Don’t blame me, blame yourselves

Trolling facedouche for content …

J’ames and I often find ourselves arguing with complete idiots, and yesterday they brought forth (yet another ) article that Trump was going to step down this year.   My comment that I’ve heard it before lead to the most epic ass-showing by our resident lib. I suspect he may have forgotten to take some of his meds.


Who watched the Oscars?   Because otherwise you missed this very touching moment.


Lots of trans stuff in the news this week, with trans females SHOCKINGLY overpowering actual women in sports.  Who’d have thunk?  The Crossfit Open started a week ago, and they too have joined in on the madness. New rules means that only ONE male and female athlete advance from the Open. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the woman was trans?   Meanwhile, Caitlyn …


I have no commentary to go with this picture:



Or this one:



How about a little music now? I wasn’t a huge fan of this band, until I saw them in concert.


I’m awaiting an album from these guys – and I’m seeing them in concert in July. Can. Not. Wait.


These guys JUST went into the studio. Beginning has questionable lyrics, but it’s a phenomenal song. This is Johnny before he got a few face tats.


Ok everyone. Go forth and make today productive. Or something.




  1. Everyone is obviously speechless. Or reading all the content. I’ll wait.

  2. Fat Tuesday approacheth, and I know not where these fine folk acquire the holy Polish doughnuts.

  3. LOVE IT! “Effective January 20th 2025!”

  4. That Jenner deal is weird (the comment is hilarious), as a female, I don’t go out expecting comments on my looks…good or otherwise.

  5. Bruce – like all trannies – has a whole cluster of mental illness. Narcissism shouldn’t be a surprise.

  6. Nice balls Mare.

  7. That said, I’d rather have dinner with Bruce than with Brie Larson.

  8. Honestly, maybe it’s because Caitlyn doesn’t look that good. Maybe she should consider that.

  9. Caitlyn is a fictional person, perhaps she should consider that.

  10. Bronx Turnip uses the “OK” emoji in a tweet.

    Is that a “white supremacy” emoji you’re using there? Your rules, not mine, Hamburglar.

    **Muttley laugh**

  11. I saw a video of Brie Larson being a total bitch. No wonder normals do not want to see her movie.

    She said at some ceremony (on stage)”I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about A Wrinkle in Time. It wasn’t made for him!”

    And she said it in a bitchy way. She goes on to say that A Wrinkle In Time was a love letter to women of color. Huh?

  12. From the same post at Twitchy, suggested AOC staff names

    The Illiterati
    Green New Dolts
    The Pillage People

  13. Hey, Mare!!!!!!!
    Bosch Fawstin
    4 hrs
    To those who haven’t yet been turned off from watching Captain Marvel, don’t worry, Brie (cheese) Larson is hellbent to make sure you are. She says that Captain Marvel- which she doesn’t seem to realize is a superhero popcorn movie- is a “meditation” on “intersectional feminism”.

  14. I saw a video of Brie Larson being a total bitch.

    So you saw a video of Brie Larson, in other words.

  15. The magazine racks at Meijer yesterday were full of Miss Marvel tie-ins. Disney went all out advertising this garbage.

    I didn’t see anyone, at all, pick one up. Not even to laugh at it.

  16. A Wrinkle In Time was a love letter to women of color.

    Because of Oprah? I dunno.

  17. Keto group on FB is giving me shit for posting a recipe that has onion in it. 1/2 cup of onion has 8 to 11 grams of carbs. If that much in a pot of soup for four people (five if you’re not feeding Rocketboy) blows your whole diet, then I feel sorry for you. Be reasonable, people.

  18. I don’t sweat onions metaphorically, only physically.

  19. Shun the carb promoter!

  20. Roamy, I will use bread crumbs and a bit of flour to make meatballs and gravy. Yeah, it adds some carbs, but maybe 1-2 grams per meatball. I’m not going to worry about it.

  21. Feminism encourages “girl power” to include slut behavior. (Hence the need to keep those abortions legal.)

    Sleep around because “hey, guys do it!” “and they do it on the show “GIRLS” and every other show/movie. Get treated like someone who sleeps around.

