Crazy Money

So one of our fellow Hostages hit it big in the lottery. Yes, Troy won big. So did Uncle Sam who appreciates all the tax money to feed the machine. Always fun to imagine what you would do if you won the lottery. For me, part of the enjoyment of buying a lottery ticket, is daydreaming about what you’d do with all that money. Everyone says they will not change but secretly know they will. Here’s a few ideas of what to do with all that mad money.

Montgomery Rolls-Royce Phantom 2

Photo: James Lipman /








I think the last one is the closest to what Troy picked up. How about you? What are you doing if a pile of fcuk you money falls in your lap?



  1. The house on the island looks like it might be in Maine. One of the Porcupines would be nice.

  2. Here’s hoping I get everything done today and tomorrow and get my flight experiment ready to deliver. My technician is sick, so it’s been just me this week. Thankful all the machining is done.

  3. It’s somewhere in Maine. I image searched “Maine island mansion” and that was one of the results. Part of the fun of looking at Down East magazine is looking through the real estate ads in the back. I’ve heard stories about mansions occupied for just a month or two in the summer. I’m okay with that, more tax dollars for the Democrats to spend without going after my wallet.

  4. just imagine the hookers and blow at the next meatup

  5. that island vacay house looks nice.

  6. i wonder how much money one would have to have to buy a small nation somewhere tropical and incentivize limited gov type entrepreneurs to settle there.
    ‘Merica 2.0

  7. hahahaaaa!
    “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on threshold (FU&H)”


  9. You won’t believe the difficulty involved in finding a feather dusting French maid gif that’s SFW The one I ended up choosing met all the criteria but as I look now I realize she’s dusting furniture at a motel lobby down by a little used interstate and not a spectacular mansion.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. I wonder what internet access speed is like on Duke Group Island

  12. I want the smoker

  13. You won’t believe the difficulty involved in finding a feather dusting French maid gif that’s SFW

    Yes I would.

  14. As would I.

  15. I think I’d just make very generous offers to my neighbors and then expand my compound.

  16. Oh, and Build a Wall.


  18. Walls don’t work, leon. I have many sources for my findings.

  19. Oh, it’s purely for aesthetics, Jay. And to keep GMO seeds from blowing in.

    Also democrats.

  20. Leon’s gonna build a qalat.

    “This is my land, and fuck everyone else!”

  21. leon want to build an immoral wall.


  23. “This is my land, and fuck everyone else!”

    We’ll have a sales counter where we exchange vegetables for .45ACP, I’m not a complete monster.

  24. I’d get an eight lane toaster. Only being able to toast two pieces of bread at a time has crippled my lifestyle for years now.

  25. So I hit five out of six numbers. The big payout was….2000.00. Which is big to me (kinda, I once dropped 2k in 20 mins at Caesar’s but the Saudi’s gave me that money so..) but the timing of this blessing couldn’t have been better. Its not that I dont have to worry bout money for the next couple of months, I just don’t have to worry bout the bills. I was able to get everything up to date yesterday so that provides a huge sense comfort.

    If I won big money, outside of taking care of immediate family, I would

    Fund my towns “youth league” (baseball, softball, & foolsball) for the next 20 yrs.

    Make sure my town LE had top of the line equipment. Especially high end ballistic vests.

    Big enough money, and my town would get a full time Paramedic during the days for as many years I could reasonably fund.

    And then of course, there would be “The Farm”.

  26. Leon’s compound = Farnham’s Freehold (Good book, if dated)

  27. Don’t underestimate me, I’ve got this free energy thing I’ve been working on…

    Okay, it mostly involves hacking the high power lines in my yard, but it’s free.

  28. I’m so focused on the here and now that I really suffer from a lack of imagination when it comes to F U money. Not sure what to do. Certainly would help out with a lot of problems of family. Mom wouldn’t have to work anymore, #1.

  29. I’d probably move my wife’s family over here and try to get her sister into some kind of treatment program, involuntarily if necessary.

