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  1. that corgi thing is funny.
    my crazy sister has a corgi mix – base model “corgi” with mixed options

  2. his name is roscoe.
    nice dog – great temperament

  3. Corgi shepherd is killing me. Did he have a step-stool?

  4. I went to a farewell party for a co-worker last night. He’s only been with NASA two years, but his wife has been bitching non-stop about how much she hates Huntsville until he relented and found another job in another state. I feel sorry for him. After having met her, I figure that nothing will ever, ever make her happy.

  5. Major Pom is gonna get shared at work.

  6. So I was wrong about the bomber. How did he get all of the addresses?

  7. Alien, Italien… hahaaaaahhhaah
    And I love the birthday party shots.

    You should try and make more friends..BWHAHAHAHAH

    You did it again, Pups, memes full of hilarity.

  8. Roamy, I hope they do find out and everything is on the up and up. But there are a lot of weird questions. JUST LIKE LAS VEGAS.

  9. We had opossum scat on one of the hay bales yesterday, so the traps went out last night. I don’t have a pond here, so if we caught anything I’m going to have to do things the hard way.


  10. Notabomber still reeks of false flaggery.

    Also, Sean M is an uncultured wanker.

    And the fucking geese need to STFU, it’s still early.

    /sees it’s after 7

    …stupid mornings.

  11. Wheelbarrow should hold enough water for a proper drownin.

  12. Off to NH. If its snowing I am going to cry.

  13. Possums eat ticks!

  14. I might do that next time, but then I have a wheelbarrow full of water to dump and I ran my well to get it.

    Dispatched with spade this time, wasn’t fun.

  15. wakey wakey

  16. Opossums also carry a fatal equine infection that propagates through their scat, Mare. My wife’s horses could die painfully if they get it.

  17. What’s your gut sense tell you? Meniscal tear is what I think you mentioned. Repair vs resect are gonna be the options if it’s been going on this long. Waiting for spontaneous healing has already happened.

    Small meniscus tear. That’s my gut. Perhaps one of the repairs didn’t take?

  18. Yesterday was going pretty well with erin, and she was pretty much in a good mood at work mostly. Went to Applebees with a friend after work to EAT (it’s across from our restaurant) and who fucking walks in.


    Four steps back? i don’t know how many steps back.

    She wants to get away to florida with me for a little vacation (says it’s all she wants for her birthday), so I’m trying to arrange that. That perked her up. Maybe planning over the weekend will bring her back.

    My aunt and uncle live in florida, so we’ll go down and stay with them.

  19. Ohhhhh, didn’t know that, Leon. Yikes. Kill the possums!!

  20. Even if they were just spoiling hay, I’d have to do it, but the EPM risk makes it a critical thing. And right now there are no cats deterring them.

  21. 55 gallon barrel full of rain water a potential solution? I’d probably be more prone to invest in a air rifle or pistol strong enough for small game.

  22. protozoan remediation not withstanding – Felis catus has been an ecological disaster wherever introduced

  23. hopefully scott isn’t crying

  24. Keeping water in a barrel is fine until the hard freeze. An air rifle might work, but it’s another purchase. I can’t risk killing traps.

  25. I wonder if Oso ran into any relatives on Kauai? I think she’s related to about 83% of the population in the US.

  26. Might be a new tear in a knee not quite ready for full activity after a period of relative inactivity and inflammation. Could be a failed repair. I’m sure your surgeon kept pictures of the repair in his file. He’ll know.

  27. Most kids don’t know that your knees are important for the rest of your life and not just sports. I know it’s important to him but he may have to accept that soccer is too knee centric (especially for a guy with a previous serious injury).

    It’s hard to accept that, I know.

  28. OH man, we just got some thunder that sounded like the end of the world, and real close. brrrr, dang

    Rainy dark cold day here. I should start cooking some food but I need another coffee.

  29. 2018 BBF tournament starts next week, it’s going to be tough to decide since all candidates support our veterans and advocate for sensible health care reforms.

    Leon, would you be interested in compiling some demographic charts and graphs with statistical data? I think the results would be interesting.

  30. If you give me data, I’ll give you charts and graphs.

    The weight chart will be a Dirac delta function with the centroid about “110 lb”.

