These Should Be Used More Often

I’ve run across a bunch of words recently that I haven’t seen or used in a long time.

Some words remind me of the George Carlin skit about being funny:

borborygmus is one that I find humorous – i think of politicians when i hear it.







ahhite you

get crackin


  1. 9 degrees out there and super windy. Between the motion light going off and the sound of the radiators kicking in I couldn’t sleep. Coffee #2 is poured and the stove is lit.

  2. Guess those African Methodists are telling the US version where the bear shits.

    “We ain’t about all that LGBTQ stuff so’s y’all can keep yo money”

  3. My med school newsletter was called The Borborygmi and I was a a co editor with a guy who went into Neurology. The night before it was due we’d knock out an issue on a Mac computer and turn the disk into the printing office. There were about 10 Mac computers somewhere we could use, sort of a computer room with printers, kind of silly looking back on it. That would be around 1988 or so. I’m sure it’s radically different now and I have no idea if they still publish a newsletter. Victim of PC culture prolly.

  4. it got a bit chilly here too…. not single digits, but the wind was kinda slicey

  5. For Carin, Paula’s 19.1: 227 official, 232 unofficial.

  6. ” if you run, I’m bringing a beatdown with me.”

    i raffed out loud at that…..

    we were/have been/are truly blessed with lil jamette… she’s been an amazing kid. never any of the freak-out shit that most kids in her cohort seem to go thru.
    she does cry about weird shit once in a while – evidently my method of dealing with it is “not helpful”

  7. that united methodist thing will cause lots to leave. the free methodists still have a lot of bible fire left in them.

    the united methodists are being taken over by the same cabal that’s wrecked others – progressive ideology is incompatible with biblical teaching. it’s incompatible with natural law (imao), so it’s doomed to failure, but lots o death and hardship will follow in it’s wake.

  8. it’s good to hear that there are good Christians in Africa that are willing to tell the proggy scum where the bear shits in the buckwheat

  9. I managed to let Ben get out of the house without getting more fire wood. I’m gonna have to freeze my nuggets off getting more.

  10. Quote of the day: President Trump has already been in Vietnam longer than Sen. Blumenthal ever was.

  11. Jam, I am blessed, too. They are good kids.

  12. Sorry about your family issues, CoAlex.

  13. Another daddy daughter project for Leon.

  14. Need some Hostage help.

    We have fruit flies. We have torn apart our sofa vacuumed every crevice, (crevice is a gross word) checked corners, looked for wedges of lime or lemon (?) vacuumed several times mopped, sprayed surfaces, checked drawers looked under the sink, bleached inside the sink, etc. What in the world is keeping these fruit flies around?

  15. Sweet score Paula. I sucked ass this week. It must be all the rowing things they’ve done? I went to redo on Monday, and just didn’t want to. I did work on rowing yesterday – I just couldn’t dig out of my sucky rowing in the workout, and my walls are never on point.

    Top scores at my small gym were male: 314, and female 259 (husband and wife). This workout was made for them.

    It’s like every year the open reminds us on what we need to work on.

  16. Set out cups with plastic wrap, poke holes. Fill with vinegar or wine or anything that will attract. Kill ’em all dead.

  17. This week was sort of interesting, because while some of the high scores were predictable, some unexpected people (at my box) did remarkably well. It just really fit into some people’s wheelhouse. Others (like myself) struggled.

  18. Thank you, Carin although I did set out two little dishes with a concoction of dawn, sugar and vinegar got some of the little bastards but still have a few hanging around.

  19. Mare, could they be drain flies?

  20. “What in the world is keeping these fruit flies around?”

    *looks around, naw, not touching….thats hanging too low….must be a TRAP

  21. “We ain’t about all that LGBTQ stuff so’s y’all can keep yo money”

    Good for them. They should reach out to Cardinal Sarah if this abomination comes to pass.

  22. What in the world is keeping these fruit flies around?

    Did you run your juicer recently and not clean the waste catch?

  23. Mare: What in the world is keeping these fruit flies around?
    Me: Fruit.

  24. Looks like a Farnsworth Fusor, Pepe. It’s fusion, which is neat, but it’s mostly a clever and expensive way to make helium unless we figure out some magical way to make it produce energy.

