MMM 357: scraping the bottom of the binders

Turns out there were a few images left, and Roamy said she kind of missed these, so here’s an old-school MMM poat for a change of pace.


Ah, the sight of women cleaning and jerking.


I prefer to squat with safety rails.


She kicks high.


Looks warm there.  Soon.


She spent as long on this outfit as the workout, I’ll bet.


I like coffee too! We have so much in common.


Happy Monday!



  1. I splurged yesterday and bought the coffee maker I meant to buy myself at Christmas. It only makes 10 cups at a time, but it has an internal heated reservoir so it brews all that in like 10 minutes. It also uses a basket filter, which is huge. The cheap one I bought to replace the older one that broke used cone filters, and those suck. Never buy a coffee maker that uses cone filters. Nearly every pot had grounds in the bottom.

  2. Coffee booty shorts girl killed it early.

  3. Glad I gave the Oscars a miss. We watched “Clue”. Silly but fun.

  4. Colleen Camp and Leslie Ann Warren at their respective peaks.

  5. basket filter here, and I use a permanent one. Seems to work very well, I’ve had this Mr. Coffee for years. Cleaning has rubbed away the lettering on the buttons, so I’m the only one who knows how to brew with it.

  6. I got a Bunn. I prefer a paper filter even to the good wire meshes.

  7. We just buy a Mister Coffee drip maker every couple of years with a reusable metal basket (standard, not cone-shaped). We go through a pot of it once a day, sometimes an extra half pot in the late morning on a weekend or slacker weekday. Too much volume of coffee for its preparation to be anything other than a rote process.

  8. I clean it every so often with paper towels on the inside surfaces and vinegar through the workings but after a while it just seems defeated so we get a new one and drop the old one off at the second time around building at the dump.

  9. Leslie Ann Warren was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Victor Victoria”. I haven’t seen it yet, might put that one on my list.

  10. I made the most amazing Mongolian Beef yesterday.

  11. Leon, what was the make and model of your new coffee maker. I’m in the market.

  12. Bunn-O-Matic Fast Brew Classic, Mare. I got it at Kohl’s.

  13. Mongolian beef? What, are the Karakorum and Ulanbataar rappers peeved at each other?

  14. love Mongolian beef. There’s a chinese place near us that makes the best one ever! Just a little spicy, and lots of onions!

  15. Mines the Mr. Coffee Cheapo Wal-Mart Special.

    It’s too cheap for blue light special.

  16. In keeping with MMM *cough* I’ll have you know I never got tired or was sore after skiing. I was skiing with my husband, my brother and his wife. All three are expert skiers. They can do the bowls, moguls, everything. My brother has done heli-skiing. I, however, am a “high-beginner”-“low intermediate” skier. My thousands of squats and workouts in general served me well. I realized it had been SEVEN YEARS since I last skied.

    We stuck to the blues and single black diamonds for me. Every now and then they would veer off and just go straight down the ungroomed side of a run and I would meet them at the lift.

    I have noticed that since I’m older and finally back in shape I’m more tentative about risk taking and screwing up a leg or any injury that would put me back health wise.

  17. Thanks, Leon.

  18. *fist bumps Jay*

    -spills coffee in the process

  19. Hotspur, don’t be a dick, give us the recipe!!

  20. Good morning shmoopies! One day closer to Spring! YAAAYYYY!

    Whoever wrote the last header pic caption can eat the dead skin off my hump! YAAAAYYYY!

  21. Ho-lee-shit, my brother’s place is nice. I’m the poor relative for sure.

    Oh, and this is also in keeping with MMM *cough*. I pulled out my excellent (expensive) ski stuff from many years ago that I could not fit into for years and years and it fit beautifully. It’s so old (but quality) that it was definitely in style (again?). Spyder trouser ski pants, etc..


  22. That’s awesome, Mare! Isn’t it great when hard work pays off.

  23. At 10 eastern, wiserbud is on, and he’ll be interviewing the CN Governor. Sometime during the show. Just letting you know.

  24. Looks like a good recipe, HS. That could be whipped up in a wok, too.

  25. I’ll have to figure out how to do that recipe in a crock pot. That looks fantastic.

  26. there’s a guide for a crock pot in the recipe, mare.

  27. Just saw that, Jay. thanks.

  28. I have to lurk in a meeting or I’d listen.

    I hope he tears that guy a new one.

