Boxing Day Hangover/Low Energy Post







  1. Say what about Evelyn’s pussy Sean?

  2. My kids are really generous and thoughtful- but they are older kids! We give lots of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. I don’t care what I get or if I get anything but it warms my heart to see my kids mature and really want to get something others would enjoy. Especially when the sisters gift each other. And they kind of spend a lot. One makes good money, the other budgets a long time for it. The oldest (budgeter) used to be kind of selfish, she’s completely grown out of that crap. Beasnsnsnsns there is hope!

    I bought guessing card games at TJMaxx and Marshall’s for about $4 and put them in everyone’s stockings. We had a great time playing variations of verbal charades, “would you rather,” or guess the person, Place or thing.

  3. I like Beasnsnsnsn cellophane ball game! May have to try that!

  4. I need to order my gifts for mom and dad. I had to wait until my latest paycheck. I’ll probably just order a couple of bottles of wine for each.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. It’s become more and more difficult to choose the right present for my mom. She’s 77 and at a place in her life where she would rather give away possessions rather than acquire anything new. When I visit I see nearly every piece of jewelry I’ve given her over the years, pictures on the walls, etc. The reality is that she probably just wants me to visit more often and skip the gift!

  7. There is a point where the gifts should become more of a consumable nature. Fancy wine. Cheeses. Steaks. Etc. They simply have ENOUGH stuff.

  8. That being said, I gifted her an Irish woolen blanket to keep her warm. It’s the real deal, knit in Ireland from Irish wool and adorned with a row of clovers on the bottom edge. Can’t go wrong with anything Irish in tribute to my departed Dad.

  9. Those Pandora charm bracelets were awesome, because you could get just a tiny one. But my mil even has enough of those.

  10. Good point Carin

  11. About the STUFF, not Pandora’s Big Box

  12. I can’t wait until New Years day to get back on track. I’m up a few pounds – but I think it’s the Christmas ham. SO salty. I don’t know why I eat it – it messes me up.

    I’m not celebrating NY anyway – I work the 31st and the 1st. It’s not as if I took “off” – but I didn’t track my food much. I did work out, of course.

  13. I ordered the second in the “Starting Strength” book (forget the name) and I’m about to order a weight belt. We have them at the gym, but one gal and I have to share the small. I’ll just get my own.

  14. I walked the dog, and carried leftovers to the basement fridge.


  15. I’m thinking about getting a kettlebell so I can do alex’s workout thing at home. 35 lb or 55 lb?

    this is hard

  16. what about a brick on a rope?

  17. Get a 35 to start with, Car in. I had only 60s and while I could do okay workouts with them, they were too heavy to do long workouts or to safely clean and press both at once. If you are on the fence at all, go lighter.

  18. Car in, the link from yesterday recommends a 35 lbs kettlebell for women.

  19. You need the rigid handle, Jay. You can fake a kettlebell to some extent with a T-bar and plates, but the leverages are still different enough that a good kettlebell really is worth it.

  20. I have been fighting some awful sinus infection for the last 5 days. Nights are miserable as the mucus flows and settles each time I roll over. I blame all the sugar and wheat I’ve been eating. Irritates my throat, inflames my mucus membranes, and feeds the germs. Going to try and starve it out today.

  21. The criticism by some on the right about non-essential personnel is getting annoying. It seems to be deliberately obtuse.

    “Why do we even have non-essential personnel? Private businesses don’t hire non-essential personnel!”

    “Businesses don’t have janitors, secretaries, assistants, etc?”

    “Since businesses hire them they’re by definition essential!”

  22. At crossfit, the RX weight for kettlebells varies between 35 and 55. 35 is kinda light for me, and 55 would be a challenge. I usually can do all the KB unbroken, so teh 500 isn’t really going to be hard.

    I’m just torn.

    Something about my body type – kettlebells is just one of those movements I can crush at. If we’re talking wallballs – that’s a while nother thing.

    But I usually beat everyone at kettlebells. I dont’ know why.

  23. I’m only kinda-sorta good at deadlifts, pullups, and going up hills. My pressing movements have always lagged. Back when I was bench pressing, I had to fight for every pound.

