Monday Morning Mushrooms – 3,14159.00

Happy Martin (LK) Mushroom Monday!!

Whose turn is it to make breffiss?

Everything pies are always a great way to celebrate MLK Day amirite?

For the bacon and eggs crowd – here ya go, ya boring bastards.

Now onward and upward to mushroom stuff that MJ (aka Mushroom Junkie) soooo looks forward to on a crisp and beautiful Monday morning.

Xylaria hypoxylon

Ahhite grab your shrooms and get to gettin’!!


  1. Hotspur?

  2. -5

  3. and still crunchy out

  4. I hope when Nancy Pelosi flies commercial that an unpaid TSA agent gives her shit.

  5. Took a while to get to sleep after watching that rollercoaster of a game last night. Holy moley. On to Atlanta!

  6. Off to workie workie

    I haven’t been out to sample the cold air yet.

  7. warmed up to 6 unexpectedly

  8. i think i tweaked my lower backbone moving those many kilos of frozen coke yesterday.
    i need to find a geisha wench

  9. not this one tho –
    that might be Wiserbub

  10. -10 here right now.

  11. It wasn’t supposed to get that cold.

  12. -8 here. No calor, señor.

  13. 19

    Love the mushroom posts. Keep em coming.

  14. Feels a lot colder than 6. wow.

  15. 22 here.

  16. you know, I think Allah’s fall was when he first got that crush on Kristin powers.

  17. Dang. Sorry. it does that now?

  18. I mean, but it is sorta cool.

  19. Hot chicks make men do and think dumb things sometimes.

  20. what did you post? the link, or the embed code?

  21. I just linked her general account. Didn’t embed nothing.

  22. Kirsten Powers is super hot. I like her, however I don’t really agree with much of what she has to say.

  23. She quotes “Fr” James Martin, a Don in the Lavender Mafia, dedicated to sacramentalizing sodomy. And he’s against these students being legit Catholics, because of course he is.

  24. did ery1 freeze to death already?

  25. I’m still alive. Moose is lying on my feet.

  26. It’s all so dumb. The 48 hour rule is being extended to 72 hours to account for the dumb that gets thrown around on Twitter and Facebook.

  27. re: kirsten powers – Austin Powers is more reputable

  28. bayyybeee

  29. Almost, Jam. Give it time. Yesterday it was in the 20s most of the day, then toward sundown the temps dropped like a rock. So we have been enjoying the single digits not twelve hours yet, I don’t think.

    Scott went out to fetch the trash can and told me “it hurts to breathe.”

  30. I read about the pass interference / helmet hit in last night’s game.

    The NFL is rigged. It’s that simple. And it’s partly why I won’t watch it.

  31. It’s -6 here, but the sun is out. It was probably close to -15 last night.

    I couldn’t see the eclipse around midnight when it was total because we had clouds. I woke up a little after 2am and could still see a little shadow in the lower right quadrant.

  32. High school football is televised here on the local station. I could watch that. On antenna!

  33. I hit 5 outta six number on the lotto on Saturday. Didn’t check my ticket til this morning. On Fridays I get a quick pick for the mega and the lotto (friday and saturday) and thats the extent of my gambling. So anyway, I got to the little ticket checker device and scan my ticket and the thing says “WINNER! FILE A CLAIM”, Im like “get the fuck outta heah”… I say to the clerk (a friend for yrs) WTF? She’s like lemme check, comes back and says you hit 2121.50. Im like “thats kewl”. (but for a second there I was getting ready to initiate the lotto disappearing act plan).

    Figure they’re going to take 40% so I just plan to pay bills and buy AMMO. Got my eye on a prepacked can of 420 rounds on stripper clips….

    Not a bad way to start off a Monday….

  34. I’m going for a long run in the cold because I’m a genius. MLK would have wanted me to be free to do this.

  35. “cold”?

  36. MLK wanted you to be free regardless of how stupid your idea is.

  37. It hasn’t been cold were MJ lives since the Civil War.

  38. *kidnaps MJs puppet collection while he’s gone running*

  39. Ha! Jokes on you! I filled my puppets with 100 dollar bills and rare, exotic seeds.

    Oh shit.

  40. Yesterday’s beef burgundy recipe came out pretty good. I think Houseguest was surprised at how involved a recipe like that can be, in creating a deep, beefy gravy with no bouillon or other shortcuts. Lots of steps, even though I skipped a few. I should work on a simplification of some of these recipes.

  41. Yeah, they’re fulla seed alright. Felt should not be this hard and shiny. Swine.

    And wtf with the ‘muppet centipede?’ Did you sew this yourself??

  42. I used to make a beef stew that took two days. Now make one that is shockingly close and it takes 35 min in my insta crack.

