MMM 352: New Monday, New You

Just based on appearance, I would’t eat these.

Now I know it’s the second week of January, so your resolutions are probably toast already.  But it’s the first MONDAY of the new year, and every Monday is a new beginning.  Maybe you’ve stumbled, maybe there were setbacks, maybe you still had Christmas cookies laying around, it’s okay.  It happens.  Begin again.


  1. I remember a helpful hint, to write your new year’s resolutions on a piece of paper and pack it away with the Christmas decorations. When you unpack them later in the year, you still have a month to work on them.

  2. The gym for the next month is going to be miserable, stuffed to the gills with all the New Years’ resolutioners.

  3. I’m basement gymming until February.

  4. One of the high-level managers for the new rocket died on New Year’s Eve. Not sure what effect that’s going to have – he wasn’t a von Braun, but he was a mover and a shaker.

  5. I wish I had that option. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be somewhere I can afford to have at least a barbell for deadlifts.

  6. I have pretty good hearing in quiet situations, but as soon as there’s much background noise, I can’t figure out what Mr. RFH is saying. It’s worse with him than with the kids – I don’t know if he’s slurring his words or he just talks that much more at me or he picks the time when I’m washing dishes to speak to me. I don’t feel like I’m ready for hearing aids, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated when I know he’s saying something but I can’t understand the words. Mumble mumble mumble.

  7. Set up a gym in garage. Will never go to a gym again.

  8. yeah, every once in a while everything blends together for me too.

  9. Comment by MJ on January 7, 2019 9:32 am
    Set up a gym in garage. Will never go to a gym again.

    I live in an apartment at the moment. No dice.

    Hopefully by next year I can find a house to rent, and then that may be an option.

  10. Yoda’s last name?

  11. It was easier than I thought. Treadmill, spin bike, bench, free weights, TRX.

  12. I figure I’ll get a barbell with about 225 lbs of plates, which would be enough for deadlifts and overhead presses/thrusters, plus add in a kettlebell and a pullup bar and a heavy bag.

  13. Pull-up and dip rack, kettlebells, floor mat.

    Roamy, my mother used to yell at me for mumbling for years after my voice changed in high school. Her hearing test showed that she had significant loss in the pitch range of a male voice. It was the same symptom. She could hear “the rest” of my voice if no one else was speaking and there wasn’t a din, but the quieter parts of my voice were all she was really hearing. Any noise at all, and those were drowned out.

  14. If the shutdown ends, I have a work physical on Wednesday, and that includes an audiogram.

    Rocketboy’s voice is deeper than Mr. RFH’s, and I don’t have any trouble with him. He speaks slower, though, and that might have something to do with it. He gives my brain a chance to catch up.

    I don’t crank up the TV like my dad does.

  15. My dad’s is deeper than mine, and he “didn’t mumble” it was the middle range that was bad for her.

    Then again, your kid might be mumbling. Finding the bondage gear might have traumatized him.

  16. Background noise is rough for me. I can’t understand what people are saying if there is a lot of noise. I smile and nod a lot at knife shows. I have tinnitus to a certain extent as well. I can hear pretty well outside.

  17. Makes note to punch J’Ames for that Yoda meme……

  18. WASHINGTON—Two leading experts on the “gig economy” now say their estimates of its impact were too high, skewed by spotty data and the recession of a decade ago.

    Alan Krueger of Princeton University and Lawrence Katz of Harvard sifted through new evidence to explain how, in a 2015 survey, they overestimated how people cobbling together a living from odd jobs, especially via apps like Uber, would upend traditional work arrangements.

    Earlier this decade, many researchers and journalists fretted that the gig economy was taking over the way people work. When the Labor Department finally studied the question in detailed research released last summer, they concluded the gig economy had scarcely changed the U.S. labor market.

    Messrs. Krueger and Katz now explain how the thesis itself was flawed, in a working paper to be released this week.

