Hello commuters, and welcome to Big Bombus Friday.


bombous (bom’bus)— adj. convex; spherical.




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Stop asking me why I won’t take the things you give me
I’m not gonna smile
When you shake my hand an tell me you’re not happy with me

Your model for today was born November 6th, 1990 in Pompei, Napoli, Italy.  She stands 5′ 5″, 34-24-36 and 110 lbs.  Please freshen your breath and say buongiorno to Miss Valentina Nappi!



  1. Today’s band: The Staves are an English indie folk trio of sisters Jessica, Camilla and Emily Staveley-Taylor from Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

    I bet they’d be fun to party with.

  2. I’d be okay with sharing some carbs with Valentina

  3. She’s pretty ugly.

    9/10 would ham sandwich.

  4. In that last pic, she looks identical to a woman I worked with in Nashville. I mean, I never saw her in lingerie but same face and build with blonde hair. She was like magic in project meetings, she could turn on the charm and those contractors would just do what she asked, luckily she used her power for good.

  5. The Staves have a definite indie vibe about them. I listened to a couple of their other songs. Similar stuff.

  6. I’d occupy her like Army Group C.

  7. I’ve worked with a few women who have used their attractiveness to their advantage in a way that was admirable (as opposed to downright slutty). None of them wore lingerie around the office either.


  8. I don’t miss working around attractive women. Too distracting, and too many of them leveraged it to minimize their workload.

  9. Pupster is muy bien hombre. He know los chichis grande.

  10. I see where Ms. Nappi has done some instructional videos of the adult variety.

  11. Un hombre muy bueno, no?

  12. She’s built to have babies! And adult movie residuals.

  13. Wakey wakey

    Pretty waitresses often do NOTHING in the kitchen. And zero of their side work.

  14. This is carried into many a work environment, I assure you.

  15. miss nappi hates everyone ‘cept j’ames

  16. i had a friend in hs named nappi – he had 2 sisters – neither of which looked like this nappi

  17. Yeah, the downside of working with her was every other female HATED HER with an all consuming passion and actively worked against her personally and professionally. She had zero female coworker friends.

  18. In restaurant work, that ^ isn’t the case. But people do start to figure out how they do NOTHING and it does cause friction. Guys might not might doing extra work for women, but women don’t put up with that shit. Sometimes it solves the problem, because they will call her out.

  19. Office hot chicks are always frenemies.

  20. /stamps “APPROVED”

  21. Has someone bombed this thread?

  22. Nah, I hit the men’s room before posting.

  23. I don’t know how you people can spend time here and still somehow get all your rapin’ done. I’m looking at the tally board, and your numbers aren’t realistic. I think some of these aren’t rape-rape.

  24. I was busy making avocado butter to put on my sunbread.

  25. I’ve been counting self rape.

    *consults MLR rulebook

  26. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 26, 2018 9:43 am
    I was busy making avocado butter to put on my sunbread.

    Hipster weirdo.

  27. “I was busy making avocado butter to put on my sunbread.”
    weird euphemism

  28. Cory Booker got a package.

  29. Elizabeth Warren has been discriminated against.

  30. “I think some of these aren’t rape-rape.”

    oy!! i was under the impression that according to the metoo’er’s all i had to do was furtively glance in the general direction of teh chicky-babes and —- BAMMM!!!! rapist

    was there a rule change while leon was pounding some butter out?

  31. and clapper too

  32. these proggies don’t know when to stop

  33. super-optimal stimuli

    it’s a way of life for those asswipes

  34. CoAlex, your idea about a “three point” model of US politics misses teh all important fourth, “control over others”, which is the real basis of Progressivism. It is antithetical to personal freedom and equality and undermines stability.

  35. Hipster weirdo.

    I know, I know. I blame my wife. She had avocados she couldn’t eat in time, so I had to do something with them.

  36. You get a bomb!

    You get a bomb!

    You get a bomb!

  37. Postal service doesn’t work on Sunday, but someone will still get a bomb.

    Schumer and Pelosi have to be on deck.

