Happy Thanksgiving


That’s more like it


There’s no shocker hand turkey



Probably racist




Annoying in-laws?


Hope everyone got where they were going without too much trouble



Non traditional Thanksgiving


Okay, too long of a post. Have a great day with family, friends and celebrate the abundance in our lives. Now please pass the turkey




  1. Apparently I only have to work day shift a few times before my brain thinks that is my actual schedule. Up at 5:30 again, against my will. Took the opportunity to get my cakes frosted and start proofing my buns. Can’t make soup yet, making soup is too noisy. Everybody is still sleeping.

    Go ahead and have fun with that middle sentence, there. It’s the Holidays.

  2. Oh, and also, the porch turned into a giant fridge for holiday overflow just in time. And even though it’s 17 degrees outside, it’s still 32 out there on the porch. Not really cold enough to freeze anything. Just perfect. PERFECT.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.

    Romacita, hope hubby feels better soon and nobody else catches it. What a miserable thing to have happen! Ugh.

  4. Time to cook?


  5. htd

  6. http://tinyurl.com/9pnnqdz

  7. http://tinyurl.com/ybqpm6lc

  8. I remember I got super sick the night before thanksgiving last year. I had completely blacked that out.

    Passed out on the floor of the bathroom sick. ugh.

  9. Paula and I both have minor colds, probably from associating with sick patients. Definitely not complaining because we are exposed to even nastier stuff and, comparatively speaking, this is nothing.

  10. Local news has shown fiery exploding turkey fryers a few times as their PSA and to fill air time. Paula said “I’m surprised we don’t have one of those given your love for cooking things in weird ways”. No thanks, I have no desire to heat gallons of peanut oil and then have to deal with it afterwards.

  11. I bet it would be better fried in beef tallow. Which is pretty easy to get rid of afterwards.

  12. I’m going to put a pot full of little smokies and bbq sauce on to simmer. I am thankful for more things than I dare speak out loud.

  13. Cock salami!

  14. Little smokies and sauce in a crockpot is one of the highlights of any holiday.

  15. Do tell? I don’t think I’ve ever had that.

  16. Hilshire Farms sells little packages of cocktail size sausages, called Little Smokies. It is a special occasion horse devore at Chez Pupstair.


  17. Along the lines of what Osoloco was saying last night about the caravan.

  18. I’m clutching my pearls at that recipe for diabetes

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, turkeysfuckers.

    In the 30’s already. Supposed to be in the 20’s overnight. I have prepping to do before bedtime…
    Is this the earliest we’ve seen freezing? I just hope it kills all the fleas. They were bad this year. And my vet stopped carrying Bravecto. Bitch.

  20. My dad was trying to spin yarns about glowball darkening last time I visited. I reminded him gently that where were sitting spent 90% of the last 200000 years under a mile of ice, and that it was warmer in Roman times than now.

    It was snowing at the time, but I’m sure he’s still convinced you’ll be able to boar across the arctic soon.

  21. s/boar/boat

  22. I am Thankful that when I go to Mom’s in a few hours, I wont have to deal with Car In’s in laws or my own family.
    Luckily, no political talk. I can usually steer the conversation in the direction I want.

    There’s an exercise – y’all tell me what I should get the table to talk about. Bullwhips? Antifa? Mayhe I’ll just shout “the guys get shirts!” and see what happens.

  23. The conversation at our dinner will involve deer hunting, garden results, those pesky squirrels at the bird feeder, if Uncle Bob is still with that drunk lady and her clan —-the ones that crashed last years festivities and if her brother is there, how his Death Metal band Earthwyrm is doing.

  24. Earthwyrm

    Oh wow, they are really, REALLY in need of a sound engineer. Be fun to party with for Thanksgiving though.

  25. I’m going to carve our ginormous ham into steaks for the grill and bake the remainder with a blueberry glaze.

  26. https://is.gd/YZKWCE

  27. I’d prefer to talk science with the old man, but he appears to get most of his from the Science Channel/Discovery conglomerate, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big FuckWesternCiv.

  28. Hey Oso, why they got you working in the bakery?



  29. You know what that blueberry glaze needs, Pups? Dr. Pepper.

  30. Mr. RFH seems to be over the worst of it. Turkey is in the oven. It was thawed, so I figured I might as well cook it.

  31. Damn, this guy is good.


  32. Penelope just started the PBC. I think she’s doing a pork loin.

  33. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    The heat downstairs went out Tuesday night, and the repairman can’t get here until tomorrow morning.

    Thankfully, we have a gas fireplace and space heaters, and the heater upstairs is working. We were already planning to be at a friend’s house for dinner and the game, so we should be okay until tomorrow.

    Our “Friendsgiving” tradition has been happening since 1984 – it started out as a bunch of singles (and us) from Paul’s work. We’ve always called it “The Thanksgiving Orphan’s Feast”, because back in the day a lot of the young engineers who were from out of state chose to stay in town for Thanksgiving and save their money for a plane ticket home at Christmas (Paul’s company gives everyone at work the week off between Christmas Eve and the day after New Year’s).

    The TiFW girls haven’t ever had Thanksgiving or Christmas at home; but they have always been surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones at the holidays.

    We are truly blessed.

  34. As much as I love turkey & Mom’s stuffing, I waz disappointed to hear that was what we were having this year. I haven’t had a decent ham in ages (SYWM).
    I’m going to try to convince my loser brother to make a prime rib for Christmas.

