BBF Semi Finals Round 2

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2018 Semi Finals Round 2.




Viki Odintcova

Your model for today was born in St. Petersburg, Russia November 15th, 1993.  She stands 5’7″ tall, 36D-24-37 at 137 lbs rounds out the box score.  Please pull your own sled and say howdy to Miss Viki Odintcova!





Beth Lily

Your model for today has been featured before, born April 24th, 1996 in Essex, UK, she measures 5’ 7″ and 9 stone32GG-26-36. Please  try to keep up and welcome, Miss Beth Lily!





Jun Amaki

Your model for today was born October 16, 1995 in Itami, HyōgoPrefecture, Japan.  She stands 4′10″, 32-22-33 with a non-translatable I cup.  Someone please explain the metric system to me before I introduce…Miss Jun Amaki!




Leila Lowfire

Your model for today was born October 3rd, 1993 in Berlin, Germany. She stands 5’10”, 38E-26-39. Please reach out and say Achtung Baby to Miss Leila Lowfire.





  1. Results from Round 1:

  2. I’m Uber-ing around in Brooklyn/Queens, I wouldn’t drive here on a bet. JFK to Bergen Beach to Jamaica with local professional drivers I lost count of how many near collisions we had, every light and stop sign somebody was hitting the horn. Fun. Not really set up for sightseeing, maybe I’ll come back some day if the opportunity presents itself, I flew in over the city and saw The Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty, that’s close enough for me this trip. I just want to get out at this point.

  3. Today’s musical selection was a blast from the past that popped up on one of my radio stations, you might not recognize the title but I bet you’ve heard the song.

    *is sad because there is no hair on top to spike and no mousse*

  4. “—Yankees Suck—”

    call an whaaambulance… j’bro must have had a stroke. he’s talking gibberish

  5. nice joob pup!!

    this week is a tough one. lots of talented gigglies go’in on

  6. nyc – hooboy. not my favorite place. lots o shit to see and do but the concentrated douchebaggery can be toxic to most ppl.

    like scott said – driving in ny is the cherry on top of the experience cake. pepe and oso would be fine driving there tho, ’cause abq may actually hold the title of the city with the largest concentration of mental degenerates/psychopathic fuck sticks with a car…. no offense.

    new yorkers are fast, loud, and obnoxious re: driving habits; abq drivers are unhinged and purposefully dangerous

  7. Carin, I lived in Palm City for 14 years. Danforth.

  8. My run this morning is taking me right by there. My aunt and uncle live right by there.

  9. Oak ridge. I’m running across the bridges this morning.

  10. Nice! The new (well, new to me) bridge is lovely.

  11. concentrated douchebaggery can be toxic to most ppl

    Yah. I can see that living here would produce an attitude. On the flip side I’m just being my normal, polite self and people react positively, I’ve held a couple of doors open for strangers and you’d have thought their faces would crack they smiled so big. My last Uber driver treated me like I was from another planet when I apologized after taking a phone call while we were talking in his car. Nice guy, middle aged, born in Lebanon, been in NYC for 30 years, I found out all about him on our ride. He said people don’t mean to be rude in Brooklyn, they were just never taught any different and don’t know how to act.

  12. When I’m out and about, Walmart, Aldi, Publix, TJ MAXX, etc., I have several inner dialogs about the importance of “civility.”

    Holding doors open for whoever (is this supposed to be whomever?) is in front or behind you, picking things up when people drop things, greeting people with a smile, saying good morning/afternoon/evening. Moving over when people are trying to get by in an aisle, saying “excuse me” or “thank you” “have a great day” just general stuff like that.

    You don’t have to like people, internally you can think what you want, but people who do these things make day to day living so much more pleasant.

  13. Viki and Leila are neck and other neck! Russian, Brit, Japanese and German models all going head to head, with ‘mericans picking the winner. This has got WW3 potential, Xbrad is probably already writing the documentary in his head.

  14. Damn.
    Tough choice between Vicki and Leila.

    Decisions, decisions….

  15. I’m just used to people holding open the door in the Midwest.

  16. Visited NYC once, 30+ years ago, when my brother was in Queens. Was interesting, don’t regret it, saw the sights, would not go back. Big cities ain’t my thang.

    Also, the first establishment visited upon arrival ain’t there no more.

  17. OK, I enabled every blasted script, but can’t see the stoopid poll app. Disenfranchisement! There will be consequences and repercussions!

  18. I was torn between Beth and Leila, but in the end I went with Teutonic tatas over British boobies.

  19. did you refresh? try refreshing

  20. It’s it prugged in?

  21. Whitaker, day 1.

  22. Other than the tats, the Rooskie is pretty much flawless.

  23. Sushi for the win.

  24. Heh, pretty cool! Wonder if we will see these by “The Caravan”.

    Non-Lethal Weapon: Active Denial System (ADS)

  25. We were all wondering and it has been confirmed by the beard himself.

    “Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived by IVF”

  26. So who’s uterus did they use? Neither 0bama has one.

  27. Whose?

  28. She said that when she was around 34 years old, she realized that “the biological clock is real” and that “egg production is limited”, which made her decide to seek in-vitro fertilisation.