  31. I’m a little sluggish and very slightly hungover this morning, so I’m being lazy. It helps that it’s wet and cold outside.

    Today’s chores:
    Make chicken enchiladas.
    Make meatballs for the potluck next Friday.
    catch up on bible reading
    Do some work to try and get ahead of next week

  32. I’m making a meatloaf. Anyone have a favorite recipe?

  33. The new Red Dead Redemption is stupid good. You can select multiple camera views in play, the depth of rpg management features is just about overwhelming, graphics outstanding.

    I give this game a 10 Dick, it got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

  34. First you get some meat….

  35. Fishy, fishy, fishy.

    “Initially Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated Mr. Sayoc could face up to 58-years in prison under the indictment. However, that statement was later corrected by DOJ spox to be a maximum of 48-years was possible from the current charges.

    This is particularly curious given the very carefully worded statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the nature of the device(s): “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction.” While Director Wray went to great lengths to state the devices were “not a hoax“, if the device was an actual explosive device the charges for each of the incidents would equal a life-term.

    The terminology: “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction“, could literally mean just about anything from CoffeeMate powered coffee creamer, to any other powered combustible.

    As former federal proseuctor Andrew McCarthy noted, if the mailed IED devices were “functionally explosive” they would fall under the category “weapons of mass destruction” [defined here by U.S. code] and the indictment would include 18 US Code 2332a [SEE HERE] The absence of this charge infers the devices were not functionally explosive.”


  36. Been wondering this for a long time – why the heck does Rosenstein and Wray still have a job?

  37. I have some coconut flour kicking around, I’ll give that a try. Got the hamburger. We have a hunk of corned beef, about 4 x 4 x 4 ” but we don’t have a meat grinder. I know I’ll eat it with finely diced but recognizable pieces of corned beef studding the loaf but it might not go over with my better half.

  38. It’s basically a giant meatball, Jimbro. You can put anything in it that would work in a meatball, even diced black olives.

  39. You can put anything in it that would work in a meatball, even diced black olives.

    This statement makes you untrustworthy.

    ANyone who would try to sneak olives, under the guise of MEATLOAF … which should be an olive SAFE zone.


  40. If I recall momma’s recp. Meat, Egg, crushed up croutons or bread crumbs, salt, pepper, chopped onions, light Italian seasoning. Mix, bake, half way through pour layer of ketchup on top…….tada! Pretty sure the school system used a similar recp. Throw some mashed taters and peas on the plate and I was happy camper.

  41. *invents avocado meatloaf*

  42. I like olives, Car in. Lots of people do, it wouldn’t be sneaky in any way so long as all know it going in.

  43. If you give me data, I’ll give you charts and graphs.


    Also, an inexpensive pellet rifle is a good investment for your situation, one that you can pump up to higher pressures when needed, it may not have the finality of a spade but a shot through the bars in the trap might be a little less traumatizing for all parties.

  44. https://tinyurl.com/yd9fnosb

  45. Dammit!

    Too late …


  46. Shooting up a synagogue = anti-semite = democrat

    Watch and see.

  47. That meme is too funny, roamy. LOL

  48. Just saw that, leon. Guy has been arrested but no name. Hmm.

  49. Robert Bowers according to AoS comments.

    Hates Trump because he’s controlled by the Jooooos.

    This will be used as a cudgel against… well… everyone who isn’t a democrat.

  50. It’s always a cudgel against everyone who isn’t a democrat.

  51. I talked to my dad this morning.
    1. He reads the old hometown obituaries every morning.
    B. One of his friends passed away. Hadn’t seen him since they moved in 1992, but they exchanged Christmas cards until Mom passed in 2009.
    (pi). He hinted that I should send flowers.

    I am being a bad daughter today, and I’m okay with that.

  52. Why doesn’t your dad send the flowers?
    How are you a bad daughter?


    It was an economics book!

  54. Dad’s broke. Stepmom spent $600 on new clothes for the winter (grimace), so he doesn’t have any $$ to spend on flowers.

    I’m supposed to follow his hint, hint, hint. I have bought flowers in the past and included his name on the card, but that was for family members. I’m not motivated for this guy. I’m truly sorry he passed, and I will pray for the repose of his soul and comfort for his family, but, no, I’m not buying flowers.

