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  1. Subway made me LOL.

  2. The hallmark of me reading any Pupster meme post is Paula, across the room, saying “What’s so funny?”

    Simple memes holding great truths.

  3. I got roped into driving Ben and his friend to the local ski hill. I can’t complain too much, Paula has pick up duty. We learned the other day he can get a provisional license to drive to and from school and/or work at age 15-1/2. That will be in about March. He’s responsible enough that we’re thinking of doing that.

  4. Engine light ghost is my worst nightmare. I could see that made into a funny hollywood horror movie short.

  5. I’m trying to make chicken bacon chowder in the instapot again, last time it was a waste of groceries. Boy1 is working 11-7, Boy2 12-6, and I got hockey tickets through my work for Blue Jackets/Wild tonight, but I think I’m going to let Mrs. Pupster take Boy2 and I’ll just be the head chef and Boy1 shuttle driver today.

  6. Houseguest wants us to make Julia’s beef bourguingnioooinoin tomorrow during the snowstorm.I’m thinking of going to the restaurant supply and getting enough beef, onions, and mushrooms to make a doubletree batches and freeze some.

  7. Mine was, and we did the same Jimbro. Matter of fact, in my working class lil family it’s kinda been tradition that the kids are strongly encouraged to earn and keep a job as soon as eligible. Once that occurred, money & time management considerations, professional vs. non professional conduct, etc. Became the hammer points. I took the time to hit his friends also as it appears not many of my peers parents were preaching “life management”. Proud daddy moment when some old farmer told me “that boy, he aint afraid of work”.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Crossfit. Snow here. Since I haven’t watched any forecast, I have no idea what is coming. I like it better this way.

  10. Well so far we’ve only gotten “a wintery mix” ……translation….I have about a inch of slush over everything. And I’m being advised that I need to go rent a carpet cleaner…..cause clean carpet is totally worth crashing your only vehicle in a slush storm…….right as winter was starting I upgraded the car insurance to super deluxe (don’t ask me any fucking questions just fix my fucking car full coverage), from liability (yer fooked) but still….needless to say….I’m reluctant to venture outdoors and this is a source of “friction.”

  11. That’s crazy, TT. If you don’t feel safe on the roads, stay home. Do you have a lot of life insurance, or something?

  12. Doing your carpets when the roads are bad is a sorta nice “inside” project. Assuming you don’t have to get the cleaner.

    I think I’m going to organize my bedroom when I get back from my cult meeting.

  13. Not that I would ever vote Democrat again anyway, but the video of Pelosi skipping town again would sure turn me off.

  14. What video?

  15. Not supposed to talk about ‘doing your carpets’.

  16. https://dailycaller.com/2019/01/18/pelosi-dc-leaving-trump-flight/

    Sorry, it was a photo, not a video.

  17. So nice that she cares so much. I’m going to miss a second paycheck, aren’t I. I know, first world problems. It was weird and pointless, filling out my timesheet.

  18. I have ventured forth onto the frozen slushy tundra and returned with not only with a carpet cleaner but also sweet sweet donuts!

    I. Am. A. Snow. God!!!!!!

    *Of course I don’t tell her that, I tell her I’m frostbit and hypothermic and I need the recuperate from my ordeal (there were wolves fought off an everything!) And by recuperate I mean take a hit of weed and fuck around on the net for awhile.

  19. She can’t actually do her job, her paymasters insist that she not do so.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the caucus decides she’s derelict and does something without her.

  20. The far left donor class and the activist base won’t allow any compromise with Trump, and the donors are how Pelosi maintains power.

    Again, if nothing else Trump’s defeat of Hillary broke the Clinton hold on the Dems, and is forcing huge realignment of politics that will repercussions for decades to come.

  21. I am thankful that I am in better shape than some of my co-workers with Mr. RFH still working and getting paid and for the timely lesson to Rocketboy about not living paycheck to paycheck.

  22. That came out wrong, but hopefully you know what I mean. The long furlough in 1995, we were both working for NASA, I was pregnant, and we were building a house. That was stressful, now it’s nowhere near that.