  25. Alex, I hope your grandma doesn’t suffer anymore. I hated seeing my uncle like that, not remembering things, and that caused him pain. Breaks my heart thinking about it. Peace, brother.

  26. Yep, Farnsworth’s (the TV guy) design. There was talk about scaling that a while ago, some notion that if you could get the reaction chamber to about 3m+, it would suddenly flip to an energy producer rather than a consumer, and it would appear as a giant voltage, which would be extremely convenient. I’ll have to go see if that’s still being worked on.

  27. Also, sometime I’m gonna be the one that takes advantage of relatives for money. Who am I kidding, no I won’t.

    Hates that most of all. I wish my mom would spend all her money on something fun, but that’s not who she is.

    I can imagine your aunt would not like having open books. Funny that.

  28. To Clint: That is why I mentioned lemon and lime wedges. Also, shut the hell up.

    To Leon: Interesting thought, although we don’t have a juicer we do have a bullet blender and will check the surface. My husband hasn’t made a smoothie in a few months.

  29. Are we really going to be a country that kills babies after they are born? (or before for that matter)

    If so, God, please have mercy on the souls of those who hate this evil.

  30. mare, have you tried jiggling the handle? Turning it off and on?

  31. Alex’s grandma situation makes me see red.

  32. Somebody get Mare some DDT.


    Good history here, and it looks like a fair article. The Bussard papers had led to a Navy research contract, looks like they are up to a Mark 3 prototype:

  34. Any time a lefty says “that isn’t what our fight is about!!” They are effing liars.

    The fact that a morning show allowed a boy to perform a “dance” he does in a tranny bar is enraging. (I don’t watch morning shows because they are complete scummy, dumbass, assholes)

    Abortion. We should all be weeping.

    Accepting the gay lifestyle. Now we have to honor it.

    Businesses having to bow down to the gay bullshit.

    Trans acceptance. Ruining sports, and everything else it touches.

    It’s really about shredding western, Judeo Christian values.

  35. Also very sorry for Alex. So glad we haven’t seen that in my family, at least not yet.

  36. I was just going to burn my place down but then I thought, “where else am I going to live?”

    See, my common sense saved me.

  37. It’s really about shredding western, Judeo Christian values.

    This is why I fear Sharia so much. After all that they’ve done to wreck things, Sharia is going to have the appeal of something almost like normalcy.

  38. Alex, I think Roamy had a great idea about praying to St. Joseph.

  39. I’ll be dead before it happens, but I want my girls (who know how to use guns) to start firing and don’t stop if someone ever tries to make them wear a hijab. Might be my grandkids but it’s better to live free and die.

  40. Effing 12th century, bullshit religion. Yeah, I went there.

  41. AOC already told you cheap seaters to pip down.

  42. Geez, CoAlex, that makes me appreciate the lack of drama in my family that much more.

    Praying for mercy and wisdom is definitely in order. Doing so.

  43. Effing 12th century, bullshit religion

    You’re giving them 5 hundred years’ too much credit.

  44. Fruit flies…if you’ve got no uncovered old garbage lying around, it might be drain flies. I’m told enzymatic foaming drain cleaner does the trick. I’m also told you have to stay at it, as you have to wipe out the ones that haven’t hatched yet…

  45. Uhhhh, damn, you are correct, Leon.

  46. Effing 12th century, bullshit religion

    You’re giving them 5 hundred years’ too much credit.

    Not if you go 12th century BC. Well, maybe even then.

  47. Thanks, Brother Cavil. That will be my next deal. Bleach didn’t work.

    Enzymatic foaming drain cleaner. Huh.

  48. how about a whole bunch of hot water? You could also try plugging the drain, and seeing if the flies go away. plug it all morning, see if they are there at noon.

  49. Okay, although I never see them around the drain. Regardless it’s worth a try.

  50. I think you should just accept them mare.

  51. Nooooooooooooo, I will not let them win!!

  52. Not if you go 12th century BC. Well, maybe even then.

    That’s roughly the time of Judges, which was… not great:

    In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

  53. Post ideas on how a black gay guy can enhance his salary:


    Hahahaahahaa, Who did this? Hotspur?

  54. Mare, have you thought about a shower?

  55. Wouldn’t that mean I smell sweet to attract the flies?

    So shut the hell up, Hotspur.