  55. I’m with you, roamy.
    He should probably ask his wife to buy a sympathy card.

  56. Color scheme…this one…

    or this one…

    Cabinets will be white. Just trying to figure out backsplash and countertops. Everyone seems to be doing gray these days until they won’t be. Going for longevity.

  57. That’s weird. No linky is showing up. Let’s try this..


  58. Or this…


  59. I like the green one better.

  60. I like the light-colored floor over the dark one, especially in a small kitchen.

  61. I like the green one too.

  62. lauraw, the floors will be light colored.

    I prefer white as it shows any bugs needing to be squashed for trespassing.

    The sea glass colored backsplash makes my eyes happier but I wonder if it will stand the test of time. The white backsplash will go with anything.

  63. White will also show every last spatter and speck of dirt. Go with the pale green.

  64. Here is the kitchen we did downstairs. Still have to do the backsplash but I’m leaning for maybe a varied stone of colors picked up out of the countertop.


  65. The cabinets at the new place will be the same style as above, but white.

  66. Went with angled cabinets to the right of the stove because of the needed access to the only place we had to put a pantry….so in-laws could properly open the door to it. My MIL never had a pantry before.

  67. Rocketboy had no pantry in the place he rented the last two years of school. I thought that was weird.

  68. Mare, I wouldn’t be surprised to be related to the owner of Verde. He’s an Albuquerque native married to a local girl. NM/Hawaiian Fusion. 2 locations now. I can get my chile fix!!!

  69. No pantry? Where did they put small appliances, canned goods, and paper products?

  70. The kitchen is pretty small and it didn’t have a pantry or much storage of any kind. If I ordered a ‘utility’/pantry from Lowes, it will be $1100.


    We’re going to build one.

  71. Good idea.

  72. Osita, one cupboard was used for groceries, boxed stuff on the top shelf, cans on the bottom shelf. Everything else stayed on the counter. There were two other cupboards – one for glasses and cups, the other for plates and bowls- and one below-the-counter cabinet for pots and pans. The space below the sink had the cleaning supplies and paper towels. The fridge was short, so they used the top of the fridge for storing some stuff.

  73. oso, at one house, my in-laws used a shelf on the landing to the basement for their canned goods/cereals/etc. Their last house, they used a bookshelf in the basement. Which is weird because they did have enough cabinet space at that house to store food. Paper products went under bathroom sinks.
    Downstairs, we built them a small closet/pantry…which she stores the food with plenty of room left over…and she puts extra paper products on the shelves we put in her laundry ‘closet’. Open the door…on the left, washer/dryer unit…to the right…four shelves and floor space for laundry basket/hamper.

    At The House, maybe the occupants had free standing shelves in the corner? Who knows.

  74. We like local grinds. Went to a BBQ place in Lihue industrial area. I had pork ribs with Hawaiian BBQ sauce. Dan had the pork belly tonino style. Verde today followed by Kilauea Market tonight. Mmmm…lumpia. Malasadas aren’t as available here as on the Big Island.

  75. Beasn, Dan doesn’t like “Clutter” on the counters. Walk-in pantry at all 3 apartments before Condo. He bought wire shelves to maximize canned goods. He uses the cabinets above the microwave and fridge for things we don’t often use. Handled soup/chile bowls or large mugs. Christmas plates that aren’t Lenox. He converted an old bread box for spices.

  76. I made french honoign soup, garlicky cheese toasts, and baked potatoes with broccoli-cheese sauce. It’s a carbalicious day today.

    Oh, and bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. I cut a big hunk of slab bacon into thick slices and baked them on a baking sheet in the oven. I like how they turned out, flat and evenly browned. I think I turned them twice and moved them around the sheet pan a little to even them out, but that was it. Much easier to deal with than standing there frying, and I was able to do other stuff in the meanwhile. This will now be The Way.

  77. I didn’t let my meat loaf.

  78. The fan on our stove sucks so frying bacon or cooking fish means a 2 or 3 day olfactory commitment. The bacon rations have steadily declined as Paula has been with me. Thank goodness the eggs have remained strong.