  29. Yes, finally. A reason to wake up on Mondays. These mushroom stories were nearly putting me in a coma every Monday

  30. Ever wonder if Trump was the right choice?

    We’ll leave the research to our biblical scholar here at the H2.

  31. The Governor will be In-house, for the wiserbud interview. Go Wiserbud!

  32. He’ll be respectful.

  33. Questions might be a little tougher than the Gov is used to, though. I know wiser will conduct a professional interview.

  34. Dayum.

    At this point, I’ll be surprised if AOC finishes her term of office. Pelosi must be getting leaned on hard to strip her committee assignments by the party bosses by now.

  35. He’ll be respectful.

    What a shame.

  36. LOL, Waterbury mayor there too. That’s the babysitter. He’ll be intervening. So funny. Lamont can’t be by himself in any kind of venue that isn’t 100% friendly-lefty.

  37. I want WATR to put wiser’s picture on their press release info. On Tunein radio it’s still a picture of the old guy.

    Sounds like the Gov is coming up pretty quick. They went to commercial so they can stay commercial free for the first hour.

  38. The Party™ will monitor the activities of it’s leadership.

  39. Every person who voted for Lamont believed his bullshit about not raising taxes and not putting in tolls for ordinary motorists (only big trucks, wink wink). Telling people these were obvious lies was like screaming into the wind. Now, of course, he has recanted. People are shocked.

    I wonder if Steve will go there.

  40. Sad that the best post turtle they could find was a high-functioning retard like Lamont.

  41. Wow! He’s going there!

  42. Is the mayor answering for Nedtard already?

  43. Looks like all you mommies will be signing your daughters up for “Selective Service” here in the future. Maybe Wiser could ask the gov how he feels about that?

  44. I think it’s more likely that this kills the draft, Troy. And I’m actually okay with that. A nation that can’t defend itself without conscripts ought to die.

  45. Danced around that tax question, wow. Now on to bonds.

  46. I’m waiting for Wiser to ask the Governor a gardening question.

  47. Ugh, family drama yesterday night left me with insomnia. Today is going to be fuuuuun.

  48. Mom gave me a bunch of formal dresses to bring to the consignment shop, along with a pile of clothes to donate at work for the homeless patients. At first it was all in one big pile which I thought was for the patients and I pointed to the dresses and started to say to Mom, “…” and she burst out laughing. Like we both were imagining these homeless people swanning around the psych ward in evening gowns and prom dresses.

    So, that was a moment.

  49. A nation that can’t defend itself without conscripts ought to die.

    While I’m sympathetic to the idea in theory, in practice I don’t think it works. There are too many people willing to free ride off the sacrifices of others. I think that the all-volunteer force, for the good that’s come of it, has created a bit of a military caste that isn’t healthy for society.

  50. Getting snow later today. Hope its just squalls.

    Good, Steve is asking about cuts to government.

  51. Busted out laughing at the WATR weatherman. This weather is not good for his hair.

  52. Lamont has gotten better at interviewing. He evades better now.

  53. good interview. Just the amount of dancing I expected, and wiser asked some tough questions. Even the callers tried to hold the gov’s feet to the fire.

  54. While I’m sympathetic to the idea in theory, in practice I don’t think it works. There are too many people willing to free ride off the sacrifices of others. I think that the all-volunteer force, for the good that’s come of it, has created a bit of a military caste that isn’t healthy for society.

    A man that needs a gun to his back to fight the man in front of him will turn around eventually. A caste that anyone willing can join isn’t much of a caste, either. You want to fix the free rider issue? Good luck, no system short of “service equals citizenship!” is going to fix that.

  55. And dodging the draft was a lower (just don’t go, or Canada) and upper class (payoffs) problem already. Only the middle class and lower-middle class law-abiders ever went, the same sorts that already volunteer.

  56. There are tradeoffs to everything. Another tradeoff of all-volunteer service is that when you have losses in war, the nation loses its most warrior-like men (courageous, protective, skillful, etc), all their potential contributions to society after war, as well as all their descendants, until the end of time. If you believe natural selection still applies to humans, this will also change the nature of our society and nation over time.

  57. I believe the modern wussification of every nation involved in WW2 is a second-order effect of the combat losses on all sides, Laura. No European nation on either side would have permitted the modern Islamic invasion, nor would the US of that time allowed our own invasion, let alone tranny bathrooms.

  58. I like Lauraw’s evolutionary biology argument.

    I think it makes a lot of sense, although the current and forever superpower of Sparta might object.

