Cabin Fever Reliever

We’re getting deep into this winter season.  Staring at the same 4 walls in the cabin and looking out the window and seeing an endless snowy landscape leads to desperation. I’d like to think that explains some of the bizarre behavior we’re seeing, like MAGA-noose-bleach attacks and lawmakers crafting real infanticide laws which are greeted by a yawn by the MSM while totally made up Handmaids are ZOMG coming in Drump’s Amerikkka seriously you guys! Yeah … it’s good to step back out of the twitterverse and view the real world in front of you. Not the one where you look at the obvious byproducts of our messed up society but the world you’ve created and aspire to. So much better not knowing who all the people who are famous for being famous are, isn’t it? This is the time of year where there’s lots of weird contests to deal with boredom as well as the start of garden and boating shows. I’ll leave you with a few examples of each. First, the snowmobile egg run for charity.


If you look at the foreground all that yellow is yolk.

Santa’s skiing has come and gone


Sugaring season approaches





Ice bars seem like they’d be fun for about 10 minutes



The real thing




If I had the winning powerball ticket …



Snow is falling here. It can’t take away the fact that the days are getting longer and the average temps are creeping up. Soon, spring!

This is Thor on the beach in Thailand. I’m not sure what the back story is on this one but knowing Marvel there’s a tranny involved.




  1. Speak for y’rselves. Gonna hit high 70s here tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, but right now I’d prefer anything cold WITH NO FRIGGIN’ RAIN.

  3. *backs huge dump truck filled with snow, ice and hoarfrost to BroCav’s lawn and lets it rip*

  4. We’re in maple syrup weather here. 40s during the day and 20s at night. Sadly, all my maples appear to be silvers. As I understand it, they’re good for firewood, smoking, and occasionally splitting at the trunk and falling over. The wood itself is trash for anything structural, and while you can make maple syrup from the sap, the runs are fairly low in volume compared to the sugar varieties.

  5. Wakey wakey

    I can’t believe the wonder dog is 7. How did that happen.

    Last day with pupper today.

    The Crossfit Open is my winter doldrums thing. First workout is announced tonight. My shoulder is flaring up, so I’m not going to be awesome this year, but it should still be fun.

  6. Morning loafers

  7. Speaking of sore old dogs, Star is limping around today. Dogs went to the groomer yesterday and Paula took her pick up truck which requires a big jump for Star to get out of. She won’t let anyone carry her in or out so it’s ump or nothing. She’s a big girl (nicknames Olive, Snacks give you an idea), of unknown age. They told us she was 3 when we adopted her but the vet said they were wrong. It’s been 5 years since then and we’re guessing she’s 10+. Anyway, she’s lame today and other than thankfully going out for a pee and barking at me she’s just been laying on the couch. Rowan keeps walking by her food but hasn’t dared to try eating it yet.

  8. ump jump

  9. Looks like my company’s merger is going through after all. 4 more holidays, another week of vacation, 401k matching, and a “retention bonus” if I don’t quit prior to a year after the closing date. It is not a small bonus.

    Of course, in the same hour I got the merger offer letter, I received a response to one of my local inquiries. There’s no way on this Earth that they’ll match this, but I can’t just ditch them at this point.

    I better have a physical or go to adoration or something. Good fortune like this makes me skittish as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair showroom.

  10. She’s a big girl (nicknames Olive, Snacks give you an idea), of unknown age.

    You know Car in is gonna tell Paula you were trashing her on H2, right?

  11. So, the black queer is a felon. Lock him up.

  12. What happens at the H2 stays at the H2 is what I’ve been lead to believe. Better read that manual again!

  13. Olive needs a set of doggy truck steps, or a ramp.

    I’m gonna go putz around at a garden center today. Just need a few things, and to see some growing life for a change. For some reason I can’t find legume inoculant on the regular seed stands anymore. It seems like a lot of places stopped carrying it. Which is stupid. This is a fairly basic item of normal gardening for when you want to grow peas and beans, otherwise you can get shitty yields.

    A few years back I noticed some people – like, the OWNER of a nursery- acted like I was asking for some crazy thing when I asked where the legume inoculant was. It’s like asking a grocery manager where the milk is, and having them behave like you’re asking for fairy dust. “Oh, we don’t carry that kind of stuff.” WTF? What ‘kind of stuff’ do you think this is? If you sell pea and bean seed, you’d *better* be selling inoculant with them!

