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  1. Happy Freezing Weekend

  2. Happy green snot weekend. And snow. Lots and lots of snow.

  3. I had to look up wax pen.

  4. I’ve never been to a petting zoo. My loss, I guess.

  5. A wax pen isn’t zipper wax?

  6. My favorite warning label is on zipper wax.

    Warning – eye irritant.

  7. It’s another name for a vape pen.

  8. That meme writer doesn’t know what adulthood is at all. SAD!

  9. I live at a petting zoo.

  10. Rocketboy’s daycare class went to a petting zoo once. They had fainting goats.

  11. Plan for the day – sort through the Christmas decorations and only keep what I’ll actually use in the future. Offer leftover decorations to Rocketboy and FDIL. Vacuum. Shower before evening Mass. Maybe sort through the week’s mail.

  12. I’ve heard the fainters have very good milk.

  13. Possum is sick and we’re out of strawberries, so I’m probably going out with groceries and then playing with her while wife does things.

  14. I ventured out for groceries and mail pick up at the PO. Groceries are put away, coffee maker cleaned, mail sorted and mostly binned and now I’m enjoying the heat from the wood stove.

    Steak, brussel sprouts/carrots/parsnips/mushroom roasted and rice for dinner tonight and Sunday I’m going with clam chowder.

  15. No strawberries, out of season. Offered her a clementine and she’s licking a section. Will not bite it.

  16. I’m still getting over a cold, so I slept like crap last night. Thank heaven for Nyquil and melatonin. Gym later today, but that’s about it.

  17. Frozen strawberries? For a kid with food preferences that might be a hit, might be a miss.

  18. Frozen won’t do, we’ve tried. She took a bite, here’s hoping.

  19. Good morning. Workyworky weekend.

  20. Aldi’s always has strawberries. Must be an import this time of year.

  21. Frozen strawberry smoothie.

  22. Be careful, we saw strawberries from China once.

  23. 3 QBs left with brown eyes. All of them are underdogs.


    Philip Rivers is one of them

  24. I’m feeling like my mom with regard to the Patriots this weekend and season: “What will be, will be. I trust in the Lord. It will all work out. God has a plan. etc”. My mom has many more affirmations than Pupster ever dreamed of having.

  25. I’ve basically stopped eating shrimp for that reason. Asian shrimp farms where they feed them who knows what, sprinkle antibiotics and hormones and food dye and what have you then package them without wearing hair nets to undercut US producers. By the time I look through all the brands in the freezer for US Gulf shrimp I say fukkit and just get fish.

  26. We get big 5# bags of gulf shrimp at the restaurant supply place and split them up in the freezer. The gulf shrimp don’t seem to come in deveined/ shelled versions there, so it’s more work. But worth it for when the shrimp mood strikes. I read an article about the shrimp from asia…yeah, nope.

  27. Costco has Key West shrimp, Publix has USA shrimp, not sure if it’s Gulf. I won’t buy Asian shrimp, either. Vietnam uses slave labor in the shrimp industry, and it’s horrible.

  28. For the money and effort, you’re almost better off buying live lobsters.

  29. But, muh free markets!

  30. Educated consumers could kill the imported shrimp if they wanted to.

    The problem, as always, is idiots.

  31. That said, I’d be fine with punitive tariffs on imported goods of any kind known to be produced in an inhumane or unsafe manner.

  32. I laugh when I hear that we lost the Vietnam War. They’re literally enslaving themselves to work in factories producing goods for capitalist owners, while consuming American culture at a massive rate.

  33. I put five pounds of seed out in my birdfeeder, yesterday. I looked out this morning while I had to snonk the crap out of my sinus cavities, and there was still almost five pounds of seed.

    Propped myself up on the sofa and snoozed for a few hours. Looked out again and somebirdy dumped the entire poundage of seeds on the ground. May have been those asshole starlings – five on the feeder can get it swinging….or the sparrows, who work as a team to fling the seed everywhere, which prevents fights from breaking out amongst the ranks.