  38. Erin wants me to take her someplace warm for her b-day.

    So now i need to figure that out.

  39. Comment by Brother Cavil on October 26, 2018 10:00 am
    CoAlex, your idea about a “three point” model of US politics misses teh all important fourth, “control over others”, which is the real basis of Progressivism. It is antithetical to personal freedom and equality and undermines stability.

    No, control of others is a second-order effect. The progressive drive for radical equality eventually leads to the conclusion that every aspect of your life must be controlled in order to fully achieve their goal. Some people are attracted to progressivism because they desire to control, but I don’t think that a desire for control is the underlying ideological force behind progressivism. A desire for control can also pop up from the conservative point as well; if your attempt to enforce stability leads to rigidity that demands no changes to society at all. Think of a culture like Imperial Japan.

    In fact, I think there’s a case to be made that the left used to be concentrated along the equality-stability edge, prior to WWII. Hence the rise of fascism and communism as left-wing ideologies despite some significant differences; communisim was very close to the equality point, while fascism was further along the towards the stability point. By the 1960s, the left shifted to the equality-personal freedom edge due to the political benefits of the sexual revolution and an attempt to harness the civil rights movement.

  40. Comment by car in on October 26, 2018 10:09 am
    Erin wants me to take her someplace warm for her b-day.

    So now i need to figure that out.


  41. Hold on here one minute. Does this mean we’re to stop raping and get to bombing? Or are we to just Bomb now? Or are we supposed to do both? (In which case, I need more money) I prefer to specialize myself and I was just getting the rapin thing down to a fine art.

  42. Okay, I’ll ask Leon, our class valedictorian and National Honor Society president to spike the H2 Party Punchbowl so we can get the gang rapes on track.

  43. Shit, forgot to bring my bombs made of empty toilet paper rolls, extra hold hairspray, bacon grease and my old iphone charger.

  44. The punch? Heavens no, it’d never cover the skunky taste of the conocybes.

    More coffee, anyone? It’s, uh, hazelnut.

  45. Edited so it’s not so long.

    Woman divorces feminist husband, craves real man

    I didn’t normally go for guys who said things like, “I’m the man.” I usually fell for men who didn’t argue when I said it was my turn to pay for dinner. These men noticed my intelligence before my looks, or at least they said they did.

    But in my post-divorce haze, I found myself falling for a different kind of man.

    My ex called himself a feminist, but in our marriage that seemed to mean he felt fine about me dramatically out-earning him, fine about spending my income freely on luxuries, and fine about me covering the mortgage, the private school tuition for our children and the rest of our financial commitments. (At the time, he was building a small retail business from which he took no salary.)

    At the same time, I found myself becoming guarded around my new guy, evading his questions and hiding things I thought he wouldn’t like. When he asked if I ever went to church, I said no — but failed to mention I was Jewish. I never lied about my career, though I didn’t tell him the whole truth either. He knew I was an actuary but not that I was a partner at the firm.

    Given the choice between a man who said all the right things about supporting a strong woman and a man who shielded his child from a vicious dog with his bare hands, I chose the latter. Not that the two are mutually exclusive.

    He was smart enough, first of all, to see through my deceptions: the restraint during chess and the lack of candor about my career. There were other things he may have spotted too, like the mezuza on my door frame or the chess strategy books on my shelves.

    And I think he must have realized I earned more than he did. When he expressed frustration that he hadn’t been able to save for his children’s college costs, I said nothing. And when he asked me about alimony and child support, I answered truthfully: I didn’t receive any.

    When I made the mistake of mentioning work, he finally asked enough questions to find my career history online. It was aggressive enough (on his part) and evasive enough (on my part) for us both to feel like it was the beginning of the end.

