Hello, and welcome to Big Bibliognost Friday.


bibliognost – well-read individual; person with wide knowledge of books




Your model for today was born November 5th, 1991 in Reutlingen, Germany.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 38-24-32 and 117 lbs.  Please cuddle-up and say guten tag to Miss Pia Muehlenbeck!




  1. She’s a pistol.

  2. Hotter than a …

  3. Its like the playoffs have already begun. She’s a dandy.

  4. she’s a bit to0 classy looking for this dump

  5. no offense

  6. Meh, the curly haired German brunette was better.

  7. She’s a smasher.

  8. Pretty sure I could snap her in two.

    wakey wakey

  9. No man would let you.

  10. I had to review her pictures again for “snappability”.

    10/10, would snap

  11. Scrub tech orientee has humongous boobs that her scrubs are trying to conceal but failing. I’m sure a lead apron and surgical gown will help

  12. I’m so terribly disappointed that she’s lived in Australia long enough to lose her German accent and gain an Ozzie one.

  13. I guess that’s still better than picking up a New Yawk accent, so there’s that.

  14. The blonde Aussie interviewer interests me more.

  15. Agreed, she looks a little more sturdy.

  16. Enter at your own risk one piece swimsuit seems like a prophetic message.

  17. heh, if I took little steps with bands like she does in 117lbs gif, the instructor would slap me.

  18. That appears to be very popular among the young wimmens these days. They all seem to do it at my gym. Hip abduction to widen the swell of the upper thigh and make the contrast with the waist more dramatic, I expect.

  19. We do those band things to warm up (one band, not two). Some days it’s a bigger step with a semi squat, and sometimes it’s more/tiny steps.

  20. Well, she’s got 3 bands, so she must be HOT!

  21. I support farming

  22. Beam me aboard, Scotty!

  23. You could just use a heavier band …

  24. I used a band that was too heavy once and it sorta jacked my knee.

  25. Puppy pick up in one hour, forty five minuets.

  26. Heavy bands bother my hip. I must be old.

  27. Hot, nice smile, a hint of crazy.

  28. Do the libs really think they would be able to declare a national emergency for healthcare and gun control?

  29. Leon, her name is Kelly McCarren. Here’s a video where she spends the whole time nearly spilling out of a light robe.

  30. 8/10 would smash

  31. She’s worthy of a future BBF poat.

  32. 8/10 would smash


  33. 8/10 would smash


    To be fair, have you tried smashing those silicone implants? Like nailing jello.

  34. I deducted 2 points for being too perfect

  35. Pia’s face is kind of weird. I bet in ten years she looks like a tranny.

  36. Yeah, fake tits are a turn off for me. Why do chicks do that?

  37. We should ask Mare.

  38. We had a similar joke about the Ping family in a Kung-Fu tabletop RPG.

    The brave martial artist who liked to jump: Lee Ping
    The underworld assassin who was extremely fast with guns: Lo Ping
    The brother who never got out much: Fa Ping

  39. Comment by Hotspur on February 15, 2019 9:44 am
    Yeah, fake tits are a turn off for me. Why do chicks do that?

    I had a friend who’s fake tits were like handling a couple of inflated rubber balls. Not fun to play with.

  40. She let you play with them though, which is nice.


  42. Big difference between saline ones vs silicone. And when they’re super inflated even silicone is like squeezing a beach ball.

  43. Never look a gift titty in the nipple…..thats all Im sayin…..

  44. They’re passing around the Kool-Aid over at the HQ.

  45. It’s primarily that we’re all sad that it’s almost certain to end in gunfire and bloodshed at this point. Political solutions are running thin on the ground, and demographic shifts driven by invasion are making any future swing of the pendulum less likely. We talk about Civil War 2.0, but no one wants to live through it, much less watch their children and grandchildren do the same, and no one knows what “America” looks like after passing through the eye of that needle.

  46. Yesterday I rose my cinnamon rolls and test-baked one pan. They came out perfect. High-risen, light and fluffy with a crisp edge. Then I got called in early to work because everybody is being felled by the creeping crud. So I pushed off my plan to bake off a bunch more rolls, threw the already-risen rolls back into the fridge, and went to work.

    After helping the day shift, my shift was short handed too, so it was a pretty shitty extra-long all-running night, and the patients we have right now are pretty needy.

