How About Some Baby Animals







Partial Government Shutdown

Snow And Ice

Trump’s America


Football Playoffs

Just another Thursday in January



  1. They’re adorable.

    Fire up the smoker…

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Possum Kabobs

  4. Sears bankruptcy in the news. I can’t escape the feeling that they’re just whistling past the graveyard with the attempts to rescue it as a corporation. Amazon should buy it to create a B&M presence across the US. Although Jeff Bezos is a little distracted by his spicy Latina mistress and divorce at the moment.

    L to R: Old Mrs Bezos, ?New Mrs Bezos

  5. New Mrs. Bezos looks like she might not really be a she.

  6. Ha! I just flipped to my email tab and saw a breaking news email from NYPost “No prenup for Bezos, 137B fortune at stake”. Bohica time

  7. 70 mil for her!

  8. I’m willing to comfort the former Mrs Bezos in this difficult time. I have some single friends I think she’ll adore.

    Also. regarding the yurt: fine living in a warm place with either a lot of trust or no other humans. That nice couple has a good chance of being raided in CA, and are forbidden to carry decent defensive weapons. Idiots.

  9. She might be an Amazon.

  10. That’s 70 BILLION.

  11. She looks like a woman who has a personal personal trainer. And a chef. And a stylist.

  12. and NEEDS, jimbro. Don’t forget NEEDS.

  13. She looks like a woman who has a personal personal trainer. And a chef. And a stylist.

    Bingo. She was the cutest girl Jeff could get a date with back then, and she’s done everything reasonable to stay cute as he morphed into one of the richest men on earth. And he’s ditching her for a messican tranny.

    What an asshole.

  14. Would smash both, first wife first. Second chick after tequila.

    9/10, 8/10.

  15. I’m sure her NEEDS are very specific.

  16. Orion’s belt…

  17. Bezos is moving his mistress into his volcano lair while he completes work on the death ray.

  18. Re: rampant drug use in a nation…please recall that the Opium Wars of the 1800s were a big part of the downfall of the old Chinese emperors and its economic subjugation to outside powers.

    Fast forward, fentanyl is laying waste to a great many Americans. Guess who’s been dumping the stuff on the market cheaply?

    You’re never, EVER going to convince me that’s a coincidence.

  19. I wouldn’t try to, Cavil.

  20. BroCav, I was thinking the same thing last night.

    The Opium Wars were about forcing drug legalization and free trade on China.

  21. How could Bezos be so fucking stupid? The little brain in his pants is going to cost him his family and fortune. Dipshit.

    He’ll be left with only 70 Bil…OK, I guess he can do whatever he wants, but STILL, it’s dumb.

  22. The first Mrs. Besos looks quite a bit like my older daughter. At least in that picture she does.

  23. How could Bezos be so fucking stupid? The little brain in his pants is going to cost him his family and fortune. Dipshit.

    Down here in Texas we have a saying about stray vaj.

    It’s undefeated.

  24. Cattle dog puppy pic is not fair. Not fair. I know exactly how cuddly and squirmy that pup is.


  25. It’s going to cost him his family, and no amount of money is going to heal that.

  26. For Car in

  27. He’s going to self-comfort with all the hot ass that billions of dollars can pull. And his kids will forgive him, because, money.

  28. Eh. Bezos and his ilk see everything as transactional. They place no intrinsic value on marriage and family. It’s a cold world they seek.

  29. The grip he’s using makes it easier. Side grip.

  30. I see he’s switching between standard and the side.

  31. We’re doing a pullup challenge at crossfit. For numbers/total for the month.

  32. Neutral grip also favors forearm development better than supinated or pronated grip. I do mostly those in my gym workouts now.

  33. I’m going to try and work out today. Last workout was Dec 12, so this is likely going to hurt.

  34. I did bench on Monday night, but got sidetracked on Tuesday and had a class on Wednesday. Tonight is supposed to be squats, with lots of reps, and heavy overhead press. Pray for oso.

  35. From yesterday:

    For Carin and Alex:
    Hotspur and MJ are already scr00d.

    I don’t smoke it any more. Haven’t in about a year. It makes me cough like mad, and then later my throat fells scratchy. It’s no longer enjoyable.

  36. I ordered a bolt and a full auto bolt carrier for my build. That represents the last parts group I needed. Current projections indicate project completion by the end of the month.

    Can you say “Pew, Pew, Pew” boys n girls?

  37. She looks like a woman who has a personal personal trainer. And a chef. And a stylist.

    Have your psychotic episodes reduced in frequency?

  38. New Mrs. Bezos has bolt-ons. Old Mrs. Bezos’s look real.

    I’d take Old Mrs. Bezos.

