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  1. Road trip meme is so true. As are all the other ones frankly.

  2. Two thumbs up Pup 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Workie workie

  4. Holy shit this was funny

  5. Oh yah, wormy wormy. I’m leaving that autocucumber right there because getting up for work at 5:30 is the suck. I can’t believe I let some peasant trick me into this.

  6. copilot had me raffing

  7. workie workie

  8. wakie wakie

    I don’t know what time it is.

    no worries. Administering coffee now.

  9. Yall pipe down. It’s still dark out here in the far western CST zone.

  10. Early bird gets the worm.

  11. Does anybody really know what time it is?

  12. /sticks Thrive™ patches all over Brother C’s face

  13. Road meme just got FB’d. That’s me in a nutshell.

  14. I like how Geico is putting out their old ads. The possum one reminds me of leon.

    Dad, I think he’s dead!

    He’s probably just playing possum


    There he is!

  15. Did everyone go back to bed?

  16. Todays forecast….SLUSH. With continued slush until nightfall where it will change over to ICE. Its in the low 30’s and its just a sloppy nightmare. Freaking drainage clogged with snow or ice, backing up into pools of semi frozen liquid..

    The only fun it brings is when your driving in the morning and the little darlings are walking to school….if you time it right you can hit a puddle “by accident” providing the little angels with a real world education.

    Remember kids. Life is not fair and then you die.

  17. I have errands to run and then a 9am meeting.

  18. /looks up Thrive patches

    Damn. May as well have given me a cup of coffee and a decent breakfast instead.

  19. Joke’s on Jaymes anyway, they’ll be sending him stuff ’til Doomsday.

  20. Had, not have.

  21. We’ve got a big storm headed our way. 1-30 inches predicted.

  22. Your mom won’t be happy unless it’s 12+.

  23. That is our forecast for Sunday, perfect for a Patriots home game.

    Stupid Chiefs.

  24. This decline in religiosity, particularly among the more educated, urban classes, has meant less community, less ritual gathering, less time for quiet contemplation; that, in turn, has meant more yoga classes with earnest cooldown dharma talks, more meditation studios and acupuncture. It’s meant that SoulCycle and CrossFit and Tough Mudder all have begun to fulfill roles previously occupied by churches and synagogues and mosques.

    From here.

    Much of what is wrong with our country today can be neatly summed up by this paragraph.

  25. Welllllllll …

    When I moved to Lapeer, I joined the church. I’ve never felt so … unwelcome in my life. I tried for a while, then just gave up. Thanks but no thanks. I got it. Church was for the sermon, but I wan’t going to make any friends there.

    I get what the author is saying, but how about not using events that are actual positives to people’s lives ? How about tv, or netflix and chill, or or or …

  26. Honestly, that’s why I drifted away from church. Though having garbage brain chemistry was probably a contributing factor. Honestly I think Western Civilization suffers from depression of sorts.

  27. Ennui, perhaps.

    I definitely feel a little alienated at our new parish, it’s got to be 10x the size of our old congregation in Belleville, where I was on parish council and involved in all sorts of things. OTOH, it has been kind of nice to just sit and be a pew potato for a while.

  28. You were too hot for that church, Car in. You need to find a church for sexy workout peop…OHhhh, okay.

  29. There’s nothing wrong with joining a gym or a race because you want to have fun with other people or get fit. The problem is that it’s become a replacement for spiritual development for many people. You end up with a watered-down psuedo-religion that focuses on telling people how wonderful they are, which in turn fosters a kind of narcissism. That kind of crap has infested all of society, including workplaces and universities, and the people who run things in DC and state capitols are marinated in it.

    And as beneficial as a gym or a Spartan Race might be, they can’t be a unifying cultural element. Not in the way that religion should be.

  30. I’ve never understood the whole megachurch thing. I mean, you’d think at some point the size of the church would grow to the point that it had become unwieldy, and that the leadership would say, “Enough! Let’s encourage the formation of a sister church.”

    I mean, in reality I do understand: it’s about money and prestige.

  31. Comment by lauraw on January 17, 2019 10:28 am
    You were too hot for that church, Car in. You need to find a church for sexy workout peop…OHhhh, okay.

    She needs to attend our Lady of Burpees.

  32. That reminds me, I need to chat with the head of the local armed extremist/insurance salesman group about maybe joining up and getting a sword and a funny hat.

  33. St. Christopher is the patron saint of Leg Day.

  34. The problem is that it’s become a replacement for spiritual development for many people. You end up with a watered-down psuedo-religion that focuses on telling people how wonderful they are, which in turn fosters a kind of narcissism.

    I don’t see that. I mean, I see church going folks, who are gym rats who are also super narcissistic. I have a few friends like that. Going to church isn’t a cure for narcissism.

