Hello, and welcome to Big Bersatrix Friday.


bersatrix – baby-sitter, a rocker of children in a cradle




Your model for today was born May 24th, 1991 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She stands 5′ 6″, 36-24-34 and 108 lbs.  Please say “Вы красивы как звезда” to Miss Olga Kobzar AKA Polina Peca.



  1. Stunning.

  2. perky

  3. pup – your links brought the funny. three thumbs up.

  4. big polydactyly friday

  5. Wife goes away on orders today until next Friday. Solo dad starting in about an hour. Pray for oso.

  6. i gotta go buy a vehicle today…
    both my car and truck have shit the bed.
    the truck has been on life support for a year and a half.
    the tranny on the car took a crap a couple of days ago.
    i took the mrs’ car the last 2 days and she plodded around town in the truck; she was not a happy camper…. blah, blah, blah “jed clampett”, blah blah blah “why can’t you get rid of this thing”….
    pray for oso.

  7. hahahaaa –

  8. *prays for oso*

  9. She seems nice.

  10. Bwahahahaha, they are trying to spin it as Trump punishing the troops for not letting Pelosi visit. I’m sure our soldiers are absolutely heartbroken that Nancy’s not visiting.

  11. wakey wakey.

    Yea, I’m sure they’re super disappointed to not meet Nancy.

  12. Moose it getting groomed today. It’s been a while. he wouldn’t get in the car – it’s been a LOOONG time. But I worked on it all week, and now he’s going up the ramp like a champ (for that treat at the end).

    I’m so excited. NEW YEAR, NEW MOOSE.

  13. I’m in love…

  14. She’s going to break your heart, Coalex.

  15. Oh, of course. And probably my bank account.

  16. Heh, I hope this also means that Pelosi can’t use military aircraft to fly home to CA either.

  17. My wife is IN the air force and on orders to go from one base to another and she’s flying commercial both ways.

    Eat cyanide, Nancy.

  18. I would like to subscribe to her boobsletter…

  19. Found Mare’s buzzfeed thing about soul cycle, because I really had no idea what it was.

    Spinning is a great workout, and it can be a lot of fun. The bs stuff empowerment stuff they say I can do without. “soul”? pass. It’s as if these people have never thought about anything … never really ever sat and had deep thoughts.

    Criminey. If I was somehow awakened by a fitness trainer … I’m pretty pathetic.

  20. There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of Man, and the Devil will fill it with anything he can.

  21. Heh, decided I’d let everyone see this, no clicky involved:

    Guess not, wordpress doesn’t like this.

    The Wright Brothers on Dec 17

  22. There are gyms (crossfit) that are bible centered. Pray before and after workouts, and adhere to strict rules regarding music, decorum, clothing. It’s not as if I think working out HAS to be “of satan”. I just find it sad that those soy boys (from the video) haven’t apparently ever had a single Deep Thought.

    that’s the way it seems. Kinda sad.

  23. brb, colludin’

  24. I’m not being the Church Lady, just noting that there’s a lot of counterfeit religion out there. Mixing religion into a workout in any outward fashion strikes me as uncouth at best. Praying a rosary while on a walk is as far as I’d go with that. Only reason for Christian CrackFat I can see is that it might reduce the amount of swinging. Might.

  25. I can see a christian gym, and certainly I think that Christians have an obligation to take care of their health, both in order to more readily carry Christ’s message into the world and as an obligation to your partner.

  26. And children, and grandchildren, and for putting up stuff at festivals…

  27. The left is already turning against Beto. Delicious.

  28. ^ invents christian strip club *

  29. I think the Christian crackfat idea is more the idea of being able to say THIS will not be tolerated. Obscene music and sports bras.

    I personally like working out to obscene music. I’ve only gone down to my sports bra once. But everyone likes what they likes.

    The crackfat to the SOuth of me is more bible centered – it’s name is “Building your temple”.

  30. Beto is a fraud, but worse, he’s a failure. The Left is made of frauds, but failure it can’t countenance.

  31. Comment by scott on January 18, 2019 9:24 am
    ^ invents christian strip club *

    Instead of Motley Cru and AC/DC everything is Hillsong and Casting Crowns.

  32. There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of Man, and the Devil will fill it with anything he can.
    Is there an MJ shaped hole in the heart of Martians?

  33. Just bought a gym membership…

  34. Just wait until they turn on AOC. It’ll happen. She’s pretty vapid and the ‘smart’ set DC crowd will want to distance themselves from her so they can continue to feel smart.

    Make no mistake, their both dumb, but some are dumber than others.