  43. *sets the washing machine to hot water setting*

  44. How long does it take to disinfect a puppet in the instantcult? Or just to get the shocked look off its face? What setting do you use?

  45. I think there is a sanitize setting.

  46. No, it’s called Sterilizer.

  47. Did you pull the trigger and buy one, HS?

  48. There is also one called Yoghurt. I’m not sure what they mean by that.

  49. Yes.

  50. It’s due tomorrow, but I have a feeling the stupid made up bullshit holiday we’re having today will delay it until Wednesday.

  51. On the outside chance that MLK Day gets overblown, we could also have a Jim Gaffan Day???

  52. Gaffigan damn it.

  53. It’s up to -4.

    Still too cold to go outside.

  54. 6 here. Minis outside for the first time since Friday, but it’s sunny and there’s no wind, so they should be all right.

  55. 1 here. I was up way too late last night/this morning and I’ll probably pay for it later.

    Today’s plan is the gym, grocery store, and spend the rest of the day doing laundry and trying to keep warm.

  56. Windy as fuck here. Temp has dropped since I got up this morning.

  57. For Roamy…

  58. *Lights a fart. Blames Mare.*

  59. CoAlex, nice! Thank you.


    Bets as to whether it’s Stolen Valor or not?

    He makes a good point that people of stolen valor never claim to be cooks, they are always Special Forces or Navy Seals.

  61. Ha ha ha haaaa! I had a feeling that would happen.

  62. Interesting.

  63. He said he was in Vietnam Times, not in Vietnam. That’s how he will parse it.

  64. Maybe Dick Blumenthal can vouch for him.

  65. He’s claimed he was a Vietnam Vet. That has a specific meaning.

  66. He also claimed he was a combat vet.

    I was in the Navy during Vietnam Times, but I never went to Vietnam, and I sure as hell didn’t see combat, except occasionally in the EM club fighting with jarheads.

  67. My wife is technically an Iraqi Freedom vet, and had active duty during that time supporting the mission in her job at that time (supply flights to the ME flew out of SANGB), but it was in Michigan, so she’d never claim it.

  68. 53F @ 11:30AM CST. Had to wear long pants today.

  69. IIRC I was serving the fine ladies of U of I during the first gulf war.

    I’m sure some of them have PTSD.

  70. Back when I had PTSD we just referred to it as shell shock.

  71. Paying a woman to come to your bedroom shouldn’t involve a “sisterhood” relationship.

    Though, having read some manga, it could still end the same way.

  72. Japanese are weird

  73. Japan is what you have when a society gets rid of nasty toxic masculinity.

    Women are paid to coax a man out of his bedroom.


  75. I think I saw Oso in the crowd last night.

  76. No love for my lotto win eh? Ok, well fuck you very much then. I see how it is….

  77. We ain’t gettin any of it!

    (congrats, though)

  78. 61 degrees here.

    **puts on fleece jacket**

  79. Hey Lauraw, do you have a calzone press?

    Last night I made fathead pizza dough, and then cut out 4 inch round pieces and filled them with sauteed sausage, mushrooms, onions, garlic and cheese, and folded them over into calzones. Turned out really good, you bake them at a lower temp for longer. Not sure if they will hold up in the freezer.

  80. I think it’s cool you won money, T Roy, how is the build coming along?

  81. My friend Matt Udkow took that pic of the rocket launch.

  82. How much money did tt win? I missed the big announcement.

  83. A dollar three eighty after taxes.

  84. Why is Kamala Harris being allowed a pass on appropriating white person culture by straightening her hair?

  85. Congrats, TTroy! I know that money has been tight for you lately, so hopefully this takes some of the stress off.

  86. I’m not convinced it’s even her hair, Hotspur. Mike 0bama wears a wig.

  87. TeeRoy ,

  88. 7 degrees.
    Heat wave bishes!
    *steals xb’s fleece*

    *sets up fan to clear the room of mare’s burnt farts*

  89. *kicks Clint in the poon just because*

  90. I do not have a calzone press, Pups. If you decide to freeze some of those things let me know how it goes.

    So I was watching twitter blow up all weekend and it is incredible to me how that catholic school story developed. The left’s soul searching after the election got them nowhere. They have learned nothing.

    Declaring whole groups of people their enemy is not merely wrong, it is also a mistake.

    Keep fucking that chicken!

  91. Brother Cavil Lottery Plan

    1.) Get Folks Who Know to set up a trust
    2.) Let representative for trust get the check so my face isn’t all over
    3.) Buy a nice compound out of the way somewhere to start Hostage/Moron refuge
    4.) Retire on $2000/week to enjoy my new community
    5.) Tell everyone else not family or friends to get lost

  92. Colorado Alex Lottery Plan

    1) Whiskey
    2) Cocaine
    3) Guns
    4) Asian prostitutes.

