Trash Talk Tuesday

My little mini-me is a sweet kid. In sports that can be a bit of a hindrance so over the past year or so I’ve been trying to up her game in the trash talk department.

It seems that some of the kids have been saying some off colored stuff for a while.


Who woulda thunk that kids could be mean

I explained that a not insignificant part of competition is the mental component and one should be prepared to ignore your opponents mouth while returning the volley with a ferocity that would make Genghis Khan blush…

While her mom doesn’t appreciate my mouth and teaching techniques, your mom doesn’t seem to mind.


time to get out there and break a leg


  1. in honor of pupster – your word for the day:

  2. I have a Gillette Mach 3 that I had been using. I already asked for an electric Norelco for Christmas because I’m trying to minimize the hair load on the septic system. Serendipity.

  3. i riffle thru a list of websites once in a while to stay abreast of pop / current culture stuff and by riffle i mean just read ledes –

    check out this collection of stupid :

    we’re doomed

  4. is gillette based in Massachusetts?

    howie cahh is right…

  5. Trash talking reminds me of “Mr. Baseball” and Tom Selleck with the line about “Got any naked pictures of your wife? Want some?”

  6. They’re right in Boston. That’s also the name of the Patriots Stadium. Gillette Stadium, aka “The Razor”. I’m wondering if football is on the list of things men shouldn’t do.

  7. “Hey there, how’s your wife and my kids?” was one of Berenger’s lines in Major League.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. It’s hard to keep up with all the controversies. Between the Daily Trump and everything else. I’m aware they’re happening because it’s unavo but I just don’t have the time, energy or desire to track them all down. I sort of know about the Gillette commercial, Tucker Carlson said something and a congressman from Iowa said something in an interview with the NYT.

  10. unavo = unavoidable

  11. King didn’t say anything I’ve not said, however inartfully it came out of him. Western civilization is under attack by parasites using the very institutions it built to tear it apart from within.

  12. Giving an interview to the NYT was his first mistake. It seems like people forget that they’re the enemy. At a minimum insisting on having your own camera crew filming it is a first step. Just saying “No” is probably a better option.

  13. The article on Gillette’s new commercial in the WSJ, which I skimmed, has 1458 comments, none of which I read.

  14. The toxic masculinity thing was probably started by soyboys who were sick of always being put in the friendzone.

  15. It’s a giant shit-test. Women screaming about it just miss it because they are surrounded by soyboys. They’re begging for some good, hard, toxic masculinity, but hate themselves for it, so they bitch.

    Projection ain’t just a river in Missouri.

  16. Hey there, how’s your wife and my kids?

    That was Klu Haywood, not Berenger. Haywood was actually a pitcher (Pete Vuckovich) and the chatter was supposedly ad lib from many takes.

  17. Republicans have to give interviews, otherwise you’d never hear them. Plus then the media would just make up more stuff.

  18. Double edge sword I guess. Trump just does Fox and twitface for the most part. Maybe do the interviews but prepare non sequitor responses for the inevitable gotcha questions.

  19. Heh, Scarlett Johanssen’s twin brother worked on Obama’s campaign. It all makes sense now.

  20. That’s what I like about his use of twitter, warts and all. It’s unfiltered, and quite successful. You can tell because of how much the left screams about it.

  21. I’m tired of having to tune out or boycott everything.

    This is not what I need at this point in my life.

  22. Comment by Car in on January 15, 2019 8:52 am
    The toxic masculinity thing was probably started by soyboys who were sick of always being put in the friendzone.

    I figured it was pushed out by lesbian feminists.

  23. Shit. Test.

  24. I would think that men don’t really care what lesbians have to say. It’s not going to motivate them.

  25. Boycotting P&G is going to be tricky. I might have to start making my own laundry and dish detergents. Paper towels… man. If I could grow those on a tree I’d plant an orchard of them.

  26. Toxic Masculinity was started by lesbians who are jealous of my magnificent penis

  27. “Toxic Masculinity” is a concept created by those in the grips of Toxic Femininity.