  34. Our local shrimp seasons have been cut off for years due to declining shrimp populations. It’s closed through 2021 at least. Gulf of Maine shrimp are what are also called salad shrimp. Paula used to add them to her standard pasta salad recipe but she’s been slacking on adding them recently. As kids we’d have these once in a while:


    I remember using the glasses for orange juice as a kid.

  35. Chocolate is bad, too, slavery-wise. It’s thousands and thousands of enslaved children, doing very dangerous work. A certain amount of knowledgeable American consumers may be up in arms about it, but I doubt new luxury food consumers in China and other such emerging economies really give a damn.

  36. I have a dim childhood memory of those little shrimp cups. I think I loved them.

  37. Lots of people got stranded on our highways overnight. Too slickery, too slow, not enough plowed lanes. Truckers by the dozens parked on the highway and slept so the plows could get caught up. Those stuck in their cars would walk to gas stations for snacks or a potty break.

  38. We didn’t do shrimp while growing up. We dined on boxed mac-n-cheese, Hamburger Helper, and frozen On-cor meals. A typical south St. Louis fare.

  39. Is there any child slave labor involved in the production of Double Stuf Oreos?

    Asking for a friend …

  40. 3/10, would not hit


  41. Pupster, thanks for the weekly Weekend Memes! Really look forward to the laughs 😊


    Speaking of shrimp, every once in a while, my parents would drive down to Kemah and buy some at the market right off of the docks where the shrimp boats came in. Good eatin’!

  42. How much are Maine lobsters going for right now? Might be worth making a Party Van pilgrimage one of these days.

  43. After reading more articles about slavery in food production, I think I’m going to stop buying chocolate, after what’s in the house is gone.

  44. The only fish or seafood I remember eating prior to adulthood was 1) fish sticks on Fridays at school cafeteria, 2) salmon patties from canned salmon and bread crumbs (it took plenty of ketchup to get that shit down your throat), and 3) tuna salad, using canned tuna.

    To this day I’m not much of a fish or seafood eater.


  45. As long as God keeps making, cattle, hogs, and chickens, I’m good.

  46. I live right here by the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
    It pisses me off to no end seeing fish from Venezuela, Thailand and China at my local Food Lion – not a single piece of local fish to be found. Ridiculous. I can go fishing for free – by would I want Chinese chemicals for $20 per pound?!?

  47. Hrm. A bit high, right now.

  48. I used to love shrimp as a kid. The flavor changed for me at some point but I just thought it was me, since started enjoying red meat at about the same age. It’s entirely possible that it coincided with the massive increase in importation.

  49. Taste buds change over time.
    We’re famous for oysters around here. I have hated them all my life. Suddenly, in my 50’s, I could eat fried oysters every day. Still won’t touch a raw one – I think it’s a texture thing

  50. I’ve always like fish. From the humble fishstick to shellfish to weird sashimi/sushi to all manner of swimming fish. Don’t care much for shark or swordfish though.

  51. Christmas decorations put away, including the avatar. Threw away three kitchen garbage bags of stuff.

  52. I remember those little shrimp cocktails. They were pretty rare for us. I’m not a fish person, I don’t even like tuna.

  53. Only commercial fish I eat out here is canned tuna and sushi. After that it’s all fish fry from the lake.

  54. https://tinyurl.com/yc9kso3y

  55. That looks like the baggage carousel at Dulles.

  56. Started feeling better around noon. Five hours later and now my throat/larynx and one lymph node hurts. Wth?

    Weird assed cold or I’ve got something else on top of the one started last week.

  57. Husband went to get me a steak.

  58. Ugh, I was feeling better today and now I’m not.

  59. Motherfucking motherfuckers. But mostly Wiser.

  60. Down to two brown eyed QBs.

  61. Wiser who?

  62. That guy on the radio, beasn

  63. Thoughts on Adam Vinatieri retiring this year? Despite sucking in this game he’s had a decent year. I’m thinking one more year to set even more lasting records.