  23. Got my 401k statement for my big account (I have 4 now, need to do some consolidation), final quarter of 2018. Quick math says that I lost as much in the market as I would have to taxes and penalties if I’d cashed out in September. And if I’d done that I’d have no house payment and a nice chunk of change to spare.

    MJ gave me bad financial advice. I should get a refund on the money I never gave him for that.

  24. Let’s kick his ass.

  25. I suggest a duel. Its the only honorable way.

  26. I do genuinely feel like the market is just a giant gamble anymore, but it’s the only investment that stands the remotest chance against inflation other than and precious metals.

  27. Land and precious metals. Not sure how “land” got lost there. I wouldn’t say houses, because I expect cyclical crashes on those, especially as the whole-house “printing” comes online.

  28. Invest in guns and ammo.

  29. Welfare recipients

  30. Trump declares National Emergency today? If he does we enter all new territory

  31. We’ve been in a national emergency since at least the first “continuing resolution” rather than a budget.

  32. I do genuinely feel like the market is just a giant gamble anymore, but it’s the only investment that stands the remotest chance against inflation other than and precious metals.

    Tucker’s rant about the mercenary nature of the business class of the Republican establishment was correct. The system is set up by politicians at the behest of donors to encourage rising stock prices and bubbles, because that benefits them. It encourages people to gamble their money in speculative purchases, and for executives to engage in short-term thinking to drive up their stock prices, reap the rewards, and bail before it all collapses.

  33. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 19, 2019 10:40 am
    That came out wrong, but hopefully you know what I mean. The long furlough in 1995, we were both working for NASA, I was pregnant, and we were building a house. That was stressful, now it’s nowhere near that.

    It didn’t come out wrong. A lot of people, both on the public side and the private side, live paycheck to paycheck in a way that is stupid. I’ve been told since I was eighteen to always have a safety net, a backup fund to carry me along for a few months until I can find another job. Now, I don’t at this time due to the expenses of moving, but I’m slowly saving back up to reach this point again, because I’m an adult and don’t intend to rely on the mercy of others.

  34. Trump’s announcement?

    A return to the gold standard and ending fiat currency. And a wall. Gold plated of course.

  35. Returning to the gold standard would be basically impossible, and not a good idea anyways.

    I want him to announce RIFs.

  36. Chicken bacon chowder sounds like a fantastic meal. Not owning an instapot means an interminable wait for such a feast Like, maybe 3 or 4 hours in a crock-pot. Decisions …

  37. He may mention RIF’s. Other than the article linked by Roamy I have not heard any mention of them Maybe he wants to get that out there as a bargaining chip.

  38. I thought OPM has said that shutdowns like this can’t be used to justify RIFs. That’s a bunch of bureaucrats covering for themselves and their buddies, though, so who knows.

    I’d be fine with simply returning to greenbacks to dispense with the fiction of treasury notes, and to demolish whatever the conspiracy people believe about the Fed.

  39. This looks good and uses a crock pot


    (Lead in is several photos before the recipe, not a long story)

  40. I’m planning to talk to my parent’s financial advisor about that consolidation thing after next week. Going to see if there’s any tax-and-penalty free way to roll my retirement funds into something that isn’t traded by AI.

  41. That is kind of the one I made Jimbro, edited for individual tastes and available groceries. In today’s batch I didn’t add any salt though, you have to compensate for how salty your bacon makes the soup and salt to taste.

    The instant pot has a saute function, so I stir fried the chicken with all the veggies, butter and half of the chicken broth. 4-6 hours in your slow cooker is 15-20 minutes in the instant pot on “soup”.

  42. “Trump declares National Emergency today?”

    He’s waiting for Nancy’s plane to land in California.

  43. He should announce the decertification of CA statehood. Toss in IL, NJ, and NY at the same time.

  44. With the wall off of the table she’ll have to come back.

  45. I am waffling on getting an instant pot. I have a pressure cooker, but I rarely use it.

    Mark of Zorro on TCM. Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone, and Linda Darnell. Soooooo much better than the one with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  46. Instapot is just easy. Super easy. I really doubt I’d have used an old fashioned pressure cooker.

  47. Super long video about the whole Gillette ad thing and its director


    The last few minutes he talks about how the other companies were sort of doing the same damn thing but have deleted their videos when they saw the flack coming Gillette’s way.