  30. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 24, 2019 10:35 am
    Don’t underestimate me, I’ve got this free energy thing I’ve been working on…

    Okay, it mostly involves hacking the high power lines in my yard, but it’s free.

    No DIY nuke reactor?

  31. I just donated to Ace. I should set up some kind of a monthly arrangement, as I never think of it until someone reminds me. (CBD just did.)

    I read him everyday, and he is a constant source of news, commentary, and mirth.

  32. It was mostly a reference to John Galt, but yeah, a LFTR would power the compound nicely.

  33. I think you guys know how i’d spend winnings


  35. Plus a lot of other reasonable, philanthropic shit. Talk to my accountant about that.

  36. If I wear a short skirt, and a Maga hat – what exactly am I asking for?

  37. The manager?

  38. I don’t know why, but The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales is really hot.

  39. “what exactly am I asking for?”
    every indignation possible because you’re a sub-human monster and will be deserving of it?
    that should cover it – you raciss, hyper-privileged wannabe-aprropriater-male you…

  40. If I wear a short skirt, and a Maga hat – what exactly am I asking for?

    Inappropriate attention from men in MAGA hats?

  41. There has been another Ma’am event.

  42. Another “ma’am event”?

  43. A non-passing mentally deranged person pretending to be the opposite sex being correctly gendered in English by a normal person, usually in a customer service role.

  44. Ah, ok.

    I thought someone called Car in, “ma’am” and she was upset for some reason.

  45. RBe on twitter went full potato:

  46. If I won it big, I’d have a place on the beach in Hawaii where my husband could store all the fun water sport toys I’d buy him.

    Then some of my favorite political FIGHTERS would get a shit ton for their videos and whatnot.

    Of course the Catholic Church gets nothing. The Salvation Army might get some and pro life groups.

  47. Jay, who is RBe?

  48. Who is RBe?

  49. RBPundit, used to be a reliable conservative on twitter, now a NeverTrumper

  50. What’s a amazing, is that a MAGA hat stands for supporting your president. And that’s comparable to wearing a NAMBLA t-shirt?

  51. Speaking of math, I had occasion recently to have to determine the radius of a circle based on a known chord length and height of chord to arc.

    I had to really rack my brain because it’s been a long time since I needed to do that.

    r=h/2+c2 (squared – I don’t know how to do superscript)/8h

    Chord length: 24.5″
    Height: 2.25″
    Radius: 34.47″

    Stuff like this is one reason why we can’t find good carpenters. You have to know this shit to build stuff. If a carpenter doesn’t know geometry, he/she’s useless.

  52. Can we ban Hotspur for showing off his brains? And his instapot?

  53. Have you calculated how big your Instapot was?

  54. I just have a good memory.

    Now, my Instapot is a whole ‘nother deal.

  55. My Instapot is 6 quarts and 1,000 watts. That’s all you need to know.

    Plus a few recipes.

  56. Anyone ever tell you guys an Instapot is a pressure cooker?

  57. *Instapot envy*

  58. i don’t think Car in knows that.

  59. r=h/2+c2 (squared – I don’t know how to do superscript)/8h

    r = h/2 + c2/8h

  60. So, this raggedy-ass, stolen valor, lying Indian went in the Marines in ’72 and came out four years later with the rank of E-1, which is the rank you enter the service with on day 1.

    Fucking genius right there.

  61. I think I have the same instapot. Wife’s first try at “yoghurt” wasn’t, so I’ll keep you informed if she eventually succeeds with it.

  62. Thanks, CoAl.


  63. Laura’s method works (cooler with hot water). I don’t see why the instapot wouldn’t for yoghurt, it’s just a lower temp than pressure cooking

  64. Pretty sure my wife made e-5 by year 3 or 4, but I’d have to ask.

  65. Ted Cruz’s beard looks weird. The hair on his chin is white, except for the very center. He should shave the white parts leaving a burnside beard with the addition of narrow goatee.

