BBF 2018 Semi Finals Round 4

Hello and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2018 Semi Finals Round 4.







Sarah Summers

Your model for today was born August 4th, 1988 in Sedona, Arizona.  She stands 5’10”, 34E-36-34 and of course 110lbs, please save democracy and then introduce yourself to Miss Sarah Summers!








Saki Yanase

Your model for today was born in Chiba, Japan oApril 23rd, 1988.  She stands 5 foot tall, 40x27x35″.  BANZAI!  Please wax on/wax off and say hello to Miss Saki Yanase!









Megan Salinas

Your model for today was born March 2nd, 1994 in Edinburg, Texas. She stands 5’3″34D-24-34 and 95 lbs. Please fasten your seat belt and say Buenos Dias to Miss Megan Salinas.






April Rose

Your model for today was born on November 3rd, 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. 5′ 8″ 37D-24-36 and 125 lbs, please don’t look back and say hello to Miss April Rose!











Update: remember to email Leon at his full name at gthingy if you want in on Secret Santa. 








  1. Cheap Trick bikini!

  2. Sweet Potato Poon!

  3. Liked the derp Sean. You are a wordsmith.

  4. Leon, can you add an update to the Secrete Santa process? Like, remind people to email you @Leon@ etc and the timeline?

  5. Last weeks results:

  6. I am Thankful that when I go to Mom’s in a few hours, I wont have to deal with Car In’s in laws or my own family.
    Luckily, no political talk. I can usually steer the conversation in the direction I want.

    Attack came from Hannah’s boyfriend. We were in the danger zone, but the bomb was thrown when he said he doesn’t support the existence of the state of Israel. Because they’ve /he’s been completely indoctrinated in PLO bs, etc.

    Beside that everything was fine. 15 or so people over. I was pretty dead tired. I did get out to crossfit – my nephew wanted to try it. He loved it (he works out and is fit- lifts mostly). But beside that, I basically was working all day long. I still have some things soaking right now – not much – but I was done.

    Visiting puppy was very cute.

  7. “I still have some things soaking right now”


  8. I do have some soup going, yes. But there are a few plates, and a bowl or two. I don’t wanna …

  9. delanie frances walked away with it.

    there’s hope for you boob bashing boofers

  10. Post updated below poll.

  11. who is izzy 62?

  12. did anyone remember to be thankful for bbf yesterday?

  13. Just bought a huge fresh turkey for me to cook today and 2 frozen turkey breasts for later during the winter. They had frozen whole turkeys but they weren’t marked down. Like someone mentioned here, they’re saving them for Christmas. I’m guessing the Hotel Style Breast isn’t a big seller. The checkout lady asked her manager if there was a limit on sale turkey. Nope. Look lady, I’m doing you a favor!

  14. Hotel Style Breast isn’t a big seller.

    She has a great personality though.

  15. Ah yes, it’s the day after Thanksgiving … our annual chance to see if our gallbladder is still functioning properly. (Mare and all the other “more mature” types in particular will appreciate this observation.)

  16. happy leftover day!

  17. I voted for Oso’s second cousin thrice-removed.

  18. I knew my car didn’t have a spare tire. It didn’t make me happy, but I didn’t think about it too much.
    Had a flat.
    Now that I look it doesn’t have a jack or a lug wrench either!
    I shouldn’t be surprised i guess, but how the hell are you supposed to fix it?

  19. vmax – doesn’t that thing do a hundred and fitty-eleven in the parking lot?
    I’da thought you had a pit crew on standby.

  20. Post updated below poll.


    I jazzed it up for you a bit.

    You’re welcome.

  21. I wonder if Salinas’ pappy runs a cartel?

  22. Car in, I hope you educated Hannah’s boyfriend.

  23. I shouldn’t be eating kettle corn for breakfast.

  24. beasnette’s boyfriend sometimes gets into it with his demorat parents. Just wish he’d get his shit together when it comes to adulting and decision-making.

  25. “I shouldn’t be eating kettle corn for breakfast.”


    Why not? Sounds like a good plan to me.

