Ode To The Ham Sandwich

As we have often heard and most people know (mainly from the TV genre known as “police procedurals“), a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. Fewer people know WTH a grand jury is much less what indict means. Where we all can find common ground is in the ham sandwich. Let’s meet the players


Shout out to Lithuanian Dark Rye Bread! Zajabis!




or mayo?


tomatoes (SHARP!!!)




Add some cheese

woman eating swiss cheese

And finally, OMG, this looks like a Dutch Renaissance painter did a still life with ham. Memento Mori m0th3rf@ckers


Don’t forget to insert your gherkin


Happy Thursday





  1. Got to sleep in till 7. Outstanding. As I sipped coffee I had to turn off the news. All bombs all the time. Whoever is behind this campaign, whether it be a deranged Trump supporter (doubtful) or a Dem false flag operation (timing anyone?) it’s achieved the goal of getting all the focus just before a midterm.

  2. the h2 – ham fisting your mom since march 2009

  3. Slept in until quarter after 7, and now I’m behind, and sluggish.

  4. I’m not saying it’s a Dem false flag but the list of people receiving these non-bombs is like a Democrat fanzine directory. DWS? Please! She is irrelevant in current politics.

    Economy not tanking despite the Fed’s attempts, Kavanaugh confirmed, caravan invasion backfiring, the list goes on and on … I question the timing.

  5. I am saying it’s a Dem false flag. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter because accusing people of stuff is no big deal anymore because of the democrats.

  6. Watching local news, getting really tired of lying political ads.

    They did just say there were 10,000 vehicles reported stolen in Albuquerque last year.

  7. 9/10 would eat.

  8. DWS wasn’t “sent” one. Dingo put her return address on all the “bombs”.

  9. Oh, and is it a bomb if it isn’t a bomb?

  10. I think its a troll/false flag. Perhaps both.

  11. You know, someone brought up that dude who used to work for DWS and was funneling money into the middle east, and did all sorts of probably bad things. He is not in jail – apparently – but I don’t know because I can’t remember his name and didn’t look it up.

  12. ww

  13. 9/10 would eat.


    hahhahahaha, you scamp!

  14. joe biden just got a clockmed bomb-not-bomb

  15. one of the most glaring pieces of evidence proving the false flag nature of this latest dem stunt is sending a clockmed to my girlfriend Maxxy H2O —-

    no thinking anti-prog would ever want to hurt her…. hell we NEED her to continue to flap her dentures

  16. This is smelling more and more like 4 chan types setting up something really stupid to troll America.

  17. John Hayward
    ‏ @Doc_0
    29m29 minutes ago

    John Hayward

    I remember when the media said the ultimate sin would be blaming the rhetoric of any Democrat anywhere for the Scalise shooting and they would have swarm-attacked any Republican who said any Dem needed to apologize for anything”

  18. weaponized autism strikes again? They are usually smarter than this.

  19. If I order gunpowder and a car dashboard clock online and they come in the same box, I’ve been pipe bombed.

    That’s what I’m supposed to believe.

  20. And it’s stamped, but not postmarked. Don’t forget that, leon.

  21. weaponized autism strikes again? They are usually smarter than this.

    They are. And most of them are rabidly anti-democrat (though not pro-republican). This — perceived as the press is spinning it — helps the dems, rather than hurting them. No, this is Antifa idiots trying to paint the right as equally violent, but inept.

  22. Assassination porn in the NYT two days ago:

  23. Ace mentioned that Carin. That’s going to be memory holed fast. Just like the NYT photo of Bill Ayers stepping on the American flag a day or two before 9/11.

  24. Stamped but not postmarked. Almost like someone doesn’t want a federal charge of using the mail. I’ve lost track, are they all in NY or have they shown up in other states?

  25. I thought there was a report of one in CA, but still deep-blue territory.

  26. Someone brought up that all the apparent recipients were part of the scheme to screw Bernie Sanders out of a fair shake in ’16. So it it was legit, it’s likelier to have been a BernieBro than any of us. (I mean, come on, DWS?)

    But yeah, it was pretty obvious from the start, this wasn’t legit.

  27. This is all fucking nonsense. And more of same ole same ole bullshit tactics from the leftists. This is about as transparent as the Kavanaugh “allegations”. Pseudo bombs packaged as if they were copied from the USPS “how to spot a suspicious package” training handout. Im thinking high probability of arrest announcement today or first thing tomorrow morning. Be interesting to see if the suspects social media has been scrubbed.

  28. Cory Booker is probably pouting because he didn’t get a package.

  29. And as we now know, he really, really wants a package.

  30. Booker will be #metoo’d by Harris next year.

  31. Looks like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon want packages, too.

    (I denounce myself.)

  32. That ham up yonder is …beautiful!

    And mayo please! (SWYM)

  33. Booker will be #metoo’d by Harris next year.


    Correct, already set in motion.

    Although I don’t know how ANYONE could take the gay, clown show seriously.