  79. That’s another thing! No aerosolized grease flying around the kitchen! Pretty sweet. We don’t have a fan at all in here.

  80. Erin’s at work. Pat’s at work. It’s gray out side. booo hisss.

  81. I made half the cheese toasts with a slice of bacon in there. Holy shit. I kind of like them a lot without the bacon though, too.

    Same, Carin. Been alone all day, weather is nasty. Scott’s working. So I got to play in the kitchen all day in my pajamas.

  82. Much easier to deal with than standing there frying, and I was able to do other stuff in the meanwhile. This will now be The Way.

    You… didn’t already do this? I’ve baked bacon for years. Like you said, no aerosolized grease, flat strips of bacon, and you can cook large amounts at once and drain off the fat for later use.

  83. No, I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life, Colex!!

  84. Tomorrow I think I’ll try my hand at making gougeres. Been meaning to for years but I finally have a chunk of gruyere to experiment with.

  85. I like the green one, too!

  86. ***reminds self to refresh before commenting***

  87. If she’s going to be there for a good long time, choose the green. If there’s a good chance she’ll be flipping it inside ten years or so, go with a neutral color. Houses are so flippy around here, everybody does grey or taupe/beige.

  88. There was snow, but not enough to make me cry.

  89. Ok, cleaned out my pantry. All that talk of pantry. Mine didn’t have much stuff that needed to be tossed (we do that pretty regularly). But cleaned. Moved all the shelves, etc.

    House is clean.

  90. Just got back from the Tile Store. The closest they came to the ‘green’ one was…look at the picture…to the left of the window….not the top left, which is the true tones of the tile, but the mid and lower left. That soft greenish hue is what they had. Once the cabinets are in, will definitely see if that one is The One.

  91. Then I ran into the husband at the grocery store. We were checking out their bakery cookies and he walked right past, to the cupcakes (for our neighborhood cul-de-cue, which will be COLD AS TITS!) and didn’t notice us.
    So I went up behind him and grabbed his hiney. HAHA, made him blush.
    Beasnette wondered what I would have done had it not been dad. I would have laffed and laffed.

  92. Heh.
    “7,000 American Troops Go to Iceland for NATO Training Exercise, Promptly Drink Every Beer in Sight

    According to the sources of Vísir, the soldiers preferred local beers over imports and were very willing to sample different microbrews as well as the more popular standard lagers.

    The local blogger Eiríkur Jónsson spoke to restaurateurs who said they had never experienced a similar situation. Bar owners who ran out of beer tried to solve the issue by borrowing from bars which were better stocked, whilemembers of the delivery team from Ölgerðin were called out to help the bar owners cope, but “they were fighting an overwhelming force,” as Eiríkur puts it.”


  93. I bought an Icelandic yogurt today. This stuff


    It was pretty good. Thick, like pudding. I’m not a big yogurt eater but this was pretty good. And as you can probably guess, expensive stuff

  94. You can make all you want for the price of milk.

    Yogurt is a scam.

  95. I’d make my own if I actually ate it all that often. I saw it while looking for cream cheese and said, “Huh, wtf is this?” First yogurt in months.

    I just read it’s actually considered a cheese despite being called yogurt


  96. Anybody else find it ‘curious’ that @Ryan Saavedra was listening to the scanner in Philly and when he heard the name of the shooter, went to twitter, gab, and facefuck to try and grab screenshots of his stuff and saw them being deleted before his eyes?
    The shooter was on the ground with bullet-holes in him.
    Who was ‘cleaning-up’ his social media history, and why?
    It was very fast, as soon as the name came out.
    Who is “The Janitor” for these folks?
    Is it a service, like ‘insurance’ you buy?

  97. Your yogurt is a lie.

  98. ChrisP, every pic except for one that I’ve seen of the pipe bomber, he’s as white as me. Makes me wonder if they are making him another “white hispanic”.

  99. Roamy, si.

  100. The pipe non-bomber has a Filipino last name. Do you think he runs in the same circles the Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend does?

    Funny how they left his suspicious looking twitter feed up. Another site ‘mylife’ had him as a democrat…which switched to republican rather quickly. Wonder if anyone checked to see if he was on facebook.