  56. Tulsi Gabbard Claims She Was Unaware of Gay Conversion Therapy When Younger, Despite Working for Organization That Promoted It.

    I didn’t know she played softball in college.

  57. Just trying to be helpful.

  58. The Daily Ocasio: Oscars edition

  59. Rotten Tomatoes removed the “want to see” metric.

    It’s simply coincidence that Captain Marvel was at 27% and dropping.

  60. It’s Tulsi’s freakin FATHER running it! How can she get a pass?

  61. That was the only thing that made me want to vote for her, and now she’s disavowing it?


  62. I was explicitly told yesterday that Captain marvel was going to be awesome, we would love the female super hero, and she would be the strongest super hero ever.

    /wonders when they’re going to get around to a trans superhero

  63. Seriously, at some point Elon Musk is going to use his flamethrower to hold off pursuing government agents while he climbs aboard a SpaceX rocket to flee to his secret Moon base.

  64. wonders when they’re going to get around to a trans superhero

    Already happened:

    SJWGirl was Captain Marvel before Brie Larson hated white guys.

  65. Ok, stop the world, I want OFF!

  66. Cankles
    Donkey Chompers
    The Wookie
    Illwind Omar

    Really, dems? Really?


  68. Nicole Maines has been the darling of all the editorial page editors in Maine since she sued to take a piss in the girls room at the local school and won his case

  69. There’s video of the fiery Tesla crash!

  70. Mare, when we have those fruit flies it was always around a trash can or sink drain, pouring boiling water down the sinks melted the grease they eat and killed the eggs, they have like a 48 hour life span so you have to keep doing it for a few days. I’ve heard but not experienced that they can also live in the main grease trap in a house or building, also the tray under the refrigerator. We put out the little dishes with vinegar and saran wrap over the top with a rubber band, then poke holes with a toothpick.

    Also, it is a lot more fun if you have one of these for the fully hatched:

  71. I still think she needs a shower.

  72. Mare’s need for a shower killed it.

  73. That’s roughly the time of Judges, which was… not great:

    In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

    I feel bound to note that when the Israelites did ask for a king, God was somewhat disappointed…

  74. It is MIL’s 90th birthday today. We gave her a party on Sunday with Sugarfire barbecue and some black forest cake. Both grandsons, who travel a lot for work, with one living out of state, made it in to see her. She had a good time and talked some more about life immediately after the war.

  75. I feel bound to note that when the Israelites did ask for a king, God was somewhat disappointed…

    And rightly so. It was them admitting that they couldn’t hold to the Law of Moses without a strongman in charge, then they spend the whole period proving the point emphatically.

  76. Anyone think PIYO is worth doing?

    *commercial on teevee*

  77. Dayum, ruined his whole day…

  78. Anyone think PIYO is worth doing?

    Yoga is a pagan sex cult.

  79. It’s pilates and yoga movements. No chanting, no sexing, or meditations, involved.

  80. WTF, pepe? Were those pieces of him coming back down or just the ceiling after he blew through?

  81. Yoga postures are prayers, tho.


  83. It doesn’t look bad – the workouts seem a bit short, but I suppose that’s fine if you’re just trying to get moving. It’s really just a matter of – would you be motivated to do them once the novelty wears off?

    That atomic habits book is really good. Read that first.

  84. That atomic habits book is really good. Read that first.

    Worthless. No reactor diagrams.

  85. A proper Christian workout.

  86. If it doesn’t better prepare you to retake Constantinople, it’s a shitty workout.

  87. I don’t think beasn is preparing to retake Constantinople. And you guys keep making fun of my efforts.



  89. Mare, check your potted plants if you have any. Fungus gnats look exactly like fruit flies and they breed in soil.

  90. I couldn’t tell for sure, Beasn, but I think so. Almost captioned it “It’s raining men..”

  91. Although, seriously Car in, you’re kind of an inspiration. You work hard and even if we give you crap about the cult, it’s nice to find a group that challenges you and where you can have a shared experience like that.

  92. Mare: “Also, shut the hell up.”
    Me: *Farts in Mare’s general direction.*

  93. For TTroy





    Dear Santa, this year all I want for Christmas is…

  95. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 26, 2019 12:17 pm
    Yoga postures are prayers, tho.