  28. Don’t run with bagpipes!

  29. Watching that best insults video reminds me of an incident about a dozen years ago. Seems my then nine year old nephew was signed up to compete in wrestling down at the ymca. His daddy, my bil, decided the boy needed some tutoring in taunting and taught him how to do the Dkimbe Mutumbo finger shake in his opponents face if he won. Sure enough, nephew won, shook the finger in the other boy’s face and promptly got DQ’d. BIL stepped out of the bleachers to contest the ref, other boy’s dad stepped out of the bleachers to contest BIL, they quickly took it outside and BIL got his ass kicked up between his shoulder blades.

    My advice to my sister was to put some pressure on her husband to knock off the tutorials on unsportsmanlike behaviors. Boys don’t have to be taught how to be assholes. They need to be taught how not to be assholes generally.

  30. The best part of a good ole fashioned ass kicking is it acts as a guide rail for life’s interactions.

  31. Trash talk is an art form best done on the dl.
    I didn’t get a nuanced game until college. Dancing on the line between humor and ass kicking is the sweet spot.

  32. We even talked shit on the chess team.

  33. We talked trash in Quiz Bowl. To girls.

  34. I’ve never been great at trash talking.

  35. Trash talking is overrated. Of course half of what everyone says it trash, so the bar ain’t where it used to be.

  36. Any dad who teaches his kid unsportsmanlike conduct deserves an ass kicking.

    Good job, Other Boy’s Dad.

  37. Kids are exposed to enough of that bullshit by the NFL and NBA. Those fucking animals should be fined and benched every time they pull those stunts.

    The only professional sport I watch anymore is MLB.

  38. Soccer is pretty much free of unsportsmanlike conduct, but the game is for pussies – pussies who flop. I can’t watch that shit.

  39. there is trash talking in soccer. And the “unsportsman like” behavior is mostly yelling at refs for calls. It usually doesn’t end well.

  40. I guess if I ever watched it, I would have known that.

  41. our poor little mutt had to have tooth work done yesterday.
    10 freakin’ teeth gone!!
    6 pulled 4 missing in action….

    so i was tasked with making him a dog loath … heh

    nutritional yeast
    a shit ton of vitamins
    and other crap….

    he gonna be turned into a damn hipster dog

    this little bastard gets treated better than me.

  42. the vet bill was another in a long line of stunners

  43. i keep saying no more dogs –
    but they keep showing up.

    over the last 20 years of dog stuff, im sure we could have bought a couple of vehicles in lieu

  44. loaf

  45. he’s

  46. must be the keyboar

  47. d

  48. I make oshi’s food. It has: Hamburger, total cereal, oatmeal, eggs, eggshells, wheat germ, and molasses.

    It’s a complete “dog” food.

  49. I like to add a vitamin supplement thing too. But I didn’t have it for the last batch.

  50. Also unflavored gelatin.

  51. I thought the ‘loath’ thing was intentional. Like the dog lisps now because of all the missing teeth.

    Poor puppers!

    I keep seeing cute puppies that I want but I don’t think our lives will be conducive to having any kind of pet for a long time. I want us to be able to just come and go as we please without being responsible for another life.

  52. oatmeal….
    i forgot the oatmeal

  53. Comment by Car in on January 15, 2019 11:32 am
    I make oshi’s food. It has: Hamburger, total cereal, oatmeal, eggs, eggshells, wheat germ, and molasses.

    It’s a complete “dog” food.

    Can’t you just give her the Thrive patch?

  54. is the gelatin for binding it together?

  55. he was really dopey last night when we picked him up…

    post op lethargy.

    he’s on drugs now for pain and infection.

    he was so slow we were concerned they let him get too hypoxic when he was under.
    he seems much better today

  56. In terms of the nutritional composition of gelatin, it is a good source of numerous vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds, including copper, selenium, and phosphorous, along with being an excellent source of proteins.

    (cut and paste)

  57. I finally watched the gillette commercial.

    The world that SJWs are trying to change doesn’t exist. It’s a boogey man.

