MMM 347: Oysters

I haven’t tried these yet, but they are among the most frequently cultivated species.6b84d-branchedoystermushroom04.jpg

These are frequently cultivated on plastic bags full of feedstock like pasteurized straw.  Slits are cut in the bag and the exposure to oxygen triggers the creation of a fruiting body.



Anyone know that bark?  I’m still just a newb with tree ID.



Gilled, saporiphitic.

Oyster mushrooms.jpg

I haven’t seen these in the wild yet, either.  Someday, perhaps.



  1. SECRET SANTA assignments will be mailed later this morning.

  2. Low-visibility snowstorm this morning. Already saw one car stuck on the road shoulder out front, but someone stopped to pull them out before I could even get up to look for socks.

  3. School cancelled.

    wakey wakey

  4. Quiet weather here today then we’re getting it Monday night into Tuesday.

  5. Comment by Car in on November 26, 2018 7:44 am
    School cancelled.

    We’re sure you’ll find work for him to do.

  6. My husband wants a knife that stays sharp a long time. I will pay up to $100. Interested in 8″ size (RACIST!) Anyone have any ideas?

  7. maples leon

  8. ConfuseUs say, sharpest knife was never used

  9. doh! I never sent in secret satan.

  10. Fixed blade vs folder?

    US made vs Japan/China/European manufacture?

    I’ll defer to Pepe on the knife advice. Probably a good idea to find out his preferred sharpening system too. If he’s going to use the knife for everyday rough use I’d also get a sharpening system.

    I have a couple of Bark River fixed blade knives but pretty much use a folding Spyderco knife for everyday crap since they’re easy to replace.

  11. I have the old version of this one

    Really have no need for a sword!

  12. This knife would be fixed blade for kitchen use. He’s just sick of constantly sharpening the cheap knives we currently use.

  13. Love that handle, Jimbro.

  14. Pepe’s awesome knives are out of my price range. Although he may be able to steer me to knives I can get on Amazon that aren’t trash.


  15. while I recommend a good kitchen knife, do you have a sharpening steel? a quick hone does wonders for cutting. use it every time.

  16. I have mostly Henckels. – some cheaper ones, some pricier. They hold their edge pretty well.

  17. the one I use was 39, but I got it on sale for 10. I have a big one that was 65, razor sharp.

  18. Chicago cutlery are the boning knives I like

  19. Yeah, I have a sharpening steel that I use along with one of those cheapo V shaped sharpeners. If I’m going to be doing a lot of prep work things get sharpened before hand.

  20. China refuses to allow U.S. citizens to leave the country in order to put pressure on their father to turn himself in.


    Someone at Insty had the right idea: start kicking out Chinese exchange students.

  21. My husband has every kind of sharpening device, it’s just that our cheap knives do not hold an edge.

    Jay, what brand did you buy?

    Carin, thank you I am going to look at Henckel’s now.

  22. Wow, actually slept past 3:30 for the first time in a week.

    I’ll see what people recommend re. Larger kitchen knives. I know the cheap Victorinox paring knives are excellent.

  23. Thanks, Pepe!!

  24. Meathead suggests the Wustof starter set. $169. But that’s for 2.

  25. Wusthof.

  26. I could really use some global warming. Colder, earlier, this year than I can remember. 16 degrees this morning.

  27. If you google Henckels the first image you see is what we have
    I would suggest adding cut resistant gloves.

    Those knives will try to kill you.

  28. I like my old school US made Schrade and Case knives. Both make a nice 8” chef’s knife. Like j & j mentioned I sharpen each time. Takes 5 seconds or less with one of those ceramic cross stick things.


  30. doh! I never sent in secret satan.

    I haven’t assigned yet. Get it in by noon and I’ll just send you some donkey poo as punishment.

  31. Mornin’ Hostages. I really should have gotten over myself and done the Secret Santa thing, but eh, I’m shy. Also paranoid about identifying myself, as if I couldn’t be sniffed out anyway. Maybe just paranoid. As if the last 10 years isn’t justification enough…

  32. I got an Elie and Lou 8″ Chef’s Knife. Seems to be much harder than other knives. Unavailable on Amazon. Honing on steel every use keeps a great edge.

    My Chicago Cutlery boning knives keep a great edge, the chef’s knife not so much. Mom got me a Kitchenaid chef’s knife that is ok, but not great.

    I have another chef knife, 10″. This one is razor sharp, but it’s large. Kaizef Chef Knife | 10-inch Professional Damascus Gyuto Knife | Made from VG-10 Japanese Super Steel & SUS410 Stainless Steel Samurai Series Kitchen Knives. Got that one for $61 on sale.

  33. Thanks, Hostages, you are not the assholes Wiser says you are in his secret emails!

    Scott, if those knives are that sharp then I will never touch them. I do not have a good track record with sharp objects.

    *looks at hand where I had stitches

  34. Kevlar gloves for the clumsy.

  35. I wonder what brand the W’s restaurant supply store carries.

  36. They have puncture resistant gloves for the OR. Most people just double glove with a thicker “Ortho” glove under and a standard glove over


    I am going to the gym soon and will do assignments when I get back.

