Post Punxsutawnic Tuesday

So the weekend was a bust. I had to cancel the PA run to deal with some family stuff

aging sucks.

The rodent called for an early spring and it was in the 40’s and 50’s the last couple of days so that’s nice.

Past predictions (133 total)

 Long winter – 104 (79.4%)
 Early spring – 19 (13.7%)
 No record – 9 (6.9%) (from wiki)
now get out there and check out your shadow.


  1. Definitely warmed up yesterday and it’s supposed to continue through today before winter returns.

  2. I’ve never seen the entire Groundhog Day movie. It’s on so often you’d think it would be easy but something about not giving a crap about the plot to persevere is a huge factor here.

  3. For some reason the site called “The Chive” really likes Bill Murray. The site does have a military background and runs benefits for service members and their families and I think Murray has contributed time to them for benefits. He just strikes me as someone who would throw a real conservative under the bus.

  4. I’ve seen the whole movie, it’s a sweet story. I tend to think of it as the gentlest representation of Purgatory ever filmed. Jacob’s Ladder was one of the weirder ones.

  5. Gentle remonstration = Groundhog Day
    Really tough love = Jacob’s Ladder
    Just goin’ through the motions = me at the DMV renewing my driver’s license next week

  6. IIRC, years ago there was some religious conference where there was going to be a bunch of lectures on the religious themes of different movies. EVERYONE wanted to do Groundhog’s Day.

  7. wakey wakey.

  8. They should announce that Groundhog Day 2 is coming out, then just show the original without telling anyone.

  9. I do not miss the top of jam’s tits.

  10. When I got home last night, my coop door was still open.

    One chicken dead (almost completely eaten). Two chickens were hiding in the garden, the rest were up on the roost, and an opossum was in the coop. I had to hold two chickens, call my daughter (in the house, ) to come help me. I’m holding two chickens, in the night, for about 15 minuets. We got them all in the coop and scared the monster away.

    Enough of that Opossums are beneficial bs. I hates. them.

  11. Comment by Pendejo on February 5, 2019 6:23 am
    Dario had that shit coming


    Hahhhhaaahhh. good one, PD!

  12. Live trap (in case of cats) baited with half an apple. Get a big trap, place it in a known path if you can. Attach rope or twine before you set it, that way you can pull it out of the lake easily after disposal.

  13. Actually I think I saw something recently about some VR video game that was written as a sequel to Groundhog’s Day. So, yeah.

  14. “scared the monster away”

    Did no one have a shovel?

  15. Got jam a new sweater

  16. Listen to Leon Johnson. Mr. Opossum just had a nice chicken meal. He will be back.

  17. Half an orange will work too, and that’s better bait for raccoons if you have one. Cat food will work, but fruit won’t attract cats.

  18. Hitting the wall pretty hard today. Almost wasn’t able to roust myself to go to work this morning. Had to cut some corners I ordinarily would not. Got a lot to discuss with my therapist tomorrow.

  19. Why would he fill up on apple when there is chicken right around the corner?

  20. mmmm chicken. Can you fire up the smoker for the possum? Maybe he likes smoked chicken.

    Or just put it in a pitcher.

  21. The chicken is a fight. Not a tough one, but a fight, and sugar is at a premium in wintertime. It’ll work.

  22. So we’re opossum final solution blog now, eh?

    *puts little armbands on chickens

  23. Form a possum posse, hunt the rogue marsupials down…

  24. I couldn’t use a shovel, because i was holding two scared chicken at the time.

    My plan – which I like better – is to insure the door is closed before dark and leave the garden gate open so the dogs can get in there. They’ve never been able to break into the coop.

  25. Possum got a bantam.

  26. I can’t throw a caged possum into the lake, because it’s frozen.

  27. Yes, the possibility of a dog dragging a playing-dead opossum into your house is soooooo much better than drowning a trapped one.

  28. I can’t throw a caged possum into the lake, because it’s frozen.

    I made a hole with my axe when this came up at my house.

  29. So we’re opossum final solution blog now, eh?

    Look, I didn’t start this war, but I will finish it. Marsupials don’t belong here anyhow.

  30. Pershing posse pursuing possums?

  31. I wonder if Trump will give a shout out to Robot-RBG at the SOTU.

    Better question, will they show her sleeping during it?

  32. I’d be happy to lend you Tucker The Wonder Min pin, car in. He despises possums. He will rid you of your problem. He has basically decimated the population here.
    The only good thing about possums is that their body temp doesn’t get high enough to support the rabies virus – or so i’m told.

  33. Doggies won’t bring a possum in the house. They will convince them to live elsewhere. I am NOT chopping open a hole in my ice. I can imagine that not ending well.