  101. Wouldn’t this kind of social media scrubbing be akin to destruction/tampering with evidence?

  102. Ho lee schitt, we were busy for Homecoming. Won the game too, so that contributed. Short handed too.

  103. Great column on Gosnell at AOS. Did anyone see it? The only time I could see it they cancelled the Sunday showing.

  104. “Dump Eric!” Rick pleaded.

  105. Wakey wakey from Prague!

  106. Prague Fall

  107. Hotspur, you been eating European pastries you fat ass!

  108. You know who’s a hero? Chelsea Clinton. That’s who. She’s saving the planet by taking shorter showers and flying smaller private planes.

    Hotspur, even though you’re in Prague would you please call Chelsea the name she deserves?

  109. Imagine being in such a delusional bubble that you brag about flying smaller private jets.

  110. Mare, I think you’re overlooking the deep personal risk she is placing herself in to make these sacrifices for all of us!

  111. She’s not really taking “smaller” private jets. She’s just taking jets instead of driving.

  112. rick is a dick – he’s always had it in for the good guys…

  113. hot-n-tot i hope you’re fitting in over there:

  114. Well, that’s not a great start to the morning. Got mad at Mr. RFH because he said what a lazy Saturday yesterday was. I did five loads of laundry, cleaned the mess they left in the kitchen from Friday night (ran the dishwasher, unloaded it, reloaded it, ran it again, handwashed the pots that wouldn’t fit), cooked lunch, cooked dinner, and decluttered a kitchen bag full of garbage. Bite me.

    I’d sit on my ass all day today, but the trebuchet team is coming over, so I’m going to straighten up the house and cook dinner for 8. Crockpot beef tips, I think.

  115. I hope he felt sheepish. Shoot, you were kicking butt.

  116. Heh, I’ve stepped in that punji stick lined pit before Roamy.

  117. Yesterday I put clean dishes away, taxied Ben around, went grocery shopping, made and cooked a giant meatball, harvested a rodent and went to the dump this morning. She was a little upset with me when I suggested we turn the game off after the Dodgers were up 4-0 and we missed the come back but I think she appreciated the sleep more than watching it.

  118. HA! I think my husband has too. He had to leave early, he’s helping out at the World Championship Kona Windsurfing competition today and he said, “Is it okay if I leave this pan here?” He’d made eggs and had to rush out.

    I started laughing and said “of course!”

  119. You know who else is saving the planet by rarely taking showers and walking where they need to go? Haitians, that’s who. Because Chelsea needed a fancy wedding and stole all the aid that could’ve gone to build them better water services and showers.

  120. It’s gonna be a lazy Sunday, after I pack this desk.

  121. I did my laundry yesterday. Crazy lady wants me to tear the carpet outta the living room today. Cause that’s a one day project that should suggested at 8 in the morning on a Sunday. The tearing it out isn’t the problem (I’m real good at tearing shit up). It’s getting her provided replacement installed. I am not even close to a carpet installer, always hated messing with “floor systems”….

  122. Went to the store for apples and spiedie stuff – two of car in s lezbaru driving buds where there The dude of the duo had on a Beer Tree logo’d sweat shirt. She gave me a dyspeptic sneer – I guess she thought I was staring at zher moobs.

  123. Pull a hammy troy. You can’t work if you’re hurt.

  124. Dracula vs. Wanda

  125. Hahaha, jam, staring at zher moobs.

  126. No wait..isn’t staring the same as rape?

  127. jam, raping zher butches.

  128. BAHAHAHA, roamy, that’s too funny.

    “Heyyy, word up, then grab a straw cuz if’n you drink it up….CLAP ON..”

  129. We remodeled a house for the in-laws. Took out the carpet, the old linoleum under that, then the rotten plywood under that, then the ruined hardwood, and finally the joists. Ended up standing on dirt and rebuilding from scratch.

  130. Husband is working over at the house again to remove the remaining 500 screws from the kitchen floor. Then he’ll pull up the original linoleum, to see how much of the subfloor (which was boards back then, not plywood) he’ll need to replace due to water damage. Joists look okay.

  131. LOL at the Dems trying to make Trump an anti-Semite. Obama was the anti-Semite. The Israelis immediately wrote off Obama as any kind of an ally after the 1967 borders comment.