    I got asked to come in early today, too. So I got up early to take the rolls out and bake them off. They looked wrong. Fallen. I test-baked a small batch right out of the fridge.

    Like cinnamon hockey pucks.

    If I had ignored the pleas to come in early yesterday, my day would have been just as shitty, but we would have had cinnamon rolls.

    This is why we need to shut our phones off sometimes, people.

  47. It’s primarily that we’re all sad that it’s almost certain to end in gunfire and bloodshed at this point. Political solutions are running thin on the ground, and demographic shifts driven by invasion are making any future swing of the pendulum less likely. We talk about Civil War 2.0, but no one wants to live through it, much less watch their children and grandchildren do the same, and no one knows what “America” looks like after passing through the eye of that needle.
    You really think there will be a shooting war?

  48. Not necessarily. Constant political assassinations and gang fighting qualify as gunfire and bloodshed. Mexico’s been there for a while. Open war would be welcome by comparison, it’s more definitive and final, even if you lose.

  49. That’s part of why I’ve been learning Spanish and watching telenovelas. May as well learn what it’s like to live in a nation run by organized crime. I basically already do.

  50. “That’s part of why I’ve been learning Spanish and watching telenovelas.”

    I am a descendant of Men that refused to be ruled…. I think I’ll try another approach…..I intend to do very bad things to very bad people, if necessary. Some things are worth fighting for… I suspect your culture falls into that category. You do realize that is whats at stake? This isnt as much about our form of .gov as it is about removing the white “europeans” from power in the name of globalism.

  51. I’m descended from Saxons, Troy, a people literally named for how well they axe-murdered their neighbors. I know what’s at stake, and I won’t disappoint my ancestors.

  52. Before you get killed axing your neighbors and what not can we do mushrooms on your farm and play with the flamethrower?

    Not together of course.

  53. When you tell your boyfriend a joke

  54. Sure thing, MJ. Might want to wait until springtime, though, if not summer.

  55. Good to know. And I think that this being a global issue as well as national is something that needs to be acknowledged. Look at what they have done to Europe……the plan is no different for here, just different flavor of “refugee.”

  56. Well it didn’t take long for AOC to fall.

    After the GND and cheering the loss of 25K+ jobs in NYC the corporate wing of the dems are going to totally destroy her.

  57. But I like Mexican food!

  58. Most of the messicans who were coming are already here. This is about Somalis, Nigerians, Hondurans, Guatemalans, and so forth.

  59. Comment by Hotspur on February 15, 2019 9:45 am
    We should ask Mare.


    Shut your whore mouth!

  60. I don’t agree with a lot of what this guy says, but I do think he hits a few good points. The problem of private debt, and that there really does seem to be hostility towards the US by a financial class that is largely globalist.

  61. She seems nice tits.

  62. AOC is stupid and I love the “stupid AOC” memes.

    *High fives Jay*

  63. Everyone’s napping. And by napping, I mean all the puppies.

    When the big dogs were out, Pupper found Moose’s spot (under my computer table). She really like that. Moose has taken that spot and pupper had to find a new nap spot.

  64. The taxes are done.

    Everything left over from last year is going to the Gubmint.

    Bank account goes to zero.

    Oh, well. I put a nice down payment on a new truck and had the garage sided.

    Nancy needs the rest for her illegals.

  65. Just hearing that pisses me off, Scott. My husband hasn’t given me the word on our taxes yet. Last year was a clusterf*ck of anger.

    Eff you, Nancy.

  66. Carin, for Heaven’s sake post some pics!!

  67. My mistake.

    I paid quarterly estimates based on an Obama economy.

    If everyone paid taxes this way, there would be a revolution.

    Screw you withholding!

  68. We did the same thing, Scott. It was quite a blow and poor timing.

  69. A Car in puppy pic for mare

    Pretty sure she won’t mind. From FB.

  70. Mare is going to click that 1000 times.

    * pictures a puff of smoke rising from the mouse *

  71. Now the link works.

  72. AOC says: What’s so hard about it?

  73. haha, I fixt it, scott.

    Maybe I should have left it for a while. That would be fun.

  74. H2 Failure.

  75. When they were inventing Golden Retrievers one of the ingredients was Newfies.

    They were supposed to provide a soft mouth .

  76. We’re doing our taxes tonight or tomorrow. I’m hoping I zero’d out or owe a little.

  77. New info from the runner who choked out the cougar

    Smollette couldn’t be reached for comment.

