BBF 2018 Semi Finals Round 3

Hello  hounds, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2018 Semi-Finals Round 3.






Lola Astinova

Your model for today was floated by Jimbro, she is a talentepianist and composer, born July 3rd, 1985 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Please slow your roll and say hello to Miss Lola Astanova






Victoria Moore

Your model for today is from Essex, born February 5, 1988.  The internetdoesn’t seem to know her height or displacement, but consensus opinion measures 34D-23-35.  Please put a tent on that circus and say ‘ello to Miss Victoria Moore!




Delanie Frances

Your model for today is a cosplayer and instagram model based in Los Angeles, born November 25th, 1994 in Nashville, TN. I find no reliable statistical data so I’m going to say that she is wham”-pow”-bam” and at “could-throw-over-the-fence” lbs. Please step up and say “hey gimme that” to Miss Delanie Frances AKA Luna Lanie.




Irina Meier

Your model for today is a Cosplayer from Russia. Please get up and say Zdravstvuj to Miss Irina Meier (AKA captain_rachka)




  1. Last weeks results:

  2. shit – i forgot to vote early and often.
    i gotta up my game if i’m gonna steal the election again

  3. Tough competition this week.

  4. Leila waz robbed.

  5. I agree with you Alex. But, like a pervert in the playground of life, I’ve moved on to other 2 dimensional depictions of women I’ll never meet to rate their “attractiveness”.

    Go Lola! L O L A, Lola!

  6. I voted for the limey.

  7. wakey wakey

    I’m going to mail in an absentee ballot sometime next week.

  8. Wow! 4-way tie!

  9. Lola was the only one with consistent hair color, that means she’s the only one who isn’t a whore.

  10. Oh Honey. They’re ALL whores.

  11. Changing hair color, much like tattoos of inspirational quotes on the rib cage, are nature’s warning signs.

  12. Waterbury made the weather news here.

  13. Pronounced Whuturbury.

  14. Rush hour was crazy.

    People had to sleep in their cars in NYC.

  15. If The Mooch runs for POTUS in 2020 will it be as a “she” a “he” or an “it?”

  16. Changing hair color is fine as long as it’s a natural color.

    When you start seeing ultramarine and hot pink, that’s when you should worry.

  17. Wife wants pink hair after she’s out of the AF. Over my expressed displeasure.

    I don’t have a lawyer yet, but I have some phone numbers.

  18. As long as the drapes match the carpet.

  19. I she’s gonna go pink, I may demand linoleum floors.

  20. David Brook goes full David Brooks.

    Many conservatives simply could not succeed in the new conservative counterestablishment. In any meritocracy, there are going to be a lot of people who lose out and do not get the glittering career they think they are due. Sooner or later those people are going to rise up to challenge the competition itself and to question its idea of excellence. “Resentment, envy, and above all the belief that the ‘system’ is unfair — these are important sentiments among the intellectuals of the Polish right,” Applebaum writes…

    No, we are resentful of the fact that the conservative counterestablishment became more interested in feathering their own nests than in actual accomplishments.

    “The principles of competition, even when they encourage talent and create upward mobility, don’t necessarily answer deeper questions about national identity, or satisfy the human desire to belong to a moral community,” Applebaum continues.

    In such a situation, you’re almost bound to get a return of blood-and-soil nationalism. The losers in the meritocratic competition, the permanent outsiders, seize on ethnic nationalism to give themselves a sense of belonging, to explain their failures, to rally the masses and to upend the meritocracy.

    The meritocratic competition was won by people who’ve demonstrated absolutely no merit whatsoever. They’re good at winning primaries, and sometimes even elections, but shit at actual governance. And anyone who dismisses the idea that cultural and national identity is important isn’t a conservative. Full stop. Cultural and national identity is one of the ways that a society creates cohesion. When you eliminate it and import millions of third world workers because your economic theory treats all labor as exactly the same, you’re going to see social disruption. Well, maybe not you, David, because you don’t send your kids to public school, or live in ungated neighborhoods.

  21. Wife wants pink hair after she’s out of the AF. Over my expressed displeasure.

    I don’t have a lawyer yet, but I have some phone numbers.

    A woman a know (former friend) likes to dye a streak hair purple. She’s in her 50s and a spinster.

  22. Acosta – Avenatti – Asshole

    Anyone see any similarities?

  23. Just say No to Insta-Hos.

  24. These lovely women are all Highfalutin Whores.

    And the amazing Lola is a piano virtuoso despite the obvious handicap of her massive boobs obscuring her view of the keys.

  25. Michael Avenatti Got Arrested = MAGA

    (stolen from Facedouche)

  26. As far as multi colored hair, even the trendy teenage girls I see in my office seem to be mostly over that trend. Coloring hair is just like Facebook to them … for old people.

  27. Leon, ask the wife what she will do once the pink fades or starts growing out.

  28. Test.

  29. Lola is the obvious winner
    Kinda reminds me of Jedediah Bila. Hotness personified.

  30. I figured as much, Jimbro. It can’t happen for another 6 years, I’m hoping by then she’ll be over it.

  31. Not sure, Roamy. My hope would be that if it happens at all, it’ll be a one-time thing.

  32. I normally go to a conference in Boston on this weekend but opted to visit my mom the whole time I took off from work. She’s 77 this year and I live 5 hours and 2 states away.

    Just saw on the local news they’re having the Harvard Yale football game at Fenway Park this year. I’m extra glad I missed the conference because of that. Too many Ivy League Assholes will be there pretending they actually give a shit about football.

  33. Not sure, Roamy. My hope would be that if it happens at all, it’ll be a one-time thing.

    When you get out of the service you have to do something that you couldn’t while in. Growing a beard, for example. Let her dye her hair, buy her a cosplay costume, and enjoy it.

