MMM 354: cubes

The following pictures are of a naturally-occurring fruiting body that you may have looked right past.  They grow everywhere in US these days, the spores having spread by natural means and the hands of man.  They are also a Schedule 1 controlled substance at the time of this writing.  For reference, fentanyl (aka “the opiod epidemic”) is a Schedule 2, and marijuana is basically off the table for federal enforcement in many states.  You could have these by accident and be charged with a crime.  I wanted to cover them here because they have a superficial resemblance to last week’s mushroom: the death cap.  They bruise differently (blue vs none) and have purple-brown gills and spores (death cap has white gills and spores), though, so differences can be seen when inspected.

Psilocybe cubensis, likely being grown illegally based on the setting.


Natural habitat, dung near grass.


Another wild encounter.




More in the wild.


And some more in the “lab”.


Don’t pick these by mistake.  You could end up a felon.  And don’t don’t don’t eat them by mistake, or smoke them, or feed them to your pet elephant.


  1. I am fairly certain I’ve seen these multiple times in parks and in my old yard.

  2. “by mistake”

  3. Any SJW weirdness from Moron 5?

    Good morning, good people!

  4. If your kid or pet eats one, you’re going to want to ID quickly. I’m just trying to help here.

  5. The pictures appear to represent different kinds of mushrooms although they are the same. This is how people die or get arrested.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. I didn’t really watch much of the game last night. Because I sorta didn’t care, but not from an outraged position. Just … indifferent. Worked all day, came home. ate, chatted. Sat in front of the tee veee a bit, then went to bed.

    Maroon 5 just sucks. The only reason they’re still relevant is because the singer is considered “hot”.

  8. How can he be hot when he looks like he’s been vandalized?

  9. Ha!! Roamy!!

    Well said.

    Not my cup of tea either. Neither?

  10. Right? Totally agree. He looks like he’s had random graffiti placed all over his body.

  11. But I did put it in quotes. Because gals on my timeline are posting his picture as if he’s some great shakes.

  12. I was in the same room as a TV that played the halftime show for parts of it. Other than looking up once in a while to say “WTFITS” I just waited for the game to resume.

    Halftime activities: take a wizz, add firewood to wood stove, grab glass and ice, pour whiskey, make sure dinner was stored in the fridge, say WTF a few more times.

  13. The last time I cared about the Superbowl, a Shuffle was involved.

  14. This poat makes me want to go get recircumcized for some reason. I probably ought to get a second opinion though.

  15. I watched 0:00 tv yesterday. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

  16. The Youtube video I saw has been pulled, but CNN’s Don Lemon threatened Gladys Knight that her legacy would be gone if she sang the national anthem. She straightened his punk ass out.

  17. Here’s a copy but the sound stinks.


  19. I’m proud of PD.

    For not watching TV yesterday.

  20. I know a few people like this

  21. Oddly enough Leon, the Patriots were in that one, too.

    Didn’t end quite so well for ’em, though…

  22. I lived 90 minutes from Chicago at the time. It was yuuuuge for us.

  23. Lil ole lady got mutilated late last nite…….werewolves of London Again……Ahhhhhhooooooooooooooh Werewolves of London…..Ahhhhhooooooooooooooooooooh……

  24. Yeah, haven’t seen much coverage of Gladys singing.

  25. Dude, it was ten below zero. How I’m gonna smoke in that shit?

  26. Bill Maher Taunts Black Republican With Fried Chicken Comment

    Add to your files of “What if Trump said it?”

  27. Haha, just don’t open the lid!

  28. New words for the Barney song!

  29. The sparrows are finding nesting sites and fighting. A fine new season draws near.

    Soon we will be opening windows, washing drapes, and in all ways clearing away the stale accumulations of Winter.

    In ALL ways.

    *throws crusty old paint-scraper in the middle of the floor*

    *shrugs XXL car tarp off The Hump*

    Who among you is man enough? It’s been pretty cold and dry, don’t be ashamed if you might need a buddy.

  30. We just melted the snow with a 50 degree day. Now we are gonna freeze it again! Yay!

  31. Have you tried a power washer, laura? It strips paint off walls, after all.

  32. Nah, power washer doesn’t work on the hump, substrate is too spongy.

  33. This is how much of the superbowl I watched: —><—

  34. The sous vide rack of lamb I made was a bit tough. The recipe called for 2.5 hours at 133º. I think it should have been 3 or 3.5.

    I was a little disappointed.

  35. Aw, it happens. Might have just been that particular animal. You’ll get it next time.

    Any leftovers to play with?

  36. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 4, 2019 10:27 am
    Bill Maher Taunts Black Republican With Fried Chicken Comment

    Will Hurd is my rep. I’m a little bit disenchanted that he didn’t immediately throat punch that disgusting waste of semen.

  37. Any leftovers to play with?

    No, there were four of us, so it all got eaten. Its wasn’t terrible. Just a little on the tough side.

  38. Gorgeous day out there, but everything is still frozen solid. I can’t even walk into my garden because the brick on the ground that holds my gate shut is seized fast. I went to nudge it over and nothing happened. Couldn’t kick it away or wrench it with my hands either. I’m locked out!