    Get mad guys are assholes.

    Go all-in on “males are the problem” “PATRIARCHY IS BAD!”

    Present yourself to everyone as a tough bitch in looks and actions.

    Die lonely with your cats.

  22. So this keto thing… the new name for atkins?

  23. It’s not just sex.

    They view men as fundamentally dangerous and untrustworthy. This either leads to lesbianism, or to treating men as an accessory: something that they keep around as a status symbol and for convenience but without ever really allowing themselves to have a healthy relationship.

  24. Roamy, there is a whole thing online about the Keto Police. Assholes who HAVE to comment if you’re not Keto pure. Dumb.

    Culinary Lion is a fantastic cook and he’s fun to watch and listen to on youtube. He’s got keto recipes for just about everything. Love that guy.

    I just took out meatballs with sauce/mozzarella and parmesan cheese out of the oven. Man, it looks good. Strange coincidence.

  25. Keto is basically stage 1 of Atkins in perpetuity. I had the book, and he said <40g CHO per day for the first 4-6 weeks, then you could go up a little at a time, then stop raising carbs and drop down a little when you stopped losing weight, but to remember that number for when you transitioned to maintenance.

  26. Keto is high fat.

    Atkins is higher protein.

  27. Leon, is there any reason high doses of vitamin C would create inflammation?

  28. Atkins would have lost people in ketosis almost all the time for the first few months, then have them popping in and out of it later. A lot of people don’t like the mood and energy swings that can come with that, so they just stayed on phase 1 forever. “Keto” as a diet often adds fat to maintain nutritional ketosis even at the expense of eating anything approaching an ancestral dietary pattern or normal, whole foods, which Atkins would have hated, despite all the garbage products advertised with his name.

  29. Most people, not lost people, I’m phoneposting.

    Seems unlikely, Mare, unless the vitamin C is from those giant chewable candies.

  30. Protip: those giant vitamin C candies can be dissolved in warm water to make a decent sour mix substitute.

  31. Thanks. That’s what I thought. No, just tablets. High, high, dosing has (whether as placebo or actual immune response) been keeping me cold and flu free even with hours and hours of plane rides with coughy and sneezy kids and adults all around me.

    My sister and I dosed up and we both nipped a cold in the bud.

    Hey, if it’s all in my head it’s still working!

  32. I find high doses of Vitamin C almost foolproof in lessening cold/virus symptoms.

  33. We’re going to see Apollo 11 today. You should too.

  34. PSA: Season 3 of Amazon Prime’s “Grand Tour” is brilliant! You have been apprised.

  35. Jimbro, this has been my favorite so far:

    This is a close second:

    And I’ve made two killer cheesecakes.

    But remember, it’s a pressure cooker.

  36. I listened to a podcast with a Dr./Researcher, Dr. Andrew Saul who said you should take as much as you can tolerate. I’m assuming that is referring to possible stomach upset.

    I take 5000mg three times a day when I think I’m getting something or before and after flights. I do that for at least three days.

  37. Pressure cookers scare me.

  38. I hope you meant 500 mg.

  39. Nope.

  40. You should hear what the researcher takes daily. And his children and grandchildren.

  41. If you ever use the federal government’s guidelines for anything you’re doing it wrong.

  42. But remember, it’s a pressure cooker.

    The deuce, you say?

  43. Feminism encourages “girl power” to include slut behavior.

    There was a podcast where they interviewed a woman who had been involved in abortion clinic business. Not Abby Johnson, another woman who saw the light and left. She said they deliberately gave teenage girls the lowest dosage of birth control pill, knowing that they would likely miss a pill, get pregnant, and be back for an abortion. They could lose money handing out the pills because they would make so much more money with the abortions.