    But no. Both of my very local seedhouses stopped carrying it (wtf) and now it has disappeared from the Burpee stand at Home Depot. Gonna check Lowe’s and AGWAY.

  14. Can’t you just dump some anhydrous ammonia on there?

  15. Shut up, Jay.

    So Scott introduced me to a sub Reddit where people are posting pics of vehicles on the road that have snow and ice on them, and bitching about it. He showed me one pic post of a car with really not much of an amount of snow on it in traffic, with a caption like, “I cannot contain my rage.”

    Fucking millennials, are you kidding me? Bunch of pussyass snitches with literally nothing better to do. This is their hobby.

  16. Speaking of legumes, I learned from one of my tenant farmers that you can’t re-plant alfalfa near existing plants (the old will fight the new). We have two high-power poles in our field that are being replaced next year (they paid the easement and promised not to use chemical herbicides), so some of the field is going to be torn up no matter what. That means our pasture mix either (a) can’t have alfalfa or (2) we just have to let it fill in the gaps on its own timetable.

  17. Why do you have to replant alfalfa?

  18. Wow, we have legume inoculant street vendors here.

  19. Aren’t some seeds sold pre-coated with inoculants?

  20. Why do you have to replant alfalfa?

    Because we need to plant the pasture this year, but the power company is coming through at some point to swap out our Eiffel Tower replicas and it’s going to tear up the ground a bit, likely killing some of the plants. Since the full 7 acres is intended to be a hayfield/pasture, we need a good grass and legume mix. Clover is a possible substitute, but it can lead to bloat or “clover slobbers” in some animals, and it’s not great for hay.

  21. I just can’t even, with you people. Scamps and rapscallions. I’ll box your ears!

    *quickly constructs several little cardboard ear-boxes*

  22. Of course, pups, because everyone wants to plant RIGHT NOW in Southern Canada.

  23. Pretty sure you can patch plant. Its just a waste of seed to spread it where the alfalfa already is.

  24. I was told it would lead to legume mortal combat.

  25. Lauraw – people are ridiculous.

  26. hadn’t ever heard that one. Huh:

    This plant exhibits autotoxicity, which means it is difficult for alfalfa seed to grow in existing stands of alfalfa.[16] Therefore, alfalfa fields are recommended to be rotated with other species (for example, corn or wheat) before reseeding.[17]

  27. Shouldn’t you be preplanting beer can seeds, Car in?

  28. People ARE ridiculous!

    *throws a clam into Carin’s woods for the dogs to find*

  29. I would like to suggest that you earned that compensation package Jimbro by being a excellent physician.

  30. The ground is still frozen. I don’t know if they would set properly.

  31. Anyone know what temp beer cans germinate at?

  32. We need a meeting on the deck to decide this.

  33. Toldja. He also said I should supplement with boron. Apparently MI soil is deficient in it.

  34. Nah, that can’t be, last time we went to MI, we were surrounded by borons.


  35. Rosanne said that AOC has “realtor eyes”. That… actually works pretty well.

  36. I wouldn’t trust her to show me an apartment.

  37. OTOH, I believe that’s what Scott Adams would call a “linguistic killshot”.

  38. I don’t know if beer cans can be properly seeded if launched from the porch. We could try.

  39. That works. Upselling a shack (socialist hell) as a mansion (utopia).

  40. Scott and I have really been enjoying those pupper pics, Carin. So cute. How long do you have her?

  41. Until today. 😦

  42. Jay, I need your wife’s phone number.

  43. Haha, from the HQ.

    “Nike takes a knee.”

  44. 867-5309

  45. I think the NY-Amazon deal was ruined by the same local pols that ruin shit in cities around here. “Welcome! You will hire these people who we tell you that you must hire. These people cannot be fired no matter their performance. Also you will use these vendors…” Etc.

    Corrupt cities like what we have here are basically a kind of mob and will try to subvert a business’s purposes for their own. Always.

    I think AOC is being blamed because they’re trying to get rid of her.

  46. I think the NY-Amazon deal was ruined by the same local pols that ruin shit in cities around here. “Welcome! You will hire these people who we tell you that you must hire. These people cannot be fired no matter their performance. Also you will use these vendors…” Etc.