  58. thanks carin –
    i’ll add it to the next batch

  59. Any dad who teaches his kid unsportsmanlike conduct deserves an ass kicking.
    Good job, Other Boy’s Dad.



  60. The comment on twitter I liked was something to the effect that the “man” gillette seems to be advocating is one who’s masculinity is constrained by virtue.

    Which … our society has pretty much abandoned.

  61. MJ!

  62. Right. They are constantly propagandizing themselves to fight that bogeyman. This is why they’re so persistently delusional.


    this is actually a good idea

  64. Yes Carin. When I watched that commercial, I saw a guy rescuing a kid from a pack of bullies. I was like, “Do they think intervening physically against criminals is a leftist virtue? Do they actually think rightwingers would just fucking stand by for that shit?”

  65. Being quiet and winning is way more intimidating than trash talking.


  67. Yes Carin. When I watched that commercial, I saw a guy rescuing a kid from a pack of bullies. I was like, “Do they think intervening physically against criminals is a leftist virtue? Do they actually think rightwingers would just fucking stand by for that shit?
    I just had this conversation with GND. Do young idiots think that suburban dads stand by and grill burgers while a kid beats the shit out of a smaller kid? What world is this?

  68. In some ways, we on the right self-propagandize as well. I live in a terribly lefty state, but nobody has a cow when I say “Merry Christmas,” regardless of their actual religion. Jewish coworkers who are REALLY lefty, say Merry Christmas. This caricature of hyper-touchy lefties is really phony. It doesn’t exist except on twitter, which isn’t real. Nobody is that big a delicate asshole in real life.

  69. The teaching of virtue is by its nature exclusionary and discriminatory, and was the first thing the marxists destroyed.

    The audacity of attempting to ‘teach’ it now is contemptible.

    Alternate theory: this commercial was meant entirely for leftist dudes who have no virtue. The men offended by it aren’t the intended audience at all.

  70. They aren’t that delicate in real life, but they sure are on facebook and twitter!

  71. I can’t deal with twitter today. So much chaotic bullshit.

    Update on Houseguest: I really struggle with being a good friend and not being materialistic/ territorial, etc.

    I’m happy she’s here and that she is safe. But every now and then I get this flash of anger…the closest verbalization for it is, ‘there is someone in my house, touching my stuff.’ It’s a disturbing feeling and makes me feel like not a very good person. She really doesn’t deserve it.

    I’ve been doing pretty good, mostly, but then stuff like last night happens. Mom came over and returned me some canning jars, gave me some clothing donations to bring to work, and also dropped off a little Christmas gift from one of my cousins who I missed because I worked Christmas.

    Aaaanyhoo, the gift was a box of Italian candy, one of those big hard citrusy nougats with the hazelnuts and chocolate. Not really my thing. I cracked off a piece, put it back in the box, and chucked it on the counter where it will probably languish for a month before I realize I should just throw it away.

    About an hour after Mom left, Houseguest walks into the livingroom holding the box of candy and asked if she could try it. Of course she could. I don’t even like that stuff. Have some. Of course.

    OF COURSE. Because if there is anything new in the house, she has to notice it. And touch it, try it on, ask me about it, taste it, touch it, be here, look at it, discuss it with me, TOUCH it, experience it for herself even though IT’S MINE AND NO JUST LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE!!!

    Oh my God, I’m three fucking years old inside. There is a pissed-off stingy little toddler who can’t share. Inside of me. I hate that toddler. So much.

    I’ve been shocked by this. This has been going on for over a year. I’m practicing being better, but I still suck at it. I want to have this expansive, generous nature, but there is this line, when it comes to the goings-on and possessions in the inside of my home. Even with stuff I just don’t care about.

    I think I just need to ask her to leave, this Spring. If I’m being perfectly honest, even though I love her, and she has been the perfect guest and has done nothing wrong, 1 1/2 years of confronting my own moral deficiency (and failing) is just plenty enough for me. Surely she must have enough money socked away by now.