    Time to look for Brand X razors or grow a beard.

  48. Looks like most of the recipes are for a 6 qt. pot.

  49. https://is.gd/FTTvTF

  50. Good doggie!

  51. Personally, I would get the biggest one that fits the budget. If you like leftovers. Most recipes appear to be designed for folks who don’t. Usually when I make a “pot” of something, I make lots. Or want to.

  52. Teresa’s linky is wayyy better than my linky

  53. I made a nice chicken and pasta recipe off Yummly Sunday. I put in more red pepper flakes than the recipe called for, so it made it too spicy for HotBride’s taste. So she didn’t eat much plus it would have fed four anyway.

    So I ate it for lunch all week long. I was kind of sick of it by Friday.

  54. That chihuahua in the first meme still cracks me up. 11/10, would give liver treats and snorgle.

  55. Well, I’m going from 4 people in the house to 2 by September, so there’s that consideration.

  56. Yeah, I got a little carried away with the hot sauce in my clam chowder last Sunday. It called for a teaspoon. I had a bottle of Cholula in the fridge with about 3/4″ at the bottom. After shaking some in the chowder I looked at the bottle and realized it had been in the fridge for a while. Glug glug glug.

  57. Would the national emergency just be the border, or would it include large portions of the Feral Gov’t effectively in rebellion, a judiciary that usurps the powers of other branches, and a Congress that refuses to do its job?

    Because honestly, the border problem would go poof if those other things got dealt with.

  58. Has she chosen her school yet Roamy?

  59. We use our instant pot a bunch, we love it. We got the large one.

  60. Looks like we’ve gotten about four inches of snow, and it’s still lightly coming down. It’s supposed to be tapering off and end around four o’clock. So we’ll probably end up with five inches.

    It’s pretty cold out, so the snow won’t be too heavy for shoveling.

  61. Instant pots are scam

  62. The dems aren’t going to trade DACA for wall funding. Trump will get nothing from them. Nothing. They’re not called the donkey (jackass) party for nothing.

    He’s going to have to declare a national emergency.

    Just fucking do it. Their heads are going to explode anyway.

  63. Jimbro, Missouri S&T, same as her brother. She and FDIL will overlap by a year.

  64. I want to get an instant pot, but HotBride says they are just a fad, and we don’t need one.

    Ima get one anyway.

  65. Mini-me is planning on chemical engineering for undergrad, then get a master’s in explosives engineering. She loved the explosives camp last summer and is looking for internships on the Arsenal this summer.

  66. Laura, I liked (and was horrified by) your link. Especially because the “woman” was transitioning from a male and tried to use the hormones “she” was taking as an excuse for its behavior.

  67. Mini-me’s future company logo


  68. I sorta got into a fight with someone over instapots the other day. ALL I DID WAS LINK A RECIPE I LIKED.

    And she decided it was time to take out her passive aggressive anti-instapot issue on me. She apparently decided that instapot people didn’t realize that it was nothing but a fancy pressure cooker. I told her about five times, that I was AWARE that it was a pressure cooker.

    Memo to world – if you have a discussion with a moron, don’t believe that “I” somehow think the same as that moron just because I may have something in common with them. In this case, because I own an instapot.

    it’s easy. It’s fast. Is it a fad? I dunno. People have talked about how how awesome pressure cookers are – so this is just an easy pressure cooker. I don’t know where the hate is coming from.

    It’s some form or purism or something. You’re not REALLY cooking with pressure, because that gadget makes it easier.

  69. 1. Put ingredients in Insta-pot
    2. Magic
    3. Delicious dinner.

    ^illustrative of the red herring argument I was having regarding instapots the other day.


  70. It’s Science!

  71. Explosives Camp is a shitty band name.

  72. I’ve been on the fence about instapots for a while. I will probably be staying on the fence only because of the price tag.

  73. Jimbro, or “Death Wears Bunny Slippers.”

  74. It is a rice cooker. It is a crock pot. It is a yogurt maker.

    There is a setting for “Cake”.