  39. Scott is supposed to walk into town with me for the annual sugarsnap pea seed purchase direct from the grower. We’ve been doing this pleasant amble on one nice day every Winter. It’s a fun tradition.

    I’m restless. He’s still working.

  40. Just hop the fence. Jeeez, I thought you said you were a tomboy when you were a girl.

  41. Just went down the rabbit hole of half-time performances. The Who. US. Prince. Which lead me to this:

  42. Today they’d tell her she was a boy and cut off her tiddies and give her ‘roids.

  43. 100 months of positive job growth. That’s what they are hanging their hats on, to prove Obama’s success. I don’t even….

  44. Is Hotspur mansplaining??

  45. still love that version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

  46. I thought it might be fun to try trick Democrats into admitting the worst thing they’ve ever done. You gotta get in front of that bad news, yannow.

    Black face? Forced abortions? Sexual assault? Racist remarks? Off color jokes? Drunken sex in college? Lil too grabby with someone at a party? Blackout drunk? Misgender an obvious tranny? Adultery? Whoring? Sniff some coke in a stall at a club? Bang the help? Send anyone a dick selfie or a pelfie? A little homoexperimenting? Cheat on a test? Stealing? DUI? Multiple DUIs? Hit and run? Mistakenly put a light bulb up your butt? Put a lightbulb up your butt on purpose?

  47. Lefties don’t understand shame or ever have it.

  48. aaaaand it’s snowing again, after 50s yesterday.

  49. Be careful what you wish for!

  50. My dad just called. My Uncle Johnny (Dad’s BIL) passed away this morning. He was 98 years old (we had been expecting this, as he had been in the hospital the past few days). Hell of a man, and a great life.

    So glad we stopped by to visit him after my HS reunion this summer.

  51. Sorry to hear that TiFW

  52. I watched Gladys Knight sing the National Anthem and it was terrific but come on, people should be shouting about how absolutely fabulous she looked. 74, don’t believe it!! And that dress!!

    She nailed everything!!!

  53. it’s in the 50s here today.

  54. Oh, I llove hearing someone had a great life, TIFW!!

    98…well done!

  55. Same here, Carin. Got back from our walk an hour ago, so I have my sugarsnaps and other incidentals, and Scott lit me a chimney of charcoal. Gonna grill some chickthighs on the little weber can soon.

    These are the good ol’ days.

  56. Ok. I gotta go run. 2 miles. Treadmill.

  57. why not 3 miles?

  58. Because I can barely stand two miles on that stupid thing. See, I’m still here …

  59. Prince at half-time is the gold standard for Superbowl halftime.

  60. New troubleshooting procedure..

  61. Ok. 2 miles done. ugh.

  62. Virginia politics is for dipshits. TM

  63. I’m going long on popcorn futures, VA ain’t done yet.

  64. A public fistfight with “nigger” and “cracker” hurled between Gov and Lt Gov seems well within the realm of possibility at this point.

    The amount of win might be too much for me if that happens, but I’m willing to find out.

  65. I’m still laying odds that the AG (next in line in VA) sandbagged both of them.

  66. BC, I’m leaning that way as well.

  67. Oncologists and surgeons are squabbling. Mom’s surgery? rescheduled for Friday. Her tumor is HUGE. At first, I thought all of her weight loss, just made her abdomen look larger. Watermelon size easy.

  68. I’m still laying odds that the AG (next in line in VA) sandbagged both of them.

    If he did, I want him drafted for 2024. The guy’s a Machiavellian badass.

  69. MARE!

  70. Hahahhhhaaa, I would so park there.

  71. Prayers, Oso.


  73. Thanks, Pepe.

  74. My nephew ended up playing baseball at UP. University of Portland Pilots. He is the darkest kid on the team. They call him “Black Boy”. He is pretty dark.

  75. Ruth Ginsberg is an obstinate cunt.

  76. Oso, when did he play. My cousin played baseball for UP as well.

  77. 60 days since a Ginsberg sighting.

    She should have retired during Barry’s term but she’s got an unhealthy ego and played the wrong cards.

  78. 60 degrees the past couple of days. Temps are plunging and will be mid 20s tonight.

  79. PUPSTER!! That tickles…

  80. What the heck, didn’t mean for that to have a time continue..

  81. CoAl, he’s there right now.

  82. Holy crap, oso! How the hell did that thing sneak up on anyone?

  83. Mrs Caruthers knew nothing about the Virginia kerfluffles. Informing her made her giggle like a madwoman.

  84. My mom has synthetic skin. No one noticed that it was growing combined with the weight loss. She has no abdominal muscles. No skin. When they put her intestines back in 2010, they just tossed them in there willy nilly.

  85. Oso, my cousin graduated in 2015. Travis Pederson.

  86. Very sorry about your Mom, Oslo. This “end of life” or “close to end of life” is difficult.

    ((((Hugs)))) to you whether you like it or not!

    *burns my yearbooks*

  87. So sorry, Oso.

  88. Thanks guys. Half of the medical staff is excited to work on my mom, half is scared. CoAl, my nephew has an Anglo name. Blake Porter. He’s dark.

  89. That’s messed up, oso. And prayers to you and yours, I’ve been there and done that, if not in those specifics.

  90. Dario endured repeated punches.

  91. Dario had that shit coming.

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