    And then I found $20, but she saw it on the counter and had to ask me about why it was there and where it came from and could she touch it.

  72. *touches the blog doorknob just because

  73. lauraw sounds a bit like a newlywed husband with an inquisitive new wife. It took me a long time in my marriage to get comfortable with having to explain everyfuckingthing I did and everyfuckingwhere I wanted to go and everyfuckingreason for saying what the fuck I said. I finally slowed her down on it a little bit by always responding, “Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?” I’m not saying it’s right, just that it kinda worked.

  74. I was gonna ask to try the gross candy, but maybe I’ll wait until later.

  75. That’s an interesting strategy, and it also explains your nick.

  76. From a purely business perspective, injecting anything that smells political into said business is just the dumbest fucking thing ever.

  77. My new year’s resolution is to be more receptive of such inquiries. There are a lot of them in IT.

  78. Lauraw, if it were you in her house, would you be touching and asking about all the things or would you leave alone what is obviously not yours and be thankful you have a warm place to sleep, good food, and the time to save $$?
    Perhaps there is more fault with her than you.

  79. Right there with you, Laura. I’m really private and I DO NOT mess with anybody else’s stuff. I mind my own business. Everybody else on the other hand has no problem borrowing, looking at, going through all my stuff. I freaking hate it.

    Plumber was doing some work at #1 son’s new house. He needed some fittings, so he drives up here and I find him going through my old shop looking for parts. WTF????

    I get a package delivered to my MIL’s house because it’s in town. What is it? It’s sure heavy. What did you get? What are you going to do with it? etc….

    We had a house guest for 6 months. Fortunately he left last week. No sense of personal space. Wouldn’t wear socks, and his feet reeked. I had to tell a 30 year old to wash his shoes and wear socks. He would grab food, and walk around the house eating it, bowl of cereal, chunk of meat, no plate. Evidently no one ever told him how to act. It’s crazy.


  80. Yeah, my intense personal privacy issues are absolutely at the heart of this. No, I would never pick up other people’s stuff and ask them if I can have some. Gives me the shame-heebies just imagining it. Our friendship is fine, but there is a definite ‘unequal yoking’ happening as far as what is normal conduct in the household.

  81. I hadn’t realized that it had been so long for the houseguest being around. I figured either Scott or Laura would have lost their minds long before now.

  82. Nah, she really is a perfect guest. Quiet, picks up the cooking once in a while, keeps her space spotless and chic (her room looks nicer than the rest of my house), etc. This is minor crap that has to do with my brain, not hers.

    I wouldn’t have someone here if I hadn’t known her. We’ve been friends for 30 years, since we were teens.

    But, it’s getting to be time for me to have my privacy back.

  83. I feel so much better just getting this issue out of my mind and written down in words where I can make sense of it.

  84. I need a place to stay. Long story. Involves a few domestic pigs a crate of Chinese fireworks and three feet of clear tubing. Don’t ask.

    When is she moving out?

  85. The point of the politics in everything isn’t trying to expand audiences, it’s trying to lock out wrongthinkers from everything.

    Mark on the hand and the head. We were warned.

    (Don’t do a web search on that. The results are unlikely to be relevant.)

  86. Your social credit score will go on an implanted RFID along with all your account information. For security.

  87. I only half-joke about Twitter buying Experian.

  88. OMG, I just made some cauliflower soup. I think I’m in love.

  89. I know how Lauraw feels. I have houseguests who touch my shit all the time.

  90. Comment by Car in on January 15, 2019 2:54 pm
    I know how Lauraw feels. I have houseguests who touch my shit all the time.

    Car in’s Home for Wayward Teenagers.

  91. The only sporting thing I do these days is World of Warships. For the most part, my teams are pretty scrupulous about not trash talking the other clans.

    But if we get a chance to dunk on our own team, we’re fucking savage.

