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What’s Wiser been up to?

Good luck with the law suit Jay

still lookin’ good

Leon is plying his programming talents in Advertizing

How’s the dating life treating you Colex?


  1. Comment by scott on November 12, 2018 9:57 pm

    You barely notice when you meet him.

    I laughed so loud I scared the wonder dog.

  2. Best Tuesday poat evah.

  3. South Dakota date night: For $38.27 you get a 6 pack of Natural Light cans, 3 pack of Trojan brand condoms and the use of your buddy’s Ford 150 if you promise to fill the gas tank to the same level as it was when you took it and clean the spooge off the vinyl seats

  4. And people wonder why we have a hookup culture, fewer marriages, and no kids. Trying to date is expensive.

  5. Jimes / TiFW:
    extensive areas around the ventricles –
    caused by a staph infection of unknown origin.

    surgical and antibiotic regimes failed.

  6. vlpo is gone

  7. Scott & XB with the funny!!!

    i snort raffed on scotts.

    you knuckleheads are awesome!

  8. 9 degrees this morning. oh joy

  9. it’s a guy that i’ve been friends with for 20 + years –
    spent all of friday reading the bible to him and praying.
    gonna go back up and rinse and repeat. i’m hoping to be with him when he passes. he would do the same for me.

  10. Teeroy – how’s the new tatoo?

  11. 8 degrees here now. It might get above freezing if we’re lucky. #1 Son has to help unload 300 head of cows and drive them 8 miles. No fun at all.

    We fly to NY/NJ tomorrow. 100% chance of rain or snow on Thursday and Friday which sucks. Penelope wanted to check out a couple of museums on Thursday.

  12. That’s a rough one Jam. I’m gonna assume his doctors checked his heart carefully for vegetations on the heart valves or previously unknown holes in the walls. Sort of a moot point at this stage of things.

    Enjoy every sandwich.

  13. I doubt Car in will be at Zumba today.

  14. South Dakota
    Because sheep are cheaper

  15. They also don’t tend to be marxist feminists, tho.

  16. Pope Lavender Mafia intervenes again:

  17. Fuck that guy. Seriously.

    They laity will have a role in dealing with predator priests. Either officially, or when said priests are dragged into the night for justice to be meted out.

  18. We need an American Reformation. American bishops tell the Vatican to eff off and go their own way. First step towards a badly needed American Revival.

  19. Got home around 6:30-ish. Took a nap. I would go to zumba this afternoon, but I have to take Ethan to see a specialist regarding his knee at 3. So, day is shot.

  20. Luckily I’m not a huge fan of the workout today. I’ll do stuff at home. Erin drove a bunch over-night. so i ‘sorta’ slept a bit on the drive. She drove from 10pm – 2, then I drove to 4:20, at which point I couldn’t focus on the road anymore. Even though she had driven for four hours – I still did 16 and a half hours driving yesterday. On the way down, I stopped at 1 am and slept until 5:30. I didn’t sleep as well when she drove.

  21. An American Reformation would be a disaster. You’d end up with shattering the church with no real solid replacement.

  22. Right. The right thing is for the Vatican to remember subsidiarity, even if they have to be reminded very very loudly. Schism would end in the Church of Nancy Pelosi and the loss of many souls.

    And don’t join the Sedes. The seat isn’t vacant, it’s just got a sinner in it, like always.

  23. So I wrote over at Insty:

    “This is merely a realignment to reflect what was already reality. The Dems decided to abandon blue-collar whites after the Clinton years, while suburban whites who had traditionally voted GOP shifted left due to changing social mores.”

    And it struck me, how much of this is due to a shift in the middle class from small-business ownership to corporate middle-management? As I understand it, whereas in the past a doctor might have a small practice, due to Obamacare many of them were forced to merge with hospitals and larger organizations. The outsourcing of jobs eliminated not just your manufacturing base, but the small businesses that often supported that base. For example, small manufacturers who supported the aircraft industry in Long Beach. Or local and regional banks bought up by corporate conglomerates.

    This did two things, it divorced those upper-middle-class suburban voters from the effects of government policies, since they no longer had a front row view, and it encouraged the leftist HR attitudes to spread.

  24. Schism would end in the Church of Nancy Pelosi and the loss of many souls.

    The Church of Pelosi and Osteen.

  25. This is stupid.

    Biglaw didn’t kill her husband. Her husband killed himself. He had untreated mental illness. Yes, the law firm is apparently a toxic environment. You know what you do? You quit. He was a partner at one of the top law firms in the country. He could easily walk away and find a legal job that payed well enough without all the stress. Of course, that might have required them to leave LA and the expensive lifestyle, and I’m willing to bet that she wouldn’t stand for that.

  26. Love that quote from Zevon, one of my favorites. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.

    Thanks jimbro!