    Many crossfit gyms participate in a ton of fund raisers, awareness raising events. We encourage newcomers, and applaud people’s every accomplishment. We lift each other up emotionally (in times of crises for some) and have become actual true friends.

    I just don’t see this as an if/then deal.

    And, as I explained to my friends at the gym – my half marathons, and spartan races are actually substitutes for the vacations I never get. Merely things to look forward to, in my otherwise somewhat mundane life. Everyone needs something to look forward to. I see it no differently from someone planning golf outings. Except they occur less frequently.

  35. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 17, 2019 10:38 am
    That reminds me, I need to chat with the head of the local armed extremist/insurance salesman group about maybe joining up and getting a sword and a funny hat.

    Same here. In Colorado Springs there was a Catholic singles group that was pretty decent. They did Sunday night beers and burgers at the local faux-Irish pub and whatnot. Also were super into running, unfortunately, but no one is perfect. I need to see if there’s something similar around here.

  36. Unfortunately, where I live now, “Irish” is a synonym for “Notre Dame”, which confuses the issue of what sort of pub one is actually at.

  37. Supposed to be a nice day here. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to bring 65+ mph winds. No fun at all.

    Walking the dog is as close as I get to spiritual development. You people are 90% of my social interaction.

  38. Oso mentioned Catholic conspiracy things last night. As the controversies and apparent heresies have continued to mount, I’ve done some reading/watching on these and I’m not sure what to think.

    The extreme version is that B XVI was coerced or forced to resign, and is essentially a prisoner in the papal palace, and thus the election of Bergoglio is illicit on its face. As bad as this is, I think it’s better than what really happened.

    My current read on the situation is much more sinister. I think Benedict was coerced or persuaded, but that he didn’t really resign. The language he used to do so doesn’t fit Canon Law, and he’s not done any of the things laid out for a resignation. He retains his title (“Holiness”), his papal moniker, and wears the white cassock reserved for the pope. I think his intent was to “expand” the Petrine ministry to include an active, out-in-the-world “pope” while he remains as sedate, contemplative pope-in-residence. There are numerous problems with this situation, juridically and theologically, and the fallout is part of what we see with the Peronist Bergoglio focusing on things that a pope has no business doing, promulgating confusion and seeming heresy, attacking victims of abuse, performing liturgical abuses himself, and dismissing legitimate questions about his teachings. The Gallen mafia appear to have their man in place by all appearances, and that’s terrifying. This is one of those one- or twice-in-a-millennium events where there might be a for-real antipope, and those are rarely good times.

    The Sedevacantists are still wrong, though, there’s a pope, the question is who it is.

  39. Work outs > Religion

    *fist bumps Carin, still wonders what Pay sees in her

  40. I should stress that I don’t know that any of that is true, it’s my deep, deep fear about the possibility of a big big win for Satan’s army on Earth in the present time.

  41. cc: Gillette: Boys will be boys

  42. The Daily Ocasio

  43. I’m being irritated right now – we can have our little religious debate here and it’s fine, but elsewhere someone who is … more … fundamentalist … is sorta pushing me and I don’t really want to get ugly. (it’s unrelated to anything we were talking about here)

  44. Meh, I don’t get any of it.

    If you tried to explain any religion to a martian they’d be really confused. But they’d also be really confused if you told them that on the anniversary of everyone’s birth, a bunch of people light a cake on fire and sing a song.

    Humans are weird. Let’s keep it up.


    Bret Hume doesn’t think much of the recent kerfluffle with Steve King.

  46. I have no reason to believe that martians wouldn’t have their own religion. Indeed, I have good reason to believe that they would, and that it would bear striking similarities to human religion.

  47. She’s pressing me about whether Rob’s family is religious, and I don’t think they are, but I don’t know. That should be the end of the discussion, really.

    But, no. now we have to have a discussion about how “true” religious folks get through “really horrible things” much better than secular (or people who aren’t religious enough) – because zero facts she then presents. I think Rob’s wife is doing a fine job under pretty horrible circumstances, but that the entire thing is going to make one very sad, no matter what the afterlife brings … (see she’s getting fundamentalists on me – and I guess being sad about a spouse possibly being brain dead shouldn’t upset you, because then you’re just doubting Christ or something).

  48. maybe they worship MJ!

  49. religion does provide a support structure, but the person in question has to utilize it. Religion doesn’t just step in and make everything better.

  50. Some people would rather win an argument than save a soul, Carin.

  51. *aliens land on Earth*

    *alien leader sees a crucifix*

    Alien Leader: Interesting that you were visited by Gflfx’Rthor as well!