  92. I wish I had a nice house guest that was willing to touch my shit …..

  93. It’s not my shit that needs touching, IYKWIM.

  94. Nobody better touch my cauliflower soup.

  95. What did you put in your cauliflower soup? I bet there is a lot of dairy.

  96. garlic, onions, chicken broth, cauliflower – 8 min in intsapot salt and pepper. 4 oz of cream cheese. It was good wi/o the cream cheese, but I added it to make it a little creamier. I added half as much cream cheese, and three times as much chicken broth.

  97. shit, junk, at this point, what difference does it make?

  98. Laura and Pepe.

  99. I guess Francis wasn’t kidding. The blog must’ve touched his stuff

  100. Been watching a long video and making plans to use logrotate.

  101. I made clam chowder this past weekend and it called for 2 cups of cream. I went with whole milk and it was great.

  102. Local news tells me that this year, for the first time in forever, the most popular liquor in Maine is Fireball. It used to be Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

  103. Both are inexplicable.

  104. Bcock must have moved north.

  105. Qurd puss is talkin trash to my phone. I can’t scroll
    Thru stuff now. So I’ll just post random non sequitur junk about your mom.

  106. Your mom loves random junk.

  107. Miracle on the Hudson was 10 years ago?


  108. Houseguest is a food commie.

    If it’s in the house it’s OURS.

    I took advantage of that rule the last time she brought pizza home.

  109. I do miss privacy, and the additional storage space.

  110. And I have to wear pants every day!


  112. You should sell her to CoAlex…

  113. I had to start wearing pants when winter came. Cargo shorts season can’t come back soon enough.

  114. I am loving these fleece lined jeans.

  115. Ya. Flannel lined jeans rule. Got three pair

  116. I didn’t know they existed until you commented about them.


    I hope this is true. This could be a real reset for Dept. of Education, EPA, HUD, etc.

  118. If that RIF theory is true Chuck and Nancy should be desperate to end the shutdown.

  119. Heh, that would definitely send the left off the edge.

  120. Comment by scott on January 15, 2019 7:18 pm
    And I have to wear pants every day!

    No, you don’t. That’s the thinking of lesser men. Be great, Scott. Be. Great.

  121. My wife wears the fleece-lined jeans for horse duties in winter weather. I don’t get cold anywhere but my head and hands, so I’ve never had the need. I sometimes end up shoveling snow in a t-shirt, hat, and gloves if there’s no wind.

  122. Trump is playing poker.

    Schumer thinks he’s bluffing and Trump is really doing it.

    Not tired of winning.

  123. Trump is driving a 1952 Plymouth while Pelosi and Schumer are shoved into a 1978 Yugo and think that Trump is going to swerve first.

  124. GameStop “Ma’am” is from our local GameStop. Same center as the Target I used to work at. Her name is Tiffany. We’ve had Trans Counselors on our newscast to Transplain to us.

  125. The other really good thing I found today online was a comment on the Gillette ad. (I know, I know, never read the comments.)
    “I tried to imagine an Always ad that depicted women playing out the typical female stereotype – crying unnecessarily, screaming at others while PMSing, acting like an airhead while wearing too much makeup and too little clothing, etc., all the while hearing a female narrator saying ‘Is this the best a woman can get? We need to do better. Some already are.’”

  126. Transplain

    PROTIP: The two best defenses against witchcraft are laughter and the sign of the cross.

  127. News you can use:

  128. Roamy- that was a thought I had earlier. Women are rarely asked to behave better. Slut shaming and pity party politics.

  129. The worst place to be in any office is between two women who dislike each other.

  130. That is adorable, TiFW. Love it.

  131. Now I want to go to Hawaii.

  132. Of course Chuck and Nancy think Trump’s bluffing. It’s been, what, 30 years since there was a President who wouldn’t back down? They literally don’t know how to recognize or handle a legit opponent.

  133. AYFKM?

    American biker gangs: meth, Jack Daniels, and rough women.
    British biker gangs: Grilled cheese sandwiches…

  134. If you’ve never had a grilled cheese that made you want to tear down a neighborhood brick by brick, you’re not cooking them right.

    wait, what

  135. Don’t everybody retweet, please.

  136. This is really cool:

  137. Dentures entirely reinvigorated Pamela.

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