    A lot of them are pretty basic balancing or stretching postures. Divorced from the religious mumbo-jumbo I don’t see the problem with them. Change the names, assemble some standardized routines, and blast Queens of the Bluegrass Era while you work through them. Afterwards, lead everyone in saying the rosary.

  96. *fist bump PepeLp

  97. Alex, that’s basically what pilates is, yoga stripped of the religion. I don’t get the obsession with combining the two.

  98. I don’t get the obsession with combining the two.


  99. You work hard and even if we give you crap about the cult, it’s nice to find a group that challenges you and where you can have a shared experience like that.

    Thanks. What’s nice is that even the top athletes at my gym are encouraging, non-cliquey, and fun.

  100. Thanks, Pups!! I’m going to boil water right now. And checking the fridge trap is a good idea.

    Sends Pups an Irish Car Bomb

    *mare enjoys appropriating culture*

  101. AHHHHHHHH, just saw Lauraw’s comment and I had been wondering if my beloved white bird of paradise (non-flowering because inside) had anything to do with this!!!

  102. Lauraw, is there anything I can spray on it to kill the fungus (and the knats?)

  103. Clint, you know I love you!

  104. Beasnsnsnsnssn, PIYO from Chaleen Johnson via Beach Body is excellent. I’ve done it many times and so has my husband. There are two videos from the series called SWEAT and DRENCH and believe me unless you are doing them outside in freezing weather you will do both.

    Lots of holding yoga poses (which can be challenging). The starting ones, Upper Body and Lower Body are not too challenging but are very good strength workouts.

    We get the yearly subscription to Beach Body and I have been doing Chaleen’s Extreme Workouts and I love them. It’s just a matter of using enough weight to challenge yourself.

    I highly recommend PIYO. When my husband first started working out regularly since college (the last 5 or so years) PIYO got him some definition pretty fast. But he was also watching his food.

  105. Lauraw, would you like an Irish Car Bomb or a German Tommy Honker?

  106. For the record, I do think there are many who consider yoga as their religion…because they are stupid.

    Yoga devotee: “It centers me.”

    mare: “Shut up you boring twit, no one cares about your emotional needs.”

  107. Huh, I’m enjoying this roomy thread. Need to change the carpet and put down some new flooring. Those window treatments suck and the counters are dated. This place truly is a shit hole dump but I can make it comfortable.

    First things first, replace all toilets.

  108. *calls fumigator*

  109. *screw it, just calls SERVPRO*


  110. Puts in pantry sized wine cooler and adds kegerator.

  111. Uses PJMommas goat drapes to make diaper covers for Hotspur and Clint.

  112. Adds 100-inch screen TV programmed to bypass the NFL.

    Suck it, Jay and Scott. You’ll watch the PGA or nothing.

  113. The basement is creepy but I see Leon and Alex making good use of it.

  114. It’s probably best. The only H2 owned flamethrower is only rated for phragmytes.

  115. HA! Cavil was reading my mind.

  116. Hey now, I only watch the Chefs!

  117. My body could probably use some yoga. My mind and spirit though don’t.

  118. Have you seen the story about the lady who assaulted the guy in a mexican restaurant in Bahstahn, grabbing his hat and such? Well, there’s a feel good ending to it:

  119. Yoga is a lot tougher than it looks.

  120. Every time I’ve started up yoga again, I hurt all over the next day.

  121. Basements only need dilute bleach. Uncontained fire underground is generally a Bad Thingtm.

  122. Did you guys check with mare? You might not be able to do yoga in mare-land.

  123. Mare is not the boss of us. She isn’t our real mom.

  124. Tell DrapeLady to quit wrecking our shithole dump, then.

  125. 170 days to the reunion.

  126. Will you be able to snatch your class? Or just press them?

  127. I’m married, so no snatching, regardless of how MILFy they’ve turned out.

  128. “A proper Christian workout.”


    “If it doesn’t better prepare you to retake Constantinople, it’s a shitty workout.”

    How you doin’?

  129. I don’t think beasn is preparing to retake Constantinople.

    *pauses making ‘free helicopter rides’ poster*

    *raises left eyebrow*


  130. mare, a couple of people on facechimp have done PIYO/beach body thing and they swear by it too.

    I may have to do it. I’ve gone too soft and starting to grunt like the swine I’ve become, while getting down on the floor or getting back up.