  93. I’m not convinced it’s even her hair, Hotspur.

    So, she wearin’ some cracker hair?

  94. Cracker or Korean, most likely. I’m waiting for someone to be bold enough to ask about the wigs.

  95. Kamala, is that your real hair?

    Is that your real skin color?

    Wait until it is revealed that she tried to pass for white in high school and college.

  96. Ask about? I’m waiting for someone to be bold enough to snatch her bald-headed.

  97. Is it okay for women politicians to wear wigs (Kamala, Hillary, Mooch, Pelosi, Washerwoman)?

    But it’s bad for Trump to wear a rug?

  98. OMG. Pups, you’re right. But it has to be done before she wins a certain number of primaries (if she wins any), and gets Secret Service protection.

  99. My lottery plans vary by amount:

    $0.5M < x < $2M
    Retire immediately, become gentleman farmer and buy out neighboring land.

    $2M < x $10M
    Above plus funding LFTR research.

  100. Ask about? I’m waiting for someone to be bold enough to snatch her bald-headed.

    It needs to be done by a drone or a bald eagle.

  101. WTF is a calzone press? I use my fingers, or a fork.

  102. My lottery plan is the same as COALEX. I’d probably sub out gin for whiskey though.


    I had never heard of one either, Jay, but that’s what the fathead calzone recipe said to use. I used my hands to make mine, the “dough” started to get crumbly while I was fumble-fucking around with it, but it all sealed back up in the oven.

    Closer to an empanada than a calzone, probably.

  104. Williams-Sonoma, that would be a pricey one!

  105. fumble-fucking

    Ahh, the inexperience of youth.

  106. Heh:

    To the low life that stole my snow plow shovel out of the back of my plow truck and replaced it with this broken one at the south Duff Walmart around 7am this morning… Thanks a lot, guess what, you were on camera.

    Get it back to me today and I won’t press charges.

  107. Jay, welcome to Roamy at 6:36AM.

  108. Just to give you an idea of the size of the NFL audience:

    Forget that narrative that the NFL is in any imminent trouble. A combined 100 million plus people watched the championship games, including 54 million for Patriots vs Chiefs.

    According to CBS, the AFC Championship had three times as many viewers as the MOST-watched World Series and NBA Finals games. And championship games draw less than half what the Super Bowl does.

    Nine of the 10 most-watched television programs in American history are Super Bowls. (Final episode of M*A*S*H only non-SB.)

  109. I was still tired then!

  110. NFL audience are NPCs by choice at this point. Gillette customers. Buyers of the Pride Whopper.

    No wonder they keep getting shat on by the players, owners, and the league. They clearly enjoy it.

  111. No love for my lotto win eh?

    I love that you won some monies. Congrats! I just feel bad the fuckwads in D.C. will steal half of it. F*ckers.

  112. Your link isn’t working, CoAlex.

  113. Oh, and congrats, Troy! That’s very exciting 😊🎉

  114. There is no amount punishment short of eternal hellfire for something like that.

  115. No amount of appropriate punishment, rather.

  116. Congrats, TTroy!

    I think if I won anything significant in the lottery, I would fund one of those conservative law firms that defend the nuns and cake bakers.

  117. I commented on Troy’s win but did not congratulate. Mea culpa.

  118. Implied congrats to ttroy now made explicit. Gratz Troy!

  119. roamy is my lottery twin. Conservative law firm filled with honey badgers.

    I may have to fund a team of ‘helpers’ too. The kind of people hillary is used to using. “Wut, you dox an innocent kid and their family? Public apology or find your kneecaps up your sphincter.”

  120. I can’t hurt the cunts at NRO by not renewing. I never subscribed to their assholishness in the first place.

    But I do support Ace. I think he’s having an impact. If nothing else he sticks it to the cucks every chance he gets.

  121. People all over the state are reporting really loud, frightening noises that can’t be explained.

    Ice quakes.

  122. So happy for you, Troy!!!!


    Ilizarov frame on his leg. Stick a fork in his NFL career. He’d be wise to take a few broadcasting lessons and join the former players in the booth.

  124. We had ice quakes in Belleville in the 2013-2014 polar vortex. Sandy, wet soil all over that area. Pretty sure the chill went down past the 100 year first line that winter.


    Excellent response to Gillette.

  126. “In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face …. was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime, it was called. ” – 1984, Chapter 5

  127. Congrats , TTroy. Ammo is always a good choice.

  128. Our washer has a Sterilize setting. Won’t have to pay a vet to fix cats anymore!

  129. True.

  130. Fart noise!

  131. Danger, everyone! Ravenous piranhas!

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