MMM – Motivational Music Monday



I found this over the weekend and it is most excellent. No, I’m serious this time. LISTEN MUTHAFOCKERS. You need to give it a minute. I don’t know who this Samuel Pipes is, but he’s got some pipes. Get it? his name is Pipes?


Whatever. Tough crowd this morning.


This group also does a version of  “The Pot”, but this one really is the best.



Now, for all you haters, Tool has PROMISED the album will be out “soon”. They’ve even scheduled a tour of Europe for next summer.


Here’s them doing a cover of Rage’s “Wake Up”:



Apparently “Brass Against” is going on tour, if I’ve created any fans here today.


So my family REALLY hates this new band I’ve been listening to, and I figured why leave you guys out of the hate?  It’s practically a sport to make fun of my music here.  (this video has some sort of content warning, so you are warned- language, violence, what not):




They do a cover of some pop chick tune that is killer:



I LOVE THAT SONG.  Great running tune.


Well, I believe I’ve tortured you all enough.  Go out and make it a great day.    Don’t eat all the Halloween candy you’ve bought to pass out.   We’ve got a week left of election season, and who knows what they left is going to try to pull out of it’s ass in the remaining days.  Let’s be prepared.


  1. WordPress is being a bitch to me this morning. It refuses to leave me signed into the other account. keeps switching me back.

  2. What the fuck is this shit?

  3. i only hit the “like” button because i was afearred that carin would send her jack-booted hate monger squad to try and kick my ass

  4. I refuse to like this post. I’m speaking truth to power!! Suck it, Power!!

  5. WordPress is being a bitch today .

  6. I heard this song on Shameless and liked it.

    Another one by the same artist.

  7. It keeps changing my account – I even went and DELETED the other account. It brings up the correct account (Car in), then when I hit post it says ” you are trying to post to an account you are not signed into – car in – SMALL C). WTF. I’m over it this morning. I’ve done what I could. WHy does it keep reverted back when it SAYS I’m signed into the correct account?

  8. One last try, and I’m over this.

  9. test.

  10. That Tuba player though … man.

  11. Carin, the same thing happened to me…quite a bit and because of it, there is a tab named in my honor. It was not always my stupidity that logged me out. But my stupidity was sufficient often enough.

  12. xbreed went to a lot of trouble to help your kind out….

  13. just sayin

  14. I listened to part of the last one. In the midst of the guy giving his cement-mixer impression, I said “This is Carin’s running music,” and Scott and I both started laughing.

  15. Perhaps it’s because I listen to metal music, but these folks can go fuck themselves:

  16. Oh, I know everyone will most hate Amity Affliction. But did you listen to the first one? It really is amazing.

  17. The brass doing Lateralus?

  18. I open Firefox on the machine I’m currently on in Private mode, so I have to log back in to it daily. My home machines have some extra security so I can leave those logged in. Yay me, I guess.

    Also, only one of Carin’s posts doesn’t show the usual baby, so damned if I know.

  19. It wouldn’t post at all – it kept switching to the other baby picture … and I deleted that account. All these comments are from when I got it to work. I spent way too long this morning fixing it.

  20. Ah. WP is largely opaque to me. I shouldn’t be fine with that but I am. Go figure.

  21. Want to see what the Iowa Democrat has to say?

    It needs to be said, loudly and repeatedly in the next week: A vote for Steve King is an endorsement of the Synagogue Shooter. A vote for Steve King is explicit support for killing Jews and refugees. Choosing Steve King in the voting booth is the same as voting to acquit Robert Bowers in the jury room.

    How do you argue with that?

  22. What about rape?

  23. Well,

    1) Bowers is a suspect yet to be tried in court, so the metaphor is inapt per centuries of legal precedent.

    2) There are no ‘refugees’ coming to the US. Real ones stop in the first safe country after leaving their own.

    3) Has Steve’s opponent disavowed Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan?

    4) Drink bleach. It will help clear your mind so you can properly assess political facts.

  24. Yea, I was basically seeing red when a “friend” posted it on facedouche. GO FUCK YOURSELF was a large part of my argument.