    We were watching something on the teevees the other day….an 86 year old doing trapeze, who can still do the splits.

  131. Okay, off to go cut more tile. I measure 6 times and still manage to f*ck it up. Hopefully I will improve my skill, today.

  132. Okay, off to go cut more tile. I measure 6 times and still manage to f*ck it up. Hopefully I will improve my skill, today.

    You need a Messican. At age 11 they all train for a year in a monastery where they learn some ancient tile-laying mystical art or something.

  133. Mare, there’s a few things you can do.

    First of all, let the soil dry out drastically. This will not kill eggs but it will kill larvae. I have no idea how much dryness your plant can take, but these gnats definitely need very moist soil and cannot tolerate dryness. Let some time pass between waterings.

    Second, lay some plain white sticky traps flat on the edge of the pot. The adults like to land on a bright white surface for some reason.

    However, if these things are flying all over your house to the degree that they’re driving you crazy, you probably have a lot of larvae AND eggs in the soil already. When this happens, I usually unpot, rinse the soil from the roots as much as possible (if you can dunk the rootball in a bucket of water, the eggs will float. They look like miniature shreds of sawdust), and repot in fresh, pasteurized soil that has some pulverized mosquito dunks mixed into the soil.

    The mosquito dunks contain a natural bacterial toxin of mosquito larvae that appears to also kill other small fly larvae such as fungus gnats.


    I’ve never heard of fungus gnats.

    I started looking to see if diatomaceous earth worked on them and after a minute realized I don’t have fungus gnats, have never heard of fungus gnats before today and know how to make my own Irish Car Bomb.

  135. Taking Rowan to the Vet in a few minutes. Hematuria. I had Ben stick a flat plastic container under him when he was peeing. Dog thought we were crazy. It’s now in a mason jar in the fridge. Wish us luck.

  136. Jimbro, prayers for everyone. Hopefully Rowan is ok.

  137. Okay, you are both excellent helpers. I did what they said and checked the top of the soil for glossy, clear larvae.

    I RARELY water this plant, it has big leaves and loves the dryness, I assume it takes some moisture from the air. Anyhoo, once I read about the moist conditions and looked at the pic of the fungus gnat Jimbro linked, I do not think that is the problem. Rats. But I’ve stopped giving it the side eye because it deserves to be trusted…it’s an awesome plant. So beautifully healthy, new shoots coming out too.

    Have poured boiling water into both sink sides. Gave it serious bitch face and hope that does the job. Although I’ll continue to pour boiling water for 3 days.

  138. Oh, no, best outcome for you and your doggie, Jimbro!

  139. Jimbro, thanks for the site. I didn’t realize there were more fixes for these things now.

    Hope Rowan is feeling better soon.

  140. Mare: “Clint, you know I love you!”
    Me: Backatya good lookin’!

  141. The real solution to Mare’s problem:

  142. So our urine sample we collected was dip negative. I showed the Vet pictures of red urine in the snow with assorted clots in it from last night (with a repeat performance this morning) and she was a believer. Cephalexin 500 mg twice a day for 2 weeks with a repeat UA near the end of treatment. He’s been scratching at his ear too and they peeked in there but it looked good. She had to check his johnson to make sure there wasn’t a cut or scratch on it. He was not a fan of that.


  144. Whose turn is it to kick Pepe’s ass?

    Oh, shit, it’s mine.

    This is gonna be great!

  145. Not to tro the lepew lad under the bus or anything – if you ship him over to j’brony’s vet she could prolly give him a thorough short arm inspection and express his anal glands for ya marezeedotes.

  146. Good news about the kidneys jimes.

  147. Is Jam drunk?

  148. Xbrad, since it was on twitter can you tell us what’s going on?

  149. I swear they should just call it aether and save us the trouble…

  150. He was not a fan of that.


  151. If Kamal Toe wants to give reparations to blacks, she and the rest of her pro-slavery party can cough up the dough – the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, and the party of the KKK.


  153. I have two great grandfathers who were members of the Grand Army of the Republic.

    My mom’s ancestors were French Canadian, and didn’t move to the States until the late 1800s.

    So you can take your reparations and shove them up your ass.

    Slavery had nothing to do with my family. Both parents born in Detroit, so also no connection with the democrat Jim Crow south.