    Corrupt cities like what we have here are basically a kind of mob and will try to subvert a business’s purposes for their own. Always.

    I think AOC is being blamed because they’re trying to get rid of her.

    Years ago Trader Joe’s was trying to open a store in a poorer Portland neighborhood, and the local black politicians and grifters wanted all sorts of concessions for “affordable housing” and such. TJ said “fuck it” about an hour before said politicians and grifters were scheduled to hold a massive press conference. They were caught off guard and forced to tap dance about how they’d lost jobs for the area.

  47. I don’t doubt that. I’m confident the rest of the Dem caucus participates in similar malfeasance to the payrolled boyfriend. We’re hearing about it because someone wants us to.

  48. That said, I’d be hesitant to see Amazon move 50,000 highly paid tech workers into my town, as they’d likely be a) very liberal and b) drive up rents.

    I grew up in a small mountain town that had a front-page story the first time a home sold for over a million dollars. We’d been watching home prices climb up steadily across the valley for years. Nowadays, a lot of middle class families have been priced out and some are commuting from as far away as Rifle for work.

  49. And that’s how the so called “food desserts” are born. No one tries to unionize a bodega

  50. “Yeah, but right now I’d prefer anything cold WITH NO FRIGGIN’ RAIN.”

    Tell me about it. Right now, I’m stuck indoors on day two of four days of expectex nonstop rain.
    Just last week it rained all day – 4 or 5 inches?
    I feel like I’ll need to kayak to the liquor store tonight or tomorrow.

  51. Similar thing happened here a few years back. Alex.
    Some big national chain was going to open a grocery store in one of the poorer, more blighted neighborhoods in town (ALDI? Lidl? Tis?)
    When the city council got wind of it, they started demanding all kinds of communist shit. “How can we our hands on some of that Big Corporate Money???”
    Then the black “church leaders” and “community organizers” jumped on the bandwagon screaming about gentrification. Before the wind could shift, said company said “fuck it” and walked away. There still isnt a grocery store in that area for 5 miles.

  52. Bought tickets for me and my boys to see Chevelle and Breaking Ben this summer. This chick is performing – I assuming an opener:

  53. Have y’all covered this one yet?
    Apparently Smollett has been arrested on felony charges.

  54. Oschi and Pupper are playing right next to me. There is going to be great sadness later. Moose only really likes to play with the pup outside (I don’t know why), but I can only let that game go on for so long. Mostly Moose and and pupper only snuggle inside.

  55. Fake a puppy death? Cut a hole in the ice, and sit on the dock crying when they come?

  56. Maybe I could hire two Nigerians to steal her?


    Get to the store, people. Somebody tell wiserbud. But not wiser.

  58. You going to arrange play dates with the puppy, Car in?

  59. I thought all desserts were made of food, unless you count hookers and drugs.

  60. The rental’s floors have been professionally sanded, stained, and poly’d. The worst of the stains have not been eliminated, unfortunately, but there wasn’t enough money in the budget to rip them out and replace.

    Main guy, who is from Bosnia, finished up today with the poly. I was there when he showed up this morning and while I held open the door for him and the big buffer thingie, I told him I thought it looked good and he says, “I don’t like it. Those stains really bother me.” I had to laugh. Blunt, to the point is the Swabian way. Well, it’ll be a rental and they can be covered with area rugs. That seemed to make him feel better. It only took him an hour to lightly sand, vacuum, and apply final coat of poly.

    I told him my MIL was from the former Yugoslavia and he wanted to know from which area, which I couldn’t rightly recall at the moment. Husband reminded me that it was from what is now Serbia but they were ethnic Germans, not Serbians. Glad I couldn’t remember. Lots of bad blood in those various ethnicities, in that region.

  61. dessert desert

  62. Fyi, for those of you who love them some Girl Scout cookie thin mints, Aldi’s has their own thin mints which taste pretty darn similar. For 95 cents.
    Unfortunately for my tape worm, I have yet to embrace my layer of lard and am determined to shed a hunk of it. I will not be indulging in thin mints 6 days a week.

  63. Wow, in a stunning exhibition of tone deafness, Benchmade knife company had pictures posted of them cutting up a bunch of guns for the Oregon police. Huge overlap of knife and gun people. Gun people are triggered. 😉 Huge dumpster fire.