  35. That was some mighty fine patriarchal white male mansplaining, Pepe. I’m sure he’ll be protested for it.

  36. “Proofing my buns.”

  37. MARE!

    Do you drain the bacon fat or mix it all in together like a gravy with the cauliflower and cheese?

    This is important.

  38. Also have you ever used stale pork rinds for the topping? I only have one new bag and I was going to use them for nachos.

    That’s right bitches. Pork Rind Nachos.

  39. they have always been surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones at the holidays.

    That’s what counts.

  40. https://dailycaller.com/2018/11/22/peta-thanksgiving-ad-nbc-rejected/

    NBC showed some common sense.

  41. New idea : Pork frnds poutine.
    Send royalties straight to my hospital bed.

  42. Pork Rind Cologne

  43. Pull up goals


  44. Pork Rind Lasagna.

  45. Deer hunting: check

    Earthwyrm: check

    Uncle Bob: not here yet

    Gardening and pesky squirrels remain potential topics

  46. What has two thumbs and didn’t realize his new probe thermometer was on the Celsius setting?

  47. Jesus, what a greasycheesymess this turned into. Yes, drain the bacon grease.

  48. That forklift video was entirely preventable. I was packaging and tagging in bakery. Mary had me glazing the Apple lattice pies. Too much sugar or I would’ve bought one of my pies. Remember the demonic kid from the old Shake N Bake commercial?

  49. Remember the demonic kid from the old Shake N Bake commercial?


  50. Bad news: The turkey was definitely overcooked.

    Good news: Not so overcooked that it’s inedible. Just a bit dry, and when I cook up leftovers a gravy should cover up a multitude of sins. And the homemade dinner rolls came out delicious, as did the braised carrots.

  51. Get off my lawn, youngin.

  52. I really enjoyed Lauraw’s link to Tijuana. Cabrones doesn’t really have a translation to English. Old Goat is the straight to English translation. Article says “A**holes”. This season of Narcos says “MFers”.

  53. did anyone boof at the table this year?

  54. No Uncle Bob by the time we left. Their house was cold so that prompted an earlier departure than in past years. We have no turkey at home now. I’ll remedy that tomorrow.

  55. Heh.
    “Glazing the apple pie”

  56. I glazed your mom’s pie.

  57. we had turkey day at the aunt & uncle in laws –
    always a fun time.
    everyone looks to me to be the crazy kook bomb thrower.
    i sat across from one of their retired teacher friends; i had a difficult time not lighting her up every time she opened her whore mouf.

    she and her husband are moving to florida… she and her ilk are the reason florida is in trouble

  58. Catholic Cemetery did an infill by Dan’s Parents graves. Good Shepherd. AKA Children. Took us 30 minutes to get back to our car. Stopped and Prayed for all the babies.

  59. I was going to respond to oso last night and went to look up ‘how to say little bear in Messican’, then remembered ‘ursula’ and stumbled on this gal’s channel. Seems she likes to model her ‘delicious’ new bikinis. Fast forward to about 7:45. That is where her viewers begin fapping.

    The comments make me incredibly uncomfortable.


    Perhaps y’all can use her for BBF.

  60. FF to 12:01.

  61. Hey, any of you hostages on instagram?

  62. CYN!!!! Beasn is scaring me

  63. Anyone know anyone on instagram who would want to win a pretty little ring box?
    I gots to tag another.

  64. Pups, I told you to cook bacon before adding cauliflower.

    Got to say, my whole dinner was fantastic. Whew. Need to fast for about a week but really good.

  65. Found my sister on instagram.

    I can tag someone else iffn they’re interested.

    beasn is eating leons’ shrooms again!!!!!

  67. Watching Wizard of Oz. Flying monkeys.

  68. Jam, you don’t find Ursula…..’delicious’?

    The comments do.


  69. Cooking bacon and draining grease are two separate things.


  70. Drain grease by default. Unless you want to clog your arteries like your drain drain.

  71. The grease kilt it.

  72. Now THAT was a solid nap.
    I think I’ll dive into the leftovers for a bird, stuffing & cranberry sammich or two on dinner rolls.

  73. When I make cornbread-bacon dressing, I don’t drain the bacon grease.

    Chi, I had a Top 10 nap this afternoon.

  74. My lovely afternoon nap was interrupted by Mom kicking me off her couch.
    This one was 2 1/2 hours of bliss.

  75. I am not touching that.

  76. Yeah. I heard it as soon as I hit the “post” button.

  77. I quit napping about 25 years ago.

    They rarely make me feel better.

  78. Whenever I feel the urge to nap, I pour a 16 oz coffee.

  79. Pour a six ounce bourbon instead. It’ll make you feel better, and may help you nap.

  80. If I nap, I have a hard time going to bed at a decent time, later.

  81. After being up at 2 AM cleaning puke out of a stopped-up sink, I deserved a nap.

  82. I might pay for it later, but I doubt it. I could sleep again right now.

  83. “After being up at 2 AM cleaning puke out of a stopped-up sink, I deserved a nap”

    Mare came by for a visit?

  84. “After being up at 2 AM cleaning puke out of a stopped-up sink, I deserved a nap.”

    Deserved to move.

  85. G’night. Dan driving to Denver tomorrow. Buckeye TTUN weekend. Dan’s boss is my Uber this weekend.

  86. “I am not touching that.”

    things Chi’s mom said. 😉

  87. g’night foaks

  88. Sorry I didn’t stop by earlier to say it, but I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving.

    Did everybody rip pants?

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