    (stolen from Wikipedia)

    NFL records:

    Most points scored: 2598
    Most field goals made: 582
    Most seasons with 100+ points: 21 (1996–2008, 2010, 2012–2018)
    Most postseason field goals in a career: 56
    Most consecutive games in a single postseason with 3+ field goals: 4
    Most points in postseason, career: 234
    Oldest player to make a 50+ yard field goal: (53 yards) – 46 Years, 2 days.
    Oldest player to make a 54+ yard field goal: (54 yards) – 45 Years, 343 days.
    Most points in a single postseason: 49[62]
    Most field goals in a single postseason: 14
    Most field goals in Super Bowls: 7
    Most extra points in Super Bowls: 13
    Most field goals in overtime: 12
    Most consecutive field goals in NFL history: 44[55]
    Most Super Bowl wins by a place kicker: 4
    Most Super Bowl appearances by a place kicker: 5
    Only player to score 1,000+ points for 2 teams.
    Most playoff games by a place kicker: 31, which also ranks 2nd of any position (Tom Brady has 37).
    Most player of the week awards by a place kicker: 18

  64. That miss tonight wont look good on his resume.

  65. Looks like we may be down to one brown eyed QB.

  66. Rams will blow them out in the second half.

  67. Mahomes and Andrew Luck are both listed as Brown/Hazel.

  68. Reworking Morrison lyrics to My Brown eyed QB. nah nah nah nah nah

  69. Thoughts on Adam Vinatieri retiring this year? Despite sucking in this game he’s had a decent year. I’m thinking one more year to set even more lasting records.
    (stolen from Wikipedia)
    NFL records:
    Most points scored: 2598
    Most field goals made: 582
    Most seasons with 100+ points: 21 (1996–2008, 2010, 2012–2018)
    Most postseason field goals in a career: 56
    Most consecutive games in a single postseason with 3+ field goals: 4
    Most points in postseason, career: 234
    Oldest player to make a 50+ yard field goal: (53 yards) – 46 Years, 2 days.
    Oldest player to make a 54+ yard field goal: (54 yards) – 45 Years, 343 days.
    Most points in a single postseason: 49[62]
    Most field goals in a single postseason: 14
    Most field goals in Super Bowls: 7
    Most extra points in Super Bowls: 13
    Most field goals in overtime: 12
    Most consecutive field goals in NFL history: 44[55]
    Most Super Bowl wins by a place kicker: 4
    Most Super Bowl appearances by a place kicker: 5
    Only player to score 1,000+ points for 2 teams.
    Most playoff games by a place kicker: 31, which also ranks 2nd of any position (Tom Brady has 37).
    Most player of the week awards by a place kicker: 18

    Well. I’ll be damned.

  70. Mahones is not brown.

  71. Look at any picture and report back.

  72. Wait, Mahomes isn’t brown, or doesn’t have brown eyes?

    Looks brown on both to me.

  73. Dad used to send pork chops with the Navy Orion guys going to the Gulf for training, and they would bring back tons of delicious shrimp. Grilled them on a screen over the fire.

  74. Used to send my brother pork chops when he lived in Louisiana. Lots of shrimp from that too.

  75. Boy, Aikman really hates Dallas.

  76. Shrimp like pork chops?

  77. must be good bait

  78. When an EA-6B squadron would return from a deployment to the Med, they’d offload in Norfolk/NAS Oceana.

    Dad would have them bring back a Smithfield ham.

  79. Depressing. I’ve worked at the pizza place longer than head coach McVay has been alive.

  80. Mahomes is listed as brown/hazel. I’m green/hazel. I can kick ass.

  81. Field trip in VA was Smithfield Ham. Field trips in VA were awesome.

  82. We’re on snow alert, again. Town shuts down around an inch of accumulation. We have no plows. No sand trucks. Nada.

  83. wet snow all day here. we have plows though.

  84. 💩 All LA Super Bowl still possible.

  85. why would we want that?

  86. Whose turn is it to whack Jay in the neck with a cactus?

  87. I’ll do it. Just gotta swing by Oso’s place to steal a cactus.

  88. Heh


  89. Next time you’re in Smithfield for a ham, be sure to stop off at any of the roadside stands and get yourself some hot boiled peanuts. If you have never had boiled peanuts, you’re missing out on one of life’s great treats.
    Suffolk, the one-time home of Planters & Mr. Peanut, is the peanut capital of the world. Founder Mr Obici still has hospitals in the are in his name to this day.

