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  1. Best poat yet. Also, insomnia is my companion tonight.


  3. Hippo blep.

  4. Getting packed for a road trip. Flight hardware has to be integrated early next week to make the launch, so I had decided on Thursday to do it on my own dime. Cashing in hotel points. Yeah, I could have shipped it and let their engineer do the integrating, but I trust her as much as I do a fart after eating Taco Bell. I could wait and see if I could get official travel, but that’s relying on the gov’t to act quickly, and we know how that goes.

  5. You’re a good space chick Roamie, I’m sorry the shutdown is causing you problems and I hope you have safe travels. Where is the launch, he asked lazily?

  6. https://www.conservativedailynews.com/2019/01/congress-passes-measure-to-re-open-government-trump-got-more-out-of-it-than-the-media-realizes/

    I hope so. I figure Nancy and Chuck lied their asses off, but on the plus side, no wall ought to mean no DACA concession, either, and that is a point that should be hammered home. Hey liberals, you *could* have had what Trump offered a week ago.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I’m not clicking on any Bulwark links, I don’t care what the headline says.

  7. Roamy, just want you to know that it’s people like you that Charlie Mike on through (continue the mission) that are making america great again.

    You. Are. A great American.

  8. Pupster, it is the SpaceX launch from the Cape scheduled for May. Hardware gets the shake and bake (vibration and thermal vacuum tests) then loaded onto the Falcon.

  9. SpaceX has some pretty strict requirements on delivery before launch. We argued for a later ship date and lost. Unless it’s a biology experiment that is loading animals at the last minute, they want it early. The shutdown didn’t change the launch date because astronauts gotta eat.

  10. Thanks, Pupster and TTroy. I do take pride in my work.

  11. Kick ass, Romacita.

  12. That last guy has some serious TDS.

  13. Carin, ask your mom if the Joooos are the reason socialism has failed every other time it’s been tried. There’s always a scapegoat.

  14. Instapot. We got one for christmas and so far it seems nice.

  15. I’ve heard that same “the US is the reason Venezuela is failing” crap since Chavez was still chewing coca leaves.

  16. Socialism fails, but was it real socialism?

    Idiots will be saying that for hundreds of years.

  17. Had a weird thought last night. Assuming the uniparty is keeping borders wide open because – at least in part – the cartels are paying them to…

    Would legalizing cocaine close the border?

  18. Nevermind, that was a stupid thought.

  19. Real socialism is only possible if it’s global.

  20. The article is just amazing. The author is a straight up communist.

    “In reality, millions of Venezuelans have seen their living conditions vastly improved through the Bolivarian process. The problems plaguing the Venezuelan economy are not due to some inherent fault in socialism, but to artificially low oil prices and sabotage by forces hostile to the revolution.

    Starting in 2014, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flooded the market with cheap oil.”

    Uh huh. And before that? Why did Venezuela suck? Why was shit already all broken down, oil production way down, etc etc.

  21. And yes, he does blame the jooos.

    “This is not a mere business decision, but a calculated move coordinated with U.S. and Israeli foreign policy goals. “

  22. I think she just reads the headlines and shares the articles.

  23. Israel should really stop hurting Venezuela by making the rest of the world not suck at oil extraction, refinement, and sale on a fungible global market.

  24. The 1980’s are calling and they want their foreign policy back.

  25. I wondered out loud yesterday if Russia would have the stomach to send military assets to Venezuela. Asked and answered.

    Ooofff. This sucks.

  26. I’m glad Russia sent two strategic long range peace bombers, that should spread the peace super good.

  27. I’m going to try a fathead pizza with chicken and bacon, but use bbq sauce instead of ranch for the sauce this time. Tomorrow I will make chicken bacon chowder, and empanadas with fathead dough and spicy taco beef and cheese filling.

    My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

    Boy 1 is working outdoors today gathering shopping carts, with the wind chill and blowing snow @ -11. His life is not awesome.

  28. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Iran’s “Navy” to arrive. A USN SEAL mini sub could destroy their ship in the time that their call to prayer takes

  29. Boy 1 is working outdoors today gathering shopping carts, with the wind chill and blowing snow @ -11. His life is not awesome.

    Gonna go sit in the parking lot in a warm car and point and laugh?

  30. Nigerian pirates might take them first.

  31. Venezuela.

    Come for the dog burritos but stay for the dog soufflé.

  32. Gonna go sit in the parking lot in a warm car and point and laugh?

    No, no. But part of his autism deal is resistance to change, including work clothes, so it is nearly impossible to get him to wear another thermal layer. I’ve learned to keep a pair of his winter boots, a hat, gloves, and extra socks in my car in case he leaves them behind “accidently”.