  66. Hotspur, yes.

  67. It sounds like he was a pain in the ass to his command.

  68. Jay, I’m not sure what went wrong in our case. She followed the directions and ended up with milk with a little yogurt (the starter) in it at the end. Well, she claims she followed the directions, it was literally the second thing she tried to make with the thing.

  69. I’m going to make that cauliflower soup again. IN my instapot. Which cooks by magic, and doesn’t use any other previously known method of cooking.

  70. Leon, you should try mansplaining to her how an instapot works.

  71. Instapots are powered by burpees and kipping pull-ups, right? Maybe she didn’t do enough for it to work?

  72. Instapots are the tools of Gia killing capitalists.

  73. They promote climate change.

  74. And hate children.

  75. New York is now the Abortion Instapot

  76. jam spelled Gaia wrong. maybe that’s the whole issue.

  77. Leon, you should try mansplaining to her how an instapot works.

    I’m just going to make some yogurt in it while she’s gone, then dry it into yogurt-cheese and mix it with some garlic and tarragon, then put it on toast. Manspreading is even more alpha than mansplaining.

  78. im still in libtard mode

  79. and carin hates you all

  80. libtard mode is fun –
    it’s like being a destructive little brat that keeps throwing rocks at passing cars

  81. a

  82. Oh come on, that was the worst pun you’ve seen all day, even with Jay around.

  83. Leon, make yogurt with light cream instead of milk. Trust me. It’s incredible. And it makes superb labneh cheese.

  84. workyworky

  85. Hubs brought home the coughing crud.

    Pray for Oso.

  86. Even a knuckle dragger like me can do this.

  87. Roamy finally sent me that letter she promised. Handrwritten German. Engineer handwritten German.

    The “build anti-gravity device” task on my kanban board is probably going to slip a sprint to the right.

  88. This has nothing to do with anti-gravity… dammit.

  89. *updates kanban board again, moving “build UFO” back to “to-do” column*


    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly opened a counterintelligence investigation in 2017 to find out if President Trump was a Russian agent. What if the FBI had similarly looked into whether President Obama was an agent of Iran?”

  91. Two Amazon orders, same amount, one for underwear, one for maple candies.

    Candies expected this weekend, the shorts by Tuesday.

    Really gotta wonder about the whys of these things at times.

  92. Leon, this isn’t that “bell device” business, is it?

  93. Still trying to translate. My German is rusty as heck, and there are no helpful diagrams. I think it was ostensibly about the bell device, and I see references to ideal radii, but I’m not sure yet.

  94. What I don’t see anywhere in here, even accounting for the handwriting, is “Schwerkraft” (i.e. gravity).

  95. At Ace’s:

    Chloe Angyal

    · 5h
    Like so many talented and lovely journalists, I was laid off today.

    If you’re in the market for an opinion editor with a huge and diverse rolodex, or a columnist with 10 years of writing about gender politics (and a literal PhD in romantic comedies) under her belt, talk to me.

    Chickie, you write in an irrelevant field, and you got an irrelevant useless PhD.

    You’re lucky you ever got hired to begin with. Go back to college and learn an employable skill.

  96. Win big?

  97. If you see anything about “red mercury”, you have the other version.

  98. Kate Hudson is going to raise her baby girl as a genderless they.

    She doesn’t want to influence her gender choice.

  99. I’ll put $20 on drug problem by age 14.

  100. What’s the over under?

  101. Butterball Powerbottom Brian Stelter

    Oh man, my sides…

  102. No coworker, I will not tell you why I’m laughing.

  103. Ulysses needs a waterslide

  104. This is being discussed on local talk radio. One lady called in to report a tranny in her daughter’s 1st grade class.


  105. Ulysses needs a waterslide

    It has one you can mount on various spots and drop into the water.