  46. W

  47. My rapes are the bomb.

  48. Dont get me wrong…Im willing to participate in the bombing thing occasionally (keeps one well rounded) but bombs are just so definitive. Im mean you really know it when you’ve bombed someone there’s no subtlety. Big loud boom kinda gives it away…really detracts from the opportunity to make false accusations and denials that raping presents…

  49. Did anybody else make that joke yet? Is it too stupid? A clunker? What? No good?

  50. Aww, just as I made the joke, they revealed they arrested a guy.

    *kicks dirt*

    Christ, I really need to clean this floor

  51. Hot chicks using their “talent” to the best benefit is almost as old as the oldest profession.
    I hired a beautiful gal once that all the guys hated (she cant help unload a truck! – she was hired to be on the sales floor, idiot. She cant do…)
    She w S my best hire in 23 years. Yes, she used her looks to her advantage. And yes, I did.

  52. “and yes I did”

    Does this mean you bombed her?

  53. Lefty twitterverse is looking at the suspect’s van covered in TrumpMAGA stickers and stuff going, “he’s a rightwinger!” Righty twitterverse is looking at same van and saying, “his van is covered in f’n stickers. Plainly a nut.”

    Both are correct, of course. But does it matter? They’ve accused innocent people before. Let’s wait until the facts come out.

  54. I bet the FBI went after him because of a youtube video.

  55. *mails questionable ham sandwich to Lauraw

  56. I was just thinking of that guy this morning.

    Remember when the FBI arrested the guy with the comically bad glasses and hat, we got a two second video of him, then he was never seen again?

    I wonder what happened to him.

  57. Anyone that does what this individual did, in the manner that they did the deed is obviously insane. So I’ll start from that foundation of premise and go from there. Prepare for the meme(s) comparing crazy left / right sticker vehicles. Everybody knows once a vehicle exceeds a certain number of stickers it is indicative of a crazy person inside.

    My mind drifts……possible exersize. Imagine living in a world where you had to sticker all over your vehicle your true “sensibilities” and interests…..what kinda stickers would be displayed?

    (And “I love Porn” is too easy, but would probably be required on a lot of vehicles)

  58. Yay!
    *runs outside and waits at mailbox*

  59. He went to jail for about a year. A true political prisoner. Absolutely terrifying when you really think about it. They picked him up at nite and took his ass away.

  60. Huh. Guy was a crazy Republican.

    I guess occam’s razor holds. Warren must be pissed that she didn’t get a bomb from a nut job Indian.

  61. Leon’s car would have stickers of farm tools, theology, and bubblebutts.

    Carin wouldn’t have a car, she’d just roll a big tire to work every day.

    Mare’s car would look like the fakebombing suspect’s van.

  62. Oh…. touche’ …..went with the “imagine what other peoples stickers would be”….definitely a improvement on my initial blabber.

  63. HA! Correct.

  64. Guess who has zero credibility with me? Yes, that is correct, the FBI.

    Dear FBI could we have some more information on the Las Vegas shooter, please. TYIA.

    Largest mass shooting, zero info, very little coverage, very suspicious.

  65. Car in would drive a ’76 Gremlin with stickers from bands you’ve never heard of, those 5k, 10k, and 26.2 oval stickers, and a giant stick-figure family with pets.

  66. Those Trump stickers are brand new. This is almost a cliche’ Trump “fan.” Interesting.

  67. Uh, his twitter page is crazy. He’s been threatening other people. Ron Howard…with pics of a plane crash and an alligator eating people. If it’s him, guy is certifiable.

  68. He’s legit nuts if his Twitter is to be believed!

  69. Why does the FBI continuously “KNOW” these perps but nothing is prevented?

  70. If I were a deranged leftist, buying bumper stickers when you know they’re coming is easy.

    But so is making a patsy.

  71. So he has a criminal history, is known to the FBI, and slathers the shit out of his van with pro-Trump, anti-dem stickers. The latter being a tad bit too obvious.
    Rush mentioned something about him belonging to the Green Party.

  72. And WTF would he do such a thing two weeks outside of an election if he dislikes democrats – who aren’t running for anything – so much?

  73. Comment by mare on October 26, 2018 12:53 pm
    Why does the FBI continuously “KNOW” these perps but nothing is prevented?

    There’s nothing that they can do, short of putting someone on the nutjob 24/7 to monitor him.

