MMM 346: Secret Santa 2018

Hello Hostages, and welcome to the 2018 Secret Santa post, which will be covering for Monday this short work-week.  You know the drill.  Email me at my name at g-thingy with your name and a good postal address.  You’ve got until Sunday (11-25) at midnight, and I’ll send out assignments next Monday, 11-26.  Plan to have your gift to your assigned recipient no later than 12-15 at the very latest, and we’ll do an opening poat on 12-16.

Weekend Memes

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BBF 2018 Semi Finals Round 3

Hello  hounds, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2018 Semi-Finals Round 3.





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New Wordpuss Editor Is Awful

Using it is like using this toilet
Note the “Access Door”
Happy Thursday

Pupster is right, this version of the editor is awful. I couldn’t find the page break so I’ll keep this short. Can you point me in the direction of the old style editor?

wtfits tuesday

wile e coyote gravity

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MMM 345: Lion’s Mane

Hericum erinaceus.


This is one of the current fungus species trending as basically magic tonics.  The health benefits purported range from digestive aid to better concentration and reduced depression.


There’s likely some truth in that, but it’s not like these things get double-blind studies.


The takeaway though, is that a lot of people believe it, and where there’s belief, there’s profit.


Cultivating these and selling the fruiting bodies – fresh or dried – and all manner of extracts and teas is big business right now.


I’ve never seen them in the wild, and they aren’t yet running loose in the West as some sort of invasive species.  They normally grow on rotting trees, but all the mushroom farmers seem to grow them on straw and/or wood pulp.  Supposedly quite easy to cultivate.



Weekend Memes

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BBF Semi Finals Round 2

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2018 Semi Finals Round 2.



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Sitting and Looking at Stuff

In the long tradition of pictures of people looking at stuff or kinda doing stuff, sticking their tongue out, or trying to electrocute themselves, I bring you this post of the a very cute hostage baby.
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