Hello, and welcome to Big Barbula Friday.


barbula -small tuft of hair just below the lower lip



Your model for today was born December 30th, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.  She stands 5’5” and measures 42-25-37.  Please be self aware and raise a toast to Miss Nana Fukada!

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  1. That promo photo with all the (presumably) Japanese characters makes her rack look photoshopped.

  2. In my 20’s, as was the custom at that time, I had what was then called the Soul Patch which is way more awesome than a Barbula. Thankfully there’s little photographic evidence of said Soul Patch.

  3. She hot.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Rocketboy cannot grow a soul patch. He has a pretty good beard but a bare spot under his lip.

  6. Testing: Failed

  7. I remember when I was a kid…

  8. It works.

    The dog wanted to chew up the bottle last week.

  9. Estro-terrorism

  10. Well, that explains it!

  11. Now even H2’ers can dine like the 1%!

  12. She got up at 6 after going to sleep at 12. I got 5 hours of sleep. This kid needs to start reading, pronto.

  13. As long as SNL gets ratings they will have a soapbox. Plus in NY now you can kill babies up until birth with a doctor’s note!

  14. At least Madonna only asks that you vote a certain way.

  15. There is no pit in hell deep enough for cuomo and the animals that voted for this barbarity.

  16. I will stand in opposition as long as I’m able.

  17. Top Chef training

  18. 13If the home is worthy, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. 14And if anyone will not welcome you or heed your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town. 15Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.…

    Matthew 10:13-15

  19. The Clintons have really messed things up. Now that they have normalized refusing to accept the outcome of an election it’ll happen perpetually.

    It’s so sad that Hillary has spread her toxic goo all over everything.

  20. Guess the baby’s favorite food.

  21. It’s so sad that Hillary has spread her toxic goo all over everything.

    I… did not need that image.

  22. Humanae Vitae said this would happen. Predicted nearly everything that would come out of separating sexual pleasure from procreation. I need to read it again. I wonder if Paul VI expected it all to take less than a century.

    For those that haven’t, it’s as much of a prophetic horror story as anything Orwell or Huxley ever wrote.

  23. Creamed spinach?

  24. Whiskey and pork rinds?

  25. Thanks brocav. I actually struggle with my decision to stay.

  26. Still tilting at windmills.

  27. Boob juice and vodka?

  28. The breakfast of champs.

  29. Ppl are fleeing nys at a record pace. Of course illegals are filling the the void at nearly the same pace.

  30. The thought process of western politicians is curious

  31. What do you call that noise your dog makes that isn’t quite a growl nor a whine?
    A grwhine? Tucker isn’t happy this morning – did he finally learn his lesson about digging in the trashcan?

    Hello, btw. Cutiie for today, but I’m not a big fan of the fakies – just go with what God gave you, dammit. We it a wholoe bunch.
    I’ve been away. Did I miss anything important?

  32. Have you ever been so drunk that you woke up the next morning still high? That was me yesterday.
    Fred took me to lunch at a new joint around the corner (good crab cakes & decent fried oysters).

    I think I woke up drunk, made a drinknfor. A ”fixer” then had two more at lunch. I fell off the front porch twice trying to get to the front door. #drunkbynoon
    I am a loser.

  33. Mom? Is that you?

  34. Not sure what you missed, the last week is a blur. I think I’ve had 24 hours of sleep in the last 168 hours.

    Drunk would be much more fun if I’m going to be this impaired.

  35. I haven’t been here in about a year. What’s everyone been up to?

  36. I bought 19 acres that I need to sell, then another 10 with a house and barn and 2 more outbuildings, then sold 5 acres with a house and a barn on it, then moved. My old client finally ran out of runway on the contract I was working, then I moved on to support the same contract with a new client who’s operation is so far a total shitshow that makes the old shitshow look like a well-oiled machine.

    Also I got a hit on LinkedIn from a recruiter for a company called snowflake. No shit. I LOLed in my cargo pants.

  37. Satchmo,
    Car in is writing the script for next year’s TV series – ”Lapeer Creek, the senior years”
    Leon is growing hallucinogenic mushrooms for a living.
    Pupster continues to be a pain in the ass.
    MJ is making babies.

