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  1. Maine CD 2 is now undergoing “Ranked Choice Voting”. Neither the Dem, Golden or the GOP incumbent, Poliquin got enough of the vote in a 4 way race to be declared the winner. They’re claiming it will take about a week to accomplish. Talk about a clusterfuck. I’m sure this is what they intended to happen when this was introduced via citizen’s initiative. Enough time for behind the scenes jiggery pokery to find mysteriously uncounted Democrat votes.

  2. Waiting at the airport, flying Delta for the first time in a while. Going to NYC for a (hopefully) quick end user training session. It is frustrating when the customer drives the design and then blames the installer when it doesn’t do what it wasn’t designed to do. No shit Sherlock. No I’ve got to tap dance around the fact that the parties who specified the system are clueless to the operating conditions.

  3. And now Pupster will perform an interpretive dance titled, “How Can The Customer Always Be Right If The Customer Is Always An Idiot?”

  4. Urrrgh, sometimes I hate this state. NM went full left/commie. Horrible crime, solution=elect all liberal judges. Lefty for congress is trailing by 1500 votes, solution=find 4000 “extra” ballots, lefty wins by 2500. 100 % Democrat wins. I guess they are trying to beat Mississippi for worst run state.

  5. “end user training session……… ”

    Is that a gay thing?

  6. Pups?

  7. The customer is always out of their damn mind.

  8. i love my customers.
    the more they change shit, the more i charge. i shamelessly try to get them to mix and match shit that won’t work.

  9. and i’m up front about it…

  10. you’ve got to do ranging studies in order to obtain the robustness you require…

    he… heee….. heeeeeee!!!!

  11. someday i’ll be wrong and some fucked up design will actually work….
    i’ll point and say “well whaaaddddaayaknow??!!”

  12. The best laid plans are the ones that fuck up. It’s the ones you come up with at the last minute that work.

    Always go with your first impression.

  13. I had 2 days of Soviet collective farm SAFe training this week. Tailor made for embedded (meddling) customer representatives.

  14. I think it’s cute, anyone thinking Acosta will apologize. He’s got the whole media and all the Never Trumpers on his side.

    Shapiro really pisses me off sometimes. So smart, yet vindictive.

  15. Trump controls Acosta’s oxygen supply—-WH access. Odds on Trump backing down? Nil. Look for increasingly bizarre behavior from Acosta

  16. Mare, you mentioned last night that my state is full of dumbasses.

    If a black veteran successful business man can’t unseat that cow Stabenow, nobody can.

    My state is full of dumbasses.

  17. Are you filled with racist white nationalists? Because Iowa is. Wait, only the northwestern part. And the Senate part.

    As Joy Behar says, gerrymandering has thrown off Senate elections all over the nation!

  18. Hahahaha, that twat Joy Behar blamed the control of the US Senate by republicans on gerrymandering. No, you stupid fucking cunt, each state gets two senators.

  19. HS you are obviously suffering from vacation jet lag.

  20. My brain and body think it is 3:10PM.

  21. RBG fell down and broke her ribs

    God is calling her home

  22. Just saw the RBG thing. The next two years are going to be insane.

  23. After I wrote that your state is full of dumbasses (for not electing John James over that stupid cow Stabenow) I thought, ahhhhh, my state is nipping at the heals of Beyond Florida Man Dumbness or BFMD.

    We have a wonderful economy here, reasonable property taxes, no income tax and businesses are, from what I read, doing really well. We almost elected a Soros trained socialist for governor.


    ^^not insane^^

  24. Jungle cruise

  25. I actually felt fairly positive yesterday.

    But I have this looming gloom thing going on due to all of the dumbassery in politics. I’m meeting my youngest on Monday and I’m hoping that seeing her awesome face and hilarious personality and staying away from politics will greatly improve my attitude.

  26. Comment by Car in on November 8, 2018 9:40 am
    Jungle cruise


  27. Did the MI SoS finally call it for Stabenow?

    Damn. Again, I blame all the stoners turning out for the dudeweed ballot proposal.

  28. Jimbro, these are good:

  29. Weekend at Ruth Bader’s.

  30. New post

  31. On a positive note, the experience with Viking Cruises was amazing. They handle everything from arranging flights, to handling all of your baggage, the service on board, and the tours ashore were incredible. The food was really good. Drinks during mealtimes were included, and outside of mealtimes prices were very reasonable. $8 for a martini, $4.50 for a glass of house wine, which by the way was quite good. No reason to get a more costly premium wine.

    Our stateroom was very nice, and the onboard spaces – dining room, lounge, bar, on deck accommodations were all really nice.

    I would definitely do another cruise with them.

  32. Do viking cruises include all the rape and pillaging as a part of the package, or do those cost extra?

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