  25. Someone needs to do a cartoon of those folks actually STANDING on the dead bodies making their political statements.

  26. “Make them cry on Tuesday night

    Remember election night, 2016? Seeing the stunned looks, the crying, the hysteria, the panic, and the angst among the elites, the media and the Beltway establishment? We can do this again. We can do it with your help and energy. Take a few friends to the polls. Take your elderly relatives. Take anyone you know who otherwise wouldn’t vote.

    Make them cry on Tuesday night!”

  27. Stolen from here:

  28. I like it, pepe. Tears are delicious.

  29. I have to get my absentee ballot arranged ASAP. Been chained to my desk for the last two weeks.

  30. I’m curious about next week. My head tells me the Nancy Pelosi will be speaker again just based on the sheer number of targets out there.

    But it’s not going to be a huge crushing wave. In fact, quite the opposite.

    The early voting numbers are freaky. They’re never like this.

    I wonder if we’re in some sort of total change brought about by the Orange Man.

  31. Early voting = lots of repeats.

  32. If the Dems have a single-digit majority, that will be interesting. There will be a lot of nervous Dems who won’t be willing to go along with the crazies in the party.

  33. I think its likely to fall in a single digit majority.


  34. Excellent Schlichter column. Although they are all really good if not great.

    My favorite Schlichter twitter is his, “How about you fuck off and I’ll say and do what I want!”

  35. I’m making the sous vide egg bites right now. The gruyere and bacon ones. Plus I dropped in a few pieces of cheesy broccoli from the cheese sauce I made Saturday. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

    I’m using the 8-oz jars instead of 4 -oz because I think a one-egg omelet is idiotic and a waste of time. And I don’t have any 4-oz jars. Just upped the cooking time by 1/2 hr, hope that’s enough. Should be fine.

    They come out of the water bath right before I get ready for work.

  36. If people are truly upset with Trump, then it will be a double digit majority. I don’t think they are, and I’m with scott, we keep the House, and gain in the senate.

  37. I think the single egg ones just mimiced what Starbucks did. Selling one egg omelettes for what, $6 apiece? No wonder they make billions.

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever had Gruyere cheese.

  39. I think it almost really doesnt matter. Forecast is for rain. I will repeat myself …..If they “win” they’ll lose their minds. If they “lose” their lose their minds…….either way this shit isn’t going to stop.

    Media desperately trying to convince the public that its mean orange man that started the “rhetoric.” What a bunch of bullshit. They act as if we cant remember last week, much less 3 yrs ago. As soon as this guy announced they started attacking him. He didn’t announce and open by saying CCN is fake news. So they attack him and he responds….but oh no! he cant do that! A President cant defend himself from political activists masquerading as “journalists.”

    Fuck these people and their constant pissing on legs while claiming its raining. *One of the many reasons this environment wont be calming down in the near future.

  40. And thats another thing….. these “journalists” ?? Bullshit. They should be called what they are Professional Political Activists employed as Journalists. Seriously. Sarah should take questions from Acosta by acknowledging his position. “I’ll take a question from Political Activist Acosta, Go ahead with your question Jim.” ….

  41. Jay, me neither, this is my first time having it. It’s good, a dry nutty cheese that’s not too salty, and melts smoothly with an unusually lovely flavor when toasted.

    I could probably duplicate the effect in most recipes by shredding some mild (not too funky) swiss cheese and cutting it 60/40 with some good parmesan.

  42. It’s spendy, so I grated it with my microplane to make cheese toasts the other day. A dab will do ya.

  43. Just had one out of the bath a little early. Meh, it’s okay. Souffle-like.

    Main selling point is that I can make a bunch ahead of time and because they’re pasteurized in the jar, they can be a grab and go that keeps for weeks on end in the fridge.

    But honestly, I like the texture of scrambled eggs better. And how often do I literally not have time to fry an egg? Almost never. My life is compatible with making fresh food at reasonable intervals. I’ll pass on doing a bunch more of these. End experiment.

  44. yeah, it takes 1.5 mins to scramble eggs in the microwave for breakfast.

  45. Yea, I keep seeing this posts to make “quick egg” things for morning. But eggs are the definition of quick.

  46. eggs in the microwave? This does not compute.