  33. So he will adjust/ change his wardrobe if conditions warrant (he experiences real discomfort)?

  34. Last gardening item to get, row cover. I need insect cover and a bit of frost fleece.

    Everything else is at the ready. So essited.

  35. (he experiences real discomfort)?

    It’s tricky. When he was a toddler he would freak out about a tag on his clothes touching his skin, to the point of hurting himself in the tantrum. Yet, he would walk the equivalent of miles on his little legs and play on the playground for hours with a small action figure IN HIS SHOE.

    It’s more about the type of stimuli and his awareness of it, than the actual stimuli itself. He knows it is cold, he’ll muddle through it with his regular gear. He doesn’t know if an extra pair of socks will rub in his boots, so he is hyper-aware of how his feet feel (and will bitch and bitch and bitch about it) to the point the frostbite on his nose and icicles in his beard are secondary.

  36. I was just thinking I should inspect my insect covers.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  37. The squirrel deal made me Lol as well as all the others, so, blanket LOL.

    I like how he ends it, “ I hope this helps.”

  38. Worky worky.

    Torn between getting the cheaper agribon15 insect cover, or the more expensive but reusable fine insect mesh. Would be nice not to spend money on something Ill be throwing away in 2 years. I’m just so cheap with a buck these days.

  39. I am the proud owner of a brand new dryer. I’ve officially been domesticated.

  40. The agribon15 is trash, I don’t believe you even consider it. Anybody with common sense would use the AG-30 in the 83″ x 100′ which protects with 6F frost protection and allows 70% light transmission. I like the weight and longevity. Air and water easily pass so there is not a lot of internal heat.

    The AG-19 offers 4F frost protection and allows 85% light transmission.

    I use the hoops so wanted the better wear. I tried reemay and found it does not stand up to wear or UV. The AG-30 width of 83″ suits my wide beds, especially for my brassicas.

  41. MARE!


  42. Scott!


    [sound on)

  43. The agribon15 is trash, I don’t believe you even consider it. Anybody with common sense would use the AG-30 in the 83″ x 100′ which protects with 6F frost protection and allows 70% light transmission. I like the weight and longevity. Air and water easily pass so there is not a lot of internal heat.
    The AG-19 offers 4F frost protection and allows 85% light transmission.
    I use the hoops so wanted the better wear. I tried reemay and found it does not stand up to wear or UV. The AG-30 width of 83″ suits my wide beds, especially for my brassicas.

    Remember that time we went to that bar in Nashville or Memphis or something? That was awesome.

  44. Yep. Sorry I cried so much, it was just an emotional time for me.

  45. My mom has a large tumor in her abdomen. Meets with surgeon on Wednesday. She has no feeling in her abdomen since her skin graft in 2010. Bovine skin after her skin and the artificial skin failed to graft. She’s already met with her priest and received last rites. (She’s the energizer bunny of last rites)

  46. Roamy, you are so awesome and dedicated.

  47. What’s the primary Oso? Are there treatment options being offered or is she choosing hospice care?

  48. Too bad, he’s sort of a local hero


    He acted as a big brother to one of Paula’s friend’s son while he was at UMO.

  49. The surgeon is trying to determine if he’ll risk an abdominal surgery. The cardiac surgeons in Albuquerque went through an artery for her valve replacement. They wouldn’t do it. VA has refused any further surgery since 2010. We’re waiting to see what the surgeon in Vegas decides.

  50. Wow, Oso, sorry to hear about your Mom’s health troubles. Hoping for the best.

  51. *ignoring Pupster’s raft of bullshit*

  52. Thanks, Lauraw.

  53. My mom lives with my brother in the Winter months. At least she is in Vegas with some awesome Drs

  54. Meet the feminist freak behind the Gillette commercial. But first forward to 20:56 to see her work for tampons.


  55. Can’t make me.

  56. You won’t be disappointed.


    Just kinda grossed out. It’s sort of up MJ’s alley. *snorts*

  57. This is amusing too. Media shitbirds losing their jobs……to H1B half-price workers. They’re so dumb in their stupidity, they probably don’t even know but hey…open those borders you hating haters.