  44. ^^^evil^^^

  45. Just mention “abstinence education” around a feminist, and they’ll reveal to you what’s in their heart.

  46. Howdy Friends,

    I’m in Terrible Troy country, LeRoy Illinois which is fun to say, rolled in around 2 AM. I did a white knuckle drive across MN and WI yesterday in a goddamn snow storm, after loading up a 15′ Uhaul in the same fucking snowstorm, in an effort to beat the next snowstorm across the Appalachian Mountains. Today will be a leisurely drive to Ashville, NC, one of my favorite places. On to Charlotte Sunday and the unpackening.

    Thanks MJ and CARin for the slack pickup.

  47. *liver snaps and bacon for Pupster*


    Glad you’re getting through it safe, man.

  48. I tried Atkins about eighteen years ago. I had to limit my carbs to almost zero in order to stay in ketosis. It is very difficult to take a shit without some vegetation of some sort in your diet. I couldn’t tolerate the daily struggle to remove the softball from my lower abdomen after a while. I prefer now to lose or maintain weight by not eating anything after 2:00pm.

  49. Trump is tearing up CPAC right now.

  50. Safe travels to you Pups. Hope the whole relo goes smooth.

  51. Safe travels, Pups!!

  52. If low carb constipates you, you either need more greens, some psyllium husk, or just more butter. I usually opt for mo buttah.

  53. My tummy troubles tend to the other extreme, though, so ymmv.

  54. Olive oil is good for that too. Well, really any oil, used liberally. Save your beef fat and use it for cooking all the things.

    I have not much chocolate left in the house. Housemate apparently consumed the last partial bag of semisweet chips by making hot fudge sauce for ice cream last week.

    I just ruined the remaining 1/3 of my unsweetened bars. I was melting them and the chocolate seized (must have accidentally scorched some). I was in the process of making a french silk pie, but I threw everything, including the crust I had just baked, in the trash in a fit of pique about the chocolate being ruined.

    Some days you just have to quit forcing things. I feel like if I kept trying I’d ruin more stuff.

  55. You guys gotta go here and watch.

  56. Heat’s off. Same FB group, someone asked for meatless meal ideas for Lent. Bitching is divided evenly between “we’ve done this every year, why don’t you search the archives” and blowback on someone posting a recipe that included bacon.

  57. I’ve been trying to recreate Luby’s bacon cheese steak. The key seems to be frying then simmering an extremely thin hamburger patty in whatever comes out of the beef and lot of bacon grease. Haven’t quite sorted out the spices used just yet. May just be a bit of salt and garlic.

  58. That reminds me, I need to get some salmon loaf ingredients.

  59. When does a woman ever say that?

    If this was in reference to my ‘banana hammocks are gross’ comment…what normal woman wants to see that? Manly men don’t need no stinkin’ colored cloth to highlight their junk. Commando, on the other hand….

    *sings* Swing low, sweet chari-ott…

  60. jimbro, my dad had some cocaine infused packing up his nose when he had a hemorrhage due to skin cancer up in there. Said it was awful and it gave him a horrible headache.

  61. snortle

  62. Dana Loesch was saying Rick Santorum had a sign at CPAC, pushing for paid family leave. WTF?

    I’m liking that I found her on the radio dial again. Salem radio carries her and a whole host of other conservative hosts that our regular talk radio never had. Found her when we found out they picked up Jamie Allman, who was canned for twittering something about that Hogg shit on regular talk radio, and gave him the 6-10am slot. I kinda hope he gives his old station a run for their money since his old show carried the water for them.

  63. I had to get cocaine infused packing for a nosebleed once. The only side effect was a sudden urge to trade risky securities and date gold diggers.

  64. Luby’s is that cafeteria on NASA Road 1, right? I think I’ve been there. Didn’t have the bacon cheese steak, though.

  65. Only thing I know Luby’s for is the mass shooting which is the first one that happened/I ever heard about as a young adult. IIRC, that was the tipping point for returning right to carry anywhere, to the people of TX.

  66. You know Obama would have never, ever done this.

  67. Beasn

    When does a woman ever say that?

    Was in reference to “Correct me if I’m wrong….”

  68. oh.