  132. Anyone here collect frog figurines?

  133. Interesting, the left is trying to prevent people from saying negative things about Soros. We must be hitting an important target. Saying Soros is an effing Nazi, which he was, is now supposed to be a dog whistle about hating the Jews.

    Aint going to work, assholes.

    Soros is the effing devil.

    Those assholes are trying to get sympathy for Soros by saying he’s a Jew? Good luck with that, Soros is an antisemitic scum.

  134. “jam, raping zher butches.”

    seeings how hot-d’spot is taking a couple of weeks off, i figured i’d take one for the team. quotas being what they r.

    ogling human beach ball-cum-truck-drivers is not normally my gig – but whatev

  135. The NPCs are running their subroutines again. (Holy shit, what a dead on meme that is…)

    Went to a Halloween/birthday party for two of my closest friends in a geek-centric bar last night. Which was overcrowded inside and cold and MUSIC WAY TOO LOUD AND DON’T FIT IN THE CHAIRS outside. Whole thing was lame. Lasted two hours before bailing, an hour before the costume contest (I don’t do costumes).

    I feel bad about it on the one hand, but on the other, it was pretty lame.

  136. I added this recipe for ketoish bread to the recipe’s blerg, I’ve been making it for a week and it is pretty good.


    Baking some now and the house smells better than usual.

  137. It is a wonder you don’t get out more, Cav.

  138. I hate being called a racist homophobe antisemite 24/7. then when I defend myself I’m the bad guy.

  139. Eh. Largely my fault I don’t get out more. I probably have unrealistic expectations.

  140. https://is.gd/_Hey_Jay__upload_THIS_to_share point

  141. Maybe it’s because yer old enough to have realistic expectations eh? I find as my behaviorial knowledge of humans increases, my desire to associate with them in close proximity decreases. I think I have “my lawn” syndrome.

  142. Cav, I understand. The dive bar I go to on Fridays was hosting a costume contest. There weren’t too many people left by the time I got there (went to dinner with friends beforehand), but at least the bartenders were cute and dressed up. One was dressed like Lara Croft, complete with low-cut tank top and push-up bra.

  143. Was she packing?

  144. She was not MMM approved…

  145. Pats aunt still doesn’t speak English. Everyone over tonight. Went well. Made lasagne.

  146. MMM approved


  147. https://is.gd/_____Guidwife_material

  148. Unfortunately the crowd where I was wasn’t quite so interesting. Think of every cliche of geeks you know and give them human form. That’s who was there.

    Thing is, once was a time I wouldn’t have cared. Apparently that’s not who I am any longer. Don’t know if that’s age or depression or both. Frustrating, this.

  149. Know how many Hall of Fame QBs have blue eyes?

    After Manning, Brady, and Favre get in it will be 24 out of 25.
    (not counting Moon because he’s black)


  150. “BRASILIA, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Far-right lawmaker Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, riding a wave of frustration over corruption and crime that brought a dramatic swing to the right in the world’s fourth-largest democracy.”

    this is reuters intro …. what asswipes.
    brazil was going the way of every other commie shit hole…

    what’s the over/under on someone capping that poor bastard before he has a chance to do some good?

  151. i loved traveling to brazil –
    vibrant ppl
    AMAZING food
    great coffee
    pretty good beer
    beautiful country side
    did i mention the lovely ladies…
    the bottle dance
    and ….. Caipirinha!!!!

  152. Forgot about Brees, 25 out of 26.

  153. YooHOOO….where is oso?

    LOL. Otter Bingo vs. Ikea shark


  154. https://is.gd/KEVNXx

  155. beasn needs otters.