  24. I suck at most overhead and pressing things. Kettlebells swings are all about the hip thrust, so …

    No it’s just I’m pretty good at lower body cardio involved things. Wallballs tax my upper body, so I suck at those.

  25. “So I’m pretty sure we aren’t compatible as a couple, but just wanted to say that I hope you get back into contra dancing – I think there’s a pretty active scene in Columbus – and I think it’s cool that you do blacksmithing. I used to do some blacksmithing.”


  26. Kettlebells swings are all about the hip thrust, so …

    Mare and Hotspur’s Mom are naturals?

  27. Is the 35 for both arms or one arm alternating?

  28. Maybe it’s the infection talking, but I read the workout link and I don’t think I could finish it right now at all. And if I could, I could think of much more useful things I could do with that same energy.

    *gazes out onto relentlessly advancing treeline adjacent to future hayfield

  29. Jimbro, both arms.

  30. I have decent upper body endurance, the skin on my hands will fail long before I get tired of swinging an axe or mattock.

    That sucks, Alex, but at least she didn’t string you along. Maybe she’s still trying to ride the Carousel.

  31. Then 35 seems like a good starting point to build off. Bigger weight initially might lead to injury.


  32. Leon, the women in this town are very liberal.

  33. Paula came down with food poisoning. She has worked the past 2 days and her new hospital is smaller and lets the staff have more freedom. Which meant food in the break room which I’m sure was the source. For dinner last night she had Kodiak Cake waffles and a protein drink while still at work. Came home, felt tired so she went up and dozed off while watching some game rerun. That was the last uninterrupted sleep she’s had because around an hour later she was seeing a rerun of another sort: partially digested waffles mixed with protein shake. It’s been the both-enders all night.

  34. For me 35 is … kinda easy. I can easily just do sets of 50 with short rests.

    with Wallballs, for women it’s a set weight 14 lbs. For women who can throw up 40 more pounds than me (or more) with a push press, that ball is pretty light.

  35. As in – I don’t know if I want to drop the $$ for something that’s going to be sorta easy. kettlebells are usually around $2 a pound.

  36. That’s true pretty much everywhere, Alex. I imagine even the Amish and Mennonite guys have a hard time finding a girl these days. Saw a lot of very beautiful young ladies at Christmas mass, but I won’t pretend I’d seen more than a few of them the month before.

  37. Leon, very true. The women around here seem to be some combination of obese, heavily tattooed, single moms, or too old to have kids. The ones who aren’t are progressive nutjobs.

  38. And today is the day Ben’s Airsoft buddies are descending on the house to run around in the fields and terrorize the next door neighbor who will see teenage boys running around pointing firearm replicas at each other. I had to take him for the grocery store run to buy a cart full of “food” and a 12 pack of throwback Mountain Dew. My only contribution to an $84 cart was a liter bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale for my suffering wifey.

  39. Funny how Bubba Clinton is a hero and a role model for dodging the draft, but Trump isn’t.

  40. It’s also funny how bringing troops home is a bad thing when Trump does it.

    It’s also funny how visiting troops at Christmas is a bad thing if it isn’t done on Christmas fucking Day.

  41. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning, Jimbro. I count myself very lucky to have made it through Christmas potluck season without someone getting sick.

  42. If Trump could walk on water the left would accuse him of not knowing how to swim.

  43. Jimbro – but yes, if you’ve never done them, you do need to learn correct form before you go heavy.


  45. Thank God I’m married. I’m 6′-2″. Probably only 10% of the female population my height or taller.

  46. It’s become more and more difficult to choose the right present for my mom.

    Yeah, visit more and give hugs or consumables, as Car in suggested. The wool blanket was a good gift too, as it was for her comfort.

    Warm jammies, a new flannel shirt, steaks, or gift cards to favorite restaurants so there’d be days they wouldn’t have to cook, were our usual gifts.
    This year, we all went in and replaced my MIL’s space heater that shit the bed and I gave her a new washable tablecloth which replaced the ratty flannel-backed vinyl one from Walmart.

  47. And of that 10% probably 50% are lezbos.

  48. There’s only one actor whose movies I would avoid more than Will Ferrell, and that is Jim Carrey.

    Evidently the new Holmes & Watson movie is a real steaming pile.