  52. Some people would rather win an argument than save a soul, Carin.

    That’s the way I feel sometimes. As if she needs to find examples in other people’s lives in order to support her own belief system. Personally I’d rather not do that. Not with religion. No one knows what exists in another’s heart or head. Judging makes some assumptions I’d rather not make.

  53. That whole “fear and trembling” bit is supposed to be introspective, by and large.

  54. I have no reason to believe that martians wouldn’t have their own religion. Indeed, I have good reason to believe that they would, and that it would bear striking similarities to human religion.

  55. Because reason alone can lead you to believe that the universe has a creator (see Aristotle), and if the creator saw fit to reveal Himself here, there’s no reason to believe He would leave other worlds bereft of that same revelation. And it would – by necessity – be the same revelation, because it’s the same God.

  56. I can follow that logic and it makes sense. And I’m assuming that you believe there is one religion that is correct and all others were evolved?

    So what would make the Martian religion different from our friends in India? Why would it be similar to the one you think is right?

  57. See, that’s where things can get tricky for me. I can have faith in X religion, and while I can identify certain religions as false- I can’t say that those people in the end are are worshiping a false god. Perhaps for a few really crazy religions, but as to the bigger ones? They can be following false teachings – mislead – but hopefully the big guy up there sees in their heart and realizes it’s more a factor of their circumstances.

  58. HALP! Got a comment stuck in comment purgatory.

  59. Just checked. I didn’t see it there.

  60. Bunch of homosexuals and pedophiles.

  61. Right, the catechism addresses this pretty well. An earnest seeker of divine truth will find as much as they are able wherever they happen to be, and accountability ends with what he or she was able to learn and how well they held to it as they understood it.

    I think Martians would get at least as far as Aristotle had, and likely as far as Aquinas, even in the absence of revelation. The particulars might vary, but some approximation of the Decalogue is almost certain. Without something like it, you don’t get civilization, at least not at the level of spacefaring.

  62. Bunch of homosexuals and pedophiles.

    You spelled republican wrong.

  63. Gillette really works!

  64. Thanks Car. I have a habit of writing comments and then deleting them and sometimes I forget which ones I sent and which ones got dx’d.

  65. Trump cancelled Pelosi’s private jet that was supposed to take her to Europe, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

  66. HA!

  67. That right there is Baby Jesus smile level stuff…..30 mikes before boarding…….”you can chose to go commercial”……Bwahahahahahaaaaaa

  68. I dunno, it might have been preferable to let them get to Afghanistan, then deny them a plane back.

  69. Why would you do that to the Afghans?

  70. It’s like the ultimate weapon to destroy their country, J’Ames.

  71. Trump is officially god now. I worship him and the real god will see the earnestness of my seeking him through the golden haired troll.


    I seriously can’t stop laughing.

  72. The only way this could have been better would have been for the bus to drop them off at the White House.

  73. LOL Hey, Nancy, eat me!

  74. I wonder if there’s a job in the WH that is solely focused on pissing off democrats.

    This is expert level trolling.

  75. If you appreciate this kinda thing I urge you to write to the POTUS and express same. He needs to know he has the support.

    Sent mine already

  76. Trump should offer his helicopter for them to get around…

  77. January 17, 2019

    On this day in history, President Donal J. Trump grabbed Nancy Pelosi by the pussy.

  78. And the lefty reaction:

    Reading Pelosi’s SotU postponement letter and Trump’s CODEL postponement letter side by side is the difference between a college essay and a 4th grader’s.

  79. Trump should offer his helicopter for them to get around…

    How very Pinochet of you!

  80. Reading Pelosi’s SotU postponement letter and Trump’s CODEL postponement letter side by side is the difference between a college essay and a 4th grader’s.

    So… no difference.

  81. I literally can’t wipe the smile off of my face

  82. Trump should just skip the SOTU. It isn’t required.

  83. Secretary of Offense is on his game today.

  84. Comment by Hotspur on January 17, 2019 4:56 pm
    Trump should just skip the SOTU. It isn’t required.

    A report is required, but not a speech. He should either do a prime-time address, or simply tweet it.

  85. Actually I think not. The constitution says he shall from time to time. There is no mention of an actual time or frequency.

    Time to time could mean once a month, once a year, or once a 4 year term.

  86. I dont give a rats ass about the SOTU address in that its always kabuki theater to begin with. But in this instance I want Trump to stick the SOTU up the progs ass and light it on fire. The other reason I want to see a traditional SOTU is that the progs are going to show thier asses so badly with immature behavior that I think it will cause a huge deflation in prog support after the event. I’d be surprised if there weren’t multiple interruptions, fist fights in the gallery, etc. Good Times….

  87. He should do it at a rally, not Congress.

  88. If there is a SOTU, the most suspenseful part is wondering whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg is sleeping, or dead….