  34. My plan was Jinx from Teen Titans, Alex.

  35. Leon, a friend of mine dyed her blonde hair blue. It was supposed to wash out in 2 to 6 shampoos. It still looked blue six months and many, many washings later.

  36. Well that would suck.

  37. Isn’t there a song about that?
    “Don’t it make my blonde hair blue?”

  38. I looked up Marcia Fudge to see if she might be an improvement over Pelosi. She sponsored the “Strength in Diversity Act of 2018”. 100% Planned Parenthood rating, 94% ACLU rating. ‘Nuf said.

  39. My plan was Jinx from Teen Titans, Alex

    Why not Starfire?

    I’d have to agree with Jimbro, colored hair was pretty trendy for a while but when all the old ladies and stereotypical Subaru drivers and SJW/Fatminists do it, not so much anymore.

    We have one fire engine redhead in my office, she’s mid thirties but it fits her personality; bold, brash, loud and bawdy. Another mid-forties lady with black hair/blue streak, trying to hold on to trendy but not making it in my opinion.

  40. I love the people who blame the CA fires on global warming then immediately complain about the early snow.

  41. When does Wiser’s show start?

  42. Why not Starfire?

    Jinx had pink hair, Starfire’s is red. As a colorblind dog I can’t really blame you for this ignorance.

  43. Fire engine red is only acceptable if it comes with a couple tattoos and a motorcycle.

  44. I’ve been dying my hair gray for years.

  45. Right, and my bald look is just meticulous shaving.

  46. Just ordered a 80% polymer AR lower and the jigs and bits to mill it along with a couple of 30 round mags (100 bucks). Decided to build a AR “pistol” (I havent decided on the exact length of the barrel yet) may consider a can for it.

    They are going to introduce legislation in the Fed that supposedly will address “ghostguns” and the home manufacture of firearms. My state has already announced the intention to go full hog progressive communist ban to include 3D, 80% lowers, certain firearms themselves and “high cap” magazines along with ….a 100% tax on all firearm purchases….

    Now back to your regularly scheduled box jumping….

  47. This sucks I 90 is at a standstill just before the 84 interchange

  48. Anyone with unnatural hair colors past the age of adulthood who is not either cosplaying or portraying a role on stage or screen has Severe Problems.

    That net is cast exactly as widely as it is intended to.

  49. I see a 60ish year old man around town who has a bright red mohawk.

  50. I’m sure he’s described in one of two ways.

    Polite people refer to him as a “character” and everyone else says “That guy’s fucking nuts”

  51. The musical thread on the HQ is hilarious.

    at the center of every Jim Steinman song is a mock-profound metaphor like “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” I guess you either like these overblown juvenile-poetry-diary lines or you roll your eyes.

    Also, they’re not very catchy. They have notes in them, but the notes just seem to be milling about awkwardly like they’re at a mixer for lonely furries.

    Posted by: ace at November 16, 2018 03:54 PM (PbpT7)

  52. Still better than modern pop, just sayin’.

  53. Everything Cory Hart put out is better than anything on the modern pop scene. Cory Hart. I don’t even own an album and I’m sure I’m right.

  54. “Everything Louder Than Everything Else” is going to be my presidential campaign theme song.

  55. Nothing on a pop station since 1992 even comes close.

  56. Hey Leon, you want to play Santa’s Elf again this year?

  57. It’s because I’m short, isn’t it?

  58. No, it’s because you’re jolly.

  59. No, it’s because you did such a good job last year. And you’re short.

  60. Okay. I’ll announce formally in the Monday post.


  62. Stolen off Twitter
    “I can’t understand why Georgia folks didn’t vote in an angry, bitter, liberal woman who throws around her race card and refuses to accept the results of an election”

  63. and who threatened to sandblast the memorial off Stone Mountain.

  64. Funny how when Swalwell says “the right to live is supreme over any other”, he doesn’t mean that for babies. (100% rating from Planned Parenthood)

  65. I am watching “High Noon”. I had forgotten Lon Chaney, Jr. was in it.

  66. BOO!

  67. I’m pretty sure all women have vaginas. I’m really ready to stand by that statement.

  68. Work sucked. We had a party of 25 coming in at 6 – WHO TAKES THAT RESERVATION ON A FRIDAY? So, they sat my booth, but left all my tables open until 6. Ugh. To say I was displeased, is an understatement. My friend Laura and I had the party. Total bill? $300.

    So let’s review- you didn’t seat (counts ) 6 tables for 2 hours because you were saving them for a party, which SAT THERE MOST OF THE NIGHT for … $300.


    She can act like it was just me who was pissy because I missed out on tip money, but Lucky should be pissed. for 6 tables to NET $300 for the entire night?

  69. How’d they end up that cheap?

  70. At least 8 little kids.

  71. My ONE both pulled in $300 for the night. The other tables were $50 each. For the entire night

  72. Especially a Friday night. That stinks.

  73. If anyone has insomnia, the Antares is supposed to launch out of Wallops (waves at Chi) at 4:01 AM Eastern. My stuff is onboard.

    It was supposed to launch Thursday, but the weather was bad.

  74. Hi Roamy!
    I was delighted to find at the mothership a gif of a radial engine.
    I have long been fascinated by the idea of one but was not sure how it worked. I am still not sure but I see the connecting rods circle the crank with some odd thing I want to better understand. the rest is pretty easy but that is strange.

  75. I guess what I mean is how do you connect 5-7-9 or more pistons to 1 crankshaft in the same horizontal plane?

  76. Distrusting everyone, Roberta pouted.

  77. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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