  75. Car in, calm down. Why don’t you listen to some REO Speedwagon and relax…

  76. Comment by Pupster on January 19, 2019 1:57 pm
    It is a rice cooker. It is a crock pot. It is a yogurt maker.

    There is a setting for “Cake”.

    Is it a floor wax? What about a dessert topping?

  77. I just can’t motivate. Feel badly that Scott is working today.

  78. I need to go to the gym, but I’m feeling lazy.

  79. I incubate yogurt in a beverage cooler filled with warm tap water. No electricity required. It’s easy to make decent rice on the stove. I have a crock pot, etc.

    I still want an instant pot anyway but I just know it doesn’t make sense, with all the gadgets I already have.

  80. That’s pretty much HotBride’s stance.

    But Ima get one anyway.

  81. That’s the big thing holding me back from grabbing an instapot. Maybe after the kids are gone and the cabinets are filled with actual food we’ll have more room. I have a food processor somewhere that’s still in the box. We have a kitchenaid stand mixer gathering dust. I use the hand mixer once a year when I make a fruitcake.

  82. They do a lot of explosives work at NM Tech near me. Pretty interesting stuff.

  83. Use my crock pot and stand mixer, but rarely use my food processor anymore. Mostly, I just don’t have the counter space to pull everything down and start using it.

    Once I get a dining table I’ll have a workspace for food prep.

  84. Tempted to get an instapot, but cooking for one is a pain. So much easier to just get a frozen dinner.

  85. Got one for Xmas. It’s a pressure cooker that can do tricks. My shallow glace at it indicates if you can program it properly it’ll multitask it’s ass off. Still in it’s baby steps stages here and I ain’t the cook.

    My big what if about a NE is will the Generals obey the order in the face of the inevitable judicial intervention? If they don’t, we got a big fucking problem

  86. Dan likes his knockoff instant pot/Pressure Cooker.

  87. I love the little cuisinart food processor Scott got me. It’s the smallest size that still comes with shredding and slicing disks. Fits on the counter even in my teensy kitchen.

    Xbrad, why don’t you make your own frozen dinners? You can cook once, eat many times.

  88. I actually do that fairly often, Laura, but it’s still a bit of a pain. Cooking for two (or two and a houseguest) is much easier.

  89. Look up Ninja Foodi. Best selling item this Christmas. Dan was happy with his generic. He makes soups and stuff and freezes it in portions for one. I don’t like pintos, but you can make them in an hour with the Instant Pot.

  90. What are the planes, XBrad?

  91. Car in, calm down. Why don’t you listen to some REO Speedwagon and relax…

    alex knows

  92. Getting caught up…

    I’m not sure Europe has actually fallen. In Germany they

    …committed suicide in the ’40s.

    And if by Europe you mean, places like Poland and Hungary, you may be correct.

  93. still want an instant pot anyway but I just know it doesn’t make sense, with all the gadgets I already have.

    Well, now … you get a gadget and you don’t end up using it. It takes up space. So – as some sort of excuse, you keep it on the shelf, and say “I can’t get more stuff because look what I have?”

    I’m not saying you should clear out shit so you can replace it with new shit. Just clear out stuff you don’t use. I did that last summer with my pantry. Erin was just asking where something was .. (oops, don’t tell her). It’s so nice to just not have that extra baggage.

    It doesn’t matter whether I need the space or not – things not being used should be passed along. And if I buy something new, and end up not using that too? It will get donated. But so far I’ve used it enough to keep it around.

  94. if nothing else Trump’s defeat of Hillary broke the Clinton hold on the Dems,

    The ‘hold’ won’t be truly broken until The Beast kicks the bucket. Haven’t heard if she’s still paying the DNC’s bills.
    And look how long her mother lived.

  95. Roamy, I honestly couldn’t tell. It might well have been a 3 ship cell of B-52s, or just happenstance that three jets from LAX were in proximity.

  96. I’m kind of surprised she’s still with us. The falls and the permanent cough, etc.

  97. Seeing comments in a FB group that they were indeed B-52s.

  98. Cool. I wonder how many pilots now are flying B-52’s their fathers flew.

  99. Waiting on Trump, hope this is good.

  100. I’ve liked my insta pot since before there were insta pots. And my food processor that is translucent now because I use it so much. And my Kitchenaid stand mixer, 2nd one because I burned out the original one and got the step up one.