  58. Prayers for mom, oso

  59. If you haven’t seen Tag, do it. It’s funny.

  60. I’ve never seen a movie successfully make fun of miscarriages.

  61. The office internet connection is acting like a silly bitch tonight.

  62. J’ames, Tag was on the flight to Hawaii. Enough people were watching Incredibles 2 to trigger multiple seizures on my behalf that I missed quite a bit of Tag. Oso to Dan: Can we watch Tag? Dan: We watched it already. Wait for Red Box

  63. Sugar free cough drops use sucralose. Numbness at the time is ok. Sucralose moving through my system…TMI. I doubt the effectiveness of cough drops without the partial anaphylaxis side effect

  64. Prayers for your mom, Osita.

    Mass was at St. Michael’s tonight, which made me think happy birthday, Michael. No singing, so Mr. RFH was ecstatic

  65. I love you, Roamy. Cradle Catholics H8 singing. We don’t mind traditional but H8 🚁🚁🚁

  66. Singing is ok to Lutherans, as long as it’s left to the people who want to.

  67. I don’t mind songs, I hate singing the Our Father in the liturgy.

    Sorry Oso, prayers for your mom.

  68. My cousin is being ordained in February. Really proud of him.

  69. He is the one that sings the liturgy.

  70. We’ve got three priests. Only one sings the Our Father. I don’t like singing the Our Father either.

  71. I don’t mind singing, it’s the banjo and jug band that annoys me.

  72. Would it hurt them to share a little bit more Mogen David?

    (full disclosure: my cousin also runs a winery, so we get good wine)

  73. Husband put cement board down in the bathroom. We’re arguing over putting down thin set under the board before he screws it down. He doesn’t want to as it would be a pain in the ass to rip out if we would need to rip out the tile sometime in the future.
    Manufacturers recommend it. On various forums, it’s split. A lot of contractors do it, others don’t. I’m thinking we should thin set it.

    Mr. B. wishes he would have known about ditra. Wtf? I thought he said he watches all sorts of how-to videos before doing projects. He may be skipping steps to plow through and get this done.

  74. The one who sings the Our Father is light in the loafers and goes nasally.

  75. So, the NY Cardinal refuses to excommunicate Cuomo over the abortion law. Catholic church agrees with most of the policies, then? Just like with Pelosi.

  76. We got a new priest as one of our other ones moved to another parish. Fr. N. had a wonderful baritone and I could listen to him sing all day.

  77. The NY cardinal needs to be excommunicated. Had we a real Pope, he’d make it happen.

  78. But Francis has made it clear where he stands…”it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.”….abortion, gay marriage, etc. while he slobbered all over Italy’s biggest abortion promoter because immigration.

  79. “Sugar free cough drops use sucralose. Numbness at the time is ok. Sucralose moving through my system…”

    that’s how they work. Take 2 and you’re afraid to cough. 😉

  80. I didn’t mind the old hymns, but this “contemporary” crap, no way.

    Not that I sing worth a damn to begin with.

  81. Comment by Pupster on January 26, 2019 3:45 pm


    Holy crap that’s precious.

  82. The Bishop of New York is the fricken devil. Or an emissary, whatever.

  83. He’s just doing what he’s told.

  84. Yes, lots of Nazi’s did that too. But I get your point. Francis is the fricken devil.

  85. i don’t understand it either. But that’s politics for ya!

  86. Despicably, Eric resumed prostituting.

  87. Rise and shine you lazy Lima beans….

  88. Waiting for the snow to stop falling before I go start moving it. Looks like about 7″, but fluffy so far.

  89. What’s going to hold the tile down if not thin set?

  90. I don’t understand. Thin set under the cement board?

  91. Making chicken bacon chowder. I may have over cream-cheesed it. Hard to get the ratio right.

    Taco empanadas later.


  92. No football today.

    Worst Sunday ever.

  93. So I see at least two major media outlets have been successfully sued, settled and forced to print apologies to Trump. The Daily Mail and The Telegraph both get to give Trump money. Daily Mail settled by paying 2.9 million and I haven’t seen the amount for the Telegraph. Sad thing is, these were stories about Melania.

    Picking up dryer this morning, it’s still stupid cold out. Two degrees. Two.

  94. -12 and sunny.

  95. 50. But it’s a cold 50. 🥶

  96. https://tinyurl.com/y7e5g8c3

  97. What Really Killed The Dinosaurs

    (the apron to the street)

  98. “Thin set under the cement board?”

    Yes. It appears you are supposed to put thin set under the cement board and then tape/thin set the seams before laying any tile. That way when the house expands/contracts, it’s less likely the tile/grout will move and crack.
    A good contractor will do this.

  99. https://tinyurl.com/ybtfsr8t

  100. HEY! I did not pee my pants. I poo’ed them. That f*cker hurt.

  101. Beasn meets Pupster

  102. Me and oso ready to do lauraw’s bidding. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  103. I’m not sure I could be afraid of a capybara if it was holding a chainsaw to my neck…

  104. Not even if it was wearing a cape, chewing a chunk out of your kneecap?

  105. Not fond of rodentia. They make my shovel itchy.

    Beans, is it too late to get some Ditra membrane?