  27. Schlicter from the top turnbuckle!

  28. Fixing to cut a bitch. Putting in a mobile home for #1 son. It’s a mile away from our house. For the septic, you need an environmental permit. But the guy is never in his office. Penelope finally got a hold of him. He wants to do an environmental assessment of the entire property. Dig up several septic systems, go through all buildings, inspect everything all over again. Even though the main house is a mile away and has no bearing on the new house. Fuck them.

  29. Choke the bitch first. Then cut. More pain.

  30. These people invent shit to ensure continued self employment. I’m sure all his buddies get a slap on the back and the old rubber stamp on all their projects.

  31. Warrants don’t get pulled for things like that, Pepe. Buy a tank and a drywell and enough fat PVC to hook ’em up and rent an excavator.

  32. re: septic

    i despise all forms of government overreach right down to the little petty power trippers at a local level

  33. i’m hoping to be with him when he passes. he would do the same for me.

    Did that with a dear friend last year. It was an honor to be able to do that for him. No one in that situation should die alone.

    You’re a good man, jam.

  34. Alternatively: composting toilets

  35. Fuckit. We gotta stay stuck to folks who hate us and undermine our every effort because we can’t strike out and start anew, nope, too risky, always gonna fail, take too long, can’t beat the…oh for fuck’s sake.

    Thinking like that is why we keep getting beaten. This is no longer either the land of the free, or the home of the brave.

    I give up. Fuckit.

  36. I’d be open to overthrowing a government somewhere and starting fresh. Clear out some space in Africa or Central Asia…

  37. Maybe this proggie rampage will lead to better/private space exploration.

  38. With attitudes like I’m seeing, we couldn’t take over a street cafe.

  39. * throws another toilet on the compost pile *

  40. We were at Kolh’s earlier today and I checked out the World Champion Red Sox stuff. What a rip-off.

    Shot glass $7.50
    Tee shirt $32.00
    Sweatshirt $70.00

    I need to get into the World Champion sweatshirt business.

  41. You might want to wet down the toilet compost pile a little, to promote decay.

  42. Dating app,
    Picture of girl working out
    Caption of picture: “I’m so blessed for NA and my Crossfit family. Life is not boring after heroin!”

  43. *swipe right*

  44. Y’all sound really stressed.
    Makes me want to get into the valium business.

  45. Big Sweatshirt has two make two sets of Champion stuff.

    You are getting one, but paying for two. A kid in Africa gets the other one.

  46. And the kid in China that pulled them through the machine doesn’t get one at all.

  47. I know, right?

    Mind you the kid in Africa lives in a parallel universe where the Patriots haven’t won a single Superbowl in recent memory, but still.

  48. We give away spare food and clothing for nothing, we subsidize pharma IP theft, we give away cash to nations that denounce us…I can’t be absolutely certain, but we must be the dumbest hegemons in human history to date.

  49. Not my thing, but a good song.

  50. We give away spare food and clothing for nothing, we subsidize pharma IP theft, we give away cash to nations that denounce us…I can’t be absolutely certain, but we must be the dumbest hegemons in human history to date.

    We really are bad at it. You’d think we’d have inoculated ourselves for superflu and then let it loose in the wild for lebensraum by now if we were as bad as we’re told we are.

  51. Supposedly we did that with AIDS, but it didn’t work out so well…

  52. It rather deal e Leith you losers than City Hall. When was the last time you called downt ow n? Those fuckers will actually laugh at you on the phone!

  53. Manufactured housing:

    1. Buy house.
    2. Prepare pad.
    3. Have house placed on pad.
    4. Electrician buries power to house and well.
    5. Well guy puts pump and pipe into well, and puts in well house with pressure tank.
    6. Plumber puts in septic and hooks up house to well house.
    7. Inspector looks it over and approves or orders changes.
    8. Then, and only then will power company put in line.

    There is one inspector for the southern half of the state. She could take a few weeks to check it out. She likes to red flag stuff. Once the power company gets the okay, they get to it when they get to it. #1 son’s friend had a house put in and there was some issue, don’t know what. Took 6 months before they could get power and move in.

  54. Supposedly we did that with AIDS, but it didn’t work out so well…

    AIDS really has been a letdown in the “purge the degenerates with life-ending plague” department, considering that it seemed almost bioengineered to do just that. If anything, it probably led to gay “marriage”.

  55. We “may” be able to hire a licensed contractor to do the inspection. If so, great, if not……….

  56. AIDS really has been a letdown in the “purge the degenerates with life-ending plague” department, considering that it seemed almost bioengineered to do just that. If anything, it probably led to gay “marriage”.

    Honestly, if there’s any real “AIDS conspiracy” it’s to get folks dependent for decades on an expensive combo of drugs, thus letting phara outfits make bank off them.

    …that’s at least as credible as any of the other balderdash I’ve heard on that subject. And far more likely than most.