    The only gadget I don’t use is the Salad Shooter. Because there’s an attachment to the kitchenaid that does it better.

    *seasons my new Lodge stovetop griddle. So pretty

  101. Instapot rice is the best rice you can cook in 3 minutes.

  102. Well, he used the bully pulpit, but I don’t think Pelosi and Schumer are going to listen.

  103. The goal is to peel of “moderate” Dems. Even a few votes would humiliate Pelosi. If she refuses to hold a vote, then he can ratchet up pressure.

  104. Nice move with the legal immigrants from all over.

  105. I would hope that my Senator, Doug Jones would be one to peel off, but he’s been the third senator from NY too many times already.

  106. Extended protections for DACA? I wish he didn’t have to, but as long as it isn’t a permanent path to citizenship I guess that’s the best I can hope for.

  107. “Real” polls show 79% for a border wall by democrats and 86% by Republicans. Susana and Drivers licences for illegals all over again. Ignore “We the People” at your peril. J’ames, path to citizenship was last year when we had the House. Trump is all in for the fight against Pelosi. He endorsed her as Speaker for the exact optics he’s getting.

  108. J’ames, Dan has a Lodge wok. It makes the best stir fry/fajitas

  109. Dems liked DACA because it allowed Congress to avoid any responsibility. A common theme with Trump is that he doesn’t seem to like the way Congress avoids taking any responsibility for issues and instead pushes it off on the executive branch. A three-year extension makes it an election issue for every house and senate race.

  110. CoAl, the beauty of Trump, in my opinion, is forcing pols to stand up and have a spine. I’m still kind of pissed that he recognizes the danger of arresting political enemies and continues to allow the investigations to run their course. I want 🚁🚁🚁🚁. I want the FBI disbanded. I want people in prison.

  111. We were supposed to meet our friends at the racetrack. Dan has a Man Cold. (Kind Of glad he’s missing lessons on betting the ponies) I mean, sad. Yeah.

  112. Stew is in the instapot. 35 min and done

  113. My liberal cousin was denigrating Alabama for not having motor-voter registration, and I’m like, that’s a feature, not a bug.

  114. Some more (lowbrow) cultcha:

  115. You know what is delicious? Peppermint Bark Oreos.

  116. My knees hurt just watching this (but these guys are amazing):


  117. Okay, how do I keep that from happening? I didn’t mean to put the whole screen up there.

  118. Magic

  119. Thanks, Scott!

  120. If you’ve ever worked at a store where people showed up and bought shit without any forethought as to getting it home, this is for you.

  121. Also, it is snowing like the dickens right now. The dickens!

  122. heh, he’s gonna feed it through the side window. Maybe drive partly sideways?

  123. oso, is there a contest out west to see who can have the biggest half court logo?

  124. 25 bags of mulch in your Kia Soul? No problem.

  125. so, anyone see Solo? How was it?

  126. I would deliberately drive the small car to Dad’s so he couldn’t load me up with too much crap.

  127. First, there was a tiller he wanted to get rid of, now it’s an exercise bike. Nope, won’t fit in the Honda, Dad.

    I have not seen Solo. Kind of afraid to. Haven’t seen The Last Jedi, either.

  128. Small car, big deck

  129. “Hell no! He came in for a box of tampons and I said to him, ‘since your weekend is shot, you might as well build a deck!”

  130. Went down to the garden store and bought 20 bags of ferrous sulfate. They were 50 lbs each. This was not “Rid Moss” or “Moss Out”, this was Iron Sulfate, right off the boat from China.
    The back of my little 1994 Lesbaru Loyale was squatting down.
    Turned lots of the lawn black, it did…

  131. Solo, is ok if you forget everything you know and just watch it as an independent film with no history.

  132. J’ames, yes. Since fundamental basketball is lost, we are trying to be street.

  133. Jedi killed the franchise. It is tripe. Disney needs to stahp trying to make Rose a thing.

  134. meh, Solo was OK.