  34. Groundhogs Day is a great flick. One of my favorites.
    And Bill Murray is supposed to be one cool MF. Crashes weddings (of normal folk) out of nowhere, always has time for fans, very congenial, donates to worthy charities, etc. Just as nice as anyone in Hollyweird could hope to be.

  35. Air Rifle. Quick, Quiet, no choppy on the ice, no wait

  36. Cool


  37. Trump is a racist and most of his speech that I haven’t seen yet is racist.

    –Every lefty everywhere

  38. Troy, I like to kill the varmint without releasing it from the trap if I can.

  39. put the skinny barrel through the cage, contact head shot behind the ear.

  40. Not even noon and it’s already 62° here. Supposed to reach 69 in a few hours.
    It was just over a week ago that we had a daytime high of 19.
    Bless You and your global warming, Al Gore!

  41. It’s already cold here again. 31. We’re getting an ice storm overnight. Yea! So excited for that.

    I’m going to go spoil my chickens by cleaning their coop and feeding them mealworms. I have no idea how long this is going to take me today – the shavings look kinda damp. /sad trombone.

  42. You guys miss the hilarity of facedouche. We have a local page that does all sorts of police alerts and this was posted overnight:

    JUVENILE COMPLAINT: 600 Blk of N. Madison St. Callers named son cut off his tether and left on foot towards downtown. #LapeerCity
    26 Comm

    Followed by I don’t even know how many funny comments, mostly in gif form.

  43. I have formally applied for another job as of this morning.

  44. I regret to inform you, Mr Leon, but we are not currently looking for a possum murderer. Especially one who doesn’t merely stab it with a pitchfork.

    Should a position open in the future, we will keep your resume on file.

  45. Tough luck.

  46. I’m really, really good at it now, though. After that first mishap, I went from apprentice to senior journeyman marsupial slayer toot suite.

  47. I regret to inform you that we are no longer looking for a Director of Farming Regret.

    Should a position become available…

  48. You mock my pain!!!

  49. Dear Mr Caruthers,

    Please stop sending us pictures of that dead possum. I’m pretty sure a few of them were of some stuffed animal? We really are looking for someone with a bit more experience.

    We wish you luck with future ventures

  50. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 5, 2019 12:15 pm
    I have formally applied for another job as of this morning.

    Going back to stripping?

  51. named son cut off his tether and left on foot

    What does this even mean?

  52. Kid named in the report cut his kid leash and ran off.

  53. That’s why you put them on the shock collar when they start to get bigger.

  54. Now I have the image of some surly teenaged boy in one of those kid leashes cutting through the rope with a pocket knife.

  55. Getting a pretty nice snowfall here in Southern Canada. So pretty. Yesterday was a sheet of ice over everything, I had to drive into Wisconsin for werk and it was black ice the whole way there and back. Fun fun fun, anything over 45 MPH and you start to slide sideways.

  56. What ever happened with the fake hate crime in Chicago? I have to be there next week and I want to know if I should bring some bleach.

  57. And a rope.

  58. “Air Rifle. Quick, Quiet, no choppy on the ice, no wait”

    cabelas has an RWS 34P on sale for 150….. that’s a fantastic price for that rifle.
    i may have bought one just because –

  59. I’m pretty sure it’s a huge fine if you cut it off.

  60. 60 degrees and sunny. I’ve been working in the garden. Laying out my new no-dig beds. Some of the old hay bales aren’t frozen. Using them and leaves and whatever wood chips I can pry off the still-mostly-frozen pile.

    Getting some happiness while I can. Your shitty weather is on it’s way to me, to ruin the rest of the week.

  61. Nah seriously. Was it a fake thing or did that guy get jumped or whatever.

    I never really understood what happened and when I watched 30 seconds of a political show last week someone was talking about it as if it was a hate crime. Seemed odd considering it wasn’t exactly a solid story.

  62. Can’t you send Moose out on the ice to break through? Not like he hasn’t done it before.

  63. A California woman accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault has hired Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team – Katz, Marshall and Banks – and is consulting with them about next steps, according to a source close to the legal team.

    Who’s got the popcorn? I’m out. Between this and MJ’s Great Bleach Adventure I’m gonna have to see a doctor.

  64. MJ, don’t forget your MAGA hat. Evidently downtown Chicago is a hotbed of Trump supporters. Its why all this happened.

  65. MJ, it hasn’t been “proven” to be a hoax, but there is nothing but his claims at this point. He had a small scratch on his face (barely) and was seen moving in a manner that wouldn’t indicated he had a bruised rib. I’m going to guess someone said something rude to him, and he over-reacted in some manner.

  66. He allegedly went out for fast food at 2 am.

    “Smollett said the mysterious MAGA men poured bleach on his head but bleach freezes at 18 degrees.
    The weather on Tuesday was a low of -9 degrees.
    Frozen bleach will not pour.