  47. I don’t even microwave food anymore. The texture is so much better if I just reheat with the stove/oven/toaster oven.

  48. takes less time in the microwave. One bowl dirty, pow.

  49. Coffee mug eggs are great as part of a breakfast sandwich, I just rub some butter on the sides and bottom of the mug, drop an egg in and scramble it around a bit, then microwave until it starts to sound like WW2. Perfect for homemade egg McMuffins.

  50. “One bowl dirty, pow.”

    is that your stripper stage name?

  51. the microwave egg thing must be a lazy dude thing –
    i do the same deal.
    eggs in an instant and only one dirty dish

  52. Aww, cute story. Scroll past if tl;dr, but I know lots of farmers who would do this:

    Today is a day I’ll not soon forget..

    As I was combining today, I was unloading into the auger cart and I saw a vehicle go by a couple times slowly and then pull over and stop. I had a minor repair to make and the vehicle stayed… I was a little concerned until I happened to catch 3 little sets of eyes looking out windows.

    I went over and they rolled down the window and I asked if they needed anything and the lady explained their grandchildren were visiting from Florida and had never seen “farmer stuff” up close. There were 2 boys and a little girl.. I’d assume they were between the ages of 6 and 9. The two boys were all giddy but the little girl, while sweet and excited was pretty quiet.

    I also happen to notice that she kept turning away from me and there was a scar or a birthmark or something on her face… And I felt really bad trying to figure out what it was because I was feeling like I’m staring at her..

    The grandmother and her husband thanked me for stopping and saying hi and said they would get going because they knew farmers were busy this time of the year… And I said be careful and have a good trip…

    It was then that one of the boys said are you going to be going soon cuz we would like to see what that machine does… the grandmother quickly quieted them and I said would it be okay if I took them for a ride…

    She then said No we’re sure your way too busy for that and I said no I’m by myself for now I’ve got time so she asked the two boys if they wanted to go and of course they did but the little girl stayed back.

    I asked her again if she wanted to go and she said no thank you and so the boys and I went and got in the combine and we made one round and came back… While in the combine I said why didn’t your sister want to come… they said shes shy. I then, because of curiosity, asked them about her face… And they told me it was a birthmark and that she gets picked on about it a lot.

    After their ride I walked them back over to their grandparents car and I said to the little girl How come you didn’t want to go for a ride? And she said well the boys always say that that kind of stuff is just for boys not for girls…

    I laughed and said You know, there are girl farmers AND I even had a young girl in that cab just yesterday. Would you like a ride? She looked at her Grandma and she said go ahead if you want.

    I then asked the grandmother if she had a smartphone and knew how to video… She laughed and said I have grandchildren of course I know how to video… So I told her have your phone ready and when you see me turn on the yellow flashing lights video the combine.

    The little girl and I got in the cab and I turned the machine around and went back into the field at the end of it and came back facing her grandparents vehicle. I then said to her…here.. you can turn the steering wheel… she first looked at me like I was on crack cocaine… But I finally convinced her and I told her not everybody gets to do this but people that are part of the special face Club definitely get to…but its a secret reason why you get to drive so you cant tell anyone. We even pinky swore on it…

    The smile she had made this old tired grumpy mans heart soft and there must have been some Bean dust in the cab because my allergies started acting up just a little bit… So I let her “steer” and turned on the yellow lights on the way back so her Grandma could video tape her “driving by”.

    We got out of the combine and she still had a huge smile on her face and ran over to her grandma and was a little Chatterbox did you see me did you see me I got to drive I got to drive… Her brothers were obviously a little miffed… And ask her why she got to drive… I was afraid she was going to tell them why… But with all the sass of a little brunette girl with her hair in a pony she looked at them both matter-of-factly and said Because girls CAN farm.

    My allergies started acting up a little bit again as she came back running over to me and gave me a huge hug and told me thank you… The grandfather came over and patted me on the shoulder shook my hand said I don’t know what you said to her…but that’s the biggest smile we’ve seen on her this vacation so far… the boys shook my hand and thanked me and got back into the vehicle and drove away… Leaving me to my thoughts

    And all I could think of was if one of the combines hadnt broke down yesterday, I wouldn’t have been in that field this morning, and I wouldnt have been by myself and we would have been really pushed wherever we were at to keep up with everything…and it proved to me once again everything happens for a reason…

    All three of their faces were on my mind the rest of the day but mostly hers… not because of her birthmark, because of her genuine smile in the confidence that she showed when she got to get out of that combine and “brag” a little to the boys.