  78. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 15, 2019 2:27 pm
    We’re doing our taxes tonight or tomorrow. I’m hoping I zero’d out or owe a little.

    The goal is to owe $1.

  79. PUPPIES!!!!! Thanks Jay!

  80. You all suck. And by suck. I mean suck.

  81. The goal is to abolish the income tax. And I’m really no fan of the property tax because you can never really own your property. The death tax can go eff itself too. Giving to your children (whomever) is biblical.

    So I guess that leaves use taxes which make more sense. And sales tax.

  82. Actually, when I think about it, I prefer the income tax to property taxes and the death tax. But you must pay by check at the end of the year, once.

  83. I dislike use and sales taxes. I’d rather deal with property and income taxes.

  84. I owe $116. I’ll slip that bitch into the mailbox on 4/15.

  85. Picked up my other receiver at lunch……Imma get all mad sciency wit this one….cause. I. Can. Next build after that is probably going to be something in the 7.62 cal flavor…cause…

    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me happeeeeeeeee
    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me smiiiiiiilllllle

  86. Comment by Pendejo on February 15, 2019 3:11 pm
    I owe $116. I’ll slip that bitch into the mailbox on 4/15.

    Send them a box full of pennies.

  87. Doesn’t make sense to like property taxes. You NEVER own your property.

  88. The puppy is super adorb. Just follows me around the house. Only problem is when she’s on the leash outside and the dogs are loose. That usually makes dogs nervous.

  89. The main problem with the income tax code is all the social and economic engineering provisions. Credits for this and that, special deductions to encourage behavior, etc.

  90. Me, I lack the skills, physical fitness, resources, and likely the soundness of mind to do well in the American Troubles. But flip side, there is that spark from my Sicilian side. It’s traditional to respond to official fuckery by seeing to business through Our Thing.

  91. I don’t like property taxes, but property values are closely tied to local government decisions, which gives local governments some skin in the game for the effects of their policies.

    And the “you don’t own your property” argument doesn’t hold much weight to me. The same logic could be applied to any sort of taxation. Income tax? You worked as a slave to the government. Sales tax? The merchant doesn’t own part of their merchandise.

    Sales and use taxes require someone to report all economic activity to the government, which I see as a lot more cumbersome and intrusive than, “how much is your house worth” or “how much money did you earn last year?” I think that they also are much more likely to a) be abused by governments trying to manipulate behavior and b) reduce the impact of taxation on voters (because the tax is spread out among all goods).

  92. Kaepernick gets a $60 to $80 million dollar payday in settlement from NFL:

    Collusion my ass.

  93. The federal government shouldn’t be taxing citizens directly. It should figure out the budget, divide it up among the states according to their share of the population, and let them best figure out how they want to raise the money. If California wants to run an income tax, and Colorado wants a sales tax, then so be it.

  94. Huh? You do know if you don’t pay your property taxes your property can be confiscated and sold. Ask lots of real Hawaiians about that one. And older people in smaller homes where prop values have Skyrocketed.

  95. Jay, That tells me the NFL are bigger assholes than I even thought. 2 years no NFL (none) have not missed at all. Eff them.

  96. “how much is your house worth”


    And when the assessor tells you they need to come out and inspect every building on your property inside and out so they can accurately value them? and inventory the contents? or else they’ll just guess and value everything really high, like a million dollars over and charge you accordingly. This is where we are right now.

  97. “Me, I lack the skills, physical fitness, resources, and likely the soundness of mind to do well in the American Troubles”

    Yes, but you can support your local FreeFor by having ammo replacement, shelter, food, batteries, medicine, information, willingness to transport, etc. You can prepare for that. And that stuff is very important. And if you never need it, well, you can say to self, Self, I was ready to do my part.

  98. Here’s another fun NM tax provision…..

    “If you buy goods and are not charged the New Mexico Sales Tax by the retailer, such as with online and out-of-state purchases, you are supposed to pay the 5.13% sales tax (less any foreign sales tax paid) for these items yourself as the New Mexico Use Tax.”

    I don’t know if anyone has ever paid this.

  99. Bart’s gonna be in trouble

  100. I will be invited to the camps, because I know how to brew beer, and distill alcohol.

  101. Pepe we have that provision in Michigan.

  102. So far our new Democrat Governor is doing some good things.

    He cut borrowing by 40%, and I just heard he killed the entity tax.