  90. Just gonna leave this here.

  91. Damn! Elmer’s rectum prolapsed!

  92. Elmer needs some glue

  93. Love that video, BroCav.

  94. Trump: Here is data justifying the need for a wall.
    Dems: We refuse to believe your data.
    Trump: You once supported the idea of a wall because of illegal immigration.
    Dems: That was then and now we have come to realize a wall is immoral for reasons we cannot explain.
    Trump; Walls are effective.
    Dems: Walls are old technology so they won’t work. We need more new technology that has so far failed.
    Trump: We need to protect America and Americans.
    Dems: As long as we live in our gated communities, we don’t care.
    Trump: But you supported and financed building walls for other countries such as Israel and Jordan. Why not a wall for America.
    Dems: Becasue a wall will work there but won’t work here. Besides a wall is immoral.
    Trump: But we are only asking for $5 billion.
    Dems: That is too much for we need to spend more on welfare for illegal aliens.
    Trump: But Americans are being killed, attacked on the streets, and so forth by illegal aliens.
    Dems: How dare you say anything bad about illegal aliens. They are the bedrock of America as long as they continue to vote Democrat.
    Trump: How about a compromise.
    Dems: We do not compromise, ever.

  95. ^^^top comment from this article

    From your lips to God’s ear.

  96. Hhhaaaaaahahaa!
    Elmer is not having a good morning.
    Zhe needs more fiber

  97. I dug up an iPad that I never use and am piss g around with it this morning.
    Holy moly what a slow piece of crap this thing is.

  98. An american killed by an illegal means nothing. One data point. But the one person, killed by an individual in Charlottesville has all sorts of meaning about the hate brewing inside white men in our country.

  99. At this rate, Mexico is going to build a wall to keep out the Guatemalans and Hondurans before we get ours.

  100. The latest estimate is that 30 million illegal aliens are currently in this country.

    What never gets mentioned is that over 50 million babies have been aborted in this country since 1973.

    30% of my oldest daughter’s peers were never born – the mid-1980’s were Peak Abortion. Most of those killed would be in the work force now, many of them would have started families, and they would be contributing to the economy. Who knows what discoveries might have been made?

    But, no.

    And now the same people who robbed this country of untold potential are insisting that we bring in the poorest and least educated from the most pestilent-ridden enclaves of the third world, and the end result is going to be a poorer, dumber population overall.

    I hate the communists who are forcing this on my children’s generation.

  101. Yargh…..shoveled most of yesterday……wind is up and my little dog has about 1.5 clearance tween his nuts and the ground. I’m sore and all tightened up……really having a difficult time getting motivated. Dog is giving me the hairy eyeball…..

  102. TiFW, sadly true. Mini-me is going to the March for Life next week.

  103. I don’t understand why you can teach a dog to surf and to find drugs but you can’t teach them to use the toilet. I think we’re really underestimating their potential.

  104. Why does every recipe site nowadays put an interminably long blablabla story and pics on the page before you get to the recipe? Do they get paid for how long you have to scroll?

  105. an interminably long blablabla story

    THIS. Just give me the damn recipe!

  106. Right?? I just noticed this a few months ago. What the Hell is going on with these sites.

  107. That “story before the recipe” thing has been going on for years. I assumed it was a chick thing, like Hallmark movies or The View.

  108. It happens on a lot of homestead vlog channels too. 15 minutes of story schmory about milking cows as a kid, then 60s of “how to milk a cow”.

  109. It snowed, I need to shovel, I’m procrastinating.

  110. I’ve noticed the story with glamour shot food photos before recipe” trend for a while now I just scroll quickly down to the actual recipe to see if it’s something I’d like to try. When I go to copy it sometimes there’s a Print version which eliminates all the bullcrap and I just Copy All and save it as an email. Handy to reference while picking up ingredients and as a reference while preparing it.

  111. Threw together a quick chicken chili, having a couple fried eggs on some for breakfast.

    Chili and eggs, people. Life is not sucking too harsh right now. Let’s hope it lasts a while. I think I’ll always and forever look anxiously over my shoulder when times are good.