  38. I haven’t been here in about a year. What’s everyone been up to?

    Balls deep in your mom, same as last year.

  39. Also, I quit my job in Santa Barbara and moved across the country to take a job with the state of Ohio for less money, but which got me out of California. I’m still not sure if it was the right thing to do, but I’m going to carry on as if it was.

  40. Lapeer Creek is hitting a sophomore slump. We need new material.

  41. Time to shake up the cast.

    Have Ethan go up the stairs to his room and never come down again.

    We’ll introduce a wacky, clumsy, nerdy neighbor and shift the stories from family-oriented to more “buddy comedy” hijinks between Pay and the neighbor.

  42. Reinhart’s singing is nice, but it’s basically the same interpretation as Steve Winwood’s. Who … came up with it. Difference between artist and technician.

    People don’t appreciate that- and that’s basically why the singing shows are pretty boring.

  43. not a big fan of the fakies

    Other than the one photo-shopped magazine cover, that shits real.

    the same interpretation as Steve Winwood’s

    Stevie couldn’t rock those shorts.

    I like her voice a lot, it’s not really my style of music but dang she’s a cutie and I could listen to her tell me how disappointed she is in me for a while.

  44. The thought process of western politicians is curious

    Corrupt bastards who love $$$$$ and power over anything else. Add in some psychopathic tendencies, you get the celebrating of the murder of full term babies. And Venezuela once all the smart people leave and the illegal dumbshits vote in more Cortez.

  45. Her work with PMJ was pretty good. Got some great talent doing those. I keep trying to hit a performance near me, but life never seems to work out right for it.

  46. But then the shitheads also flee when things get painful and then vote in the same kind of dirtbags.
    Take my parents, for example. Lived in St. Louis for decades. Only vote democrat. After decades of democrat rule, St. Louis totally goes to shit. They flee to the neighboring county and turned it blue with their voting. Now they’re bitching again even though they voted for all of it.

  47. “We’ll introduce a wacky, clumsy, nerdy neighbor…”

    There are so many directions we could take this. I have 15 jokes bouncing around in my head – Pup & Leon are safe. Is Jimbro a daywalker?

  48. I can at least take some satisfaction in not being fit fodder for sitcoms or CW shows. That’s some good self-respect cred right there.

  49. I don’t have the abs to be fodder for a CW show.

  50. Forget fit fodder. We need tit fodder. That’ll bring in the ratings.

  51. Go to google and enter “Twitter Stand your Ground Image”

  52. I’m shopping kitchen flooring again and really torn between the floating vinyl tile and just a simple sheet of new linoleum over the old floor. Ugh.

    The best thing to do would be to tear it all up and put down real tile, but I need a quick completion because Scott’s business is on the other side of that room and I can’t cut him off from the world for more than one day.

  53. The FBI is effing corrupt. Top to bottom. Interesting they do a SWAT assault on Stone before sunrise and CNN is there to see it.

  54. Go for cork, Laura.
    You can thank me later.

  55. Love cork floor. But I need something white or bright in my little kitchen. Cork too amber/dark.

  56. Isn’t it usually covered up in huge sheets of plastic anyways, for the dismemberings?

  57. Roger Stone on Wednesday…I’m going back to my normal Friday routine. I was expecting to be indicted by now.

    FBI, with drawn assault style fully automatic AR 17s on Friday…ON THE FLOOR FAGGOT

  58. This place got fuckin’ Dexter all of a sudden!

  59. MJ, would you smash Kirstjen Nielsen?

  60. Man, the whole fucking cabinet and WH staff are waiting for OrangeManBad.

  61. I bet he reopens the govt. for three weeks, then when the house doesn’t include funding for a wall, he’ll declare a national emergency and schlong Nancy in her dick-blower.

  62. Meh, I wish he’d announced that he was signing an emergency statement at the same time. Reopen the government and move forward with the wall at the same time.

  63. Trump just schlonged her.

  64. The SOTU is going to be must-see-teevee.

  65. We can haz SOTU? Before the 3 weeks is up?

  66. Why did he schlong her? They didn’t give any money, didn’t compromise, and got what they wanted. Win for Pelosi, as far as I can tell. (note: I didn’t watch the announcement)

    In 3 weeks we’re right back here.