    Oh wait…

  59. Sparta failed because it was a land-based powerhouse surrounded by mercantile naval states.

  60. Sparta failed because the Spartan model was flawed. The ruling warrior class slowly dwindled as fewer replacements were bred and more died each year. Meanwhile they had to maintain control of a helot population that threatened to revolt.

    Their victory over Athens was due more to Athenian hubris than Spartan military skill. If the Athenians hadn’t launched the disastrous Syracuse campaign, they’d have retained enough men and ships to keep the Spartans at bay.

  61. Welp, I’m gonna drive off into the wind to the restaurant supply place presently. Decided I can’t live one more minute without a proper mandoline for making perfect chips.

    And now that the middle fingertip on my left hand has finally grown back, I think I’ll grab a cut-proof glove, too.

  62. Those are very good to have, but it must be stressed that they are cut-resistant. Determined clumsiness is still a threat to fingertips.

  63. CoAlex, nothing really changes, does it? The flaws of the Spartan model sound kinda familiar…

  64. I hope you guys are too disappointed in me, but my score for 19.1 was only 193. I was going to do it over this morning, but I just couldn’t bring myself to try again. I was on the ground after the first attempt (it’s 15 min of wallballs and rowing).

  65. They need a workout that plays to the advantages of short people: like burpees + muddling.

  66. Tall people definitely had the advantage this week. You throw it to a 9 foot target. That’s 4 feet over my head.

  67. Yeah, I passed. I already have a cut-resistant glove (useless when not worn). I wanted one of those stainless steel chainmail ones. Easier to clean, have it forever.

    $110!!! Nope. Not today. Probably not ever. I’ll stick with the nylon ‘resistant’ ones.


  69. I am all for AOC and the other socialists not having children. Fewer to go bug Sen. Feinstein.

  70. wonder if they have an abortion scoreboard for them.

  71. I just spent 5 minutes thinking about how to hand make a chain mail glove….now Im going to chk youtube and see if Im even close……

  72. chain mail is easy. *forwards email to TT

  73. Butternut chips in the oven now. Some I did with curry, some I did with garlic. See how it goes. That was way easier with the right tool.

    There’s gonna be a thinly-sliced foods revolution in this house.

  74. I can waffle-cut anything I want, now. Nobody can stop me.

  75. You can’t waffle cut turnips. I double-dog dare you.


  77. Pfft, I ain’t even worried. Not gonna happen.

  78. Reading the latest past at the HQ, I now fully on the side of “break up all the banks.” I don’t care about whatever arguments the libertarians and corporate right throw up. Break. Them. Up.

  79. LOL. **waffle-cuts Brussel sprouts**

  80. I kinda like Israel’s way of doing things. Everybody has to serve.

  81. I can waffle-cut anything I want, now. Nobody can stop me.

    I bet you can’t waffle-cut your fingertips.

  82. Israel can get away with it because they’re a small country under constant threat. Even then, I don’t know how much value they get out of a two-year conscript. It mostly seems a way to ensure that most of the adult population has some basic military skills training.

  83. Germany has or had the same rule for a long time. Didn’t help them not suck at being a country lately either.

  84. Here, take 4 of these

  85. This article in the WSJ suggests that the sanctions on North Korea aren’t working, and that the country’s economy has stabilized.

    “Sanctions” have pretty much failed everywhere they’ve been tried. They’re the brainchildren of the Ivy-league wunderkund who infest the State Department and the rest of the executive branch. All they do is delay solving a problem for years or decades.

  86. Actually, not everyone in Israel has to serve, and they are trying to change that. The ultraorthodox Jews do not. Lotta resentment over that.

  87. There is a warrior class. And we need those people to serve and most of them have/do.

    No question we got screwed Genetically with the civil war. WWI and WWII.

    I like an all volunteer army.

    As an aside, if you have spent time in Texas you will see it rather quickly…good looking, buff men, who have their families with them, who have a presence about them. No coincidence there are a shit ton of former and current military in Texas.

    Best looking men in a state I’ve ever lived in. And my husband thinks the same about the women. Good looking men (and not the faggy kind of good looking) attract and score good looking women.

  88. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 25, 2019 2:00 pm
    Here, take 4 of these

    HA! Good one, James.

  89. I hope all of you have seen the Bill Maher panel wherein he, Rick Wilson *spit*, Donna Brazil and a couple of other mental deficients have a “conversation” about us rubes.