    I knew the “gig economy” idea was bullshit back when “experts” were peddling it. People want stability, and that includes the stability of a steady paycheck. Working four different jobs, never knowing where the next one is coming from… it’s not for most people. It’s too stressful, and too difficult to keep their lives organized.

  19. I just realized that if the shutdown doesn’t end before Wednesday, I lose my oxygen handler’s license. Blah.

  20. What’s this about Roamy and bondage gear?

    Are we talking bustier and riding crop or full latex gimp suit?

  21. I just realized that if the shutdown doesn’t end before Wednesday, I lose my oxygen handler’s license. Blah.

    No oxygen for you then.

  22. RBG missed oral arguments today due to treatment for her lung cancer. First time since 1993, according to the news.

  23. That’s just the bullshit story she gave the press. Her 5/3/1 cycle had her doing 1RM bench press today and she wanted to focus.

  24. I heard she was taking a day off to seriously consider retirement in favor of her career as an underground pit fighter.

  25. Lots of people have always been “odd jobs” types, the only change was apps taking a cut rather than ads in the classifieds.

  26. I thought RBG had been dropped two cliques behind enemy lines with only a spool of dental floss. Instructions: eliminate Putin.

  27. RBG takes the day off, and meanwhile an attempted coup in Gabon is suddenly foiled. Coincidence?

  28. kinda funny, imagining Pickles and RBG running back and forth yelling Serpentine!

  29. What’s this about Roamy and bondage gear?

    I laughed at the last meme on the weekend meme poat, and it snowballed from there.

    **whispers “bustier and riding crop”**

  30. I knew it!


  32. **whispers “bustier and riding crop”**

    I’m going to take a few moments…

  33. I have a home gym, but I prefer to work out with my tribe. They push me. I can run just fine on my own, but I’m not gonna try that heavy clean and jerk at home. I need the shame of knowing people are watching.

    Every now and then I can really push the weights at home, but mostly – for OLY – I pretty much need peer pressure.

  34. That’s a good piece Roamy

  35. My mom and sister started pushing that Bs on friday, and I was just scratching my head wondering “Who”? where? I knew it was bs from the beginning.

  36. I’m the opposite; I like to work out in private. The only concern would be something like bench pressing, where having another person to spot you on a heavy lift is good safety.

  37. AOC.


  38. Meh, she’ll eventually flame out. Meanwhile, the video of her dancing is cute.

  39. The only question is when and who turns on her first. The right thinks she’s an ignoramus but also pretty dangerous.

    The left is split. Some love her but others think she’s an embarrassment. If she doesn’t bring out lots of young voters in 2020 I bet she gets the Palin treatment.

  40. Why does the right think she’s dangerous? I sure don’t

  41. When was RBG last seen in public?

  42. For a few reasons…first, people love her and she has a huge reach on social media. She’s totally and completely genuine.

    Second, she’s a zealot. She’s often incorrect and often in a mind boggling fashion but she’s totally committed regardless of the facts.

  43. She is the perfect embodiment of so many young people. Uninformed. Narcissistic. Selfie -aware and the ability to create a social media persona.

  44. “She’s totally and completely genuine.” —-> I’m not so completely sure. I don’t think anyone is completely genuine with the social media bs. It’s all fabricated and massaged.

  45. If she’s sincere, she has the depth of a piss piddle.

  46. The Left is looking at a nasty power struggle. By defeating Clinton, Trump removed her and Bill’s hold on the Dems. That’s why you see AOC and other true believers rising to the surface. The Current congressional leadership is nearing retirement, but I suspect that they don’t want to hand off power to the zealots. Unfortunately, Obama and the decision to push the ACA removed a lot of Dems who otherwise would have risen through the ranks as the next generation of leadership.

  47. Someone had a column, can’t remember who, that said he hates AOC mainly because of her cluelessness. Because she is so earnest about it and no amount of facts will dissuade her from thinking the way she does. He compared it to an earlier era where he discussed pirated music with a young person who was unapologetic. “This is just how my generation does it now”. His response was along the lines of “Then you’re a generation of thieves” or something similar. So the point is that she is the standard bearer for a lot of young people who will be led down the wrong path for a while and the country will suffer as a result.

