MMM 345: Lion’s Mane

Hericum erinaceus.


This is one of the current fungus species trending as basically magic tonics.  The health benefits purported range from digestive aid to better concentration and reduced depression.


There’s likely some truth in that, but it’s not like these things get double-blind studies.


The takeaway though, is that a lot of people believe it, and where there’s belief, there’s profit.


Cultivating these and selling the fruiting bodies – fresh or dried – and all manner of extracts and teas is big business right now.


I’ve never seen them in the wild, and they aren’t yet running loose in the West as some sort of invasive species.  They normally grow on rotting trees, but all the mushroom farmers seem to grow them on straw and/or wood pulp.  Supposedly quite easy to cultivate.




  1. I know folks sent me some fit girl pics last week, but I’ve not taken the time yet to grab them for the binders. I was on travel for most of it and the right HD wasn’t close at hand.

  2. saw some many moons ago while hunting. not a very common variety around these parts

  3. Urrgh, 12 degrees this morning. Supposed to get really cold tomorrow. No fun at all.

  4. “12 degrees”
    balmy here 24

  5. Listening to Mark Steyn’s reading of “In Flanders Fields”. Parade has been cancelled due to rain, so my day is unencumbered by any plans.


  7. yeah, 20 here. It was 12 over the weekend.

  8. Mare?

  9. 12° isn’t already really cold?
    Its been in the 30″s here at night, and I’m ready to trade in my Tucker for a Moose to sleep with.
    F winter. And it hasn’t even started yet.

  10. Warmer here, gotta be in the 40s. Snow from last week is nearly melted.

    Does the civil war start in FL or AZ?

    My bet is Florida, and that it starts with someone throwing a live alligator into the ballot counter’s office.

  11. Gym this morning, and then cooking lunch, cleaning, Russian lang practice, laundry, and maybe some sketching later.

  12. Georgia would be a good start – that racist Abrams could use an alligator or two in her office.

  13. Hahahahahaha

    Nancy Pelosi, the most effective congressional leader of modern times: The Nancy Pelosi Problem

  14. This ballot fraud situation should shake the left to their Birkenstock’s. But alas they’re too focused on tribal wins to think about what this theft portends.

  15. I already have no confidence in Congress the fbi and the judiciary. Many like me.
    Not too many more bonds left to break.

  16. I should probably read up on the Spanish civil war. What’s coming won’t look like the last one we had, or anything like the French Revolution.

  17. It’ll probably look more like The Walking Dead tv show. At least the two episodes I watched when it first started.
    I can survive for quite a while. Then I can scavenge for even longer.

  18. Good morning.

  19. I pray that it’s that easy.

    Zombies have a pleasant certainty about them. A global plague or CME or new Ice Age would be less bad than what I expect. We’re probably just going to decay into Mexico Norte, with constant political assassinations, bribery as the norm, and no chance in Hell at ever recovering, but it’s just as likely that we’ll see the slow genocide of those who will not comply turn into fast genocide.

  20. We might decay into that, but there will be enclaves of exceptionalism. We just have to keep out the riff raff. But they will find their way in, because our side is kind, and generous.

  21. Walls around all the cities with a $10000 day pass* to leave might help.

    *return by sundown or you’re an Outlaw in the medieval sense

  22. NM is pretty much already devolving. Rampant crime and drug use. Stealing an election in my congressional district. Massive welfare. Apathetic policing. Revolving door judicial system. Crazy.

  23. I expect NM to start vigilante militias at the rate it’s going. Surprised that the southern CA and TX farmers/ranchers haven’t already done it.

  24. Shaun King tweeted about stopping someone giving Nazi salutes in a grocery store. Which is less likely to have happened, someone Nazi saluting or Shaun standing up to anyone bigger than a 3rd grader? His T level is in the negatives.

  25. Any grocery store would have security camera footage of said incident.

  26. Shaun King is about 1 or 2 social faux pas away from a serious suborbital fracture if true. The chances he physically confronted anyone are zero and none.