  67. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on January 25, 2019 12:56 pm
    I don’t have the abs to be fodder for a CW show.

    From what I have observed over the past couple of years, you’ll only get on a CW show if you are a POC and gay/lesbian and/or transgender.

    That whole network is a dumpster fire.

  68. MJ, would you smash Kirstjen Nielsen?
    I can’t believe you have to ask.

    7/10 would smash. Mostly cuz she looks bitchy/hot and I bet she’s really good in bed.

  69. Win for Pelosi, as far as I can tell. (note: I didn’t watch the announcement)

    Because now he is set up to declare the national emergency, and can rightfully claim that he gave the cunt every opportunity to compromise including a temporary reopening.

  70. He said straight out in his closing remarks that if the dems don’t return to the table with what he wants, he’ll just take it under his own authority.

  71. Agreed with HS.

    He wants to compromise. If they can’t do it while the government is open then he’s going to declare an emergency and move on.

  72. Ok…so .gov reopens long enough for Trump to get on SOTU TV and verbally abuse the living shit out of the Progs (who will also show their disrespectful ass) with truth bombs and then at the end of 3 weeks declare NE.

    This guy doesn’t concede, he maneuvers. This is aint over by a damn sight.

  73. Trump doesn’t like the imperial presidency. He’s demonstrated time and again that he’d prefer Congress to take action versus executive authority. It’s not surprising that he’d agree to a three-week reprieve if there was the possibility of getting Congress to approve something.

  74. Haha, you mean 3 weeks of Congress celebrating him reopening the government without a concession from then, then no deal after 3 weeks. Then back to the same thing, unless he does an executive order.

  75. The only way this ends as a win for him is keeping the government shut down until they give in. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. /Dennis Miller

  76. I think they’ll make a deal.

  77. The problem is that he has to worry about the Republicans in Congress caving before the Dems. Subhuman weaklings like Gardner, for example.

    You don’t have to win every fight for it to still help advance your cause. If the Dems fuck around (and they will) for three weeks then the GOP can go into another shut-down with more resolution, as hopefully a few of the wish-washy types will be disgusted with the behavior by Pelosi and Schumer and realize that they were duped. Meanwhile, Dems who were willing to appropriate some money for a wall are unlikely to change their position to no money in the next three weeks.

  78. My bet would be that he gets something like $3 billion for part of the wall, starts construction, and leaves finishing it as an issue for the 2020 campaign.

  79. lauraw, I still don’t know what to put on our kitchen floor. I did pick out tile for the bathroom. It’s beautiful but Mr. B. ixnayed it for the kitchen because 10.49 sq ft.

    Wouldn’t mind a vinyl sheet but the choices are shit.

  80. And now that I’ve see the white cabinet’d kitchen with it’s knew light grayish quartz countertop…I may have to go with a darkish floor. Will have to take a bunch of samples over there.

  81. 29 FBI agents in body armor to arrest an old man for lying.

    What a joke.

  82. With TV cameras filming the whole thing.

  83. new

  84. and Hillary gets away with selling our uranium.

  85. Of there were a New World to go to, America would have lost half the citizenry to it and we’d have already had another Revolution.

    There is no where to go and the list of scores to settle with traitors just keeps expanding.

  86. If there were, rather. Heck, if Antarctica weren’t off limits, you’d have settlers there.

  87. “There is no where to go and the list of scores to settle with traitors just keeps expanding.”


  88. Yet another reason to want off this rock. Let the fools keep the Earth.

  89. That’s exactly why I’m puzzled by western pols actions. They can’t truly believe the coming storm will leave them unaffected.

  90. And I don’t mean the hank Johnson’s , aoc’s and Maxy waters …. they are actually too stupid to understand. I mean the crew pulling the strings and that most assuredly includes the snakes like McConnell and Ryan, and the tea party freshmen that fucked us as soon as they got to DC.

  91. They think they have The Tools, and that they are The Smartest Ever, and that they can ride the tiger to the finish line and wind up on top of the heap.