  38. Thanks, Hostages, you are not the assholes Wiser says you are in his secret emails!


  39. Who?

    Tom Hill’s cohost.

  40. We’ve got a set of Henckels that my husband received as an anniversary gift from his jerb. Maybe ten or so years ago. They hold their edge but occasionally need a couple of passes through the honing thingie.
    Scott is right, they will try to make you bleed. I cut myself on the paring knife a couple of times. I haven’t yet sharpened that one and it still does a great job (though not as razor sharp anymore which is fine with me).

  41. I have Wustof and Shun.

    Shun is better but kinda pricey. Basically razor sharp.

  42. Can someone please explain why we care that Saudi Arabia had a guy killed?

    For the life of me, I don’t get it.

    Continue to fuck camels, goat fuckers!

  43. I stayed up ’til 2am for a cyber sale for a ring box for my niece.
    “Oh we’re going to restock 23 colors they said”
    “Oh it will get restocked at the same time we kick off our sale they said.”

    Eleven popular colors, two of which I’ve been waiting for, were still out of stock. F*ckers.

  44. Because he was a “journalist” and Trump hates journalists and therefor … Trumps fault.

    I can’t believe you needed me to explain that to you.

  45. We care because Drumpf.

  46. Rush is right. I spent an hour trying to figure out Brexit.

    I haven’t a clue.

  47. Oh, so some people in the US were friends with the guy so we should care.

    Got it.

    Also, everyone in the media can kiss my balls.

  48. Jim Acosta should go hide for a couple of weeks.

    Can you imagine?


  49. Can someone please explain why we care that Saudi Arabia had a guy killed?

    We don’t. The media is using everything and anything to go after Trump.

    My husband, a week ago, brought the subject up in the context of bashing Trump. I asked him and answered him the same question. Also brought up Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the two Americans Bozo droned without due process..etc…etc…which the same media was totally incurious about, he responded with, ‘Just because someone else does something bad is no justification…blah blah’. Srsly. So I go from the angle of ‘take Trump out of the picture’. Mr. Beasn, they – the arab world – does this shit all of the time. I don’t care. Let them kill each other. Turkey murders ‘journos’ all of the time and our media bends over to kiss their ass. This murdered guy was not a good guy. He was muslim brotherhood. MB wants to take out the Saudi royal family. He didn’t like them working with Israel. Do we know for sure the crown prince was behind it or perhaps another royal family member trying to kneecap him?

  50. They – the media – wants everyone to think he was a ‘journalist’ while they hide his past and his osama-loving connections.

  51. They’ll turn on a dime and twist into pretzels to manipulate the dumbed down masses.

  52. Jim Acosta should kill himself and frame Trump for the murder.

    I’d wager a steak dinner that he could be talked into it.

  53. —><— The extent to which I care about some saudi journolist asshole.

  54. Comment by MJ on November 26, 2018 12:09 pm
    Can someone please explain why we care that Saudi Arabia had a guy killed?
    For the life of me, I don’t get it.
    Continue to fuck camels, goat fuckers!


    This is why I love MJ.

  55. He wasn’t an effing “journalist” that’s one of the lies in this goatshtupping dickfest. He wrote an article. If you are a journalist because you wrote an opinion piece then I’m an effing journalist.

  56. That’s why we’ve put it in quotation marks.

  57. Jay! You’re awesome! That’s a great price!! My husband was leaning toward the Wusthof at $119 but it’s hard to be the price you linked. The Wusthof got great reviews…some kind of hilarious.

  58. Also….COCK!!

    I just noticed the recliner my SIL just got is back on sale for $399 for cyber Monday. It was super comfy.

    Hmmm. Our credit cards are already smoking, perhaps I should ignite one.

  59. Beat not be but they both work.

  60. mare just turned into Oso.

  61. I know Carin, I’m just mad that the assholes keep speaking like he’s a real warrior for free speech. FFS he was an admirer of OBL.

  62. He was a fan of the Muslim brotherhood too. A real peach.

  63. The only reason I yell “COCK” is because it reminds me of Rosetta. He would do that when a link was screwed up or some other crazy deal.

    Everyone, please feel free to use it. Even if you sound gay it’s a good go-to yell word.

  64. Rosetta was one funny sonofabitch.

  65. We need a new couch. Any of you ever bought furniture from Wayfair? Their prices are tempty.

  66. COCK!!!

    Also Your Mom.

  67. The media is dying. They know it.

    All of the good discussions and thoughts are happening in different formats now. They don’t matter.

  68. lauraw, doesn’t Joanna Gaines get stuff from Wayfair for her decormorating projects?

    I’ve been looking at Wayfair for lighting options.

  69. We bought our sofa and loveseat from La-z-Boy. We sat in it – in the showroom – for about an hour before we bought it. It’s comfy and Mr. B. gives it two thumbs up for napping. Wish we bought the ottoman with it.