  48. She’s not necessarily highly intelligent, but she’s not stupid. And she’s a lot more cunning that people give her credit for.

  49. Agree with all of the above.

    I wonder if the older dems will turn on her.

  50. she’ll get the nice-rack vote.
    white male cis-types can get behind that

  51. Old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill.

  52. What is it PJ O’Rourke said? “Old age and guile beat youth and a bad haircut.”

  53. It’s really hard to know who to root for.

  54. JINX

    you owe me a coke

  55. and she’s dumb as a stump…
    that’ll get her the pity vote

  56. Comment by lauraw on January 7, 2019 12:42 pm

    you owe me a coke

    I was responding to your comment.

  57. I’m in it for the spectacle and I’d go all in on Nancy.

    She’s cutthroat.

  58. my favorite thing about aoc is that she will be able to give hank johnson and maxy h2o a run for the money.
    they’ll be tipping islands over and impeachin’ fotey-fi for the foreseeable future

    comedy gold baby!

  59. imagine those three clowns toking it up in the congressional cloak room

  60. It comes down to whether she was put on the post or somehow managed to climb up there on her own power.

    If her backers exist and go to war with Nancy’s, that could be popcorn worthy.

  61. Oh man, this is going to be an epic fall.

    Icarus: Goddamn, son. Did you see that meltdown? That shit was some epic shit right dere.

    Lucifer: Man, Icarus. That was hard to watch.

  62. My assumption, though wrong, was more fun than your truth. I’m running with it. There will hereforth be this entry in your ledger: (coke)

  63. btw – the most recent burst of secret group texts from MCPO indicate that RGB is heading up a flotilla to once and for all clean up all of the pollution in the worlds oceans.

    she should be done by the end of the week.

  64. I can’t believe I have to start getting ready to go to work soon. This seems to happen several days a week. Have any of you guys noticed this? Is this happening to you too? I’ve asked my coworkers about this phenomenon but they just seem confused about the question.

  65. Merry Orthodox Christmas 2019!!!!!

  66. I’m pretty sure this is laura’s ledger:

    (baby nose)

  67. The thing that I grudgingly admire about AOC is that she worked her ass off to win her primary. The incumbent took his position for granted and couldn’t be bothered to ask his constituents for their votes. AOC was genuinely stunned that she had won the primary.

    It’s too bad that she has such naive views about how capitalism works. Perhaps with age she will change her views on things.

  68. Changing one’s views requires humility and intellectual honesty.

    She lacks these traits and considers herself stronger for it.

  69. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t cash in. But she’s such a zealot that she might overlook grafting.

  70. I’ve said before, a smart conservative in Congress would use her zealotry to his advantage.

  71. She’s already tweeting at Scalise. He should apply some Day Game.

  72. We live in the best timeline. AOC is basically an NPC.

    Just when I think reality is, er, real, someone like her shows up outta nowhere and I’m right back to thinking we’re in a simulation.

  73. I’m pretty sure I’m not real. Is there an equivalent word for solipsism when you think you’re in someone else’s imagination?

  74. We’re all a 4-dimensional hologram on the ass of a giant space turtle.

    String theory says so.

  75. What’s the difference between Mitt Romney and a steaming pile of swirled dog turds?

  76. AOC may be cute or whatnot to some but she’s just another lefty gunning to ruin the country. Eff her.

  77. There might be some value in the dog turds.

  78. Leon gets a point!

  79. aoc has crazy eyes.
    She will look like a vicious has-been Haarlem hooker in 10 years or less. I’ll put fitty bucks on it.

  80. People keep saying she’s attractive.

    No. She’s under 30 and not fat.

  81. Considering many of the single women under forty, under 30 and not fat *is* attractive.

    In the college video she’s cute. Now she’s almost too skinny, with no muscle. She’s going to look like a skeleton in about ten years at this rate.