    Yet I’m horrible for saying that I won’t date a woman over 32. And apparently t’s sexist and patriarchal to tell women to focus on having a family first, before starting their career.

  29. Good question, leon.

  30. I wonder if they are biologically either of theirs. The first one maybe sorta could be Barry’s if you squint a little. The second one has Mooch’s resting bitchface down but I don’t see a physical resemblance to either.

  31. I tell my daughter that fertility drops after age 30. She gets mad because her dipshit boyfriend doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.
    When the Farmer’s Only commercials come on, I’ll waggle my eyebrows at her and tell her I’m going to sign her up. I get Death Rays.

    I wish a real man would show up and sweep her off her Nervous Nelly feet.

  32. Mare stuck the landing!

  33. Leila got my vote. Love the curls.

  34. I saw a gal without her bikini top on, but I dint know if that really counted as actual nudity because those tits were so fake.

  35. Heh, nice!

    Does Silicone tan?

  36. Airport. After 3 hours yesterday, I came back this morning to the site for the “how about I tell my boss and your boss that you were great, and we skip the rest?”

    Fuckin aye buddy let’s go to early lunch on me.

  37. I saw a gal without her bikini top on, but I dint know if that really counted as actual nudity because those tits were so fake.

    How old was she? Nubile twenty-something? Hard-ridden late forties divorcee? Sixty-something scary vampire?

  38. I voted for Viki because, well, look at her!!! I SAID LOOK AT HER!

  39. I voted for Leila because she comes off as more mature – though she is the same age as Viki – and sultry. Not to mention a cute smile.
    I hope she’s not a bitch.

  40. OK, found the thing thru the WP route, took my–er, THE poll, y’know…

  41. The Japanese one? She’s cute and that’s the problem. A ten year old face on an adult body. It crosses streams or something. You’d have to be a muppet to get off on that.

    *side eyes the muppet*

  42. Winter is here. It snowed overnight. Should be dreary and cold for the foreseeable future. Meh.

  43. Was it a nude beach? Or was she just freelancing?

  44. It’s Florida. There’s a good chance Car in was just standing in line at the frozen yogurt stand.

  45. I’ve been on exactly one nude beach. It was on Martha’s Vineyard and at the time I was there it was known as Gay Head. Now known as Aquinnah. It is on a long sand beach and most of it is just normal clothed people enjoying a day at the beach. The nude beach was a little horrifying.

  46. There was a nude beach in Sitges, Spain, where I was tempted to go just to say I had gone to one. Instead I continued walking up the hill and got lunch, chatting with a cute Aussie girl. From what I could see of the beach, it also was a little horrifying.

  47. Yeah, that’s the thing about the Nihonjin chicks, they either look too young, or they look…well, y’know.

  48. Viki got points off for visible tattoos with some inane quote and sunglasses obscuring her eyes. Jun Amaki sounds like a sushi dish … I can’t associate my BBF finalist with fish. Beth almost got my vote but she has a fatal cowlick on her otherwise fine countenance.

    LEILA !!!

  49. Seems to be a lot of sharp elbows flying around.

  50. libs are totally silent on FL recount, aren’t they?

  51. I’d buy Beth a farm in the country with a little cottage and a barn for her horse.

    I’d buy Leila a loft downtown and take her to the opera and out dancing every weekend.

  52. Whatever you bought Vicki it wouldn’t be enough.

  53. Hahaha!

    Michelle Obama: “I’ll never forgive Trump for the birther controversy!”

    Trump: “I’ll never forgive Barack Obama for failing to properly fund our military!”

  54. Broward County Excrement Status: ACTUALIZED

  55. Viki said something? Pffffffffffffttttttt.

  56. Да.


  58. Mooch introduced Barry as being born in Kenya when they were in Africa. She’s full of shit. And we all know he used being born in Kenya as some kind of badge while in Chicago politics.
    They both smell as rotten as hillary’s old cabbage smelling self.

  59. So Clenis was/is doing all sorts of honeys on the side. Hillary, up to some point, was probably taking his leftovers.
    Now obama has a reputation in Man Country….so who do you think Mooch has been cozying up to…if ever. Or is she stone cold like Bitchface has become?

  60. My theory is that Obama was born in Washington, or Vancouver, B.C. where his mother was living with relatives while pregnant. Barack Obama senior was paid/told to play along as part of a happy couple for a few months, so that the Dunhams could tell everyone that the two had moved to Harvard, and after Stanley gave birth she was supposed to give the baby up for adoption and then return home and tell everyone that the marriage fell apart, but not about the pregnancy.

    Instead, she chose to keep the baby, hauled baby Barry across the country in order to see if she could reconcile with Barack. When he wasn’t interested, she stuck around N.E. for a while, collected welfare, before finally returning to Seattle.

  61. “I’ll never forgive Trump for the birther controversy!”


    As usual with stupid people, their statements make no sense. Beasnsnsnsn is correct, Mooch did introduce him in Africa as being born in Kenya and I don’t fully recall but didn’t he write that in one of his books? Or was it in one of his book bios?