  69. UCLA students support ‘camps’ for Trump supporters. Note the name she puts on her ID – Jenna Talia.

  70. With your help, we are reversing decades of blunders/betrayals…serious betrayals to our nation done by a failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense. It was not America first, in many cases it was America last. Those days are over. -@realDonaldTrump #CPAC

  71. “J’ames and I often find ourselves arguing with complete idiots”

    Sorry about that – I was just trying to have a conversation!

  72. Beasn,
    Before I even click on your link, I would bet my next paycheck that it’s Kaitlin Bennett.

  73. I love that Ace skewers the shit clowns, Kristol, Goldberg etc., I would like to see him include all the Bushs as an example of the “ruling class” that has truly fucked us over. Repeatedly. It goes without saying the lefties like to give it to us repeatedly also. I still can’t think about the pallets of cash Obama gave Iran without feeling rage. Fucking traitor.

  74. If you voted for Obama because he was black (half) and it made you feel good, you’re an asshole. Yes, I’m talking about your moms, your aunts, your kids, your spouses. Everyone.

  75. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, Will, but I think this may be from their cookbook:


  77. Mare, the day after the 2008 election, I was walking home from dropping Rebecca off at (her then) school, and one of my neighbors (who I knew) asked if I had seen the results of the election.

    I told her yes, and she said, “I’m so proud of our country!”

    I said, “Why?”

    She was taken aback. I saw the wheels turning in her head, and the moment that she realized that “Because Black Man” was a dumb (and bigoted) reason.

    I just kept walking home.

  78. Good on you, Teresa!

  79. Nothing wrong with black people being happy a black made it to the Presidency. Catholics were proud of JFK. Polish people were very proud of Pope John Paul II. Etc., etc.

    But choosing an obviously America hating, lefty and racist because it made you feel good and less racist is screwed. Thanks, assholes. Glad you felt good in that booth for 5 seconds. Effed us over for years and cost us Healthcare the envy of the world.

    Santorum is Catholic, I’d rather eat glass than vote for that effing douche.

  80. I just read about a study that showed even middle-class Americans with health insurance are seeing the Dr. less because they now have to pay for general well-care checks and whatnot due to much, much higher deductibles and those visits are no longer covered. I know that I make different Dr. visit decisions now with my current insurance forced on me because of that clusterfuck Obamacare.

  81. I have my first physical in about seven years. The last time I was at the docs was about five years ago for a cough, but I was in and out pretty quick with a prescription.

  82. Trump put in an awesome appearance at CPAC. He lasted over two hours, and said some amazing and funny stuff.

  83. I’ve been getting lots of highlights from twitter, Hotspur. Can’t bring myself to turn on the tv. Sounds amazing.

  84. Here you go, Mare. He comes onstage at an hour and ten minutes into the video

  85. Shared the Mongo Beef recipe with Paula. She suggested beef with broccoli so that will work. Trying it out for Sunday dinner.

  86. Wtfits

  87. Carin, I don’t think I straight up said, great job on this poat!

  88. ditto

  89. Who reads poats?

  90. I’m completely adrift on youtube diy videos. I have dreams to make all this shit I have no need or intention of ever doing.

  91. For Leon

  92. Damn!


  93. Looks like someone made off with a bundle, Alex. But who?

  94. Roamy, Luby’s is a chain. Not sure how far they extend. I have a vague recollection of seeing them in Arizona. Favorite of old farts.

  95. We used to go to them all the time in El Paso when I was a kid. My grandparents were good friends with the Luby family.

  96. Rental car on Friday cost me $36, and it saved me $30 in fuel.

    I put 420 miles on it.

    How the heck do they make money?

  97. You were probably transporting drugs, Scott.

  98. How the heck do they make money?


  99. I am going to rent often.

    If Enterprise goes out of business, it was me.

  100. I’m pretty sure that the cost of maintaining a vehicle is less than $30 a day. They’ll probably be ok.

  101. Car rental makes bank on guys like me who need to drive from the airport to an office and then back to the airport. My contract drops $70/day every time I travel, and I average 30 miles in a week.

  102. Fed says it costs 50 cents per mile to operate a car.

    That doesn’t include rent, employees, advertising……

    I paid less than 9 cents a mile.