    I HATED that tax. $250 a year.

  103. Gym time. 181 days to go.

  104. I lifted this morning. This afternoon will be an hour on the treadmill before I go dancing.

  105. Is this the largest jalapeno on the face of the earth? Ive never seen one so big.
    Did they grow this thing at Chernobyl?

  106. I frequently go to nm to buy liquor. Their tax on the stuff must be significantly less than Tx cause it’s way cheeper.

  107. Deadlifts, squats, and calf raises. No booty girls today, i was probably too early.

  108. 2 year old is holding the pepper.

  109. Car in is probably bored with the puppy by now.

  110. Whoever fixed my fucked up post, thank you.
    I’m making Asian tacos for drunch tomorrow (dinner/lunch). Pork, onion, kimchi, jalapenos, a simple sauce, maybe some other shit I haven’t decided on yet…
    But that is the biggest jalapeno ive ever seen. Am I wrong to actually eat it? It looks kinda dangerous.


  112. Pineapple.
    I have a fresh pineapple that I haven’t decided what to do with. I think some Asian tacos is a good choice for it. Just mixing it into yogurt seems like a waste.

  113. I know, it’s Gateway Pundit, but…
    How does ‘Jussie’ mistake these two hunks of Nigerian beef for two MAGA hat wearing white guys?

  114. Cause Jussie is a fucking liar who lied and continues to lie.

  115. Heh.
    Colex is going dancing. Now I can’t get the gay Footloose song out of my head. Asshole.

  116. Am I wrong to actually eat it? It looks kinda dangerous
    Probably the safest orifice to dispose of it

  117. Is this the largest jalapeno on the face of the earth? Ive never seen one so big.

    Your mom has seen bigger ones. They left her with a burning sensation.

  118. Smaller jalapeños are hotter than the bell pepper looking jalapeños. I would definitely fill that bad boy with bacon cream cheese and wrap it in bacon and grill it. Mmmm…bacon wrapped jalapeños

  119. Oso,
    There was a bunch of ginormous peppers that looked like banana peppers at the store today. I wanted to buy a crapton of them to stuff with sausage & rice, but I’m poor and had to make a choice. I forget what the label called them – it wasn’t “banana peppers” though. I wish i could grow my own Hatch peppers. That would make me smile.

  120. I should learn a trade. Metalsmithing or something. Not sure how well it would work at my age and my state, but it would give me something useful to barter with when the Troubles start.

  121. Check around local CCs, and there may be blacksmith classes tucked away.


  123. Bro Cav,
    I quit an IT career at 45, where I was “Immortal” and could not be fired(as I was an autist and did not make mistakes), and went to A&P school for two years to work on aircraft and get a pilots license.

    I just jumped into the void. It was terrifying…

    Of course, after working as a DoD contractor for a couple of years, I fucked my back and could do this no more.

    Fortunately, I invested wisely for all those years.
    Now, I’m just a broken old man, with an interesting history.
    My story would start:
    If only I had…

  124. Back to wait and see. Unemployment covers 60% of my weekly pay. I really H8 my GM.

  125. Oso, I’ve missed the backstory I guess. Why are they downsizing at your Sam’s Club? What’s really going on?


  127. Eh. I’ve just made a lot of foolish decisions. I don’t like using the D as an excuse for it all, but I understand it laid the groundwork. Now I’m on the back foot entirely in life. Never really got started on a proper career. Not very good at the things I’ve trained in. Beginning to suspect I should have gone in a very different direction.

    Honestly, I’d love to wind up as something better than a cautionary tale, but hey, at least I’d have been worth something, amirite?

  128. Oh well. It ill behooves me to whine. Not a person I should want to be.

    G’night all!

  129. Chi, there are a lot of places that sell various types of Hatch chile plants and seeds. Look for the name NuMex.

    Here, this is a popular one you can grow from seed:

    But really, if you google ‘numex pepper seed’ you will get a few different varieties accompanied by descriptions. Look them up before buying, because some NuMex plants produce fruit within a predictable range of heat, and some are wild card-ish.

  130. Thank you very much Laura – good lookin’ out. I will check into that!
    I don’t care what these windowlickers say. You’re good people. Here’s some vaseline for your hump!

  131. Donkeys eat really peevishly.

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