  112. Teresa, you just put your finger on why the whole abortion on demand thing gets me so pissed off, and I don’t just mean a couple of years difference and I might never have existed. Who knows what we’re missing? Geniuses? Job creators? Statesmen? Heroes? Best friends? The loves of our lives? And all, I ask, for what? So some selfish fuck somewhere could keep from being inconvenienced? You really couldn’t have just seen it through and given the kid up for adoption if you couldn’t have raised the child? (My bio mom did just that, for which I will be eternally grateful.)

    This is not just a moral abomination or a question of “choice”. This is the defining genocide of the modern age, rivaled only by Mao’s slaughter of his own people in China–and by percentages, it’s EVEN WORSE!

    But sure, your body, your choice, whatever.

    May you repent in time of the horror you have been a part of.

    Failing that, may God have mercy upon your soul.

    Though I doubt it.

  113. Off to the store for supplies.

    In other words – WE ARE OUT OF CAJUN CRAB DIP.

  114. Scott is discovering new foods that he can’t live without.

  115. I think it’s time for me to admit defeat with my trinidad scorpion salsa. It’s too much burn for me when I add it to taco meat. Goes down fine, but my gut and lower gets upset. I still have maybe 2.5 quarts of it in jars. Anyone want any? I’d rather it not go to waste, but there’s no way I’ll finish it before it goes bad.

  116. Have you tried IceDong™ brand ice dongs?

    IceDong™ soothes those 3 AM wake-up calls from your angry colon with direct cold-therapy!

  117. IceDong™ now comes in an unflavored, plain formula. For those clients who don’t want their butt to smell like a grape. For some reason.

    I mean, it’s usually an improvement.

  118. Leon, have you tried eating more sour cream with your spicy food? That might help.

  119. It snowed here, so I’m hesitant to head out to the gym because I’m not sure what the roads will be like.

  120. Have you tried washing it down with milk of magnesia?

    *Invents the Ghost Pepper and Laxative Challenge*

  121. Ghost laxative challenge.

  122. That’ll have a wide social media popularity.

  123. Laurw’s rectal pops will probably have a limited demographic.

  124. They’re called IceDongs™. The Rectal Pops company is our lethal competitor. Their only hope of really penetrating the market is by knocking us out somehow.

    Plus their corporate jingle sucks. “If you like spicy food, stick a popsicle up your ass!”

  125. When you need relief that’s fast
    Stick an IceDong™ up your ass!

  126. IceDong, IceDong,
    turn that burning to joy,

    IceDong, IceDong,
    please dispose of used product hygenically

  127. *Scene: An early morning in a young boy’s bedroom. Mom walks in*

    Mom: Billy, time to get up. You’re going to be late for school!

    Billy: Mom, I don’t feel so good. Can I just skip school today?

    Mom: No you may not! What’s wrong? Did you eat something at Jimmy’s that made you sick?

    Billy: No! We watched gladiator movies and camped out in the back yard, and now my ass hurts.

    Mom: *smiles* I know just what you need. I’ll get you an IceDongTM.

    Announcer: IceDongTM, now in children’s sizes. When you want your kids to have the very best, shove an IceDongTM up their ass.

    *Cut to Billy rushing down the stairs*

    Billy: Thanks mom! I feel so much better.

    Mom: *smiling* Well hurry up and drink your habenaro and laxative shake, or you’ll miss the bus!

    *Cut to IceDong title card*

    When you need relief that’s fast
    Stick an IceDongTM up your ass!

  128. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…Colex, I think you’re pushing the joke too far.

  129. https://tinyurl.com/ybsnu8n6

  130. That looked easy.

  131. A lot of thought went into that….

  132. Comment by Pupster on January 13, 2019 1:17 pm

    Marriage Material.

  133. Windoze updated, and now it no longer recognizes *.doc and .docx as Word documents.

  134. Lauraw’s just butthurt you thought of it, Coalex.

  135. https://is.gd/Cno0FU

  136. I’m still snickering at “penetrating the market”.

  137. Sour cream doesn’t seem to make any difference.

  138. The biggest thing that gets me about the abortion debate is the lack of honesty. Beating heart? Means life. Period. A fetus feels pain by 19 weeks? Life.