    It doesn’t make sense.

    I am taking them down.

  103. And you probably pick it up at the airport.

    That’s where they get you.

  104. Oh, l don’t pay a dime. I bill the customer, who bills the government, then all of us pay.

  105. I was a Runner again today. SNAP cards got loaded yesterday. We were trending for a $400,000 day. With gas $1.99. I had just unloaded two shopping carts of groceries for a SNAP member. Woman behind her, leaned in and said “I’m so glad I don’t have to pay her grocery bill.” I really really really wanted to tell her that she “Does”. Another Member had $800 in meat. You can always tell who the SNAP Members are based on their purchases.

  106. I’m pretty sure that the cost of maintaining a vehicle is less than $30 a day.

    We used their fancy (presumably expensive to create and maintain) website to book the deal. At pickup we talked to their guy for 10 minutes on the front end, 5 minutes on the return, plus whatever paperwork he had to do while we weren’t around.

    They have a leased storefront, employees+ payroll expenses, heat water and electricity, a rainbow of insurance products, etc,, and sundry other costs that customers never see.

    It’s more than $30 a day.

  107. Another Member had $800 in meat.

    For the month? Who buys 800 worth of meat for a month? Srsly this shit needs to end and we need to go back to government cheese. If these assholes had to count pennies like us taxpayers, they’d appreciate when the local grocery has chicken drumsticks for .99/lb.

  108. …and stock up.

    *walks off muttering obscenities*

  109. “Who buys 800 worth of meat for a month?”

    Are you calling Mare’s mom a whore?

  110. I saw real nice whole chix for .88/lb today. I bought two. Would have gotten more but I also got some chuck roast for 2.96/lb and we are trying to reduce the cellar deep-freezer to the point where we can defrost it this Spring. So, failing to resist good sales is problematic right now.

  111. Scott is going to use a Meathead stategerie to make some nice smoked chuck roaststes tomorrow. One whole chuck tender, plus a cross-sliced chuck roast. The idea is for them to come out like brisket.

    Dang, we should blog this on CTBRC. This is real science.

  112. Laura?

  113. They had pork, lengua, steaks, chicken, brisket, etc. Whole basket full of meat. Lots of cheese. She started yelling at her kids for not getting the 50# bag of potatoes.

  114. No lobster or crab. That’s huge.

  115. Member buying ground turkey and turkey burgers tells me she’s getting ready for “Lent”. NM Catholics are cultural. SB51 will pass and 2020 the children of Moloch will be re-elected

  116. SNAP proves that anyone who works is a tax slave.

  117. Demetrius especially respected policemen.


  119. i turned on the computer for this?

  120. Turkey is a fish, or is the member some kind of protestant?

    Or just buh-tarded?

  121. Ian and Erin are in Park City Utah. I await a morning report. Yesterday I took erin down to her brother’s house and we had a nice little family meal.

    wakey wakey

  122. They make money by renting to people under 25. Extra $25 a day. Ian looked into renting and even the base price wasn’t what Scott is paying.

  123. Park City is an excellent place to ski. Lots of great family memories there.

  124. Yesterday I went to the Catholic church close to my house. VERY old congregation. It’s the one I only go to if I don’t want to drive the 20 minutes to the Catholic church I really like.

    I have been kind of sick over the vote to keep babies born alive after they survived an abortion (writing that made me cringe). Not kind of sick, sickened.

    Imagine my disgust (and the look on my face) when the prayers of the faithful started like this: (got a pen and paper out of my purse so I would remember)

    “For the rising Ocean levels and those who cannot relocate from them.”

    “For trees and plants that they will grow and bear fruit.”

    Nothing about the vote, right to life, etc.. (although in the bulletin they had a paragraph about praying for life (to include anti-capital punishment).


    I was so livid I almost walked out, but not kidding, each end of my pew had a walking disabled person(s), a guy with a walker and a couple who both had canes.