  57. Had a great date with Dan today. Lunch was $40. Biopark membership renewal $69. Amazing day at the zoo. 3 month old hyenas. Only 7 other people at the zoo. Hyena puppers are sooooo adorable. Ruckus and Havoc.

  58. We needed Alex and Zombie to meet back when he was in CA:

    Current sig pic

  59. Dayum. Maybe he’s willing to travel?

  60. I’m reminded why I moved from Chicago.

    It’s cold.

  61. Knee update:

    Ok, so we went to see this sports PT guy (he is with the DMC, but has an office out of one of those huge sports complexes – so he gets to deal with a lot of athletes, versus old ladies who just want to be able to walk to their car).

    He did a lot of this and that, pulling, pushing prodding, etc, watching him move – and he agrees with the doc. No torn acl or meniscus. He thinks his anterior hamstring has weakness and that he’s compensating because he’s nervous about messing up his knee again. Add in TWO close surgeries, which he thinks have a recovery time of 16 months, yada yada. Plus, he has obviously scar tissue – and that’s hurting when it breaks up.

    So he gave us some strengthening exercises and stretches, and refused to take payment for any of it. We were there almost an hour. Super nice guy. He said it was just a “consultation” – thus no charge. Amazing.

  62. Did you move back to Chicago?

  63. who the hell knows where MJ lives. amiright?

  64. I’ve only seen him at your place and the Ghetto Bar.

    For all I know he lives in Novi.

  65. Humn. You’re argument is compelling.

  66. I’m here for work. Lots of raping to do in Chicago.

  67. Erin just put my subaru into the ditch on my driveway. I was able to get it out, but don’t tell Pat. lol

  68. If I lived in Novi I’d be mooching dinner from Car in like twice a week.

  69. Current sig pic

    She seems nice. I’ve always enjoyed her photo essays and writing. Nice to put a face to her boobs.

  70. And I’d let you MJ.

  71. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And you babysit.

  72. Novi is nice. There’s a Brazilian steakhouse there.

  73. Deal. But Moose is my assistant.

  74. Don’t ever stay at the Renaissance Inn in Novi.

    The things I did there. Unspeakable things.

  75. Ok fine. But I get to talk to Pat about supply chain stuff without your judgment.

  76. Don’t ever stay at the Renaissance Inn in Novi.

    The things I did there. Unspeakable things.

    I went to a wedding there with an open bar and my wife kept bringing me drinks so she could get me to agree to start trying for a baby. This was 7 years ago, iirc. I got blindingly drunk and did unspeakable things with the contents of my stomach, but we started trying after that.

  77. LOL

    We’ve both done terrible things at the Ren Novi.

    It’s a small world.

  78. I’m pretty sure that’s NOT an actual picture of zombie.

  79. Then it’s the 3rd or 4th pic of the same chick linked in the nic.

  80. Hot toddy night.

  81. Better than mediocre Toddy night.

  82. How much more did it cost?

  83. Whiskey and grapefruit LaCroix here.

  84. MJ at meatups:

    There’s a tiger in my bathroom

  85. Yeah, the smart factor, and incognito factor, does not add up with the woman in that pic. Rawr.

  86. 2nd place at beer meeting for the milk stout. Next month, Imperial Stout, and that one is shaping up nicely.

  87. Maybe that’s Zombie’s GF.

    Good for him, if so. I always assumed Z was a chick, and hot would make sense, since Z is on the right.

  88. I’ve been back at the gym for the last few weeks, just doing deadlifts, presses, and pullups. It’s helping. I’m already a lot harder than I had been, and I pulled 265 today double-overhand for 2 sets of 5.

  89. There’s a tiger in my bathroom

    We saw the light underneath the door.

  90. I really dig this channel.

  91. The every meat burrito

  92. Having reached an age where the custodian for a ‘very old’ “401(k)” sends me a form that is a waiver for a “Qualified and Joint Survivor Annuity”.
    It would appear that if I do nothing, all the funds in this 401(k) would be used to purchase an annuity(insurance product) that would pay me an amount each year, until death, then to Anita until death.
    That amount would be fixed, based on the value of the account on Dec 31.
    If I send in the waiver, I still have the investments, which are subject to the markets, and would receive the “required minimum distribution”, each year, in cash. I still would be able to move among the funds included in the program, depending on performance.
    My puzzle is:
    Should I take the annuity, and the guarantee of performance, or take the cash and chance the markets?

    How very strange – to be seventy…

  93. Dario’s ego remained problematic.

  94. ChrisP, take the cash. Annuities have strict rules; you have much more freedom just keeping your money in an account. Consult a CPA, of course, or a financial planner, but understand that there is a HUGE upfront payoff to whoever succeeds in directing you to an annuity, as they get their fee immediately.

    Suze Orman on annuities:

    ^^^ There’s a lot of good information in that piece ^^^

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