  49. no way 10% of women are 6’2″ or over, way lower!

  50. Speaking of my MIL, gotta keep an eye on her today. She ate something that didn’t agree with her yesterday (SIL’s veggies – cooked carrots/sweet potatoes/squash/zucchini…the smell of which, made me nauseous when she brought it) and was sick from both ends. She felt better after it all came out but she’s weak. Made her some rehydrating solution. Have some ginger ale and broth at the ready.

    And the window guys are here to replace our bathroom windows and two windows down in MIL’s apartment. Brrrr…will have them put a towel under the door while they work down there in her bedroom.

  51. you do need to learn correct form before you go heavy.

    That’s the mistake I made with your mom.

  52. You are correct J’Ames. A 6′-2″ tall woman is in the 99.987 percentile in the U.S.

  53. How about Lithuania? Aren’t their women tall?

  54. 99.961 percentile

  55. Jimbro, I like your avatar. That’s a keeper.

  56. Here’s a pretty cool story. On Christmas Eve we had our daughters, grandkids, and our 26 year old niece over. Later in the evening the grandkids started reminiscing about the days back when we had the cottage up north, telling all sorts of stories and anecdotes.

    At one point, Sophie, our niece told us how she found a four leaf clover in the front yard and put it in a book. HotBride said, “Well all of the books from the cottage are over there on the bookshelves.” She walked over, stood there for a long moment, pulled one of the encyclopedias off the shelf, opened it, and lo and behold there it was in a folded Kleenex. She put it there when she was 11.

    One of my granddaughters asked her how she knew which book to choose, and she said “I sort of remembered that it had a seven on it.”

  57. Nice, Hotspur!

  58. I just returned from a trip to Plum Market. I saw Debbie Fucking Dingell get into a black chauffeur driven Lincoln Navigator.

    Fucking gold digging cunt.

  59. Amused by Governor Moonbeam saying he’s going to build his own damn satellite. The company that he contracts with is known for Cubesats that last maybe a year. How do you get trend data? How much are they going to spend on a satellite the size of a loaf of bread? What are these satellites going to do that Aqua, OCO-2, CALIPSO, Suomi, etc. can’t?

  60. Great. I was poised to get much work done today. But between a critical system being down all morning and a communication with a customer gone horribly, horribly wrong, requiring multiple meetings and phone calls (including on my part) to smooth over, this morning has been a total loss.

    I’d be better off just taking December 24 to January 1 off, I swear, workload be damned.

  61. Debbie Dingell’s forehead looks mental.

  62. It’s not a total loss, Cavil, if you were able to smooth something over.
    As to the rest, deep breath and reset, but not like hildebitch.

  63. Mr. B. just texted me with the idea I planted in his noggin some time ago. The master bedroom closet at ‘the house’ is ideally located for one of those barn door.

  64. I already put my 2019 vacation days in. I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t do that things get scheduled in your available time and families get (rightfully) angry when you change the schedule last minute. Got my 3 days off for Christmas/New Year’s weeks all set.

  65. Jam found it Beasn. If the shoe fits …

  66. Went with 35 pound because I got it cheap on clearance

  67. SLA Marshall says ‘hi’.

  68. “If the shoe fits …”

    Who doesn’t like a cute little fruitcake?

  69. If Pendejo is around, yes, I know JJG from Brackettville, and have known him since he was 5 years old.

    He is Mr. TiFW’s oldest nephew.

    He is now happily back in the town where he grew up, in his dream job of coaching for the Brackett Tigers!

  70. I have found my Fruitcakeaphilia to be a deeply polarizing topic at certain times

  71. The only answer is power armor and stacks of fusion cores.

  72. Paul’s Aunt Kate fell at her care facility (we suspect that she had a stroke) on Christmas Eve. She passed away early this morning, having never regained consciousness. She was 88 years young.

    We are headed home tomorrow, then will turn right back around and come back for her funeral.

    There is only 1 uncle left (out of 8) from the paternal side of his family. It’s kind of weird realizing that now WE are becoming the “elders” of our respective clans.

  73. Ugh. Sorry to hear that, TiFW. Been a rough couple of years for y’all, and I can identify on the timing, dad having been two years ago today.