  35. Is there an MJ shaped hole in the heart of Martians?

    Well, they could, since it would be a small hole…

  36. Sabaton has some decent crusader metal.

  37. I think the Christian crackfat idea is more the idea of being able to say THIS will not be tolerated. Obscene music and sports bras.

    I personally like working out to obscene music. I’ve only gone down to my sports bra once. But everyone likes what they likes.

    The crackfat to the SOuth of me is more bible centered – it’s name is “Building your temple”.

    Wait, so Spartan Races are actually run in the manner of Spartans?

  38. I saw a clip last night of the rep from MI with the hijab making a speech in Congress. Who was with her? the other one from MI that was gonna impeach the MFer and AOC.

  39. I thought MJ had holes shaped for other organs.

  40. “aren’t actually run in the manner of Spartans?”

    Damn early morning typing…

  41. e”.

    Wait, so Spartan Races are actually run in the manner of Spartans?

    Pretty much. They got watering stations every couple of miles, right?

  42. Hijab girl is the Somali infecting MN. MFer is from Dearbornistan, MI.

  43. Oh that’s right. Keep thinking MI had two.

  44. If rhe Somalis in Minnesota are all like her, I suspect we’re eventually going to see some serious racism and tribalism in response. It will get ugly.

  45. I’ve only gone down to my sports bra once.

    Did anyone notice?

  46. Jan 18 and I still don’t know how my truck drives in the snow.

    This winter is a wimp.

  47. That’s it, I’m starting up GreekFit.

    Everyone works out naked and before each class we sacrifice a heifer to Zeus.

  48. Do they talk about snatches at christian crossfit?

  49. Sacrifice the heifer after. Greasy hands are bad for barbells, and eating after a workout is good for gainz*

    *Zeus likes the fat and the bones, so you can eat the rest.

  50. I can understand how working out is a doorway to mindfulness or spirituality.

    It’s often the only time that people are lost in what they are doing, free from the ‘I’ in their minds.

    That sometimes allows for deeper thinking about big things, especially combined with the endorphins.

  51. Comment by Pupster on January 18, 2019 9:36 am
    I’ve only gone down to my sports bra once.

    Did anyone notice?

    They were probably too busy checking out her ass.

  52. Do they talk about snatches at christian crossfit?

    They call them “raising the bar to God”, I think.

  53. Actually, my friend Dana noticed, because she was shocked because I’m one of the few who very rarely does it. But the workout was super tough, and it was really hot.

  54. Do they talk about snatches at christian crossfit?

  55. Crossfit: Forging Elite Fitness Sweaty shirtless women.

    There, solved your problem of too few men.

  56. It will get ugly.

    I’m not worried. MN also elected an anti-law-enforcement Attorney General. I mean, what could go wrong?

    *packs some more boxes*

  57. There is also Powerwolf. I like to think this will be playing loudly when Minneapolis is retaken.

  58. Raising the bar to God


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg


  59. The Left’s deference to Islam is a truly weird thing.

    The ideology is just so fucking insane. Kill yourself and get lots of pussy. Conquer the world for our 7th century pedophile prophet. Kill anyone that leaves the religion. Kill anyone that doesn’t act like a 7th century asshole. Disfigure people you don’t like. Lie continuously. Dudes shouldn’t fuck dudes, unless they are underage.

    It goes on and on.

  60. I didn’t enjoy powerwolf.

  61. MJ, it’s not that they like islam, it’s that they’ve been so indoctrinated to hate Western Civilization.

  62. It’s not for everyone.

    My larger point is that at some point Minneapolis is going to be in the same state as Jersusalem in the 12th century.

  63. The history of Islam makes about as much sense as mormanism.

  64. Dearborn would be already if not for Ford campus.

  65. Almost time to get Moose in the car.

  66. The commonalities are uncanny, Car in.

  67. I’ve thought that too.

  68. Now that I think about it, Ford campus and the truck plant have something like 40k workers, and pay well enough that most of them live outside of town, which explains how the Muslim ghetto elected MFer.

  69. Does Islam have magic underwear? I don’t think so.

  70. My larger point is that at some point Minneapolis is going to be in the same state as Jersusalem in the 12th century.
    There’s no one single thing that has gotten into this mess but the concept of respecting someone’s shitty culture has to be a key factor.

    America > Somalia

    Assimilate, bishes.

  71. Dennis Prager said it best: If muslim nations in the Middle East laid down their arms, there would be peace. If Israel laid down their arms, there would be no more Israel or Israelis.