  39. Interesting behavioral psych article:

    Population growth slowed way down again. Most of the adolescent mice retreated even further from societal expectations, spending all their time eating, drinking, sleeping and grooming, and refusing to fight or to even attempt to mate. (These individuals were forever changed—when Calhoun’s colleague attempted to transplant some of them to more normal situations, they didn’t remember how to do anything.)

    Huh. Good thing there are no human parallels.

  40. Old Mrs Bezos is more attractive. New one has too much of a mannish appearance. Maybe he likes getting pegged and the new one is all in so to speak

  41. I still say tranny, but that could just be overdone latina makeup.

    Or because “she” has a penis.

  42. old v new bezo-babes:

    old is hands down better looking than new.

    but i guess the eyes have it

  43. ass-eyes that is

  44. Maybe no penis, but Y chromosomes.

  45. Old Mrs Bezos is slender and charming. I’d let her bake me a casserole.

  46. Old Mrs. Bezos remembers when her husband was a dork and not a roided up supervillain.

  47. Raw windy weather today. Some blowing flakes of white shit.

    It’s a pasta fagiole day. I think I’ll do a tuscany- sausagey type version, with greens.

  48. Old Mrs Bezos: Calm, witty, merit-based career, understanding, likes to cook. Looks like a normal ladyperson.

    New Mrs Bezos: Dumb, hostile and calculating, tit-based career, likes to pick fights about stupid crazy shit. Big tits.

    Aaaaad…the tits win!

  49. I just made up all that crap. Who knows? Titmonster might actually be a nicer person than old Mrs Bezos. Ya never know. This might be loooooove.

  50. just catching up on yesterday –
    this leon-ism made me raff:

    ” At the heart of all that anger and fighting with people of faith is a hopeless heart begging for God to show Himself.

    That or autism.”

  51. Old Mrs. Bezos remembers when her husband was a dork and not a roided up supervillain.


    New Bezos is apparently somewhat accomplished too. Owns a business (helicopters or something?) And she’s not really that much younger, so he didn’t do that either.

    She’s still a homewrecker.

  52. and pendeejoe, Darlene was more than a bit slutty, she was a blast.

  53. That wasn’t a crack on autists, either. It’s an often-commented-on part of the malady that faith is extremely rare for them.

  54. When I’m a roided up supervillain, I will not stray. I’ll be too busy.

  55. It’s undefeated.
    That got a snicker outta me

  56. Car in, having fun being man-splained to on FB?

  57. has mare been taking her meds as directed?

  58. The Daily Ocasio

  59. Car in, having fun being man-splained to on FB?

    I think that Dan is more annoying than Mikey. When Mikey gets abusive, I think it’s because he’s drinking. And it really irritates him when I point that out.

  60. I don’t know. Mikey is hitting the sauce today, evidently.

  61. I think he acts as he does because he really wants to kick his dog or beat his children.

  62. The possum is cute, but Tucker would still grab it and shake it like a rag doll. He’s got a good fpur or five possums. (adult sized) under his belt in the last few years.

    My phone has refused to update pages (just WordPress?) So I was commenting on yesterday’s post. Y’all were having some interesting chat there…

  63. (Cut & paste)

    My phone has been blowing up with calls from telemarketers. Latest was a local auto auction company – “i have that SSR you were looking for!”
    I told him/her (hard to tell) that she was wrong but to find me a Porsche 356 in decent shape. That’s what I’m in the market for. How much time will that waste i wonder?

  64. Heh. Yeah, I just don’t answer unfamiliar numbers unless I’m expecting a call. (Though one that called 3 times this week turned out to be the outfit that handles my CPAP reminding me it was time for supplies! Going to return that call.)

    Do Not Call is a bad joke now. Thank god for call-blocker apps. Only reason I haven’t gone back to a flip phone (yet).

  65. Speaking of possums, when did playing dead ever work? I’ve never seen it firsthand.
    It’s like that old theory of coming across a bear in the woods – play dead if you want to, buddy, but I’m gonna run . i don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU.

  66. It worked with leon.

  67. Oh it words. It’s worked several times with my dogs.

  68. works

  69. I shot it! It bled! It was DEAD!

    Fucker resurrected or something.

  70. Seriously, if you have just done something that you hoped killed it, it can be very convincing, especially after midnight and a few firearm discharges.

  71. On another note, it got cold as balls here overnight.
    It’s been high 40’s or low 50’s forever, then out of nowhere it’s 29° and windy as Maxine Waters. WTF did I ever do to you, Al Gore?? Ease into this global warming shit, would you man!

  72. 29? Luxury!

  73. 29 and windy….. ahhhhhh those were the dayz

  74. 22F here, finally calm after a few days of wind.