  74. Today is our 36th anniversary. Because it falls on a Thursday, we’ll wait til tomorrow to do any celebrating.

  75. Sorry for your losses, TiFW and BroCav. I went to my former co-worker’s funeral today. I knew he’d had problems with alcohol that led to his losing his job, but I thought he’d gone to rehab for a 12-week program and had gotten straightened out. Apparently he fell off the wagon or was fighting some kind of demons at the end. It was a good turnout, though not that many co-workers there. Another former co-worker was there, and he looked like shit. I don’t know if he’s sick (please, Lord, nothing contagious) or just having a bad week.

    **squishy hugs Sean, sends over a Diet Dr Pepper**

    To end this $20 comment on a better note, the deacon at the funeral had grown up with my co-worker, and he gave one of the most heartfelt, sincere, helpful homilies I’ve ever heard.

  76. Well done, PD! Celebrate today and tomorrow!!

  77. Thursday celebrations are always awkward. Unless you have Friday off. Then it’s cool.

  78. Congrats, Pendejo and Mrs. Pendejo!

  79. 36 years, excellent!

  80. Been watching old reruns of Monk most of the afternoon. Sharona had such a spectacular rack! That is all….

  81. Who has ever done sandcasting? Ive always wanted to try …
    We should try to make Car In a kettlebell – say about 45 pounds?

  82. Chi, it’s on my Big List of Things I Want to Try.

  83. I don’t think a 45 pound kettlebell is the place to start, Alex, but a man can have goals amiright?

  84. So I’m watching Charles Dowding gardening videos, and I can’t figure out if he’s gay or just really really English.


  86. Why not both?

  87. A Will Ferrel movie turns out to be crap? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

  88. “So I’m watching Charles Dowding gardening videos, and I can’t figure out if he’s gay or just really really English”

    Is ‘Charles Dowding’ codeword for P. Allen Smith?

  89. Huh. Conjecture that the 7-year-old that died in border patrol custody might have been smuggling cocaine, and that’s why the dad (or “dad”) didn’t want the doctors looking at ‘im.

  90. Sorry, 8-year-old.

  91. Well done, PD! Celebrate today and tomorrow!!

  92. Lol

  93. Laura’s 2003 truck needs $2500 worth of repairs.

    We’re going to roll the dice and see if we can get a couple more years out of it.

  94. back home, with a cold. ugh

  95. I think that’s a good choice, scott. New ones cost a lot more.

  96. They are back, with 4 doors.

  97. I hope so.

    She’s probably putting less than 5000 miles a year on it.

    I like our odds.

  98. Isn’t this the truck with temp issue? What’s the diagnosis?

  99. Blockage.

    They backflushed and a bunch of crap came out of it.

    Under the right conditions old antifreeze can turn into a jelly-like substance. I think they found a bunch of that.

  100. That was the cheap part.

    Brake lines are shot.
    The innocent clunking noise was a ball joint.
    The leaf springs on one side are about to detach and the catalytic converter has a big hole in it..

  101. SHE’S FINE. Please let’s stop talking about it. I’m superstitious about talking about how my truck is running.

  102. Yikes. Well, if it’s any consolation yer not alone, I have multiple issues to address with my automobile. Got a bearing going bad front driver’s side and then a suspension problem (can’t remember the name) right rear.

  103. I….I love having family with us. I do. I love them all. But…..The. Noise. 7 adults. 6 kids. Oldest kid is 11. My God at the noise.

  104. She identifies as a guy.

  105. OH! Truck thread?

    So Truck runs perfect 99% of the time. But pulling off from a dead stop….THUMP….everytime. Rear end? Differential? Universal?

  106. It’s your prostate.

  107. You should get that checked.

  108. I’m sure it’ll buff out.

  109. Unexpected blizzard from the West. Storm with no name. Verizon and Century Link is down for phone service. 911 is down. Xfinity phones are down, but TV, Internet, and WiFi still up. I don’t have messenger or WiFi call on my phone. FB was tracking people. On my iPad because it is always home or on my hotel WiFi while traveling. We won’t be able to get out of Condo until the plow goes through. I can’t call out until we get cell service back. Pepe, how is it over there?

  110. Do everything really petulantly.

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