  156. I bet you can train otters to herd piggies.

  157. Here’s one for Oso and Dan in HI.

  158. How great were The Drifters? Pretty great group. Just sayin’.

  159. Drifters don’t think so highly of you, laura. Just sayin’

  160. Mmm, had to go get a couple egg rolls from my favorite chinese place. Delish!

  161. Man, people had class back in the 50’s. I mean, back then, even Drifters wore suits.

  162. Well, they don’t know me. Plus they’re probably all dead, right?

  163. Great song, Lauraw. In VA, It was always “Up On The Roof”. The Drifters are part of my soundtrack. Mare, back me up. When you are on Kauai, everyone asks you what hike you are doing. All about the hiking. Sleeping Giant? Waimea? NA Pali? We drive up to the waterfalls…you can see hikers swimming in the rivers. Hiking and camping gear for rent. Not just snorkeling and board sports

  164. I bet you can train otters to herd piggies.

    *stares off into the horizon trying to figure out how I can bring this to fruition*

    Otters have slickery fur. You know who else had slickery fur? My Biggles. He may have been an otter in a previous life. Or a basset hound.

  165. sean, I went out and bought some candy corn. Brachs. Ate some with peanuts. The heck? I couldn’t taste the peanuts. I’ll keep eating the candy corn by themselves TYVM and the peanuts with raisins where you can taste both. Mmm, raisins.

  166. Were they salted peanuts? It’s kind of a sweet/salty deal. If they were unsalted, I can see how the flavor could get lost in the shuffle.

  167. Saw this in the “NEWS” from a couple different sources;


    It could be true…

  168. Lightly salted. Do you like raisins? Eat the peanuts with raisins. Better sweet/salty thing.

    I still lurve me some candy corn, tho.

  169. ChrisP, I also saw where the bars were allocated 3 beers per Serviceperson.

  170. ChrisP, I linked the story yesterday evening.

    Here ya go…


  171. Salted raisins, peanuts, and candy corn. Chex Mix cereal is at the Club for homemade. Dan is using candy corn this year. In addition, not in lieu

  172. Crap, someone check the drain, wordpuss ate my response with ChrisP.

    ChrisP, scroll up to 7:14ish. I linked that story there.

  173. Nah, I’ll eat candy corn by itself. I love the peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chip combo.

  174. Beasn, you know what is creepier than Otter hands?

  175. b-rad pointed this out to me. Amazing!

  176. Otter feet!!!

  177. Great…Sean is going to start punching moon deniers

  178. You’ve got this!!! Thanks XB

  179. I was eating a fruit/nut trail mix earlier that includes raisins, dried pineapple, peanuts, and pistachios, among other things. Good stuff.

  180. Comment by osoloco11 on October 28, 2018 11:09 pm
    Beasn, you know what is creepier than Otter hands?

    Joe Buck?

  181. Beach walking time

  182. Done beasn

  183. Glad XBrad did that. **passes down a Diet Dr Pepper for Sean**

  184. *hugs roamy*

  185. Squishy hugs back, Sean.

  186. Roamy!!! I was able to find a Koa wood rosary. Let’s get this Novena started.

  187. Dan was hit by a large piece of driftwood. Knocked him on his butt. Landed on a larger piece of driftwood. I told him not to wade.

  188. I need to get me a wood rosary. When you starting the Novena and which one?

    oso, make Dan wear floaties.

  189. Delete every reply, please.

  190. Gab is on the fritz. Pittsburgh massacre dude used it so the web host dropped it. Gab sent out a statement yesterday disavowing him and included their policy on terroristic threats. Apparently not enough.

  191. All the wrong people have been trying to kill Gab since it started.

  192. My work day started yesterday afternoon, so an emergency Monday poat would be welcome.

  193. I don’t use the socials – but I’ll sign up for Gab when it comes back on line.

  194. I’m at work otherwise I’d throw one up. We definitely need a new one before Oso sees the Wally Wiggle

  195. I joined Gab a while ago but don’t really use it that much. Twitter has daily emails highlighting tweets from people you follow and that’s really the only thing that gets me there.

  196. On Gab since ’16, but haven’t logged on since dad died. Lost all interest at that stage and haven’t gone back. Probably don’t remember my login even.

  197. Man, the Dems are pushing one candidate here like crazy. She’s the equivalent of Ocasio-Cortez. Total socialist. They are pouring money into her campaign. Constant ads, sometimes 3 or 4 commercials in a row.

  198. Is someone making one? I gots a second.

  199. Except, of course, I can’t fucking log in.

  200. I’m somehow logged into a different account. I dunno. Unless someone took me out as an admin, but I’m pretty sure I fucked this up from my end.

  201. test.

  202. Ok, I tink I fixted it.

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