  72. Cleaning and Jerking your Snatches for the big guy – since March 2009

  73. My brother and his son got tickets for the Saints game this weekend. Fun!

  74. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the mean IQ in Somalia is 68. I have no reason to think our “refugees” are exceptional. The US military won’t take you with an IS below 81 because you cannot be taught. Assimilation may be impossible for the adults, and we’ll be lucky if the children amount to much beyond not being an invasionary beachhead.

  75. Both Muhammad and Joseph Smith claim to have been called to create their respective faiths through a divine or angelic deception. This alone is basis to disqualify both religions because the words and nature of the deities or angels do not align with the Word of God.
    These angels of light deceived both Muhammad and Smith into believing that no sects of Christianity were right. The visitor(s) that supposedly came to Smith told him all other Christian sects were an “abomination.”
    Both Muhammad and Smith were said to be called as the one true prophet of God.
    We all know about the Muslims who get their mansion with their 70 regenerate virgins. Here, the Mormons one-upped them again. Instead of a mansion, the Mormons get planets. Instead of only 70 virgins, you get countless goddess-wives. Instead of being single, you get to stay married to your wife and your family remains intact and you can have sex and babies and babies and sex for all the length of eternity. The only real difference is that if you’re not a good little Muslim, you don’t get your mansion (at least mansions are in the Bible) while not-good-enough little Mormons get castrated upon entrance into Heaven.
    Both ostracizes those who leave their faith. Or are supposed to.

  76. Moose gave me a very sad puppy look when I left him.

  77. Moose will need therapy for “abandonment issues”.

  78. He’s going to make me pay somehow.

  79. They going to “express” Mr. Moose’s anal glands? Cause that’s a lot like rape and he’ll probably need therapy for that also…..

  80. I don’t think so. Just a shampoo and pretty-boy treatment.

  81. Moose weighs more than the lady doing the work. She loves big dogs. She’s had to lay on him in the past to get it done.

  82. I always assumed that expressing anal glands would feel pleasant, especially if they are really full. Like taking a big dump or finally getting to pee.


  84. Comment by Pupster on January 18, 2019 10:51 am

    You know you like it.

  85. Nipples brighten everyone’s day!

  86. You should get Moose a therapy dog. Perhaps a St Bernard.

  87. Oschi was a therapy dog.

  88. If masculinity is a mental illness then we should all start claiming medical insurance benefits. Then start a class action to sue Harvard and all schools for discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  89. It is Moose’s birthday. He should get a happy ending.

  90. It may be the 22?

  91. Isn’t a happy ending impossible for Moose?

  92. Yes. a happy ending for him involves yummy food.

  93. On the one hand, I have a lot of relatives still in Minnesota. People I actually like and haven’t seen outside funerals in a quarter century.

    On the other hand, they’re going straight to hell in a handbasket.

    It’s breaking my heart.

  94. Nipples, Anal Glands & Happy Endings. Is this a Friday or What?

    *hopes Jimbro is doing all right after dealing with circumstances presented to him yesterday.

  95. Isn’t Minnesota mostly populated with scandis? The time to reawaken that Viking heritage is soon to be at hand.

  96. Oschi was a therapy dog.

    Did I miss something? Did something happen to sweet Oschi?

  97. No, just saying Oschi was obtained to keep moose company.

  98. “The Left’s deference to Islam is a truly weird thing.

    The ideology is just so fucking insane…”

    Their ideology is not much different than the left’s.

    Destroy anyone that doesn’t act like your kind of asshole. Disfigure people you don’t like (the Alinksy way). Lie continuously. Dudes fuck dudes including minors. etc…

  99. I think its kind of funny that the two muslim ladies elected to congress are doing their level best to act exactly like everyone assumed they would.

    Joo hatin’ CHECK
    Gay hatin’ CHECK

    Just waiting for the next terrorist attack so that they can talk about the ‘nuance’ and that it’s really America’s fault that wealthy, educated muslims like to kill lots of people in the name of some goat fucking deity.

  100. I’m just now catching up on this “parsley in the vajayjay” thing. Parsley is on the list of “herbs that can harm fertility or cause miscarriage”, and that’s when you eat the stuff. I can only imagine what diffusing it through mucus membranes local to the uterus might do.

    Is this a 4chan scam to eliminate fertility in leftist white women who fall for shit like this?

  101. 24 hours and we’ve lost the glow from The Golden God’s Troll of 2019 Front Runner.

    That’s how good he is. We expect something new everyday.

  102. The time to reawaken that Viking heritage is soon to be at hand.

    Tell it to Sweden.