  135. ISU is tied for 1st in the Big 12, going into Big Monday at Kansas.

  136. JEF killed my interest in BBall. GN

  137. I don’t let JEF dictate my interest in BBall.

  138. Duke Ellington rhapsodized poignantly.

  139. UMaine BBall sucks The women’s team always flirts with greatness but never seals the deal. The men’s team is like a witness relocation program smack dab in the middle of nowhere and hasn’t had a winning season in years. Lot of foreign chicks on the ladies team and a lot of mid-Atlantic/NY-NJ inner city yutes on the guys team.

    HS BBall playoffs are on TV and are fun to watch here.

  140. Some of lauraw’s dickens escaped CT and are landing in my fields and driveway.

  141. Snowmagedon 2019 was no where near as bad as Henny Penny and the DOT were stressing over

  142. About 9-10” ish. Another 3” today then cold (-1).

  143. Your mom wouldn’t even blink…

  144. Southern canada has been cold but we have not received much snow so far this winter, the 5″ we got on Thanksgiving weekend has been about it besides flurries here and there. Not complaining.

  145. We got a maybe 4 inches. Nothing to get excited about.

  146. We got a few inches of snow, then it started raining last night. Still raining right now. The forecast is for icing and power outages, followed conveniently by a flash freeze down to negative single digits. I hope not, but we do own a generator. Now: do we have gasoline? That is the question.

  147. https://tinyurl.com/y7wnnoqq

  148. Mini-me is home from the March for Life, immediately went to sleep. FDIL leaves for MO today. I am headed to GA for a funeral. Nephews’ father-in-law was only 62, glioblastoma. I didn’t know him that well, but I haven’t seen my nephews or the great-neflings in a couple of years.

  149. Oh yeah, we’re having an ice storm. Water from the sky + gusty winds + precipitously dropping temps. They’re saying over a half inch accumulation of ice before the winds start. WHEEEEEE! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  150. We left NECN on while we were cleaning up the house and they’re showing SE MA and using the term “flash freeze”

  151. Time to roof rake

    Rakey rakey

  152. temp is dropping pretty fast. we’re down about 5 or 6 degrees in the last couple hours.
    17 on the back porch right now

  153. Good morning. It’s 6 here. Trying to figure out how I get shoveling done and which mass I should try to attend.

  154. Getting ready to go to Vegas for the SHOT Show and a knife show. Penelope spent part of yesterday doing all the laundry so that if we die in a fiery crash, they won’t find dirty clothes in the house. I swear, I will never understand women.

  155. 33F. Not going out this morning. Maybe after noon.

  156. So it was all just a frame-up, narrative-boosting lies. But they’re plenty willing to harm innocent kids over it. What a surprise.

  157. At the tone the temperature will be ….6 degrees……. used to call for time an temp, now I just look at my phone. 6 degrees is just fucking stupid….my lil dog went out, pissed, then stepped in it and before he could shit his paw froze up. Had to carry him back in and clean him up….

  158. My mom already posted a meme calling the kid a little bitch.

  159. 6 here. Moose will stay out for about 30 min in the temp. Oschi not so much (but she has about zero body fat).

  160. – 2 and sunny here, just finished grilling some chicken outside. Boy1 is so picky about ingredients I’m down to salt, pepper and organic virgin olive oil.

  161. I got a turtle fur neck warmer for Christmas last year, it is not fashionable but makes a huge difference if you have to be outside.


  162. I don’t even want to know what part of the turtle has fur on it.

  163. The sexy part, Laura.

  164. Turtle necks are rare because they can only be harvested from adult male turtles who convert to Judaism.

  165. Pupster wears turtle pubes? Gross.

  166. I made blondies with sliced almonds last night, and some caramel sauce. This morning it’s the breffist of champions.

  167. I love it that Dems hate memes because they suck at them.

  168. omment by Car in on January 20, 2019 8:11 am
    We got a maybe 4 inches. Nothing to get excited about.


    But you have 5 kids so he knows how to use it.

  169. So I’ve made keto creme brulee custards twice with the sous vide machine. I took other people’s recipes and just switched out the sugar in the custard for truvia, and didn’t bother with the burned sugar topping at all.