    My gramps told me long ago to always be patient with children and people you come in contact with. I remember the countless times that he would let me “drive” the tractor… and the exhilaration and happiness that I felt during that time… And I swore that I was going to make other people feel that way when I got older… and I’ve definitely failed at that numerous times.. but I’m trying..

    But, Im kind of thinking maybe that’s what I did today or maybe that little girl made me feel like that little boy with his Gramps all those years ago.

    30 minutes out of 24 hours… I need to do that more often….

    Today was a good day… and one I shall not soon forget.

  53. the microwave egg thing must be a lazy dude thing –
    i do the same deal.
    eggs in an instant and only one dirty dish

    well, everyone but leon. But he’s not a lazy dude.

    *loads it up on sharepoint for pupster

  54. The cap is going back on the windmill today, after being rebuilt by carpenters:

  55. Watch this and tell me she’s not seriously mental:

  56. My daughter cooked pumpkin seeds with olive oil and Everything But The Bagel seasoning….EXCELLENT.

    We carved pumpkins last night at her house and played corn hole (shut up, scum) and barbequed. Delightful.

  57. Jay, the farmer who farms our property took Mr. Beasn for a ride in his combine a few years back, the one time we were there when he was harvesting. I don’t think he let him drive though.
    That made the ten year old boy in him happy for days.

  58. @ Jay…..Stop reminding me I have emotions you dickhead! Nice story.

  59. Weird how Gab’s host would dump them over the Jew killer. How come no other social media platform gets dumped when their whackjob subscribers do similar? Hmmm.

  60. Something is f*cked on my computer. I’m getting a ‘Windows could not connect to system event notication service’ message and a black screen for up to five minutes.
    Can’t figure out how to fix it. Did the winsock reset thing but that didn’t do anything.
    Only way I could get on to my account was log in through another admin acct I set up and then ‘switch user’. Meh.

    Reading about other fixes and some are so many steps – I’m not an IT person – I’ll stick to the above while not shutting down.

  61. Combines are fun machines. So many parts, and you feel so powerful

  62. IIRC Gab was already taking crap from their host/provider, so this was just a convenient excuse.

    The Internet has moved from its “wide open frontier” stage to its “homesteaders vs. ranchers” phase. Going to be real interesting once the Great Internet Range Wars begin.

  63. They were dropped from 2 providers, plus Paypal.

  64. beasn:

    Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator.
    Type “netsh winsock reset” (without quotes) and press Enter.
    Restart the computer.

  65. Did someone flip the NPC, err, UPS on the server?

  66. What is Hotspur doing RIGHT NOW?

  67. Probably involves a passel of bullwhips


  69. “They all look alike”

    From Hillary that’s guaranteed to increase her share of the black vote after the media repeatedly assures people she’s merely repeating what Trump would have said.

  70. How’s the soup, Scott?

  71. Welp, now I’m completely grossed out.

    And it’s not from the soup deal it’s from looking at the drunky Hillary saying stupid shit again.

  72. Salad/soup bars are gross.

    One jerk and everyone gets sick.

  73. How’s the soup, Scott?


  74. all those ass to mouf dealios give me the willies-

  75. that soup asshole deserves a wake-up slap to the back of the head

  76. A couple of months ago I spotted a guy at the bakery section of the grocery store handling the rolls with his bare hands.

    He was looking for the best ones, so he basically had his grubby hands on all of them.

  77. “all those ass to mouf dealios give me the willies-”

    and diarrhea.

  78. Also a great running song.

  79. *sneezes on blog sneeze guard.

  80. Fry Hard, with the chicken, on Reloaded!

  81. Stand on your toes and sneeze above it.

  82. Aww, it’s the fish and chips one. Darn.

  83. Well, Ford is using the orchestral version of Paint It Black now. How long until an orchestra is playing Guns and Roses for a commercial or TV show?