  75. I mighg have to take my flag down so it doesn’t rip to shreds.

  76. Found Carin’s next album purchase:

  77. Mongolian heavy metal with electric double-bass. Reminds me of Rammstein.

  78. Cattle dog pup is adorable. I’ve got another window with his picture.

  79. Holy crap, the picture of Kevin Williamson over at ace’s (comments) is frightening. He’s really let himself go.

  80. Kevin Williamson finding himself as an unemployed middle-aged white man after his articles attacking those same men would be a callback to Greek tragedies of Hubris.


  82. Kevin Williamson finding himself as an unemployed middle-aged white man after his articles attacking those same men would be a callback to Greek tragedies of Hubris.

    The fate of all of Trump’s rivals is strong proof for God.


  84. The fate of all of Trump’s rivals is strong proof for God.

    Pretty sure that’s Aquinas’s 6th proof in his updated Summa.

  85. Leon, we need to have a talk about your thread-killing activities.

  86. Wait….wait…PUT DOWN THE SHOVEL


  88. Redhead. Enough said.

  89. I thought Alex was in Ohio.

  90. My shovel has more kills than all of my guns. Combined.

  91. Comment by Pupster on January 10, 2019 6:32 pm

    I’d lick her doorbell for three hours.

  92. Comment by Pupster on January 10, 2019 6:43 pm
    I thought Alex was in Ohio.

    I’m in the land of redheads and hipsters.

  93. Awww, so cute!

  94. Teresa – Middlemarch is the book that Paul picked up for me at the bookstore, and you refused repayment. It’s one of the great works of English literature. Very long, but worth it.

  95. I like ’em.

  96. They’re no slipknot. But close

  97. That ^ is literally the greatest lifting song ever.

  98. Leon?

  99. The video still of Duality makes it look like an old baseball came to life, grew some hair and is going to either sing a song or suck a lemon

  100. leon i’ve been listening to overtone singing for years. i think it’s extremely interesting, my wife thinks my sanity may have left the building tho.
    when i’m involved in a detail oriented project that is going to take hours i’ll turn some on and go with it.

    last winter i may or may not have checked out some tutorial videos on the mechanics…

  101. Pepe, I’ve been asked for peacocks. I have so far kept them out if my life. We are not acquiring any more pets.


  103. had a farmer friend that had peafowl –
    obnoxious friggen things

  104. j’bro what was the shutdown link about? (not working on my device)

  105. i just learnt something about kimchi –
    it will remain crispy to temps down in the low 20’s but the consistency is off. not mushy but off….



  107. The feds spend $1,009,762 training “social justice” math teachers (The Washington Free Beacon)

  108. I bet there are 4999 more things like that in the budget that could get chopped without loss.

  109. My neighbors for many years had peacocks. Peacocks are assholes.

    The screaming, oh my God the screaming in Summer. You can’t even relax in your yard in Summer because of these random incredibly loud cries. And then they escape, and they raid flower and veg gardens so the peacock owners are hated, etc.

    The male tailfeathers displayed in a tall vase are great though. We collected a bunch of them. I won’t tell you how we acquired them.

  110. Sickos.

  111. I am deeply ashamed to be a federal employee. I saw an article on Faceplant that the DC food banks were running low because asshole federal employees went begging WHEN WE HAVEN’T EVEN MISSED A PAYCHECK YET.

  112. That, and Barry Epstein, the head of the union at NASA HQ, fucking lied and said the shutdown could affect the astronauts on ISS, that those tasked with the astronauts’ health and well-being were furloughed. Bullshit.

    I gotta get out of the union at the first opportunity. This isn’t what I signed up for.

  113. Furloughed employees are to Trump as homeless were to Reagan.

  114. In other news, I played in the lab all day, and it was bliss. I had Creedence Clearwater Revival cranked up, and no one was around to complain.

  115. Our govt lead is furloughed. I’ve been knocking out tasks left and right without any whipsaw redirections. It’s been great so far.

  116. I know nothing of peacocks, but for the love of God – do not get guinea hens. The eggs may be good, but your neighbors will want to kick you straight in the the balls. Nasty, nasty, loud creatures.
    If your neighbor doesn’t maim you, your wife will.

  117. “Comment by Pupster on January 10, 2019 6:32 pm

    I will reiterate it for the 100th time – it is perfectly acceptable (and often fun) to put your dick in crazy. Just don’t let crazy know where you live.

  118. crazy dick stickin’ kilt it

  119. Debbie experienced rueful disappointment.

  120. howdy Sean
    Good to see ya.

  121. I am in the 160 mph club for the standing start mile. My Dad was part of the team of the “Green Monster” world land speed record. It was a underdog kind of thing, he spent $10k beating a $250K backed by 70 corps.

    I am hoping to break 200 mph. The wheel driven speed record with 4 Hemi engines was 409 mph. I only have 1 Hemi so not so much however, I have not one a “Flying Mile” Heading to Bonneville this spring.

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