MMM 344: wine caps

Good morning.


I haven’t eaten these, but I’m going to be adding a patch of them to my next garden.  Supposedly very easy to care for, and pretty in their way.

Just need a patch of wood shreds like this:


And with a little work, you can grow these little guys:wc1.jpeg

If you feel like getting that “certified organic” (hard as heck) label on your farm/garden, I hear they sell for a fair chunk of change.wc4.jpeg

So they have to be at least somewhat tasty, right?


I haven’t done a full read on them yet, but they pop up a lot on trendy gardening channels, so I know they are a choice edible.  They look like some kind of bolete to my admittedly untrained eye.


I’m in some kind of nightmarish Agile training most of this week, so I may be scarce in the daytime.   Pray for Leon and Leon’s family as he goes through an event certain to be adequately described as “purgatorial”.


Take care of yourselves and be good to each other.


  1. I’ve never eaten those either. They look tasty.

  2. Nice shrooms.

  3. Pupster is actually talking about the first picture…

  4. I wonder if she ever smiles. I’ve seen like a hundred pics of Anllela Zahra, no smiles.

  5. Sagra, you infernal autodicksucker.

  6. wakey weky

  7. So last night, my sister (@@) started in on a Trump rant – (gee I wonder why I don’t call) but then before that I was mentioning how I didn’t want to stay at my cousin’s house in florida because her Husband/bla bla bla and how he unfriended me on facebook.

    My sister explain that he was “stressed” as seeing that stuff …

    Oh really? He unfriended me when Obama was president. You know, when everything was going swimingly.

    Gonna try another lie.

    I just can’t right now. The left is so completely unhinged. I almost hung up on my sister when she went off. As crazed as you’d imagine.

  8. After Election Day, depending on what way the wind blows, we’ll either see further de compensation…wait, no matter which way they’re gonna lose their shit.

  9. decompensation is one word dammit

  10. At this point it’s pure id. They want to smash things up and go hard left because they can. They thought that with Obama’s wins they had figured out a winning coalition that didn’t require blue-collar whites or straight men, so they let the masks drop. Now their egos won’t allow them to apologize and make nice again.

  11. I just pray that they don’t try. History says they’ll be forgiven and that would be a genuine tragedy.

  12. wut lebuff said –

  13. we’re on a bad course –
    the only way to solve this is chronicled in history.
    negative nelly monkey says ‘twould be better sooner than later

  14. I really wanted The Troubles to happen before I had children. Weathering them with a little one worries me.

  15. Responding to a comment from 3-4 years ago from Car in:

    The Smiths owe everything to Johnny Marr. He was the band. Morrissey was just an attention hog.


  16. Pretty sure you’ve made Carin’s week and it’s only Monday morning

  17. THANK YOU. It’s ok that it took you so long to realize it.

  18. This week IS starting out pretty well.

    I’m going to put this right up there next to Sean admitting the genius of Radiohead.

  19. Gee thanks, MJ. She’s gonna be insufferable now.

  20. Last night’s DERP was a thing of beauty. Well done, Sean. Actually, the last few have been choice, but last night was especially so.

  21. Scott’s taking me on a working trip to someplace in New York today. It’s a crappy day for hiking so there better be some good restaurants. I’m in an incredibly bad mood today. Don’t tell him. It’s gonna be a surprise.

  22. Finishing up my novena today. I saw the latest CNN poll and noticed “generic ballot”. I hope that means they’re running scared.

  23. Look, Marr was the talent. Morrissey was just the front man who grabbed the attention. It’s simple fact.

  24. That he’s managed to eek out a career afterwards has always mystified me. He’s all ego.

  25. Depending on how this goes, I think the left will start the acceptance phase of their grief.

    If there’s no blue wave AND Mueller drops an egg they’ll have no choice. They’ll have nothing left but their rage and a set of atrophied, spaghetti like arms to fight with.

    Reality will set in.

  26. Ego and success aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Orange Man!

  27. Reality? Too transphobic;

  28. Haha, MJ thinks the left knows what reality is.

  29. MJ has too much suede twixt & tween his ears.

  30. GND was at Columbia this weekend.

    The bathrooms all say to choose however you identify. She had to pump breast milk, uncertain if she was in a men’s room.

    The elites are morons.

  31. She had to pump breast milk, uncertain if she was in a men’s room.

    Would any men really have complained?

  32. I’m just glad dad won’t have to see the Troubles. He passed with hope ascendant again. That’s not a bad time to go.

    As for me, no kids and no prospect of them, but I don’t want my nephews and younger niece growing up in this social hellscape. (Elder niece is 30, so too late there…)

  33. now that I read roamy’s federalist link, all I can think of is the body language expert saying “pretty pose” all the time.

  34. Agree, Jay.

    But, hey, they ruined a man’s reputation with the shittiest accusations to keep their sacred abortions. So…whatevs.