  82. Yes, I am perpetually down one baby nose. I am always looking to collect on this account.

  83. Gardening activities start soon. Terribly exciting. Artichokes first, then onions in a coupletree weeks.


  84. CHicken stuff is already starting. Local guy is taking orders.

  85. I watched most of that, Alex. Justin’s “chicken pen to garden” scheme was what prompted my Extreme Laziness plan of attack.

  86. i have been given a removal order re: my raised bed planter.

    i’m a little bummed about it – but it was turned into a giant flower pot with no symmetry (which drives me nuts) last year.

    it’s gonna be a beotch to remove. it’s over 3ft deep and the bottom 2 or more feet is filled with logs and branches and shit.

    i’m gonna plant some of the blue potatoes around the yard… i’ll see how long they make it

  87. grow mushrooms and pot, like leon!

  88. i mentioned to mrs jam last evening that i plan on raising some quail when a couple of my larger projects are done –
    she didn’t say no or laugh at me – so happy days!!! i think it’s a go.

  89. I will be building a couple of raised beds for strawberries, but that might be all of the garden this year until birds have cleared some space. Depending on the pasture planting, I might plant a pumpkin patch near the horses.

  90. leon’s getting chickens too?

  91. Blue potatoes are… novel. I grew purples and while they were interesting, it was somewhat hard to pick out bruises/blemishes. I’ll stick to yellow and white fleshed taters if I grow them again.

  92. blue potato fries would freak out my nieces/nephews. I must find them.

  93. “grow mushrooms and pot”
    i actually briefly toyed with the idea of pissing around with psilocybin fungi to learn how to effectively grow them.
    there is a push in NYS to legalize them i am hearing.
    i’ve got a cousin that swears by them.
    i’m too much of a pussy to go tripping down shroom lane, but i’d definitely sell them if it’s legal and easy.

  94. J’ay:

    they’re fun.
    the kids in the hood love to dig them up.

    they are definitely not a potato to grow if you like uniformity.
    they taste awesome tho

  95. They’ll grow well in spent coffee grounds.

    I’ve heard.

  96. i finally sent out a package to a FIF.
    i re-gifted some cigars that i got for Christmas.
    i was laughing like a howler when i crossed out my name and added his to the label.
    i didn’t even bother to unwrap –> rewrap it.

  97. receiving wrapped brown tubular things from a hostage doesn’t sound like a good idea.

    Wrapped in a paper bag, and put in on Hotspur’s porch after we light it.

  98. What’s the difference between Mitt Romney and a steaming pile of swirled dog turds?

    The dog turds won’t stab you in the back.

  99. Roamy gets a point and by point I mean a shot of her favorite liquor!

  100. Woo-hoo!

  101. I was wondering if there’s as much a booming business for pizza tonight for Jay as it is for the local Domino’s. (Roll Tide)

  102. New whole-house water filter, new water softener, new water purifier. All going in tomorrow. $4100.

    Happy New Year!

  103. clean water is happy water

  104. I’m not mad, it’s worth it and the older system was at EoL, it’s just one more hit since the move last April. Feels like every month or two there’s something. Next month is property taxes on the land we’re not building on.

  105. I mean, seriously? Trump really has caused the masks to fall off, or he’s managed to drive a lot of people completely insane.

  106. Bill needs a trebuchet ride.

    No, Alex, Kristol is the Conservatism Inc version of an Instagram THOT. And trading on his father’s name, to boot.

  107. Seriously, send him lingerie and Amazon gift cards and he’ll send pix.

  108. Leon is your system one that uses salt?

  109. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 7, 2019 7:26 pm
    Seriously, send him lingerie and Amazon gift cards and he’ll send pix.

    I hate you for that image.

  110. Damn, Leon, that’s some expensive shit. Your water must be 💩.

  111. How deep is your well?

  112. 170′, but heavy iron and manganese, though, and our softener was shot.

    You’re welcome, Alex.