    Jessie Smollett said he was assaulted and suffered a cracked rib but condo surveillance video shows Smollett walking past security to the elevator without telling them he had just been attacked by thugs who “beat the hell out of him” and “broke his ribs.”

  67. Question is…was his hotel located in Man Country?

  68. “A California woman accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault has hired Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team…”

    Between this and The Northam Scandal, i really should invest in popcorn futures. (Even though i prefer hot boiled peanuts)
    Have the left and the media (brim) started circling the wagons yet?

  69. it hasn’t been “proven” to be a hoax …
    I have to believe the media is going to give this particular discovery process a good leaving alone

  70. New toy idea for H2 Christmas

  71. Ma’am, you need to calm down

  72. Just FYI, the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago is infamous for gay cruising.

  73. Just FYI, the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago is infamous for gay cruising.

    Your favorite vacation spot, eh?

  74. Never been there.

  75. MJ lived there, I’m guessing he didn’t want to let us know what we already knew.

  76. FYI, Starbucks has a program where they accumulate and give you their spent coffee grounds for your compost pile. I’m picking up a share tomorrow, no idea how much they’ll give me.

    I also contacted a local brewery and they will let me shovel up a bunch of their spent grains. Which are supposed to break down to a pretty nice soil conditioner.

    This is all terribly exciting.

  77. i would think the spent grains would attract a lot of pest creatures. Sweet smell and taste.

  78. I thought most breweries already sold those to cattle farmers.

  79. I don’t know if he sells it or gives it away. But he’s gonna let me just take some, which is nice.

    I guess it will attract the same pests as my regular kitchen compost pile does, Jay. Which is why I keep it a distance away from the garden.

  80. They give you it in these big coffee bags (repurposed). My store just leaves them by the door in a basket. like a 5 pound bag.

  81. I’ve seen those at the Bangor Starbucks. It’s a “polite size” bag, like a few pounds. Like many things this is primarily to let people know they care about the environment. And free bathroom access.

  82. can someone tell me if there is another meaning for “learn to code”? Why is everyone so upset about it? Is that code for something, or does everyone have abnormally thin skin about that?

  83. I believe it was just basically a suggestion for journalists to learn a useful skill.

  84. Because they know that they aren’t capable of it. Being “wordsmiths” allowed them a lofty seat from which to sneer down at the nerds who built their precious platforms, just as it let them sneer at the burly men who installed the air conditioning in their comfy offices.

  85. Learn to code was brock bommas response to laid off coal miners. Tweeterers have been sending #learntocode to laid off journalists and getting their accounts suspended by twitter because it’s mean.

  86. It’s mockery. During the Obama years journalist and Dem politicos kept pushing the idea that workers in dying industries such as mining or steelworking should transition to new jobs, specifically programming jobs. The idea was that this was all just the creative destruction of the free market and trying to stop it was backwards and wrong. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, journalists are freaking out and demanding government protection for their industries, and the MAGAites are reveling in the chance to hurl all this back in their faces.

  87. Lots and lots of CDL jobs right now that are unfilled.


  88. Apparently it’s mean, after someone is new-technologied out of a job, to suggest they could reinvent themselves into something more useful.

    This is almost exactly the same thing that happened to me, except instead of being butthurt, I took the advice and acted upon it.

    But, I’m not a self-appointed, soft-handed mandarin of the banana republic, so I was actually willing to do real work. These goofs literally can’t even imagine it.

  89. #learntoswallow

  90. I thought there might be a racist subtext for it that I didn’t know. Now I remember the coal miner story. Makes it even better.

  91. I assert that making whiskey out of HFCS is the highest destiny to which it could aspire. Making beer out of it is still better than eating it.

  92. I thought there might be a racist subtext for it that I didn’t know

    A black man said it to a bunch of out-of-work white guys, so yes, it’s racist.

  93. This is all terribly exciting.



    MJ, the police have refuted everything the attention whore said occurred. He had a cell phone and a Subway sandwich in his hands after the incident so he’s got his priorities straight. Dumbass.

  94. I’m pasteurizing potting soil in the microwave. Nobody’s life is better than this.




  95. Those effers at Twitter are C@@ts for suspending people who tell laid off “journalists “ #LearnToCode because they say it’s harassment. THAT is ridiculous.

    Too many candy assed weasels.

  96. But, but, we’re making fun of their friends, Mare! Right after they lost their jobs! It’s so hurtful, and it’s not like they’ve ever done that to someone else!

  97. Gawd I hate doing estimates.

  98. HFCS is one of the works of Satan. In the End Times any who use it for brewing will be cast into the fiery pit to eat vegan Chipotle’s dishes with hipster douchebags for all eternity.

  99. HFCS is one of the works of Satan. In the End Times any who use it for brewing will be cast into the fiery pit to eat vegan Chipotle’s dishes with hipster douchebags for all eternity.