  125. Ugh. What has happened to the church? That’s why I don’t go.

  126. I’ve already checked Erin’s phone location, lol. They’re not on the slopes yet, but I guess it’s still early there. The cam thing looks awesome (I saw it earlier but it wasn’t working).

  127. Every week at my parish we pray for victims of abuse and the safety of the unborn. WTF is going on at yours?

  128. Hire a detective and find out if your priest has a boyfriend.

  129. My church opened the service with a no wiggle room condemnation of the New York Murder your baby law.

  130. So they have more convenient seating for them, and keep folks from walking out on their fuckery? They should spend as much effort on their theology…

  131. I would email the pastor and say, “Dude, I was at mass in your church yesterday. I won’t be back. If I want to pray for SJW horse crap, I’ll go sit with the presbyterians. In the meantime I’ll drive the extra 20 minutes to a catholic church with real catholic values. You just lost $100 per week in perpetuity. Dick!”

  132. I have a meeting with a priest this Friday about a project they want to do. When I tell him I used to be a parishioner, and donated all of the library shelving, and he asks me why I left, I will give him both barrels. Probably cost me the job. Meh.”

  133. Amen, hotspur.

    DO IT, mare.

  134. Regarding mare’s link and the twittered Solzhenitsyn’s remark used to justify NeverTrumpism. Solzhenitsyn also said this:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    That’s kind of the frame of mind I was in when I was in the voting booth. I don’t regret my vote especially after Trump’s win has made all the frauds show their asses for who they truly are. Frauds, asses, and dementos.

  135. Frauds, asses, and dementos kilt it. WAY TO GO, BEASN. If that IS your real name…?

    I’m going on a brief trip with my sister and mother tomorrow. We are all pretty much the same brand of crazy. Eight hours in the car together. Pray for Oso.

  136. *rolls dead poat over and rifles through the pockets*

  137. Red-winged blackbirds are back in the swamp.

  138. Kicked ass at crossfit today. PR’d my squat clean. By 10 pounds. 9 times. pretty happy about that.

  139. I joined the Instapot cult today. One of us, one of us…

  140. Irritating weather today. On the plus side, my WiFi reaches into the walk-in closet, so there’s that.

  141. Greetings from North Carolina.

    Waitress at the local BBQ place carded me (bless her heart) and when she saw my MN driver’s license said, “Oh, my manager is from there!” Sarah the manager came over and gave me all the Charlotte do’s and don’ts, she’s from White Bear Lake.

    Small fuckin world.

  142. Congrats Carin on besting your PG by 10 x 9.

    The Weasel has arisen……yeaaaah they come to snuff the weaseaaal…ahhhh yeaaaaaah.

  143. I was made a liar, we didn’t mention the unborn in the communal prayers. Father Bill did mention the corrupt priests, bishops, and cardinals in his homily though, and the wording of the prayer for Pope Francis was ambiguous enough that I could stomach it. I pray for him all the time, so I don’t mind that, but I usually pray for his conversion.

  144. Lady at the table beside me has family in MN, grew up in Hudson, WI.

  145. I’m making instapot beef curry RIGHT NOW!

  146. Recipe

  147. I didn’t have one. I had stew meat and round steak, cut it into bites, seasoned with salt, curry powder, garam masala, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and chili powder. Cooking it on the “stew” setting and I’m planning to serve it over cooked-cooled-cooked-again rice.

  148. I’m making Instapot chicken curry RIGHT NOW!

  149. Curries are a common meal in Scotland. It was the influence if the Indians when India was a colony. So HotBride makes great curries.

    This is my first. Sure smells great.

  150. My mom thought a proper curry was cream of mushroom soup with a shitload of curry powder and some chicken.

  151. Oh my God, now I know how you non-PBC owners feel about our cooking cults. This is some fucking bullshit.

    Also, there’s a new post up at The Connecticut Brisket Research Center. We are researching brisket. For the benefit of all human life. You’re welcome.

  152. You know … it’s a pressure cooker.

  153. Bleh. I ran errands this morning, but was tired when I got home so I figured I’d lie down and take a quick nap. This was about 1pm, and I woke up at 5:30, still tired so I ended up sleeping until just now. Hopefully I didn’t screw up my ability to sleep tonight.