    Anyone bold enough to do what he claims would have dismembered him with a stale baguette.

  27. the judicial system is a joke.
    it’s only a deterrent to those of us that obey the law normally.
    career criminals (inclusive of elected officials) don’t care if they spend time in prison; they increase their knowledge, make more professional contacts and have a solid place to stay. hell that puts them farther up maslows’ hierarchy than the streets.
    the real issue for our semi-civil society will be when the tax paying structural citizens say fuck you to the system, that’s when the societal leeches (gov types) will retreat to their taxpayer funded redoubts and try to unleash the hounds.

  28. Is this site fucked?

  29. “Anyone bold enough to do what he claims would have dismembered him with a stale baguette.”


  30. “Is this site fucked?”

    physically or emotionally ?

  31. Yeah, we’ve been overrun with people doing Nazi salutes in grocery stores.


  32. not any more than usual, Hotspur

  33. From FB: I’ve been told by feminists that it is demeaning to women to hold doors open for them, so to empower them I like to hold the door shut and make them earn it.

  34. I wonder where Car in is building a treehouse today.

  35. Just crossed into Georgia. I don’t think I want a treehouse here.

  36. What are you bringing back for us?

  37. Don’t run with bagpipes

  38. Hmm, rumor mill says Stan Lee has died. Not seeing a news source yet.

  39. IMDB has it.

  40. It’s been confirmed, Jay, or the New York Post has egg on its face.

  41. Drudge too

  42. 31 and windy at 1:00PM. Worse than this morning when it was 12 degrees and calm.

  43. Moochelle complained that Melania never asked her advice. To steal a quote, why would our First Lady reach out to RuPaul’s ugly brother for advice?

    Plus Melania had a exorcism performed on the White House for good reason.

  44. Will they ever stop being butthurt?

  45. Speaking of perfect nicknames…

  46. Jay, nope, she will never be happy, no matter what.

  47. I saw where the Palestinians in Gaza are shooting rockets at Israel. Glad for Iron Dome.

  48. 200 rockets, and they fired one over 40 km. That went over the line, so then IDF bombed Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza.

  49. Stop by the house, Car in. We’re an hour north of Atlanta.

    I won’t be home but you should all meet me in Chicago so we can catch up and I can regale you with tales of babyhood.

  50. so then IDF bombed Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza.

    That blowed up real good.

  51. Dead early?

  52. I’ve been running errands and just got home. I don’t know what the rest of you slackers have been up to.


  54. So, I read this article, and I have to say that I’m leaning more to the side of the city than the volunteers.

    If you’re passing out food to lots of strangers in a public place, then yes you should be able to ensure that you’re following basic food safety protocols. Also, I suspect that the main reason for cracking down on this is that the city doesn’t want the homeless encouraged to congregate in city parks or other public areas instead of going to shelters or soup kitchens. And you know what, I can completely understand why the city might feel that way.

  55. add an https://

  56. Boy2 is having car problems, so I let him drive mine and I took Monster in to work today. I think Wunderground is trying to kill me. Last night the forecast was zero precipitation all week, but as soon as I got the car warm it was snowing pretty good and super icy all the way in to werk.

  57. don’t feed the homeless –
    it just encourages them to shit on the sidewalks

  58. it also smacks of the teachings of Jesus –
    so it should be outlawed

  59. i spent a chunk of today replacing the brakes and rotors on my jalopy

  60. don’t feed the homeless –
    it just encourages them to shit on the sidewalks

    Actually… yes. The problem is that the homeless that you see sleeping on the sidewalks and in the parks are the ones who are mentally ill, drug addicts, etc. They’re out there because they don’t want to follow the rules that the shelters put in place, don’t want to take their medications, or don’t want to stay clean.

    Encouraging them to congregate in areas where there aren’t facilities to support them is asking for trouble.