    Anyway, as someone who has dealt with the Hawaii records department, back in the day (Obama’s day) it makes Broward County look responsible and efficient.

    Anyway, the bitch had everything handed to her on a platter as an affirmative action dolt and an upper middle-class upbringing and yet she had the gall to say “it’s the first time I was proud of my Country” when the idiot was elected.

    F her.

    *her book cover picture is very nice

  62. Barry’s mother was a slut. And had what used to be termed “jungle fever.”


    All the “fact checking” sites assure you it was really Trump.

  64. If Tucker’s wife called 911, were any Antifa idiots arrested? I assume the cops came.

  65. All liberals point out it was Trump too, Jimbro. You can’t convince them of the truth. All of it is propaganda, you know.

  66. Yeah, Obama liked to hint, or outright claim, to be born in Kenya when it was useful.

  67. Reminds me of a certain Fake Indian

  68. The wookie can go fuck herself. Her publisher is going to lose a lot of money on this bitch. Nobody cares what she thinks or says.

  69. Carin?


  70. LauraW?

  71. Scott?

  72. CoAlex?

    This is truth.

  73. Jay, cops were called and when they eventually showed up, the thugs ran off. No arrests.

  74. “Or was it in one of his book bios?

    Yes and various Chicago publications. One headlined, “Kenyan born Obama All Set for US Senate”. (I have the screenshot saved on my computer.)

  75. One of the priests on Twitter, tweeted that we should empathize with the Mooch’s miscarriages. Fine. I still think she shouldn’t be a total cunt on abortion.

  76. Good evening citizens!

  77. Lot’s of news at the phat house, but very little drama.

    In short, i’ve been boring. Which is my goal.

  78. Howdy, Phat!!!

  79. Our United flights to Kauai were all little planes.

  80. Phat!!!

    Still flying to Europe all the time?

  81. CoAlex,

    Yep. Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

    Occasionally I’ll fly a London trip, but it’s my last choice.

    Love the layover, but the airport, the bullshit security (even for aircrew) and long van ride to the hotel makes it my last choice.

  82. OSO,

    The wife and kids are thinking about heading out your way on spring break to do some hiking. Any rec’s?

  83. Altitude adjustment is necessary. Serial. La Luz is a good start. Friends like Tent Rocks and El Moro. I’ve only hiked around Ruidoso. Valle Caldera. Good to pick a base and then focus on local hikes. Altitude sickness can be debilitating.

  84. is worth every penny.

  85. I still think she shouldn’t be a total cunt on abortion.

    Roamy ♥ Oso

  86. Ooh…White Sands and Carlsbad caverns have awesome hiking. Las Cruces. Less chance of bad weather. Lower altitude. Sierra Blanca. Capitan.

  87. Listen to Scott.

  88. Oso ❤️ 🚀🐣

  89. Thanks guys!

  90. Back in southern canada, 16 degrees and blowing snow.

  91. Will flying into ABQ work or should I look at other options?

  92. The rooskie is pulling away, I’ll leave the poll open until next Friday.

  93. I looked up Hell’s Hole.

    24 mile loop.

    I am too old to that again.

  94. I bet Trump has done the rooskie.

  95. Albuquerque is very high. El Paso might be better for hiking. Las Cruces. Scott knows the Gila. Catwalk. Graduated elevation. Northern NM and CO may result in altitude sickness. Young and fit friends have struggled in the Q and northern NM

  96. I’m in love.

  97. Too many pictures of herself.

    She is damaged.

  98. I just watched “The Americanization of Emily” with James Garner and Julie Andrews. Mary Poppins making out with Maverick. I don’t remember why I added it to my Netflix list, but it was probably the mothership movie thread.

  99. Was it good?
    I’m watching John wick 2 now,

  100. It was a very cynical movie and weird with Julie Andrews worrying out loud that she might be pregnant.

  101. But James Garner could charm the pants off anyone. Kind of a mixed review. 3 out of 5 bald heads.

    Nintendo is dropping Netflix, so I need to figure out how to stream movies again. I hope it doesn’t mean buying a new TV. This isn’t a smart TV, and I don’t have a PS3, PS4, or Xbox.

  102. I’m in love.

    Bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney.

  103. We have 2nd Gen Apple TV. LOVE IT

  104. Classic TV. I love anything Garner. John Wick 2 was awesome. We’re getting our Black Friday list together.

  105. MaryAnn just cropdusted Dan. I love this old bitch

  106. If Julie Andrews is dressed likr Mary Poppins I’d knock her up myself. Ditto for Emily Blunt.

    And hush you all. Miss Isoline is a nice girl, I’m sure. And I can function with only one kidney…

  107. Don’t eliminate renal plenitude.

  108. Besides, she sounds like a gas tank additive.

  109. Navy ginger = YOU ARE DOOMED

  110. Sigh. This is why I shouldn’t stay up so late.

  111. Sleep it is…

  112. oi

  113. Diagnosing emergency room patients.

  114. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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