a plurality of our foreign-born (10%) are Somalians.

    That’s unsettling.

  88. 1119 residents are foreign born, so that works out to ~112 possible relatives of Ilhan Omar. Which is 112 more than when I was growing up here.

  89. You should look at 87825, Leon….

  90. Whole lotta feather indians, huh?

  91. Your cost of living is higher than mine (.88 vs .82), but our AGI is twice yours. Spooky. Our unemployment stats are similar, that must look like some severe poverty in practice.

  92. Even our housing costs are comparable.

  93. Whose turn is it to snap Mare’s bra?

  94. Low dose aspirin is no longer good for you.

  95. Mangan thinks it still helps if you have excess ferritin, which might be the only population it ever truly helped.

  96. Bacon grease will be good for you within a decade.

  97. I used to take one a day, then about ten years ago a doctor told me that not only was it unproven that it is beneficial, but your stomach has to deal with the acid, and your liver has to try to filter it out. He told me to quit.

  98. Unless you’re HIV positive like MJ. Then you should keep doing it.

  99. Interesting link leon.

    Our most common place of birth for foreign borns, which are about 2.5% of populaton –

    Bangladesh 14%
    Japan 10%
    Nepal 9%
    Yemen 6%
    France 5%
    Netherlands 3%
    Greece 3%

    Past few years, seeing a lot more hispanics. Got Chinese and Vietnamese as neighbors.

    Cost of living 89.3

    High school or higher: 92.4%
    Bachelor’s degree or higher: 30.1%
    Graduate or professional degree: 10.8%
    Unemployed: 3.2%

  100. It came up in Mangan’s Dumping Iron, he suggested that the tiny stomach bleeds would let you excrete some iron. Leeches are likely safer.

  101. Leon’s link says there are 11 black people that live in my zip code……I only know of two unless they’re counting the kids the Foster family are always bringing in and out….still the number seems a bit high. I wonder if we qualify as “diverse”?

  102. Seriously, I’m eating under the assumption that eating bacon grease is really good for you.

  103. Vitamin G

  104. Low G leads to depression.

  105. Fucking hell. An hour plus lost of my evening because some damn punk pulled a fire alarm and it took forever to get a response. (Also it turns out the control box for the alarm in my apartment block is in my laundry room. Who knew?)

  106. Bachelor’s degree or higher: 62.4%
    Graduate or professional degree: 25.7%

    I thought there would be more good ol’ boys in my neighborhood.

  107. SMH

  108. There was an icky link from the ONT on astronaut herpes reactivating on orbit. WTF.

  109. Home again home again.

  110. wow, I live in a rich area. 186k median income.

  111. oh wait, that’s house value.

  112. 👋🏻

  113. David envied Raymond’s perspicacity.

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