  35. So, Car in, what’s the current itinerary for The Road Trip?

  36. Just spent a lovely day in Budapest. It’s 4:40pm here. These people lived under communism, and remember how oppressed they were. It should be mandatory that everyone under thirty in Amerikkka come here to study. The people here would not take kindly to Bernie or Lieawatha.

  37. Start driving tomorrow morning.

    That’s the plan.

  38. You need more than that. You’ve got to tightly schedule everything if you’re going to drag her to the largest ball of twine east of the Mississippi AND the all three GatorWorld amusment parks in the South.

  39. I know someone from Serbia, came over when he was little.

    He’s all in on the Bernie train. I’m lectured on my backwardness. Guess he wasn’t old enough.

  40. I know a Romanian gal who is a full Berniebot.

  41. It’s two teenage girls- her friend Amber is coming. Planning would just make me frustrated.

  42. Well, on your way down don’t forget to stop by the Ventriloquist Museum.

  43. The Ventriloquist Museum killed it.

  44. When’s Hotspur getting home?

    I greatly miss his name calling.

  45. You want to be sure and arrive at the Ventriloquist Museum on a dark and stormy night……..just before closing………..with a couple of teenage girls…………’cause ventriloquists aren’t creepy at all.

    Pretty sure that’s how you get the memorable experience.

  46. On my European sojourn in ’91 we took a route that brought us through Hungary for just a short distance. It looked like a period piece movie of a Communist country as we nervously drove through.

  47. I have so much shit to do. Someone make me a list.

  48. During our visit, I was honored with the opportunity to speak to a couple classes, as well as with the faculty, to share my wartime experiences. During one classroom session, the professor put Lilya on the spot and asked for her impression of America.

    Impromptu public speaking in a foreign language isn’t easy. But she nailed it.

    Without missing a beat, Lilya replied: “This is the greatest country in the world. But most Americans don’t know it.”

    ‘I’ll Never Be the Same’: My Ukrainian Wife’s First Trip to the United States

  49. Comment by Car in on November 5, 2018 12:29 pm
    I have so much shit to do. Someone make me a list.

    Assemble driving playlist.
    Edit driving playlist.
    Kid run.
    Edit driving playlist again.
    Kill your kids and bury the bodies.
    Play with Moose.

  50. Already did crossfit. May hit the bike just to take the edge (off of my personality)

    I work at 5 and ethan needs me help set up his bank account. AGAIN. Don’t ask. kids. grrrr

  51. Those Cayman Island bank accounts are tricky.

  52. Countertops…..quartz or butcherblock?

    I kinda like the warmth the latter creates. Hmm. Though if I don’t do butcherblock, maybe cork floor?

  53. I like how quartz looks, but it’s hell on knives and plates. Maybe if I just used a cutting board, huh?

  54. Wed morning weather report

  55. Countertops…..quartz or butcherblock?

    Copper sheet.

  56. All I want for Christmas is an early Trumpmas.

  57. The marriage thread on the HQ turned bitter.

  58. They always do. I just avoid them now. Lots of folks turned bitter by bad experiences.

  59. My heart goes out to those guys. It’s only good luck and providence that separates me from a similar fate. I pray that I wouldn’t turn so bitter should it happen to me.

  60. Lots of relationships turning sour around me. Maybe it the age (of people I know). One of my childhood friends is getting divorced (she married a year after I did. Friend at crossfit. one of my HS classmates got served papers, and didn’t even know her husband was filing.

    Sad. Life should be getting just a little bit easier at this point, not harder.

  61. One of the things that gives me pause is that, by definition, you only get the one side of the story. Not that I believe folks necessarily lie, so much as they may have simply not seen the other side. Makes me somewhat reluctant to chime on most of them.

    Some folks, though, I legit feel awful for.

  62. ^exactly. I tell my kids that all the time. YOU simply don’t know. i also tell them that if they hear a story that seems so unbelievably unfair … chances are there are some missing details.

    My coworker told me a story about an ex friend who had all this HORRIBLE stuff happen to him … and isn’t that just so unfair … and I’m nodding along thinking “there are some major details missing here”.

  63. Lots of relationships turning sour around me. Maybe it the age (of people I know). One of my childhood friends is getting divorced (she married a year after I did. Friend at crossfit. one of my HS classmates got served papers, and didn’t even know her husband was filing.

    Sad. Life should be getting just a little bit easier at this point, not harder.

    How old are the kids? Money trouble? Mid-life crisis?

    It’s sad any way you slice it.

  64. I’m the same way: the bigger the sob story the more I can assume that there’s something that they’re hiding.

  65. Quartz!! And waterproof warm, tone manufactured wide plank flooring.

  66. Plus, if you have a long track record of bad relationships, the first thing to look at is what those relationships had in common.

    If item 1 on that list isn’t “you”, you’re doing it wrong.