  84. Octoberfest is almost over!

  85. October(.)(.)fest

  86. Dan let me miss today’s sunrise. I was sleeping. He walked the whole path along the beach. Fat feral cats were giving him the “Aloha Eyes”. Mad-dogging in Santa Fe while saying “Hola!”. We walked across the pedestrian bridge to get to Coconut Marketplace for breakfast. Loco Moco and I had a breakfast sammich. Malasadas were an hour away from being ready. We went to sit on the beach at our usual hotel. Went back to Deli for Malasadas and tropical salt taffy. Started to rain. TMI we wore yesterday’s clothes and hadn’t showered. Lots of locals commenting on Steeler Dan and KC Oso. I was engaging in a conversation about the Chiefs with indigenous guy at homeless camp on his 2nd 40 of the day. Homeless camp flies the Hawaiian flag and a flag for Kauai, but not the US. They’ve declared themselves as a free and independent community divested from the US.

  87. Sounds like fun, Oso. Except for the whole homeless camp thing. It rained one day when I was in Maui, and I thought it was amazing…it just started as a light shower, stopped after 10 minutes and evaporated in an hour like it never happened. I’m jealous, that was 24 years ago this week.

  88. Scott, that happened when I worked in the bakery at Walmart. Guy came in in the morning to pick up donuts for his office. He would pick a few, put them in the box, lick his fingers…rinse, repeat. Then he decided there were a couple he didn’t want, so he put them back in the case. o_O
    When he left, I ran out there and threw out the ones he put back. I felt sorry for his coworkers.

  89. osita is a poet.

    Dan let me
    miss today’s sunrise.
    I was sleeping.
    He walked the whole
    path along the beach.
    Fat feral cats were
    giving him the “Aloha Eyes”.
    Mad-dogging in Santa Fe
    while saying “Hola!”.

    We walked across
    the pedestrian bridge to
    get to Coconut Marketplace
    for breakfast.
    Loco Moco and I
    had a breakfast sammich.
    Malasadas were an hour
    away from being ready.

    We went to sit
    on the beach
    at our usual hotel.
    Went back to Deli
    for Malasadas
    and tropical salt taffy.
    Started to rain.

    TMI we wore
    yesterday’s clothes
    and hadn’t showered.
    Lots of locals commenting
    on Steeler Dan
    and KC Oso.

    I was engaging
    in a conversation
    about the Chiefs
    with indigenous guy
    at homeless camp
    on his 2nd 40
    of the day.

    Homeless camp flies
    the Hawaiian flag
    and a flag for Kauai,
    but not the US.
    They’ve declared themselves
    as a free
    and independent community
    divested from the US.

  90. Not my intention. I was Oso commenting without acronyms

  91. Sean knows poetry.

  92. Pupster, there is no HI without homeless camp dealio. Mebbe Molokai and Lanai.

  93. Maui is amazing during whale migration. Too many Californians for me. St Therese is a beautiful church.


  95. Dammit, overcooked the cherry buckle. And it was smelling so good.

  96. By birth!!!!

  97. My California…we didn’t need a car. My California…we learned English. My California…the sun lightened my hair and browned my skin (Somewhat) without causing cancer.

  98. Natal California was rare…lots of Okie transplants.

  99. Damn…I’m old

  100. Kauai has been Californicated in the north and south. East and west is still pretty local. Inland is cool. We aren’t Princeville or Poipu types. I’m still so excited that I found a koa rosary. Hawaii Catholics are awesome. Church militant. Locals are apparently Steeler fans.

  101. Yeah, I was born here too. And a good house used to cost you $100 and you could ride on the freeway without getting shot and if you played outside in the summertime, the smog would kill you. Things change. I blame the Beach Boys.

  102. Yassss…the Beach Boys ruined California. 👊🏻

  103. Cats are cool. I’m used to Catdogs.

  104. Yeah, there should be unicorns
    The ones with the purple eyes
    It should be loud as derp
    Hope the swans don’t die
    There should be burning sun
    And naked slaves
    And if the police show up
    We’ll give them so much money it will make them cry
    And forgive us

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