  61. many potty mouth things were said while trying to remove lug nuts that my garage lad put on with an atomic hammer….

    fucking asshole obviously didn’t use a torque stick.
    i’m lucky the studs didn’t break

  62. Relax monkey. Go grab a beverage.

  63. Yep. And you are supposed to get those off with a lug wrench.

  64. Jay’s link re: the up and coming most amazing thinker to ever grace congress aka: the youngest female commie to ever be sworn in –

    got me to thinking about youngsters in congress.
    the repubbies had a 30 yo chick from northern NYS sworn in 2015 – she’s a disaster: FreedomWorks score 42%

    occasional-cortex doesn’t even have a handle on her personal finances – now she has a say in the nations’.

    she’ll never leave government.
    she’s a perfect storm of overwhelming drive, ignorance, arrogance, and low IQ.

  65. do any of you medical types have any idea if there is a general rule of thumb regarding how long a brain damaged icu patient lives after care is stopped and just given comfort meds?

  66. I got a lot done today. I am entirely caught up on laundry. I decluttered two garbage bags of stuff. I finally organized all of my loose recipes into a binder. I have Mom’s frog collection to pack and send to my sister, then I will be done for the day.

  67. I generally assume most congressfolk are idiots with few exceptions. Don’t need a lot of brains to let yourself be stage managed and soak up the bennies.

  68. I got a lot done today.

    Oh yeah? Well, check out what I did today:

  69. Where the eff is Mare today?

  70. And why the eff is Carin going to Georgia? She already lives in a county full of raycist rednecks. Why does she need to go down and be with those raycist rednecks?

  71. I had to pull a flat tire off a Bobcat skid steer so we could get it fixed. Snapped a 1/2″ socket extension in two. The lug nuts really didn’t want to come off.

  72. she wants to help that chick down there re-count some ballots

  73. there’s a torque spec for all nut/bolt combos –
    the asswipes that over torque them should be bitch slapped with a bat

    *rant applies to supposed professionals.
    *diy-ers get to sleep in the bed they made.

  74. Many years ago I was changing a tire with a socket and breaker bar. I had my left hand sort of cupped over the socket and was reefing with the breaker bar when suddenly the socket exploded in my hand. Tore the shit out of my palm and hurt like a motherfucker. Never did that again.

  75. Discount Tire, where I’ve exclusively bought tires for the past thirty years, only tightens lugnuts with a torque wrench.

  76. I think Trump is correct. The fires in Californicate are largely due to mismanagement of forests. The cunts on the left of course say it’s global warming. Eat me, bitches. Another failure of the government.

  77. Trump is correct. California has badly mismanaged their forests for decades because the enviroweenies and rich folks don’t want to see clear cutting or controlled burns.

  78. California wildfires are causing global warming.

    Trump should executive order a fire tax. $100,000 per acre.

  79. …general rule of thumb…
    Without nutrition, zero liquids/food could be a week or two. With nutrition could be any length of time.

  80. How badly is the brain damaged, Jam?

  81. You barely notice when you meet him.

  82. Laura?

  83. Think Car in stayed there?

  84. How badly is the brain damaged, Jam?

    Started voting Democrat.

    (sorry, we *used* to do edgy humor here)

  85. I think scott was edgier than you.

  86. Wait, we gotta do edgy now? Christ on a crutch, I can barely do “slightly shitty” on a good day, now I gotta be edgy. Dammit.

  87. Edgy humor is a scam.

    But yeah, this place was a lot more risque before MJ started wearing white New Balance sneakers and leon’s wife made him delete all his tranny porn.

  88. Well I long to be alone with you
    And if I couldn’t have you,
    I don’t know what I would do?
    I guess I would leave
    This derp alone
    ‘Cause without you I’m just bones

  89. Ohio derp

  90. Been raining all day. Not pouring, but a good a steady drizzle at least.
    I just caught the pup thinking about pinching a loaf beside his doggie door – he is so prissy that he didn’t want t I go out and get wet.

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