    BUT THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER. It’s mostly bullshit. The gal at work changed her mind – when she heard the heartbeat.

    Another friend – her daughter had an abortion a few weeks back because “she wasn’t ready.’ Stable relationship. Hadn’t used birth control is 6 months because too lazy to go fill the rx.

    As I said – most of the arguments are bs.

  139. Sour cream with an ice dong? just thinking outside the box.

  140. I’d just really like to get to the bottom of Leon’s issues.

  141. If abortions were only performed for the health of the mother, they’d be so rare as to not matter.

  142. Are you using the sour cream as a topical or orally?

  143. I am beginning to think the Patriots might win this.

  144. They’re showing some potential

  145. I remember the news when this happened.


    Wife Sarah Hart and two of the dead children had “an ingredient that’s commonly found in [the over-the-counter allergy medication] Benadryl,” in their systems when they perished, but it’s not clear what authorities are making of that finding, the captain added.

    So the driver was drunk and her parter and the kids were drugged. What a mess.

  146. All those in favor of abortion will now point out that we have to adopt every child that is currently in need. We don’t, so that points to the futility of it, so we must continue using abortion as birth control. Just so everyone can keep expressing themselves.

  147. The vast majority of children would easily be adopted, with most of the rest in orphanages, if the family services system wasn’t corrupt and broken.

  148. I want a Republican to ask his Dem opponent if aborting a child based on their sex or on having a genetic disability is morally wrong. Not if it should be legal, but morally wrong.

  149. Too bad there isn’t another game to switch over to watch.

  150. The only question left in this game is when does Brian Hoyer come in as QB

  151. Last possession.

  152. Nope

  153. I guess Philly doesn’t want to just let Nawlins win.

  154. I’ve known a number of adoptive parents of children from overseas who would have been just as happy to adopt kids from down the road.

    Their kids won the lottery, but those other kids were murdered.

  155. Leon, yup.

    The system forces kids to rot for years in a series of foster homes, including some who are giving kickbacks to the social workers who place them, and are prevented from being adopted by judges who refuse to terminate parental rights, or social workers who think that black children shouldn’t be raised by white parents. Many times they end up with drug and sexual abuse issues that render it impossible for them to find a family.

  156. https://tinyurl.com/ydy3gt3w

  157. Larry killed it.

  158. Early line on NE vs KC is even.

  159. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  160. “She’s hot!”. ; )

  161. Tranny Ma’am dude guy is from the Game Stop by my former Target. I bet he bought shoes from Payless Dan years ago. Putting my money on Drew Brees due to Scott. Eyes all in! (Lying. Dan makes all bets)

  162. I was looking forward to Spiderverse movie. Comes with seizure warning. Waited 10+ years for Incredibles. Seizure warning. Some movies worth the seizure. I’ll let you guys know…eventually

  163. In that gif, the girl in the skirt starts running before she actually takes off, just like a cartoon character. It’s wonderful.

    I hope nobody got seriously hurt.

  164. Debtors encounter ruthless penalties.

  165. 4 degrees on the river. Lots of minus temps across the state. It’s going to warm up to the 20’s so there’s that.

  166. Wake eye wake eye worky worky.

  167. We have gained 22 minutes of daylight so I suppose I can be thankful for that.

  168. I gotta start doing these Monday posts on Sunday again. I cannot get out of bed in the dark, and my sleep is terrible lately. Going to be a while longer.

  169. I need to get up and get ready for work, but I finally slept well last night, woke up with no back pain, the bed is warm, and I did deadlifts and squats over the weekend so my legs are super stiff.

  170. slow start today? have some orange juice, tasting good today.

  171. fun times today.
    doggie to the vet for toof problems.
    then jamette to bone dude to check out bball injury to ankle.
    it’s swollen up with a lot of pain. there was an audible pop when it rolled. i’m guessing peroneus tendon tear(?).
    ED film didn’t show any breaks so there’s that.

  172. Salter 1 distal fibula if the growth plate is open, lateral collateral ligament sprain otherwise. Peroneal tendon tear is an old people problem (OPP).

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