    It is actually interesting when the left gives their honest opinion of the hard working, producers in this country.

    Like Schlichter always says, “they hate you.” We are stupid, stupid, cousin screwing, Target fashion wearing losers.

  90. Parents, is this true?

  91. Yes

  92. I do fireman’s carry so she doesn’t get banged on furniture.

  93. “So tell me, in your own words, how your son acquired that black eye.”

    “Honest accident, your honor, I was carrying him from the site of the tantrum and in his struggles, I accidentally banged him into the coffee table.”

    “This exhibit shows the coffee table to be no more than 20 inches off the ground…”

    “…he may have been hanging a bit low…”

    “…and there are indications he made contact with the ceiling fan.”

    “…I may have overreacted to the coffee table.”

    “Three times?”

    “It’s a nice coffee table…”

  94. Its especially fun when they are trying to bite you while you carry them away…like little out of control zombies…till they get the tip of their nose “flicked”.

  95. You know who *does* get banged on furniture a lot? Your Mom.

  96. ^heh^

  97. Comment by lauraw on February 25, 2019 4:33 pm
    You know who *does* get banged on furniture a lot? Your Mom.

    Yours also requires a hard spanking every so often.

  98. Jay, yes. Surfboard carry, over the shoulder carry (holding on to both feet, they kick). Though I twisted the hair at the nape of the neck rather than the nose flick.

  99. Roamy, who was the scrappier fighter: Rocketboy or Mini-me?

  100. About equal. Mini-me is more stubborn, Rocketboy thought he could run from me. When he was 4, he couldn’t. Now he could but he knows if you run, I’m bringing a beatdown with me.

  101. It’s so uncommon to see well behaved children in my office that I go out of my way to complement the parents who have polite kids. Even if they act up a little bit but take correction well.

    On the flip side, “He’s such an active boy” means “What a little shit. Please don’t breed again”.

  102. I complimented three huge black dudes that had the manners and common courtesy to take off their hats in the restaurant where I and they were eating.

  103. Clint!

  104. I like Mongolian Beef leftovers with jalapeños on a flour tortilla. Asian fajita. Mmmm…not as good on a corn tortilla. Kung Pao Spaghetti is still my favorite fusion.

  105. Mare!!!! My favorite part of skiing is drinking in front of the fire at the lodge. Ski lodge is the closest I’ve ever been to the slopes.


  107. Wait, I thought we had a majority in the Senate? WTF vetoed this bill to keep children born alive, ALIVE?

  108. Oso, beers and wine and food after skiing IS the best thing about skiing. So says I, so says we all!

  109. Ah, just read about the cloture vote and the bullshit therein.

  110. Mare, probably Murkowski and Collins. They are pro-abortion no matter what.

  111. Mr. RFH’s computer booted up. There was a recent backup (Friday?) but running another backup now just in case.

    Forgot to take the battery out of the wireless mouse, pretty sure it’s toast.

  112. Oh, and we have an appointment with a tow truck in the morning.

  113. If you make that recipe I posted, unless you really like ginger, I’d cut it in half.

  114. Hotspur, have you tried steamed cheeseburgers in your pressure cooker yet?

  115. I have not. I haven’t come across a recipe. Will search.

  116. Steamed cheeseburgers are a big deal in parts of CT..

    We have sampled a few of them and they are quite good.

  117. Steamed Cheeseburgers opened for Sonny and Cher back in ‘76.

  118. We happened to drive by Ted’s one day and Laura screamed out “that place is famous!”.

    Different, but really good.

  119. Daily Ocasio

  120. Tonight’s movie is the 1960 Magnificent Seven.

  121. You either love White Castle or you hate them. I love them.
    When my kids were teenagers, about once a month they would do a huge sleepover. I have a son and two daughters. Each could invite three friends.
    So about midnight, I’d make a run to White Castle. Boys could easily down a dozen sliders – 48. Girls could do 6 each – another 48.
    The line at midnight was pretty long. When it was finally my turn, I would order 100 cheeseburgers and 25 orders of fries. The cries of “motherfucker”, “kiss my ass” and “son of a bitch” behind me were hilarious. (They didn’t have a drive thru then. So I was in line, inside, with the racist blacks.)
    They would put it all in shopping bags, and it would take two trips to the car. When I got home, the boys were at the car before I switched off the ignition.
    There was never anything left over.
    Oh, White Castles are steamed.
    My thing with the kids was, I’d rather have you here than wonder what trouble you’re getting into. And I’ll get the food because I don’t want you on the road with the drunks. Besides, most of you don’t have two nickels to rub together.