  74. Paul Joseph Watson

    Verified account

    33m33 minutes ago

    Cesar Sayoc – the alleged mail bomber – had Trump stickers all over his vehicle. But on Twitter, he only follows 32 people – many of whom are left-wingers like Lina Dunham, Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel.

    What gives?

  75. Looks like twitter took him down.

  76. I thoughtt Car In’s bumber sticker would be the stick family with a number of dead deer in tow and on the side, multiple wannabe boyfriends X’d out with HeyZeus hanging by a thread.

  77. Beasn, crazy people use a logic that makes sense only to them. You would not believe some of the completely heartfelt, bizarre insanity I listen to. It’s very sad.

  78. OK. That Yellowjacket looks pretty cool. I just bought a new phone – I may need to rethink my plan of getting an Otterbox.

  79. If his social media is scrubbed -> leftist.

  80. We won’t know the truth of the situation, but it’s obviously a crazy person. At this point, them being a right or left wing crazy person is very likely equally possible.

  81. hillclintary is 70 today.
    for some reason i thought she was older than that.

  82. email today:

  83. pepe – do you make any otf’s?

  84. lauraw, I know. I’m related to a few.

    Think Watson’s question was rhetorical. And given the rank corruption of our political class – particularly of one party of the last twelve years – the media and their goons running the bureaucracy, I don’t trust anyone as far as I can throw them.

    Remember their most recent, blatant project of shredding Kavanaugh.

  85. Srsly, did anyone hear anything from the MSM when letters sent to Mattis were found positive for ricin? Maybe just a footnote when powder was sent to Trump’s family, which disappeared into the ether.

    Dem propaganda arm is going to 24/7 this guy for the next week and a half. Then he’ll disappear.

  86. Ah, that’s his twitter. Wonder why it didn’t come up for me. So he considers himself heap big injun?

  87. None of this matters. No one listens to what anyone on the left says unless they are already on the left.

  88. where’s roamy??

  89. If you haven’t seen Dreamscape, you should. Couldn’t be made in Hollywood today.

  90. Just scrolled down that twitter feed. If real, he’s really pissed at corrupt democrats. Few pro-Trump who he is not even following. Only sports and some leftists. Also…heard he was gay but one retweet was anti-gay.

  91. He looks native american. I’m glad they didn’t close his twitter account. As long as it stays available (or screencapped), it makes laughable any attempt to call this a ‘pro-Trump attack.’


    Back of the van photo taken at red light (the other day by someone who thought it was weird ) is different than the back of the van in the media photos.

    Just sort of interesting.

  93. Look who he follows /twitter account.

  94. Super weird. All celebrities mostly.

  95. Follows Obama, but not Trump.

    Part Filipino if I hear right.

    I hear some saying the van and stickers look too new. I’ll defer on that.

  96. Anyway, dude’s having this kinda day.

  97. I got a headache trying to read the first couple tweets.
    That wasn’t English.

  98. Good news, Car in!

  99. Test

  100. Gong-nabit.

    I’m somehow logged out of wordpuss and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’m on some other bizarre account, but I can’t get into edit anything on this page. I had a funny.

    Oh well, you guys are the ones who have to suffer. It was going to be hilarious. Just trust me. It was.

  101. I have to worky worky soon.

    sad face

  102. Any MRI results on Eth in?

  103. We probably won’t find out until next Wednesday

  104. His ACL is breaking up with him to explore other opportunities now that it’s a senior.

  105. What’s your gut sense tell you? Meniscal tear is what I think you mentioned. Repair vs resect are gonna be the options if it’s been going on this long. Waiting for spontaneous healing has already happened.

  106. Spontaneous Healing?……isnt that a Weird AL Yankovic covering Marvin Gaye song?

  107. It took my knee about 10 months to spontaneously heal.

  108. White privilege is nonexistent in meniscal tears. Being red is much better.

  109. Dogma Meet Karma (or something like that)

  110. Dogma Meet Leaves

  111. My name is Idaho Montoya

  112. According to Dr Google it was my tibial collateral ligament.

  113. I’m trying to configure a new kitchen for The House. The Lowes guy gave off a vibe of not really wanting to be there and hasn’t been very helpful. And he had bad breath.