    History tells me the tools aren’t as good as they think (nor solely in their control), they’re lucky to be right side of the bell curve, and the tiger’s going to make a snack of them fairly early on in the process. Only heap they’ll be on top of is a heap of corpses. But only briefly.

    It amazes me how those who even bother studying history manage to learn precisely the wrong lessons. Every. Damn. Time.

  92. State legislature wants to create a state run bank because……

    “many small businesses suffered “severe credit supply constraints” in FDIC’s words, with banks spooked by poor balance sheets and credit histories.”


  93. So a subprime bank that will inevitably be backstopped by taxpayers from other states.

    After the looting by the mandarins running it, of course.

  94. I foresee the mafia making a comeback as a more honest arbiter and a defense against government.

    Just a guess.

  95. MS-13 becomes the new mafia, goes semi legit, stops the machete murders and runs neighborhood scams


  97. That will not end well.

  98. Learned a new one today: mud cricket.

    Sort of a rural thot

  99. Methinks Sen. Sinema is a mud cricket. Or dresses like one.

  100. She will smash anything.

  101. At least they weren’t sparkly boots like Moochelle’s.

  102. Friday nights are dead here anymore.

  103. Lol, just saw the footage. Roger Stone looks fucking delighted.

  104. Friday nights are dead here anymore

    I was reading about my InstantPot.

    Turns out, it’s a pressure cooker.

  105. LOL’d at the Thai girl/winning the lottery joke on the ONT.

    Mini-me asked me what was so funny, and I had to say oh hell no, I’m not explaining that one.

  106. Turns out, it’s a pressure cooker.


  107. Sinema or AOC, which one is more likely to

    A: asked to be choked during sex
    2: be dragged screaming away from an ex’s house
    π: not read the book at book club and spend the whole time getting drunk

  108. Turns out, it’s a pressure cooker.

    I KNEW IT.

    Somebody wake up Carin.

  109. Remember back in the day when MCPO and Pajama Momma would go on and on about their bread making machines, and PJM made some wisecrack to Rosetta and he started calling her Bread Lady, then he just shortened it to Bread?

    Good times.

    I think we should start calling Carin: Pressure. Cooker.

  110. Instawakey.

  111. My favorite Rosetta name for Pajama Momma was Burrito Head.

  112. Goodnight, darling hearts.

  113. Good night, peaceful sleep to you.

  114. Turns out, it’s a pressure cooker.

    I KNEW IT.

    Somebody wake up Carin.

    I’m up. Worky. I took some of my instapot soup to work and everyone loved it.

  115. My mom is out of the hospital, but still being monitored. Her heart and new valve are fine. She is in danger of losing a toe.

  116. Ososplain. My grandfather’s niece married my grandmother’s nephew. Freda and Fernando. Their oldest son, Clovis, has a medically fragile son. He has been to Boston for multiple surgeries. Childhood Glaucoma. He is in his 20s and needs a kidney. His sister is the best match. 2/6 she is giving a kidney to her brother. Freda and Fernando have started a Novena for my mom’s toe.

  117. Dorian earned respect, posthumously.

  118. The weekend is upon us. Long day Friday.

    All day office and every single patient was new and most of them were complicated. A few had been through the system for a while and were going off in the wrong direction with misinformation. That always gets me, when I don’t know wtf is going on I tell parents and the referring providers (not with those exact words though) and either make inquiries elsewhere to figure it out or refer them to someone who hopefully knows more than me. Spinning your wheels while waiting for things to change and blowing smoke up people’s asses is no way to practice medicine.

    Had a nice dinner with Paula at Timber in Bangor last night. Steak with mac’ and cheese fore and scallops for her. Ben chose to stay home with take out pizza and play his video games without the usual unreasonable requests for chores by the old folks.

  119. fore = for me

  120. I missed most of the coverage of the raid on Roger Stone which was probably a good thing for my blood pressure.

  121. Shutdown ended, networks still running food pantry stories

  122. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

  123. My mom has multiple tumors. Surgeon will determine what can be done. I have no patience. Surgeon meet on Wednesday.

  124. G’night weirdos

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