  106. CNN Claims Trump is preparing a national emergency order, $7 bn for The Wall.

  107. It has one you can mount on various spots and drop into the water.

  108. On this map, between the word Frankfort and 1A logo, the road is completely flooded from the combination of an all day rain storm and high tide.

    Paula is in Belfast and needs to go the long way home after her shift.

  109. Does it come with the heli? What type of security features does it have? How big is that mofo?

  110. She was listed for $192mm in 2015. Probably get her for around $185mm now.

  111. No heli, she’s 107meters long, and has the usual CCTV security setup.

  112. I bet it burns about $500 worth of fuel every hour.

  113. Comment by scott on January 24, 2019 4:51 pm
    Kate Hudson is going to raise her baby girl as a genderless they.
    She doesn’t want to influence her gender choice.


    Good luck with that – biology is pretty inherent. DD#1 knew the difference between girl toys and boy toys from a very young age, despite us buying her some of each from birth on.

    By 3 years old, she only wanted stuff that came in pink and purple.

  114. Probably closer to $5k an hour.

  115. It looks like a pirate’s dream. A couple of boats full of skinnies toting AK’s could toss grappling hooks on and plunder some booty

  116. Don’t sail off the coast of Africa. Problem solved.

  117. I worked with the author of this book about 30 years ago. He was mover, long haul driver and heroin addict.

    I was shocked to learn he is still alive.

    Today he’s Dr Scott Comar and teaching history at UTEP.

    His life should be a movie.

  118. Just ordered his book.

    My long time lumper friend Brian spent a few years on the road with him.

    Back in the good ole days when you could be a heroin addict and a truck driver at the same time. Brian was forced to take over and drive from time to time, he didn’t have a license.

  119. Yunz suck.

  120. I’m on day 6 of single parenting a child who refuses to sleep when tired or eat nutritious food, I have no witty banter left.

  121. I hear that you can sell problem daughters to MJ. Not sure that’s an option you would want to pursue at this time.

  122. I hope Leon is amused by the letter. Rocketboy had a crack at it but had a hard time with the handwriting.

    Flight hardware is finished and packed up. Tomorrow I finish up the data crunching and the paperwork.

    I went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and fixed a bunch of meals for the kids. I would still bet money they will eat Chick-fil-a while I am gone.

    I am tired.

  123. Roamy good luck.

    Pup, candidate for a Friday post. Denise Milani

  124. TiFW, I still have the Man Cold I got from Dan last week. He changed our reservations from King to two Queens last week. He was coughing up a lung before I got sick. He was complaining about my RLS. My twitching legs were making TOO MUCH NOISE and keeping him from sleeping. Pray for Oso

  125. my RLS. My twitching legs were making TOO MUCH NOISE

    What, do you have jingly bells tied to them or something? Stop that. Stop tying bells to your twitchy legs, crazybear. That’s not nice.

    Poor Dan.


  127. The New York vote to enable women to kill their babies up to birth will bring a wrath the evil skanks are incapable of understanding.

    I hope it’s swift and horrendous.

    Please Lord know that normal people are horrified. Gut wrenchingly horrified.

    Oh and Cuomo, rot in hell. New York Bishop, your move to excommunicate.

  128. Lauraw, apparently my legs scraping the sheets is way to noisy. I was just told I need to sleep on the couch. He works at 5. I work at 1PM. My chromium, magnesium, Iron cocktail is no longer working for my RLS. He “Says” I scream in my sleep.

  129. Funny story. We sleep with windows open. Last trip to Hawaii, I had screaming night terrors followed by a week away. Dan was worried that neighbors would report the screams.

  130. Mare, we have up:to birth abortion in NM. We didn’t make it Constitutional though. Most NM voters are ignorant about abortion law.

  131. My mom went to the ER with breathing issues. Keeping her for observation due to a toenail. 4 days of watching her toe. (She makes me look like Type II divinity. She’s a mess, but I love her.)

  132. Danielle escaped religious persecution.

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