    Whoa, there. Satan isn’t so greatly punished in Hell as that. You have to brew before you can distill, and I posit that the ‘shine you’d have at the end wouldn’t be half bad. I wouldn’t stop at ‘beer’, though. Your punishment might fight that crime.

  100. Are the hipster douchebag mixed into the burrito bowl or are they a side dish?

  101. Worse. Service staff.

  102. Remember when that smarmy, dummy, Obama told coal miners, tough titties?

    I may have paraphrased.


  103. Exactly, jimbro, it’s all sugar, after all.

  104. The spot received plenty of immediate rebukes on Twitter, but none probably more notable than the National Corn Growers Association

    These are not good people.

  105. When I used to make beer, I used a little corn sugar to condition the brew at bottling time. It just ferments into booze and bubbles, after all.


  107. **just cashed a check for 19.5K on my renter’s corn crop**

    As long as they make motor fuel out of it instead of HFCS I guess I’m cool?

  108. Monocrop agriculture is the debbil.

  109. Hot dirt.

  110. I lol’d. (jam2 kind of warning)

  111. Serious question what does women wearing white at the SOTU mean.

  112. ?

  113. Everyone gonna watch?

    I think it means they’re actually the KKK

  114. That they’re stupid and follow orders.

    Supposedly it’s to show “unity” with each other and Speaker Pelosi.

  115. Does wearing white mean you approve of killing babies?

  116. I think it’s mostly to demonstrate pelosi’s power

  117. virgins

  118. Buzz Aldrin is a badass.

  119. Whores wear white after Labor day.

  120. Aoc looks like a bummer

  121. Comment by scott on February 5, 2019 9:17 pm
    Whores wear white after Labor day.


    BEHAHAHA Scott wins the Internet.

  122. Symbolic gestures from the left are ALWAYS, ALWAYS Stupid.


  123. The white wonen optics is not good

  124. They look dour, petty, and sad.

  125. Pelosi is an American hating, stupid, cud chewing, bitch.

  126. look, I’m going to say it, you think what you will but I love Trump.
    There, I said it, I mean it and I’m going to go now and look for BFF Valentine’s Day cards for Trump and Melania.

  127. Pelosi is busy filing some very important papers.

  128. I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary. I expected him to be a Northeast Liberal Republican.

    He has exceeded all my expectations.

  129. Hot Noodles.

  130. Difference between Trump and Dems – Trump’s prison bill forgives wrongdoers who have repented. Dems – you can grovel and apologize, but if you have broken their rule, you are never, ever forgiven.

  131. Kahlua Harris looks dour. She can eat a bag of dicks.

  132. I find it interesting, the Dem women who aren’t wearing white. Though they were all good little automatons.

  133. Thought AOC was going to keep sitting for the sex traffickers. Guess she thought the optics were bad enough to counter “Orange Man Bad”.

  134. Thought the women two seats over told her to stand. She still couldn’t bring herself to applaud.

  135. ‘Sup, hosefuckers?

  136. Am I the only person that fears more women in Congress?

  137. Strong independent woman has to ask, “Mother, may I?”

  138. Do they realize how stupid they look?

  139. Hi Andy!

  140. Not by a long shot, Mare.

  141. TAndy!!!! Good to see you!

  142. Kirstin Gillibrand is running for President? Uffffffffff

  143. Okay, I’m crying over Grace.

  144. Tandy? That is so 1979.

  145. Not ashamed to say that I did too, Roamy.

  146. BRB, rebooting my TRS-80

  147. Ginsberg isn’t there.

    She’s on ice.

  148. **tackle-hugs Andy**

  149. Towdy Tandy!

  150. Every time Pelosi wiggles her dentures, Scott and I make noisy little tooth-sucking sounds. It’s hilarious up in here.

  151. SOMEBODY GIVE HER A TOOTH PICK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. I want Pence to smack her on the back of the head when she pops her teeth, so they will fall out.

  153. The ladies would look great as handmaidens.

  154. Stacey Abrams: “Children deserve a safe place.”

    Mini-me: “Maybe you shouldn’t kill them, then.”

  155. All the people behind her look creepy, and if I took a drink for every lie, I’d be hammered.

  156. A Democrat asking God to bless America?!?!

  157. White was in honor of suffragette movement. My bad. I represent the women in white that are persecuted by Cuban Commies.

  158. You mean the old militant wing of the Democrat party?

  159. Nice handwriting, Liz!

  160. We had lunch at an old school Vegas restaurant. Chicago Joe’s. Felt sorry for waiter. I was allergic to every salad dressing.

  161. Salad Dressing kilt dis muvafuq.

  162. love it when I have to get up and fix people’s errors

  163. watching Nancy shake her head when Trump says the state of the nation is strong. classic.

  164. Derek edited Rebecca’s prose.

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