    First time was Alton Brown’s basic recipe, next time was ChefSteps. Alton Brown wins in a landslide.

    They were both tasty, but ChefSteps had such a high proportion of egg yolks to cream that it came out far, far, beyond unctuous; when eaten still warm, they were great. But after a thorough chilling, it left a coating of cold grease on my tongue starting with the third bite. Unpleasant sensation. I like fat, but this is basically like sitting there eating lard. Ridiculous.


    Mare wins today.

  171. https://is.gd/2iMRxd

  172. Tango is cancelled, mass is cancelled. Today looks like reading and drawing and a long walk on the treadmill.

  173. unc·tu·ous
    (of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
    “he seemed anxious to please but not in an unctuous way”
    synonyms: sycophantic, ingratiating, obsequious, fawning, servile, self-abasing, grovelling, subservient, wheedling, cajoling, crawling, cringing, Uriah Heepish, humble, toadying, hypocritical, insincere, flattering, adulatory, honey-tongued, silver-tongued, gushing, effusive, suave, urbane, glib, smooth, smooth-tongued, smooth-spoken, smooth-talking, slick, slippery, saccharine; More
    (chiefly of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel.

  174. “Unctuous” was going to be my favorite adjective of the day before I found out “Uriah Heepish” was an available synonym.

  175. That tuna salad sandwich was utterly unctuous

  176. What idiot at National review believed the DC maga-teen story?

  177. Found it. Article by teh deputy managing editor of NR. Proud moment, for sure.

  178. down to 6°
    heading back out to move moar snow.
    that shit was /is heavier than i expected….
    if i don’t make it back – pray for oso.

    *borrows pupster’s turtle neck.*
    *decides to watch the gillette ad before putting it on. *
    *marvels at the pretty pink color*

  179. Comment by Car in on January 20, 2019 2:09 pm
    What idiot at National review believed the DC maga-teen story?

    All of them.

  180. Super blood wolf moon tonight. I’ll probably miss it, but the sky here is clearing on the western edge so who knows. Gorgeous last rays of golden sun are lighting up the ice-covered tips of the trees.

  181. https://tinyurl.com/y7wnnoqq

    Where do I get one of those?

  182. Ordered some tile for ‘the house’s’ bathroom. I need to put that in our master.


  183. It was the heaviest snow I have ever encountered.

    Snow thrower was useless.

  184. That’s gonna look awesome with the pedestal sink. Trying to decide if we should do regular subway tile or the bigger subway tile.

  185. It’s snowing again here. 16 degrees and dropping.

    Refilled the bird feeder, which the starling fatties promptly dumped on the grounda, and then poured some on the shoveled end of the deck. Lots and lots of birdies. At some point this afternoon, a hawk visited and sent the blue jays into ‘roid rage. He/she sat up in a tree at the edge of the rough and the blue jay kept getting all up in it’s grill….bouncing off it. Well, three blue jays.

    Better than the stupid football Mr. B. was watching.

  186. We had that heavy snow drop last weekend. It’s great if you’re a kid. Saw quite a few igloos/caves go up around the neighborhood.

  187. My sister just got real stupid on my facedouche and I can’t even.

  188. 7 and light fluffy snow here. We were supposed to get 4-8, wound up with 2-3. Hardly any wind, either.

  189. Hodge twins crack me up.

  190. Holy no call in the Saints game

  191. Wow. Really glad I don’t have money on this.

  192. My brother went to the game from Indiana. He’s livid.

  193. That was a complete bullshit no call that cost the Saints the game.

  194. Thick ice crust, temperature dropping like a stone. I walked on the top of the snow to deposit scraps in the compost pile. Only broke through in a couple spots, but I had seconds of dinner and I weigh a freakin’ TON.

    I’m disgusting. I hate myself. I blame Julia Childs.

  195. Well, this game is going just like I thought it would. Chef’s defense couldn’t stop a college team.

  196. Horrible clock management by the Saints. Run it 3 times, then kick and they win the game.

  197. It’s a long game, Chiefs are hardly dead

  198. You can’t spell dead without Andy Reid.

  199. This game is killing me!!!

  200. Scott, we timed our arrival in Vegas to put money on both games. Dan will need to step up his game to make up for the Sports book loss.