  154. I can’t remember if I told you guys that young people can’t do multiplication tables. Most of them use the calculator on their phone. I got called in to do the freezer audit. Young people broke the pallets down and stocked, I got to do all of the counting. I’m still cold. Dan was our lift driver. He’s still cold, too. We’ve had so many associates quit now that they bonuses that our GM isn’t getting his layoff wish list. I still have a job.

  155. My mom never made curry. Arroz con pollo, yes. Lit candles for moms yesterday.

  156. Thanks, Roamy. To escape the SJW crap and the post birth abortion legislation, we have decided to attend Spanish Mass this Lent.

  157. My parish hosted a murder mystery dinner last night. I don’t know who wrote the play, but it seemed kind of random as to who was the murderer. The food and the company were excellent, and there was no SJW crap at Mass, so I’m good.

  158. Hmm, pressure cooking red beans not soaked doesn’t sound like a good idea. Much softer if soaked.

  159. That, and swapping out the soaking water gets rid of some of the gas.

  160. Had Christmas with the sil and bil. Got a 10 gallon pot, big batches of beer WOO HOO!

  161. but some nice spicy red beans and rice? Freakin great. Especially since rice takes 3 mins in the insta pressure cooker.

  162. IT IS A CULT
    and a pressure cooker, guys, sheesh.


  164. My beautiful tile floor is finished! Just got done grouting and wiping haze and waterproofing the shower area.

    Eating my dinner RIGHT NOW! Mr. Beasn bought me a steak, medium well (looks like they went medium, no well) and I’m eating it with ketchup and horseradish. Fries on the side. Tore me some lettuce with strawberries, drizzled in honey.

  165. Can someone see if my last poat linky is in the drain? Thank you nice person.

  166. IT IS A CULT
    and a pressure cooker, guys, sheesh.

    **And** a dessert topping *and* a floor wax.

  167. no linky in spam

  168. OMG guys, Dan is actually starting to look for bug out property within 2 hrs of the Q.

  169. Mom, the thot slayer. Oso will appreciate her weapon.

  170. LOL, Beasn.

  171. How are you doing, Xbrad?

  172. Pretty well, but a tad frustrated. Went into the hospital for high BP and pulse. I’m on 4 meds. One for high BP. Three that tend to spike my BP and pulse.

  173. Were you on those before? If so, I think you need some adjustments there. If not, someone’s got some ‘splaining to do.

  174. No, there’s reasons, and I’ve gotten a competent second opinion, but for now, it’s… well, it has to be done.

  175. There’s some immediate stuff that has to be addressed, but the BP is a long term thing.

  176. Ah. Well, good thing I don’t claim to be a doctor, I’d be shit at it.

  177. Deploy every Ranger, pronto!

  178. i think sean is right –
    special times – special measures

  179. Welp. Just sitting here waiting for a mushroom post.

  180. Going to be a few more minutes. I was dreaming vividly and trying to sleep in.

  181. Hillary is mentally ill. STILL going on about how she was elected President.

    Now you see tweets how the electoral college is dangerous. FFS does anyone under 30 know we are a representative republic?

  182. I read about 2 articles a week that try to prop up the idea of a national popular election.

    1. Republicans would campaign in states/cities that are traditionally D. And they’d peel off a few million votes that could flip the national popular vote.

    2. No one on the left would support the idea if they understood how ^^^^ is likely to turn out for them.

    These are ideas for people that lack basic math skills. The Rs own the rural vote and lack the city vote. Opposite for the Ds. Do you think it would be easier to gain concentrated votes in cities or thinly spread votes in rural areas?

    The Ds have more to lose with a national popular vote. They just fail to see it at the moment.

  183. Hillary is the BEST.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for her though.

  184. I’ve read a few articles about Dems harvesting ballots via mail in/absentee/etc and after I read them I wonder how long it will be before the GOP does the same damn thing. Of course it will be called out by the media if they’re doing it but a vote’s a vote, right Governor Northam?

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