  103. The Swedes would build a new fleet of longboats, but they can’t find enough allen wrenches.

  104. I’m not sure Europe has actually fallen. In Germany they hated the Turks that were imported in the 90s to supplement the labor pool.

    They’re basically second class citizens.

    I bet that’ll come to an interesting conclusion and the Aryans are due for a win. 0-2 last century.

  105. I think its sort of funny that people from shithole countries are always for no borders.

    Well duh.

  106. All the tough Swedes got out as soon as Leif Eriksson’s old colony got found again by the crazy eyetalian guy working for the Spanish royals.

    As far as Germany goes, if they still have any fight left in them, I’ll be surprised. I suspect they’ll get lucky and Poland will invade and liberate them eventually. Because irony.

  107. At this point, if the imported muzzies are second class citizens, the Germans themselves are third class. At best.

    I like to think a certain bloody minded spirit still exists in the various peoples of Europe to put paid to this madness and raze Brussels, but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Hell, I worry about us, here…

  108. I ran across this the other day – fans of Columbo will get a kick out of this one:

  109. egads.. Looks like Jimbro is going to win the snow lottery.

    2-3 feet with 4-10 foot drifts.

  110. Yikes!

  111. ours is turning into a big dud

  112. They keep moving mine further into the future, but my snowfall estimate now tops out at 5″. I’m still going to have to shovel, but I don’t know when I’ll get to do it. Worse, I have to get a sitter when I do, so someone has to drive on it before I shovel.


  114. Correction, 5″ tonight, then another 6-8″ tomorrow.

    Your mom wasn’t impressed, but didn’t turn it down.

  115. Comment by Pupster on January 18, 2019 6:40 pm

    I think that statistically, I’ve already passed the “trial separation” period of my second marriage…

  116. I was separated from my second wife at 31, I think. Lasted about a month.

  117. 4-8 with winds gusting 40 mph. Current snow pack has a hard smooth surface from melting and refreezing. Gonna make for some awesome drifts.

  118. Oh goody, temps in the high 30s tomorrow afternoon, so we get ice in the middle of the snow storm.

  119. We had an all day dusting of snow, just enough to make the drive home a little dicey. Clear tonight and snow returns for real after midnight Saturday. I’m seeing 14-18 inches by the time it’s done early Monday morning on my weather widget. Kids have no school on Monday anyway which is good timing.

    Oil tank was just filled, generator serviced last month, propane tank is full and my firewood is dry. We even got two 40# bags of kibble yesterday (unrelated to weather, just ran out). Bring it on!*

    *just don’t lose power during the game

  120. That would really suck.

  121. We are supposed to get a lot of ice, so power loss could be an issue.

    That will be fun, Monday high temp is supposed to be 5.

  122. Ace is lambasting Jonah Goldberg for stealing his MacGuffin thing. Good.

  123. How’s the kid from yesterday, Jimbro? You doing ok?

  124. Kid is stable. They’re going to extubate tomorrow if the breathing improves. So hard to know now what the neuro status will be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Could be okay, could be neurologically devastated. I follow kids/young adults with cerebral palsy caused by NAT (non accidental trauma) which is the doctor talk way of saying child abuse. Cerebral palsy is sort of a big bucket of diagnoses and includes “any injury to the developing brain in utero up to age two”. Could be a near drowning, neonatal infection, in utero stroke, anything. It’s hard to look at a nonverbal kid in a wheelchair and realize they’d be living their life, going to high school, playing sports, dating, annoying their parents about cell phone chargers but for some asshole who used them as a punching bag. Now they’re in a wheelchair, incontinent, need a G-tube and will eventually need an institution to live in when their mother or foster parents can no longer care for them. It’s different than a syndrome where genes got assorted the wrong way and they ended up that way. That’s unfortunate but truly an act of God or random assortment if you prefer.

    This kid’s troubles began when his sperm donor returned to the state after an absence. Mother was one of my patients over 10 years ago who I vaguely remember because of an unusual nameand the $20 copay.

  125. Listening to Ben playing guitar upstairs. Sort of a Stevie Ray Vaughn “The Sky Is Crying” thing. He’s improving so I guess those lessons are worth it.

  126. Zombie book time

  127. Ugh. Sleep schedule farked from working day shift twice in a row. Pray for oso.


  128. I have literally never had someone be so rude and unreasonable to me as some bitch was tonight.

  129. What’s the buzzfeed story I missed?

  130. I’ll wait.

  131. BuzzFeed claimed that Mueller had evidence that Trump asked Cohen to lie to Congress. The story is falling apart.

  132. Penguins win in OT.

  133. Denmark exports recycled plywood.

  134. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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