  154. As the current democrat presidential field sits, I’ll take any one of them if they think they can win. They can’t.

    Biden hasn’t declared, but I think he will. He can’t win.

    Cankles may do a last minute effort to “save the party”. She’ll be booed off the stage. Stay home, you buck-toothed cunt.

  155. I’ve lived in the North my whole life too, as has my family. They came from Denmark and Sweden, in the mid 1800s.

  156. roamie, get those Hokies fired up!

  157. Enter Sandman, to the win!

  158. Prayers for Rowan.

  159. So very sorry, CoAl. Praying for you and your family

  160. My family is more likely to have been slaves than owned them.

  161. Peonage system in NM wasn’t addressed by the Civil War. My Buckeye family operated a stop on the Underground Railroad. GG was never the same after Andersonville. FU. Which asshole not named Julian Castro is starting shit about Mexican Americans getting reparations? I want a big FU to that race baiting asshole as well.

  162. I lost multiple distant uncles fighting for the Union (in the Michigan Militia, no less). My family has been Catholic or for centuries and never once owned a slave on this continent. No debt owed, and we’ve already paid in blood to eliminate the sins of others. Kamalatoe and Fauxcahontas can rot in the darkest, coldest circle of Hell.

  163. Who do I have to blow to be president?

    Kamala 2020

  164. Preach it, Brother Leon!!! Worked with a guy who was all reparations, all the time. His family arrived in the US from the Canary Islands in the 1950s.

  165. Prior to 1848 in NM, population was restricted geographically by Indian raids. Thanks to the Mexican American War, US forts sprouted up in the NM and AZ Territories. People were able to migrate into areas that were previously not safely habitable. Civil War and post Civil War saw Buffalo Soldiers taming the West. I have stories. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻


  167. Why am I firing up the Hokies?

  168. I work at 4 AM tomorrow. I H8 my Team Lead. Not a fan of my GM. I voluntarily worked the door and the registers today. Members from Venezuela were talking in Hablo. I joined their conversation. Lots of back and forth. Cashier is NM Hispanic. She had no idea what we were talking about. English or Hablo. Cashier Eileen watches MSM.

  169. Some dolt on Twitter was calling Venezuela a success, and I was thinking a million bolivars sounds nice, but it’s worth 12 cents.

  170. They beat Duke tonight!

  171. Roamy, there are poor people in Venezuela, that are happy to be starving on a middle class level. Crazy banana pants. They were never elevated and continue to live at the level they always lived. They are happy that so many former middle class people are now living at their level. Envy politics.

  172. My family has been in the south since the mid 1800’s. One or more of them owned a slave or two. But that was at least 5 generations ago, probably more. I don’t owe any individual black person nor any collective of black persons a damned cent. If the govt says I do, that’s when I become a non-participant in the income tax gig.

  173. Pendejo, I’d pull an Elizabeth Warren and say I’m 1/1024th black. I have hot sauce in my purse.

  174. Well, I do speak fluent ebonics. One of the benefits of playing college football. And shit.

  175. Family came to America from Germany way back when. Catholic. Ancestor basically swam out to a ship in the harbor. (The story I heard does not detail why.) We owned nobody. And anybody who wants to argue that I enjoy some ill-defined “privilege” because of those things better explain why I’m 48, making squat, life’s been for jack. I haven’t had things handed to me. My career died a-borning because of “conflict of interest” policies, and I never recovered, so I never profited from my family that way. Not like these fuckers who show up and have programs for them, scholarships for them, contract setasides for them, a while network of guilt-powered advantages and–wait for it–actual goddamn privileges to smooth their way, if they take advantage of them. Trouble with the police? Too bad so many of you chose to go full thug. Don’t give me crap about “stereotypes”, you baked it into your fucking entertainment and culture. Besides, by actual blood I’m half Sicilian, so don’t tell me about criminal stereotypes, you whining sons of bitches.

    I owe you jack shit. Except those of you have done things for me personally for which I owe you a debt that isn’t measured in currency…and there are those people. The rest of you can fuck off. I have enough trouble getting along without having to carry you and the chips on your shoulders.

    I spent thirty-odd years of my life making an effort to treat everyone decently. Took ten years to make me think I’d been a sucker.

    So yeah. Fuck off.

  176. Daniel eulogized Rhonda’s parents.

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