Christmas Blessings To You All

May the Hope of this Season Remain Forever with You All!

Merry Christmas friends!!.


  1. Merry Christmas to all, and to all…well, y’all get the idea 😁

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Good morning and Merry Christmas to all you good people. Even you bad people.

    Everyone with little ones, enjoy this fantastic morning while it lasts – in a few short years, that beautiful child will be the death of you. If you somehow survive it all, you may just become best friends.

  4. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.


  6. Merry Christmas! Kids have been ransacking the house since too far before dawn. This is the longest day of the year.

  7. Merry Christmas, Hostages!


  9. Possum fell asleep in the car just as we got to church last night for evening mass, so we decided to try and get her home to bed. She stayed up until midnight, now we’re doing our best to make it to 11am (last chance) mass.

  10. Encountered interesting phenom….there can be too much. My grandson got tired of opening presents and refused to participate after a certain point. Just too much stuff to process.

    Merry Christmas. Peace , Harmony, Success, and Good Health to you and yours

  11. Grammy and Grampy spoiled both granddaughters again.

  12. Watching the Kaiju Marathon on El Rey while awaiting other brother and family. Life is good.

  13. Good job, Cavil.

    Heading in to work in a few hours. It’s going to be a hard day for the patients. Clinically depressed/ schizophrenic/ etc,, whatever- if you’re spending Christmas in a hospital, you’re not feeling the joy of the season.

  14. Some of them are going to be okay, but I know of a couple that are really upset they weren’t discharged before Christmas.

  15. I know I’m going to get this one patient today who is a gratuitious time hog (borderline). I have to scrape her off and spend time with the other folks who really need someone to sit with them today. I neglect everyone else when I have her as a patient. It’s not right.

  16. My grandson got tired of opening presents and refused to participate after a certain point.

    One of the best years when Rocketboy was little was the one where we let him open presents on his own schedule. He’d open one with a toy, play with it for a while, open the next one with clothes, go on to the next one with a toy, play with it for a while, etc. IIRC, it took a couple of days to open everything.

  17. God bless you, Laura, that’s not a job I could do.

  18. You folks that work in hospitals – especially on Christmas day – are saints in my book. God Bless you all.

  19. Feliz Navidad, Cabrones y Cabronas.

    I mean that in a good way.

  20. Kinda disappointed, once again Santa neglected to leave a cute young masseuse under the tree for me. Maybe next year……

  21. Aw, thanks guys. Really, it’s an easy job, always interesting, with some moments of excitement. I lucked out.

  22. Merry Christmas fellow Christians and other assorted trolls, lurkers, degenerates, agnostics, cretins and heathens.

  23. assorted trolls, lurkers, degenerates, agnostics, cretins and heathens.

    Yo. Right back atcha.

    Although, we prefer ‘differently-foreheaded Americans.’

  24. Every kid I saw yesterday in the office was full of manic energy. Vacations mean every kid in the family comes to the visit so I was grateful for a half day. The youth in my house slept until 0930 before descending to eat doughnut holes and disappear upstairs. I have a feeling they won’t have a problem waiting until 4 PM

  25. There’s way too much sweets in this house and we don’t even have kids. Between work and family, it’s impossible to keep cookies and candy out of the house this time of year.

    I can’t imagine the volume of sugar there must be inside a normal house with kids in it and adults who aren’t psycho about getting rid of it the way I am.

  26. Houseguest got me some very high-quality vanilla beans, a big clump of saffron threads, and a gift certificate for a nice local spice shop.

    I have eight egg yolks left over from using the whites for fancy Christmas granola.

    We’re having paella and vanilla creme brulee asap. Maybe chocolate pots de creme too.

    Carin, I’m gonna need your recipe for creme brulee. That was the BEST.

  27. I’m gonna use fake sugar and not tell anybody

  28. Well, not for the chocolate pots. I’ll just use bittersweet chocolate and not add more sugar. It’ll be fine.


    Wait…isn’t that what it has been all along?

  30. MERRY CHRISTMAS, hostage loverlies!!

  31. “since too far before dawn. This is the longest day of the year.”

    Oy, I remember those days. One year we lied to beasnson that no, it wasn’t Christmas Eve…TOMORROW is Christmas Eve, so as not to have a repeat waking every 15 minutes starting at 5am like we had the previous year.

  32. “Although, we prefer ‘differently-foreheaded Americans.’”

    Heh. When I worried my hairline was receding, the daughter called me a fivehead.

  33. I have my supplies and seeds and stuff. I’ll start some things next month. For now though, I just sit here holding seed packets and giggling.

  34. I have a feeling they won’t have a problem waiting until 4 PM

    Unless they get the munchies.


  35. Merry Christmas, everyone! Love to you and yours from the entire TiFW family 😊🎄🎉

  36. Oh, and ChrisP, thank you so much for the Pentatonix “Mary, did you know”! I have tried and tried to like that song for the longest time – their version knocked it out of the park!

  37. Merry Christmas, Teresa!

  38. Merry Christmas youse’ll band of miscreants!

    Safe travel wishes for those tromping the trails.