  26. I had hummus and tabbouleh for a late breakfast. My egg sandwich maker had to work early today

  27. I think I overbought on my fresh turkey. I knew it felt like a big ‘un as I hoisted it into the cart. Didn’t realize it was a 23.96 pound bird. We’ll be freezing most of it I’m sure.

  28. Never could see the allure of the “inflatalips” look. The add-on looks as if her lips are having a allergic reaction.

  29. Maybe her mouth is swollen from sucking on too many bags of dicks.

  30. Kettle corn is the breffist of champins.

  31. “Maybe her mouth is swollen from sucking on too many bags of dicks.”

    Maybe……all things considered your theory is well within the realm of possibilities…..we should ask a expert.

    Dear Jim Acosta……Im sure you could help answer a question my associates are discussing…. DO you have trouble with your lips swelling after eating a bag of prog commie penis? Cant forget the followup question….and How much do you spend on herpes medication?

  32. I think I overbought on my fresh turkey

    I thought about getting a big one (SYWM) but didn’t have anywhere to put it (shut it!). So I went with a 12 pounder, jiggled the handle, and got it in the freezer. Took it out the day before yesterday night to it would be ready to cook by tomorrow evening. Now my plan may have been shot as we’re having company over for lunch and the boy is leaving right after to beat the snow expected to move in Sunday morning. Wanted to send some home with him.

    Oh well.

  33. Dear Jim Acosta……


  34. Thanks Pupster. I was phoneposting.

  35. My former co-worker is texting me some angst. Loved working with her. She’s about 78. She hates her some dem congs.

  36. Update on the rental:

    -New windows are in. What a difference that made! Dryer vent moved.
    -Major plumbing problem fixed and loose ends will be finished once the cabinets are in.
    -All nasty flooring in the kitchen pulled up and subfloor has been installed. (I need help in choosing a floor…anyone….Bueller?)
    -Will get estimate on electrical either today or Monday.
    -Cabinets are being made as we speak. Should be ready to install by the 15th.
    -Appliances on order, delivery scheduled for the 17th.

    The husband is over there today to frame up a small pantry. And sometime this week, we will tackle the wood floors. Hopefully they aren’t beyond repair.

  37. Totaled, we have $900 in rebates coming our way.

    Regarding the cabinets and appliances, long story short, we got the upcharge (about a grand) on the painted cabinets taken off and because of (their salesperson’s) miscommunication on the fingerprint resistant fridge, we got the fingerprint resistant model for $50 instead of the $250 upcharge.

  38. To clarify…the fridge was $649. If I wanted the fingerprint resistant finish, it would have been $896 (with the 5% Lowes card). The salesperson made it sound like that finish was included in the $649.

    Went back when I looked at my receipt later and saw I was charged $896 (hey….after hours in the store, I just wanted to leave). One of the managers took $200 off and called it a day.

  39. Hello to all of you sonsofbitches!!!!

  40. B COCH!!! Hope you are doing well.

  41. Beasn. I am alive. Some health issues better, some not so much. But I’m in better shape than many so I’m grateful. Hope you and yours are good.

  42. I work today. Everyone left because they all work today too 😦

    And it’s “low day” so I can’t have any leftovers, except the turkey.

  43. Time for Christmas music:

  44. Does this mean it’s time for the snowflakes on the blog? Cause I’m pretty sure I can still horrify people and do that.

  45. Worky- worky

  46. B’COCK!!!
    did you roast a thanksgiving day anaconda?

  47. B’COCK!!!
    did you roast a thanksgiving day anaconda?

    Ha! I did not! Turkey day was at another family member’s house this year and the scary snakes are a bit south of me. Although, I hear they taste like chicken, so….

  48. Fuck Christmas music, and snow on the blog.

  49. The first year I was on this shithole dump (2009), Carin sent me a Christmas CD. I still listen to it.

  50. It actually contained what has become my all time favorite Christmas song – All That I Want by The Weepies.

  51. Otherwise her taste in music sucks.

  52. I was in Home Depot today.

    What a zoo.