  64. The pupper is gone.

  65. beasn, I was gonna lose 10 pounds this year. Only 15 to go!

  66. Stupid Benchmade wanting to be like Dick’s Sporting Goods I guess. I only own one Benchmade, will stop looking at their releases.

  67. Sounds like someone got a premature case of “Let’s Get the Left to Like Us!”

  68. Virtue signalling is to virtue what jungle camo is to jungles.

  69. Comment by Car in on February 21, 2019 2:19 pm
    The pupper is gone.

    How are Moose and Oschi taking it?

  70. Maybe they were just helping out the PD?

    there’s an entire page of reactions, that was the first one.

  71. Hm. Seems like a dumb move.

  72. Somebody has to do that, I can’t get too triggered about this particular instance.

  73. at least advertising it. But that was the PD, not Benchmade.

  74. AOC is going to be redistricted. NY is losing 2 seats.

  75. Depends on how they play it….if they play it like “were such good citizens cause were killing these guns” not going to go well. If they play it like “Hey, these people paid us good money to destroy their property….so we took it. Cause Merica Fuck Yeah”…they may get away with it

  76. Trump-Russia is going to be one of the funniest things ever when it’s all over.

    Totally smart you guys people actually said things like, ‘we’re not sure if the president is really a Russian spy.’

    FFS. I can’t take the stupid.

  77. Best. Timeline. Ever!

    Seriously, Trump is like a gallon of Colon Cleanse force fed to the body politic- all the shit is coming out, and there’s nothing that they can do to stop it.

  78. Oh yeah, Benchmade might be just doing them a favor, but man, not expecting some kind of blowback. Now they’re doing a colonoscopy of Benchmade’s political donations. People are losing their minds just like Lefty SJWs. It’s crazy. Between this and the Nike blowout, not a fun day for publicists in the Pacific Northwest.

  79. Nice video collage at Ace’s of the media initially reporting the black queer story. Maybe they’ll all apologize.

  80. Two days ago local ATL news was still reporting the story as true.

  81. If everything is racist, nothing is.

    Except white people. White people are still racist.

  82. The funny thing that no one seems to talk about is that Hillary hit all of her numbers with black folks. She got the votes she needed to win, or so she thought.

    You can’t juice our black friends for more votes when they will just be overwhelmed by cracker ass crackers.

  83. I aint no ways tiiiiired.

  84. Meanwhile, in Australia

  85. I think the Chicago PD is screwing the pooch with this press release.

    Seems like innocent until proven guilty is being suspended. A clever civil rights lawyer might be able to9 make something of this.

  86. Don’t make listen to the whole thing. WHat’s your point Hotspur.

  87. And does anyone seriously believe that the cracker ass crackers that voted for Trump will stay home this time? FFS, they voted for a racist pussy grabbing nazi.

  88. I know of 2 people out of people I know that will probably vote for him this time, that didn’t last time.

  89. If anything, Trump will have more support. Despite some hysterics on the right, Trump has generally tried to give Conservatives the policies that he’s promised. And where he’s fallen short it’s due as much to GOP backstabbing. A lot of people who sat on the sidelines in 2016, because they had a reasonable fear that Trump would be a disaster for the party, now have evidence that he isn’t. Meanwhile, the Dems have gone fully left-wing, and that’s going to scare a lot of moderate voters.

  90. The left is doing everything it can to turn normal white people into a tribal voting block. One that is emphatically willing to embrace any black, brown, or yellow person that isn’t a leftist, I might add. Hell, I think the tranny thing pushes TERFs into the same camp before long. I don’t think that ends well for the left.

  91. I just got chastised by the most old neighbor lady because she saw me leaving the blower guy’s house with a couple tools in my hands. Apparently, I’m not supposed to help my fellow man (because she hates him while I simply dislike and mock him).

    I asked her if she had ever heard the old maxim “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” – she looked at me like a deer in the headlights. How did you make it your 70s, Shirley?

  92. This pretty much sums up where a lot of people are heading, in some form or another.

    Hell, it’s been interesting to watch Ace get more reactionary over the years.

  93. I had to Google TERF. Is it a bad thing that Leon knows more about modern social culture than i do? I think not.

  94. I’m younger and I live on the internets all day, Chi.

  95. That needed a comma.

  96. Thanks for reminding me that I’m an old fart.
    Get off my lawn!

  97. I’m not much younger, but I’m firmly in the middle of Gen X. The last generation to remember the world before the internet. And the last to have a living memory of Reagan and the Cold War.