  122. Oh, I forgot to mention, we had a pretty big house, so 12 teenagers was easy peasy.

  123. Daughters’ bedrooms were on the third floor. Boy’s was on the second. Mine was on the first. The stairs squeaked.

    I’d go to bed, and say, “If I hear a sound other than jabbering, you’re all in deep doo-doo.

  124. Major Crush on Coburn and Bronson. Love new Mag 7 with Denzel.

  125. Never had White Castle.

  126. I like that story, Hotspur.

  127. 70% of NM are pro-life. We’re still going forward with infanticide bill. Our senators still voted for allowing BBAs to be left to die. D🐀 will always vote for baby killing.

  128. Never had White Castle.

    Your life is richer for it.

  129. White Castle and Krystal are for 2AM drive through drinking food.

  130. Bonus Ocasio

  131. Jorge Ramos and his Univision crew (According to Univision’s Twitter feed) was interviewing Maduro but he didn’t like the questions he was being asked and so has had them “detained.”

    HA HA

    /Nelson Muntz

  132. thought White Castle was griddled.

  133. TLDR, Methodists contemplate changing definition of marriage and ordaining LGBTQWERTYWTF. Africans were told to go along if you want American missionary funds for your churches. Africans respond by calling the American bishops racist and say we don’t need your money.

  134. I had a white castle when I was a tween. WHile babysitting. The parents of the rug rats gave me one.

    I hope I was polite about it.

  135. My brother represents a high end facilitator of female escorts in Vegas. Oso: He’s a pimp. Bro: All of his clients H8 Stormy. She has ruined the Escort business in the US. Not surprised about the rub and tug story out of FL. Still wish Kraft would throw out the rapist Gore aligning his chakra stories from the PNW. Put it back in their fucking court.

  136. Roamy, I cannot spell Obianayu look her up on Twitter.

  137. I’ve never had White Castle. I have a White Castle and a Waffle House both within a five-mile radius of my apartment. I get the best of both North and South for drunken 2am feedings.

  138. Waffle house hash browns, scattered smothered and covered are better anyway.

  139. I know that I’m the criminal link to this place. RL friend just lost her 13yo to the opioid BS. Another friend is facing the one year anniversary of her hubby dying. He beat Heroin. Legal opioids killed him.

  140. I don’t know that I’ve ever been far enough north and east to have seen a White Castle. I have been far enough south and east to eat in a Waffle House.

  141. Oso, I drove through your lovely state on I-10 a couple of days ago. One of the most scenic drives in America. 😬

  142. Colorado Alex Family Drama

    Grandma is dying. Her mind is almost completely gone. She went into the hospital two months ago with strokes and we thought that she was going to die then, but she survived and was moved to hospice care. She’s stabilized, and the VA won’t pay past 60 days, which means that we have to find another solution.

    Grandpa has decided not to put her in a nursing home, but to bring her home. She’s bedridden, so he’ll set up a bed and wench in the dining room, and hire a nurse ~30 hours a week and will take care of her the rest of the time. Mom is… incredibly upset about this plan. Grandpa is almost blind at this point, barely able to walk, and his diabetes isn’t doing too well.

    Aunt D and Uncle J live two doors down, and mom thinks that they’re the ones pushing this because nursing care is very expensive and applying for Medicaid would require Grandpa to show financial information for the past few years which would reveal how much money he and Grandma have given them. According to mom it’s in the six figures over the years: covering mortgage payments, paying for my three cousins’ baseball costs/new computers for school/trucks, and buying a boat which grandpa can’t use by my Aunt and Uncle use.

    Apparently when mom tried to bring up the idea several years ago of shielding Grandma and Grandpa’s assets for just this eventuality, it caused a huge fight that resulted in a lot of nasty things being said, and my aunt has gotten even worse over the years.

    At this point, I think that the best thing would likely be if Grandma passes quickly in her sleep soon.

  143. Also, $20.

  144. Prayers up, CoAlex.

  145. I don’t feel like I can pray for your grandma to die, but I can ask for the intercession of St. Joseph, patron saint of a happy death and for her to not be in any pain.

  146. Dental Enamel: Repairs Permanent!

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