    I don’t think the woman who helped us out last year is there any longer. She was pretty good.

    Maybe I’ll go to another Lowes and see if they have anyone with experience and/or a brain to help finish this out. Soon as I get this ordered, it should be 4-5 weeks before install. I’d like to get beasnette out of here by Christmas. Not sure that’s going to happen.

  114. They usually heal on their own when they’re an isolated tear. They’re often associated with medial meniscus +/- ACL tears and those take either more time or surgery. All my practical, real world experience is with ligament injuries in kids rather than adults. Their moms are usually calling my office begging me to clear them for sports well before I think they’ll be healed. If it was a minor injury they get the okay and I cancel their follow up. If it was a big injury I’ll get the kid in early to make sure they’re not bullshitting the adults.

  115. All I know is that it’s never lupus.

  116. *Wonders if Jay became a unfortunate “training accident” statistic.

    *Wonders if Hotspur has been thrown overboard for being all american rapey an shit….

    *Wonders if Oso has run across any good weed

  117. Biden is in Hartford rallying for the stupid democrats. The Governor’s race must be closer than advertised.

    Our current Gov has an approval rating of 14%.

  118. No OTF’s, Jam. They are cool, though. I did see a guy at a knife show release one that went all the way through his hand. That was exciting.

  119. The Simpsons is getting rid of Apu.

    I’m glad I haven’t watched an episode in probably fifteen years.

  120. Cow orker showed me a picture of that van, my first impression was it was fake. Nobody puts all that on all at once, it is always more haphazard and in layers. Now that I read he was passionate about youth soccer, I’ve changed my mind. He is just a nutbag.

  121. Got home tonight, been a rough week. I spent all day Tuesday in ER for pericarditis. Good news easily treated (in my case) just really uncomfortable for awhile. The medication makes me “chatty” (if you couldn’t tell) Anyway I return to work on wed and am hit with a new hire on Monday having a meth meltdown 350 miles away. I got two sites to open and manpower for one (on a good day) that kinda week.

    So I arrive home tonight and find in my chair the deluxe guide to red dead redemption. My son hears me arrive and comes in and says he got the game also and it was just about done downloading on my PS4. And it’s the deluxe Scooby version with the upgrades and perks……..pretty. fucking. cool. Not a inexpensive gesture from a 19 yr old. I am very pleased with this young man.

  122. I’m freaking out, man.

  123. Hope your -itis cools down TTroy

  124. TT, nothing better than kids being generous to their parents!

  125. Hope your -itis cools down TTroy


    I read that as tits.

  126. It could be VD.

  127. It responds to the Prednisone within 8 -12 hrs. Just gotta endure the discomfort till it kicks in cause other pain relievers aren’t in play. Doc said once I taper off the Prednisone they are going put me on a daily cholchizine (sp?) which should kill any flare ups. Hadn’t had a recognized episode for 5 to 6 yrs. Pain in the ass to diagnose, I had forgotten “the feeling” and didn’t mention it in pt. history until I had been there 3hrs. But the good news is I got all kinds of up-to-date images of my lungs and heart. X-ray, CT with contrast, Echo cardio gram and I’m good now. Thanks

  128. Glad you’re ok, Troy.


  130. Saw these at Costco today. I may or may not have giggled like a retard.

  131. What kind of world do we live in where people don’t know who Jim Steinman is?

    I can’t even.

  132. Seriously, man.

    *quietly sneaks off to look up Jim Steinman while Bro isn’t looking*

  133. Small meniscus tear. A flap.

  134. Watching the game. It started around 2PM, local time. Dan said we could walk on the beach…after the game. Inning 12, we realize we both H8 both teams. We walk on the beach, watch and listen to waves, enjoy being outside…come back to room AND game is still on. I’m enjoying all the comments on Twitter about length of game. Larry King jokes. Baseball Twitter is the best Twitter

  135. Dodgers escape real predicament.

  136. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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