  99. Heh. Coalex, my brother will like that. I’m putting it on his wall.

  100. Comment by Jimbro on February 21, 2019 6:26 pm

    Make Chili Mac Great Again.

  101. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 21, 2019 6:13 pm
    I’m not much younger, but I’m firmly in the middle of Gen X. The last generation to remember the world before the internet. And the last to have a living memory of Reagan and the Cold War.

    I’m just a bit too young to remember Reagan, but I definitely remember the world before the internet took over everything.

  102. I’m gen x.

  103. Reagan’s autopen signed both my Eagle Scout certificate and my commission as a 2LT

  104. Car in is senior Gen X, Alex is probably the youngest in the generation. Following him is the lost generation (Millennial), and following them are gen Z, who will remember Trump as I do Reagan.

    Gen Z will install His Royal Majesty Lord Chancellor Barron Trump over the Great American Empire.


  106. Two Mules For Sister Sarah. It’s been ages since i last watched this.

    I was too young to vote for Reagan, but I campaigned for him in high school years. I turned 18 a few months after he walked into his second term. I think my work is what got him re-elected.

  107. I was born in 82, so I’m senior millennial group. Most of us are sane. It’s the 90s millennials who are fucked up.

  108. I could have voted for Reagan, but I didn’t start voting for another 20 years.

  109. Reagan in ‘80 was my cherry popper.

  110. I spent 2.5 hours in a third world country last night. I was glad to get back to America.

  111. Pendejo, why were you in Las Cruces?

  112. you went to chicago?

  113. Comment by Pendejo on February 21, 2019 8:46 pm
    Reagan in ‘80 was my cherry popper.

    #me too!

    (Well, actually, that would have been Mr. TiFW in 1979, but you know what I mean…)

  114. You had a deep dish pizza?

  115. Pendejo went to a shithole country?
    I didn’t even know that Michigan had an airport.

  116. Cruces and Chitown are good guesses. But no, I had a layover in LAX. The only time I heard English spoken, it was heavily heavily accented.

  117. Yep, Michigan is a shithole. No one should come here, and all the leftist urban types should move somewhere nice like the DC Metro area.

  118. My wife got a job today. Our gym has childcare but the evening lady quit. Our gym membership just dropped $31/month and Possum can go there every day to play with other kids.

  119. I guess ’71 makes me an Xer? Hell, I barely remember Nixon’s resignation speech. I remember falling for Clinton when I was young and stupid…I was disabused of that in time, of course. Was still clueless through most of W, but I’d been having nagging feelings something wasn’t right since the ’90s. It didn’t really start coming together until W was on his way out, though. So, recovering sheeple I guess? Shit, I dunno.

  120. If we get all the jackasses out of Detroit we should set up colonies in the abandoned areas. Lie low, make the best of what remains while working our own resources…

  121. I remember Ike, and watching the newsreels from Korea on Saturday mornings. And JFK and his death, and Nixon, Johnson, carter Reagan, Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, and all the rest. When we were first married, Kruschiev (sp) was going to “Bury You”, pounding his shoe on the lectern, which is why I got clipped at 20, as we were all going to die in the nuclear fire.
    A Canticle For Leibowitz, “Fail Safe”, and “Dr. Strangelove were the ‘hot topics. Kids hid under their desks in atomic bomb drills and there were Civil Defense shelters every where,
    All of that has been thrown away as relics of the past and the most pressing threat to America today is the socialists within, the indoctrination of students from kindergarten through college, the teachers union(communists), the lack of teaching students critical thinking and logic, and the lack of teaching history(how did all those socialist and communist regimes work out?)
    I’m glad that I’m now old and will not have to see how my beloved country dies.
    So it goes…

  122. I’m 55. My memories pretty much start in 1967. Before that, emotional sense memory, not real memory.

  123. My wife got a job today. Our gym has childcare but the evening lady quit. Our gym membership just dropped $31/month and Possum can go there every day to play with other kids.

    See if you can rent space for an office.

  124. Elon Musk is a money grubbing moron.
    There’s a reason that he’s chummy with Joe Rogan.

  125. Duane exposed Randall’s perfidy.

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