  70. Fuck the border jumpers. Shoot them in the face with a bag of dicks.

  71. So Oschi is sick. Yesterday morning, she had the runs and wouldn’t eat, but by the afternoon she seemed to be getting better. Drank water.More peppy. Sniffing at the counters, although I didn’t see her eat food.

    Woke up this morning and her breathing was very labored. The vet says her lungs took terrible. They have her at the vet for the night, and are doing what they can – but short of admitting her to a 24/hour hospital … I don’t know if she’s going to make it. The doc thought she’d get worse before she got better (I bring her in at the first sign of breathing difficulties). It really doesn’t make sense to take her to the Animal hospital, because this is sort of a chronic thing, and the pneumonia episodes are only going to get worse. Ugh. She aspirates food, it gets in her lungs, and this is what happens.

    I’m just kinda pacing the house to wait for updates. ugh.

  72. I love the pics of babies crying in Santa’s arms. Love them. Every year.

    Oldie but goodie:

    New one, less dramatic but super cute:

  73. Look at this one. Look at her.

  74. I love the ones where he’s got two kids full-on bawling in his lap, and he’s crying too, lol

  75. Shit, Carin, so sorry. I didn’t see that. What an awful day. Poor Oschi.

  76. The evolution of the AP “Style Guide”?

    So we’ve gone from “wetbacks” to “aliens” to “illegals” to “undocumented” to “migrants”.

    What’s next, “Democrat Voters”?

  77. ACK, I’m sorry about Oschi. Why do you think she keeps aspirating her food? Problem with her mouth…throat…eats too fast?

  78. The thing with her throat.

  79. Poor crying babies. I need to dig out the ones with my kids. They refused to sit on Santa’s lap and just stood by him looking terrified.

  80. The thing with her throat.

    Ahh. Birth defect thingie?

  81. What’s next, “Democrat Voters”?

    That’s exactly what they think/want.

  82. Yes. They fixed it, but it only improved the situation. It didn’t solve it.

  83. Always tough to see an animal suffer

  84. I recognize fewer than half of these bands

    Confirming both my lack of interest in tracking down new music and that I’m old.

  85. Elvis Costello.

  86. I have bought stuff from Wayfair and really liked it. A Headboard, 2 different nightstands and something else that escapes me. Read the reviews. I’m impressed by people who take the time to give their opinion and often times thoroughly.

  87. Carin!! So sorry to hear about Oschi! Oh,man, I hate to see creatures suffer.

  88. I have none of those albums.

    Not one.

    But I did buy a new amp for my stereo and my Bing Crosby Christmas album sounded unbelievably good.

  89. I love the Bing Crosby Christmas Album.

  90. SS emails have not gone out yet. Shitload of work came my way on my day ‘off’. Nobody panic yet.

  91. What the eff are the mushrooms about? Have you moved on from hot muscle chicks?

  92. Sad to hear about Oschi. Brother’s corgi joined the pack invisible a few weeks back. It was odd to be at his place for Thanksgiving and not having that bark-barrel going off whenever I was nearby.

  93. Yeah, they’re transitioning from pictures of the transitioning.

    Also, you might want to look into changing up from horse drawn buggies. I hear these internal combustion engines are a thing.

  94. What the eff are the mushrooms about? Have you moved on from hot muscle chicks?

    I found that looking at them/for them was taking me to places on the internet that I shouldn’t visit, and leading me into temptation. I’m fasting from it until that’s no longer true.

  95. I think Leon is being sensible.

    Just because MJ looks at muppet porn doesn’t mean the rest of us have to give into our fetishes.

  96. Like Hotspur’s fetish with old timey women’s pictures.
    And Jimbro’s fetish with extra long cigars *cough*
    And Pepe’s fetish with prairie dogs.
    And Jay’s fetish with small neck beer containers.
    And Chi’s fetish with listening to leaf blowers while naked.
    And Troy’s fetish with wearing gun holsters (also naked).


    4chan doing God’s work, again. Mysterious ways indeed.

  98. Gotta have some place to put my gun while Im all naykee….besides its not a fetish…its a HOBBY!

  99. I have jury duty tomorrow. BOOOOOOOO

  100. SS emails are out. I did randomize things as usual, but we have only 9 participants, so you may have a repeat target this year.

  101. Praying to St Francis for Oschi

  102. It isn’t a caravan, it’s a horde. It’s a mob. It’s an invasion. It’s a riotous throng of dickassery.

  103. Throng or schlong?

  104. LOL Remember when Trump said Obama really schlonged Hillary? The left went batshit.

  105. And, we started watching The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix last night. It’s pretty fucking good.

  106. Sorry about Oschi, Carin.

  107. Sorry about Oschi, Carin.

  108. Are you guys reacting to something on facewhore?

  109. I should refresh more often.

  110. I hope your pup makes a full and speedy recovery, C arin. Prayers said and fingers crossed.

  111. Ca rin,
    I’m so sorry about the puppy, and hope she pulls out of this.

  112. Praying for Oschi. And the rest of your family, too. 🙏😪

  113. Dog emergencies receive prayers.

  114. Good morning, good people!

  115. Thank you very much for your knife help.

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