  201. I laughed when the Chiefs used a timeout.

  202. Seems like the line made some adjustments. Lets see if the Chefs can get a stop.

  203. Dan just asked me if I wanted to watch the eclipse. More exciting than Chefs football. KMA Dan.

  204. Heh, National Review deleted their story on the MAGA teens. Assholes.

  205. Safety, safety.

  206. For those of you not on social media, I had a first today. Ok 2 firsts. Roadrunner roadkill and deisel cheaper than unleaded. 2.99 for bleated??? FU AZ. FU NV.

  207. Diesel is 60 cents a gallon more here.

    Pretty sure I saw bear roadkill yesterday.

  208. That was a helluva play.

  209. just got done with the snow –
    i think i plegicked myself

  210. Haha, I’ll bet this is overturned. It’s the Patriots.

  211. He didn’t touch it. Ref’s can change the outcome of both games.

  212. I think it hit his left index finger.

  213. wow, 2 pics of Brady. BAILED OUT!

  214. Possum is doing that thing where she fights sleep and I’m on day 3 of single dadness, so if any of you nice people would like to attempt a fitness or fungus or fitness fungus (jock itch, athlete’s foot) poat in the AM, go for it. I’ll be working and too zonked to care.

  215. I don’t think he touched it either, but I’ve seen calls more clear than that not be overturned.

  216. Pray for Oso.

  217. amazing misdirection on that play

  218. Scott, Bear, coyote, deer, and elk are “Yawn”. Roadrunner? Shit just go real

  219. oh come on! He didn’t hit his helmet!

  220. Pray for Oso

  221. This one will not be overturned. Because Patriots.

  222. Once a few hockey fans realized I was wearing a Whalers jersey, it became awkward. Tomorrow, I will run my Jersey experiment again.

  223. I almost think KC should let them score, to save clock.

  224. They did.

  225. That was bullshit.

  226. Let them score.

  227. Crazy

  228. Seen this replay a lot of times. Does Brady have one more in him?

  229. Will they overturn this one?

  230. hehe, bailed out!

  231. Like freakin clockwork. Brady is a machine.

  232. Too much time on the clock.

  233. I’m scheduled to work on SB Sunday. Also on Club GMS hit list of old people. I fucked up and didn’t document his shit. Still planning on filing a EEOC complaint.

  234. Overtime, pray for Oso.

  235. Well, at least both games have been very interesting!

  236. How many indians is Oso right now?

  237. Still early in Vegas. I have to man up and go have fun. (Use coupons)

  238. can’t win without defense.

  239. Headed out to gamble. Trying to make up for fixed NFL games. 3 Indians.

  240. Who bets on Andy Reid in January?

  241. Don’t let the old man in:


    This hits pretty close to home…

  242. the beginning of a monday poat is scheduled – all are welcome to add, edit, delete, whatev…
    have at it

  243. “3 Indians.”

    why not 4?

  244. 2° and dropping.
    -2 by morning.
    it’s crunchy out

  245. 1 here
    supposed to go below 0, then back up to 11 tomorrow.

  246. I got to see my nephews, my niece from TN, and all their kids. The 5-year-old was adorable. I called him by his name, he looked me up and down and asked, “How do you know my name?” I answered, “Because you are unforgettable.”

    The last time he saw me, he was 2 or 3, so he probably doesn’t remember it. His older sister looked like she recognized my face but wasn’t sure who I was until I said I was the one who sent the NASA stuff.

    Funerals suck, but a sort of family reunion makes it a little better.

  247. Day two of three day weekend. I actually managed to get myself out of the apartment yesterday, which is an accomplishment these days for some reason.

    Mind you, this would be easier if I could get an opportunity to see my friends MORE THAN ONCE EVERY FEW FUCKING MONTHS.

    I need new friends. (This batch seems pretty worn out, anyway. Half are as bad off as me, the other half worse…)

  248. the eclipse is kinda neat….
    it cleared enough to see it

  249. BLOOD RED MOON!!!


  250. Holy crap, Chrispy! That Don’t let the old Man In deal is excellent!!!

  251. Draw everyone realistically, Pablo.

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