    Be careful when imbibing the eggnog that leon sent around – he used the special purple mushrooms this year.

  39. new holiday avatard for j’brony:

  40. leon’s yule log:

  41. Merry Christmas, you old Savings and Loan!

  42. Christmas at chez Pupster:

  43. jefe we all pitched in and got this for you:

  44. wiser, j’ames wrote this for you:

  45. I am long on fruitcakes at the moment. I have my 2018 one wrapped in whiskey soaked cheesecloth, a hunk of 2017 cake retrieved from the chest freezer and my cousins Kathy and Alan sent one up from an Irish bakery in Dorchester, MA because when I visited before Thanksgiving I hadn’t made one yet. I am a proud civilian member of the SFR and I’m not affected by the partial government shutdown.

  46. Merry Christmas to this entire shithole dump.

  47. your dad loves this song:

  48. Beverage for this afternoon

  49. we definitely need to be involved in wiser’s 2019 Chrizmus song line-up:

  50. not sure which one of you wrote this, but i assume drugs and a psychotic break were involved:

  51. So, yesterday was my first day wearing the Aircast ‘Airheel’ soft support for plantar fasciitis (not the A60, that one was not gonna work for me).

    Outstanding. This thing has an air bubble inside the arch that cushions the bottom of the heel, then flows back into another bubble right behind the achilles as you step on it more. My foot didn’t start to hurt until around 9PM last night, which is amazing since the pain has been just about constant until now.

    I can’t wear it all the time because the edge of the plastic bubble is hitting an area behind my heel making it tender at the end of the day. So I’m going to alternate it with days where I just do the sports tape sole wrap. Which I also can’t do every single day for similar reasons but in other areas.

    I figure this tendon will finally heal up right before my skin breaks down from the treatments.

  52. Jam, why did I not know that Santa Claus is a Black Man existed until right now???

  53. Merry Christmas, Laurie!! ❤️

  54. Damn spell check!!! “Lauraw”!

  55. Outstanding Laurie/Lauraw. Kind of refreshing to actually go without pain when you’ve had plantar fasciitis and every step was with pain. A Christmas Miracle! The A60 worked for me since mine was a combo of peroneal and posterior tibialis tendonitis to go along with the plantar fasciitis. Old ankle fracture and altered gait all added up to misery. So happy not to have it except for the occasional flare up now and then.

  56. Merry Christmas!!! Once again we were reminded why the voices in his head guy tried to stab the choir director at St Jude. Fr John started an anti Trump rant but stopped himself.

  57. My Christmas present is Hotspur calling this place a shit hole dump. It just feels right and makes me happy.

    Merry Christmas, good people. The rest of you can suck it.

  58. Christmas dinner was 16oz ribeyes grilled over mesquite, German style fried taters n onions, steamed brocolli (a facade of healthy behavior), and carrot cake. That is all.

  59. Merry Christmas Wiser & family!

    Suck it, Mare!

  60. I worked all day. Worst Christmas ever !

    On a positive note, I think I am pretty much done with 2018.

  61. Survived the gathering. I intentionally started a shit storm with my white elephant gift. Whodda thunk a wrist rocket with ammo would be so popular? The other sought after item was a salt gun. For the ladies I believe the points of contention were over wine and something that spread fru fru smells around the environment.

  62. Watching movies and waiting for Prime Rib.

  63. Euphemism?

  64. Merriment Managed, returned home safely. The very definition of a grand Christmas.

  65. Merry Christmas everyone. Everyone is gone, dishes are mostly done.

  66. Merry Christmas, all of y’all…

  67. Merry Christmas to all you degenerates!

  68. Merry Christmas, Hostages. I hope everyone’s day has been filled with family, friends, good food, gifts, and love.

  69. Oso?

  70. That’s pretty funny, roamy.

  71. Guests are gone, dishes are done, second piece of apple pie consumed.

    I made memory pillows and a bear out of Pop’s well worn flannel shirts, as gifts. I got the reaction I was aiming for. WIN!!

  72. That’s awesome, Beasn. I am behind the curve on everything this year. I was going to bake cookies today, and I just didn’t have the energy for it.

    FDIL leaves tomorrow, and I will go in to work for at least half a day for “orderly shutdown” if the furlough is still in effect. Maybe tomorrow for baking.

    I did make 7 lbs. of sauerbraten and a double batch of potato dumplings, and there’s just enough left over for Mr. RFH’s lunch tomorrow.

  73. Everyone like the glass pendants I had made from dad’s ashes.

  74. Sounds like a great gift, Car in.

    Merry Christmas, H2!

  75. I received flavored salts (not bath salts!) for Christmas. They are orange salt with chili, kalamata salt, and smoked salt.


  76. Snort ’em.

  77. Roamy,
    Sounds like a good excuse to smoke some salmon.
    Try a filet with each one and report back.

  78. Might be nice on some roasted almonds or some other nut mix.

  79. December’s events require planning.

  80. wakey wakey everyone. THE HOLIDAY IS OVER

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