  106. Checking out the Congoleum Underflor stuff. That might be the ticket for my kitchen. I could put down a cheapie replacement floor and not be married to it forever.

  107. There is a big debate about this issue, apparently. https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/24/topics/120529-no-thinset-under-cement-board

  108. Dryer is installed….that was a bigger pain in the ass than I thought it was going to be……..it was the two stooges (me and the lad) show…..

  109. lauraw, yes, it is too late for ditra. Husband already cut the cement board. He wishes he would have known about ditra before doing so. Still the same number of steps though.

    When we do the kitchen floor we may go with it instead.

  110. We’ll be married to this bathroom floor. The tile we’ll be putting down is beeyootiful!! I want it for my floor.

  111. car in, that is the thread I was reading. Also read a couple of other places…one being $$Home Depot$$…others a variety of do-it-yourselfers and contractors…all saying to thin set the cement board (no brainer on the ditra, you have to).

    Wavering again on if we should or just tape/thinset the seams. It’s only 5″ x 6″ space. Must ponder.

  112. 5′ x 6’…stupid fingers

  113. laura and scott, did you hear anything about the subject when you worked for Big Home Improvement?

  114. Nope for me but Laura may have.

  115. This guy seems like he knows what he’s doing. His videos have answered a few questions.


  116. I’ve been dealing with stupid people all day.

    I don’t know how you people do it.

  117. We don’t think you are that stupid.

  118. “Despicably, Eric resumed prostituting.”

    i have it on good authority that he needed the cash due to an unfortunate sequence of events…

  119. Last Archbishop put the kibosh on singing the Our Father. Only at Spanish Mass is it allowed.

  120. Beasn I ❤️ Capys

  121. *shops online for an extremely extra-extra-large shovel*

  122. I put on sports radio earlier while I was doing dishes. Pro Bowl coverage. The radio hosts were struggling to put excitement in their voices. They had more emotion when they were debating the merits of a rib eye versus porterhouse steak for that evening’s planned dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.

  123. I tried to watch the Pro Bowl once.

  124. Capybaras are the manifestation of chill in the form of a giant guinea pig.

  125. Potential BBF model if not already featured


    Cosplayer with big ole fakies

  126. The last 40 minutes of 60 Minutes was pretty fascinating tonight.

  127. I may have to binge watch Swamp People.

    Rednecks squared. I love it.

  128. Thanks Jimbro.

  129. Pupster, do you know where you are moving yet?

  130. Not yet.

  131. Are you still taking in boarders?

  132. Always.

  133. You spelled compost wrong.

  134. Scott, since I don’t watch TV much, what was 60 minutes about?

  135. About an hour, Mare.


  136. Oso, is this a doxy?
    Looks like one to me.


  137. Lol…swats Lauraw’s ass with a stethoscope.

  138. Why do so many “cosplayers” seem more like strippers with a veneer of “creativity”?

  139. I’ve been binge watching ‘The Office’.

  140. Was 60 minutes interesting because of Schultz? (I had to look it up.)
    A democrat, running as an independent, who says, “Bring me your ideas. And I will be an independent person who will embrace those ideas. Because I am not, in any way, in bed with a party.”

    I call bullshit. He’s trying to take the road Trump did. Tap into the anger at the piss nuggets in D.C. with no intention of toning down the progressive garbage and it’s legion of goons.
    Was he the slimeball who said non-progressives were not welcome at Starbucks? Or am I thinking of someone else?

  141. Dance, Erica! Reel! Prance!

  142. “cosplayers” seem more like strippers with a veneer of “creativity”
    As I looked at the pictures the first time and saw all the tattoos and her poses one of the thoughts I had was “Stripper trying to go legit yet still make money by taking her clothes off”

  143. Ugh, been up since 0400. Dogs were getting antsy to go out and making noise and I could not fall back asleep. At least the coffee tastes good.

  144. 16 degrees but the news is telling me life threatening cold. hmmm

  145. Wakey wakey.


    Snow so far: 0

    Crossfit is even closed, so I’m a little salty. I like today’s workout.

  147. It’s not even snowing.

  148. I watched the Equalizer movies this weekend – Denzel Washington, who I loved. They were both good, but the first was (of course) better. I don’t even remember them coming out.

    Final fight scene used this and it was a phenomenal use of music.

  149. Liz Katz is actually a former porn actress. The fake bewbs are – oddly – post-porn for her. The cosplay angle is her taking money from video game nerds without showing her hoohah or sexing strangers (On camera, at least).

    MMM in about 20 minutes.

  150. Hello

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