  89. I’m for the SOTU Rally


  90. So, was he planning this for like a week or did he come up with it at lunch today?

  91. I figure he was going to schedule another meeting and was told they were unavailable because they were flying overseas. Nopity, nope , nope…..

  92. I figure as soon as he got Nancy’s letter about canceling the SOTU, he looked up her itinerary. Same with the other Dems.

    Sauce for the goose…

  93. Trump, you magnificent bastard. Well played, sir, well played.

  94. Shutdown killed the blog.

  95. It’s only a partial shutdown, Scott. Essential commenters are still here.

  96. Yes, they are.

  97. Long day, lot on my mind.

    Occipital skull fracture
    Subdural hematoma
    Cervical spine ligament sprain
    Healing L1-L2 fracture
    Acute intertrochanteric hip fracture
    Healing distal tibia and fibula fracture

    Sounds like a group of people in a car crash, right?

    Try one infant victim of child abuse.

    Deep breathing, robot mode, must not lose my shit. I’m going to read a zombie apocalypse book to wind down.

  98. I packed a dining table, 4 chairs, a couch, and a bunch of smaller things.

    I totes kicked ass today.

  99. If there were limbs, I would have lopped them.

  100. Damn, that sucks, Jimbro. Try to stay calm.

  101. You’re right, Patriots missed an opportunity for a classic playoff game at home this Sunday. They’ve been showing the rerun of Gronk trying to tackle the Miami guy and missing him all week on NBC Sports Boston. If he made that tackle they’d be at home this weekend. Oh well, fans in KC love the Patriots I’m sure.

  102. It’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen in a long time. The pediatricians see worse when the kids don’t make it. Just glad I miss those.

    Alright, zombie book

  103. Andy Reid has to win someday.

  104. I’d recommend one of the Taken movies.

  105. Jimbro, that makes me want to cry. May you not see any more like that.

  106. Jimbro, that breaks my heart. Praying for that sweet baby. Praying for you and those that have to try and save innocents from evil.

  107. Flight sample cracked, co-investigator is shipping a replacement to my house because the shipping dept. is furloughed.

  108. Scott, We won’t even bet on the Chefs with a +3 at home due to Andy Reid.

  109. Roamy ❤️😘🤓

  110. Hockey road trip. Pens/Coyotes tomorrow. Left my Sam’s Club road trip peanut M&Ms at home. On the counter. Golden Knights on Monday. Wearing my Whalers jersey.

  111. Patch that baby up and send it to me. The Moose and I will take care of it.

  112. Big story in AZ is baby left to die in bathroom.

  113. Looks like 5th Circuit gave the PP undercover baby selling videos a win.

  114. “honey, is that a baby you’re holding?”

    “No, it’s a puppy.”

    “I don’t think so. I think it’s a baby that you dressed up as a puppy to try and trick me.”

    “Hush, you “

  115. Time out!

    ***anticipating this weekend’s game***

  116. It’s been weird, working in an empty building.

  117. Roamy, you should watch Halloween II

  118. Oh, heck no. There’s enough creepy sounds. There’s a bird trapped in the high bay, and I don’t have a key to the big roll-up door to give it a better exit. It just screeches and shits on everything.

  119. Do you have a building ghost? We have one. His name is “Milo”. Latest video is a ball getting played with. Member reported. Video pulled and a ball is clearly getting tossed and retossed. No human in video. Milo usually plays with balloons and name tags.

  120. The building ghost is in the arsenal library. Walks through the walls. I am told he’s one of the Operation Paperclip Germans, but I haven’t seen him.

  121. Hah, quote from FB, Nancy Pelosi should just ride her broom.

  122. Roamy, you should look for him. Now. During the shutdown. While alone. That is the kind of experiment we expect. Don’t go all STEM on me. 🤓

  123. I got a two-day margin (not counting the weekend) to get my flight experiment done in time for launch. Yeah, I’m gonna go STEM on you, Osita.

    Mr. RFH and I talked a little about how long do I wait on the shutdown to end before finding another job. He said focus on the experiment, then worry about it.

  124. Arsenal library is on the Army side, and they aren’t shut down. The librarians are pretty cool, though.

  125. Someone please explain Tom Marino’s (rep from PA) retirement to me.

  126. With all the layoff talk, Milo is getting extremely busy. We have new hires quitting because of him. I’ll look into it for you. PA is a seriously divided state. Profs are so vile, PA may actually end up Red after 2018

  127. Bunch of homosexuals and pedophiles.


    You spelled Democrats wrong.

  128. If you watch Buzzfeeds video wherein a bunch a wimpy dickfaces take Soulcycle for a month or so you absolutely get the impression they considered it a religious experience. But they’re mental so…

  129. Degas’ expressiveness remains popular.

  130. why not 133?

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