  113. Part of it is the crazy amount of rain we had this year. Lots of sediment washed down to the water table, I suspect.

    Yes, it currently uses salt and so will the replacement, though it’s supposed to use much less of it.

  114. Any future appearances of RBG are deepfakes.

  115. Unless you’re getting an actual iron filter, softeners will only remove traces. Maybe that’s what you meant by a whole house filter.

  116. I’ll say it.

    Somebody needs to gently tell Lee Corso it’s time to hang it up. I like him as a personality, but dang he is painful to listen to and watch this year.

  117. Our well is about 80 feet deep, and we have a softener. We don’t have any iron to speak of.

    System regenerates every three days. We go though about six forty pound bags of salt per year. Our water tastes great.

    Right across the street at my office the water sucks. Full of sulphur which stinks to high heaven.

    Different aquifer.

  118. It’s an aerobic iron filter system. It’s gotten so bad with iron that my shower and tub are stained. Only took a week or two.

  119. Do you have his number, Pupster? I’ll call him.

    Who is he?

  120. Eye color theory says Clemson wins.

  121. yes pizza business is good on a night like this. local games even more so.

  122. why is the championship in San Fran? cuz the miners wouldn’t be playing?

  123. how do you research that scott?

  124. Sean?

  125. This pre-game is terrible. Hyping it to a silly extreme.

  126. hadn’t realized dabo swinney is a Bama alum

  127. Google knows everything.

  128. wow those Clemson cheerleaders

  129. Coach Saban: Godammit!!!

  130. Coach Christopher: Godammit!!

  131. At this rate both teams will score 140 points.

  132. Coach Saban: Goddammit!!

  133. Ha! I finally figured out what Hotspur was doing.

  134. who is coach christopher?

  135. The over/under on this game was 110.

  136. Heh, reminds me of my brother. He cried in 1st grade when his teacher kept making him write his given name. He goes by a nickname too.

  137. Sorry, Coach Swinney.

  138. Coach, Swinney: Godammit!!

  139. Coach Saban: motherfucking son of a bitch!!


  141. Bill needs a trebuchet ride.

    I know a guy…

  142. why is the championship in San Fran?

    Don’t know, but I heard that they were heavily discounting tickets. Anywhere near the South, and they would not have had that problem.

  143. Don’t they play football in Cali?

  144. Not impressed with Bama or Lil Wayne so far

  145. Jay, not like they do in the South.

    I can’t find the article now, but the tickets for this game were as low as $100. The one last year in Atlanta, same teams, tickets were going for $2K.

  146. Yeah, just allow me to twist Sean’s tail a little more.

  147. but it would have been huge in the south.

  148. LOL, Jay, you need to work Stanford into it somehow.

  149. Missouri S&T was in the Mineral Water Bowl. I’ve been in bigger high school stadiums than that stadium.

  150. Restaurant was DEAD.

  151. “Stanfurd”

  152. I’m pretty sure in parts of the South you could start a riot by asking which position Jesus would play.

  153. We tell that as a Texas joke.

  154. My drafting teacher at Missouri S&T had been a football player at the school. He would give extra credit on the quizzes if you knew the football score from the week before. I never knew anyone to get the credit, myself included.

  155. Thermadin, they played a bowl for the first time since 1950 and won. It was a hoot.

  156. My Bama friends on FB got real quiet.

  157. That’s good to know. Your talent pool is really restricted there since it’s almost all engineering. Most of the players I knew were pretty smart. The not so smart ones didn’t last long.

  158. That, and it’s still a small school. 7K undergrads.

    ICYMI, my daughter is planning on going there, too. I am relieved, because Rolla seems to be pretty sensible and un-PC. They don’t lose their minds over a banana peel.

  159. Scott called it.

  160. Did one of the players just give Dabo a wet willie?

  161. Daylilies exuberantly release pollen.

  162. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 7, 2019 11:55 pm
    Scott called it.

    Poor Laura…

  163. Daphne’s eyebrows required plucking.

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