    They had a whole section of children’s toys.

  53. They had a whole section of children’s toys.

    Nail guns? Table saws? Propane torches?

  54. Actual childrens toys.

    Trying to cash in on the loss of Toys-R-Us.

  55. I sense a major bias against Asian bewbs on this here blerg . Y’all need to break out of your western white privileged mindsets and realize what a treasured anomaly a Japanese woman with huge natural boosums is. Are. Whatever.

  56. Home Depot is just going to suck for the next 5 weeks.

  57. It is my goal this holiday season to not physically shop anywhere.

  58. Have returned to base. Thanksgiving was…rather successful. Reminded how I hate driving at night (Wednesday) and inescapable schedules-of-other-people issues had me by myself for several hours…with leftovers…and pies…y’know that wasn’t that bad really. Was able to even find some decent viewing on the teevee (Rooster Cogburn etc.)

    8/10 would overeat again

  59. Flannel lined jeans are the bomb.

    It was in the teens when I started clearing brush this morning and I was very comfortable. I wish i discovered these about 40 years ago.

  60. those asian chicks and that spanitch chick make me feel a bit pervy looking at ’em.
    they’re what… 18 yo.
    that one you had a couple of weeks ago looked about 14.
    besides, aren’t the bbf’ers supposed to have a bunch of back-road mileage and a little moo or oink in ’em.

  61. not complaining btw – a lot of these chicks you feature are down right good looking

  62. I’m sorry that my penis is racist.

  63. Wait, no I’m not.

  64. Virginia – Virginia Tech game. Holy cow. Mini-me is not used to me yelling at the TV since I quit watching the NFL.

  65. Hell of a game that one

  66. “I’m Sorry That My Penis Is Racist” may not have received quite the same critical acclaim as “Apollo 18” and it’s not a fan favorite like “Flood,” but I think it’s one of They Might Be Giants’ finest albums.

  67. It has a nice beat.

    Leon can’t dance to it.

  68. Urrgh. Knackered tonight. Took Monday off after flying back from New Jersey on Sunday. Started on stuff for our annual holiday fundraiser on Tuesday. Got into the shop at 5:45 this morning, and left at 5:15. Long day. Hoping to have everything done this weekend.

  69. aren’t the bbf’ers supposed to have a bunch of back-road mileage and a little moo or oink in ’em.

  70. I can only jig.

  71. Did you have a good time at the show, Peps? And do you ever come to any shows here in California?

  72. Good luck Pepe. How’d the show go for you?

  73. Heard this coming from my guitar player’s room upstairs

    Not quite as polished as Dick Dale’s version but otherwise passable for a HS Freshman


  75. Leon, did you get my email? Yahoo is being a little bitch.

  76. The show was really good, it’s just expensive. We went a day early, so we could go into New York city and see some museums Penelope wanted to visit. Big storm hit on Thursday, so we just stayed in. It was a good decision because the city pretty much shut down.

    We used to do California shows frequently, but haven’t for a few years.

  77. Who could blame you? This place is awful. But I’m sure you have plenty of fans here who would flock to see you and the missus. And I know my best friend would be doing something like this to stock up:

  78. Have not read all the comments, but, Carin, if Hannah’s boyfriend was stupid enough to give his stupid opinion AT YOUR HOUSE ON THANKSGIVING, he’s a total dipshit. Sorry, that’s a fact.

  79. Grocery shopping today, thawed turkey that was $1.49/lb Wed was $0.49/lb today. Breasts, half-bird, whole bird.
    Hams, similar…

  80. We should all start celebrating Orthodox Thanksgiving. Save a ton of money.

  81. Yea, mare. I’m not super happy about it all.

  82. He sounds like a dipshit, C arin. Tell him to LEAVE THE JEWS ALONE!!!

  83. Why does Hannah’s boyfriend hate the Jooos and support The Millionaire’s Club arming spodey dope child killers in residential neighborhoods?

  84. isn’t that Hannah’s opinion too?

  85. Darius enjoyed rare pork.

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