  67. Huh. Kids over at Ace’s reminiscing about LauraW’s posts.

  68. Nuh-uh. Shut up.

    *crawls into closet and lays down on the lumpy shoes*

  69. Hey Lauraw, how did your bread turn out? I just tried to make that recipe with cage free eggs and I couldn’t get them separated without some yolks in the whites, and then they wouldn’t whip up at all.

    I’m going to go cage some chickens on general principals.

  70. How come no one is saying how racist this reporter is?

  71. Turned out nice and light, Pups.

    Neutral flavor, sturdy enough for a real sammich. Too eggy-tasting when toasted, better eaten untoasted. Almond meal bothers me sometimes but I think between it being almond flour (finer) and much less of it than in regular paleo bread, I had no tummy issues.

    Have yet to try the tortilla recipe, which I’m a bit more excited about.

  72. I know someone from Serbia………He’s all in on the Bernie train. I’m lectured on my backwardness. Guess he wasn’t old enough.

    My MIL came from that area. She would say Bernie-bros are idiots. She despises commies because ‘they lie and always come in the middle of the night…’.


    Two things:
    I am told the rifle on the right has the scope on backwards.

    To the guy on the left, “Keep your booger hook off the bang switch!”

  74. This is what happens when you believe NRA instructors are your dire enemies.

    And thank goodness for that.

  75. Heh. Mr. B. told me that after we left the get-together over the weekend, one of the female teammates sat in the lap of another female teammate’s husband, who is a bodybuilder. When #2 objected to said lap sitting, #1 said ‘well how could you not’, while squeezing #2’s husband’s big pythons. Later, at the firepit, #2 is drunk and goes off on #1 to a male teammate.
    I’m laughing because 1 – you don’t sit in someone else’s husband’s lap and 2. especially a husband of a woman who is still incredibly googly-eyed over him after 30+ years….and 3. done by a woman who kind of had a questionable reputation over the years.

    They – many of the teammates – belong to a group chat and #2 left a message with a subtle diss at #1. *snort*

  76. Quartz!! And waterproof warm, tone manufactured wide plank flooring.

    I’m still leaning quartz but I really like the look of the butcherblock, which could be a nice warm anchor to a mostly white room.
    Not going to do plank flooring in that kitchen because it butts up to the wood floor which carries through the house.

    If’n I do butcherblock, I could do the white on the floor. If I do quartz (lgt gray), cork may be the warm anchor for the room.

  77. My kitchen is from the 70’s.


  79. White formica with gold flake.

    That’s what you are looking for.

  80. This one was from the 50s. It still has the original sinus infected green colored vinyl flooring….that was hidden under some newer vinyl flooring that was screwed down with 600 screws.

  81. blerg.

  82. My hairdo is from the 70s.

  83. The 1570’s.

  84. Pupster’s link led me to a drama post with this comment:

    “Raise your kids, spoil your grandkids. Spoil your kids, raise their grandkids.”

    Gonna use that one.

  85. Hunchback, you know. Limited reach. No public salons, back in the day. Used to swipe back there with a recently-dead trout to slick it down in the back. I mean, I couldn’t see if it actually got slicked down. But if the trout was fresh dead it didn’t do any harm to try. You know how that is.

  86. The trout put a nice wave in.

    **runs away**

  87. Tuesday America takes an IQ test.


  88. Aw, you don’t have to run away, Roamy.

    I can see your house from the belltower.

  89. And, thanks. *flounces around with imaginary nice fishwave*

  90. 👋🏻 Guys. Our old Bug A Salt was recalled. New one has a warning on the box: Do not shoot at face or eyes.

  91. OK, goodnight peeples. Listen, sometimes Sean needs to turn in early. Don’t everybody rant peevishly if the guy takes a night off.

  92. I cant wait to vote tomorrow! Hopefully, my simple gesture will help Pelosi and friend’s from taking back the House…
    Is there a nice nice way of saying “Fuck Them?”

  93. “My hairdo is from the 70s”

    Is that that hairdo on the hunchback? I’m not sure that one counts.

  94. For Leon.
    Just because I think he’d enjoy it. If not, sue me.

  95. And, I’m going to sit here like Oso and talk to myself.
    That’s OK – I find myself to be quite entertaining. Should I tell jokes?

    I think most of them I got from here…

  96. A man walks into a. zoo. There was only one a animal there – it was a ShihTzu.

  97. A three-legged dog walks in a saloon. He says “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”

  98. Hi, Chi! You’re Oso comments need a bit more bourbon. 🥃

  99. Fuck me. Your. I totally fucked the grammar 🥃

  100. Why are dogs like mobile phones?

    Because they all have collar IDs

  101. I could go on, but I’m pretty sure none of you want me to…

  102. ‘Cause I was born lonely down by the riverside
    Learned to spin fortune wheels, and throw dice
    I was just thirteen when I had to leave home
    Knew I couldn’t derp around, I had to roam

  103. tuesday madness will be slightly delayed

  104. wakey wakey.

    Sorta packed. I guess I can’t work out this morning. That would be selfish of me.


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