    He, to me, is the epitome of a moron who takes themselves seriously.

  34. So were these actual functioning bombs or something only sort of resembling bombs?
    *turned off all news*

  35. The USPS found them all?

    Whenever the TSA is tested, their success rate is about 20%.

    TSA 20%

    USPS 100%

    We should put USPS in charge of airport security.

    Don’t big name politicos get their mail extra-screened? If one of these were sent to me or you, we’d be opening them up and either proclaiming ‘wtf’ and having to call 911 or BOOM.

  36. And weird how just like that, 10k illegals heading our way is off the headlines because sovereignty takes a backseat to narcissist pols bullshit.

  37. Beasn, I never did say thank you for the birthday card. Thanks! Mini-me reminded me that I still need to make the Doctor Who blanket.

  38. Beasn, they haven’t said definitely whether the bombs would have worked. Which, imho, means no.

  39. I haven’t heard one person who is a rational person say anything other than, “these bombs are not a good thing but it appears to be a political stunt.”

  40. who said it was a stunt out loud thought it was still at grave threat level.

  41. More than a few experts have looked at them and said even if there was explosive material, there’s no way these things could have set it off. These are bombs like I’m a young Harrison Ford.

  42. $5 it’s a Congressional staffer. Like the one who doxxed the Republican senators, who else has access to all these private addresses?

  43. Funny you should mention that, as the Cannon office building (for Congress) has been evacuated after an alarm went off. Multiple sources reporting, including one on Twitter apparently first-hand…

  44. It was Soros’ address that made me think of it. That’s not something you can just look up, and I would also bet, like Bernie Sanders, he has more than one house. Why that one.

  45. From Twitter: Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley has referred Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick & lawyer Michael Avenatti to DOJ for criminal investigation over “potential conspiracy to provide materially false statements to Congress and obstruct a congressional committee investigation”.

    Never thought I’d say this, but I ♥ Grassley. He should go after Ford but probably won’t.

  46. Will somebunny get my link out of the penalty box, please?

  47. Got it.

  48. Happy birthday, XBrad!

  49. Comment by XBradTC, HSD (@xbradtc) on October 25, 2018 1:38 pm

    There really needs to be a film about Taffy-3. Some old-school 3-hour epic with a bunch of big-name American and Japanese actors that shows both sides of the battle.

  50. Happy birthday, Xbrad!

  51. HB XB.

  52. Happy Birthday XBradTC! I bought you a cupcake but I eated it.

  53. I’m going to go make some sunbutter bread.

  54. Beasn, ….Thanks!

    Aww, you’re very welcome roamy! And I’m with Mini-me, get crack-a-lackin on that blanket. It really is a fun project once bobbins are at the ready.

  55. Happy Birthday, xbrad!

  56. That would be a great movie. I’d settle for a Battle of Surigao Strait, though.

  57. Happy Birthday, Xbradtc!! You big ol’ naval historian.

    (and not the pierced kind of naval like Carin has)

  58. Speaking of projects, once we get beasnette moved out, along with her crap piled all in the ‘dining room’, I can finally get to my sewing machine and start on some awesome quilts…of which I have the materials all stacked up and ready to go.

    One is a Halloween theme by J. Wecker Frisch, who incorporates Biblical verses in her fabric lines, which goes by the name, “Queen of We’en”. I think of all y’all every time I look at it.

  59. Happy Saint Crispins Day.


  60. My mom found a tin-type of Amasa Jones. My great-great-great grandfather, who enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 16. It’s an image of him seated in uniform. I can see a hint of resemblance, though more so to my uncle and some cousins than to myself.

  61. That’s cool, Leon. Can you link?

  62. Huh, Amasa is a Hebrew origin name that means “burden”.

    That’s, uh, that’s kinda harsh, great-great-great-great grandma and grandpa.

  63. Added to PoL, Mare.

  64. Oh, my, gosh, Leon was he looks more like 12 than 16.

    Based on the Amasa name, maybe going into the army was a way out.

    Look at the hand position. Wonder how long it takes to hold position while the light hits the film?

  65. If you sat me at 16 next to him we’d have looked like brothers or maybe cousins. He probably looks 12 because I don’t think he was over 5’4″ (I didn’t hit 5’5″ until I was 20), and I doubt he had a tailored uniform.

  66. We are not a tall people, in case you’d missed it. And that’s a matrilineal ancestor, so there’s a very good chance that his Neanderthal fraction is higher than mine.

  67. Leon, he’s sitting, I had/have no idea how tall he is. My comment was strictly about his face, the softness, the eyebrows, the mouth. They are of a much younger person.

  68. Doesn’t mean that much. I constantly get told I don’t look much more than early thirties (remember, I’m staring at 48 in a couple of months). Known lots of others the same way. Some folks just don’t look their age. .

  69. NERDS!

  70. I’m not saying he’s younger than 16. He just looks very young. Younger than 16. Lots of people look younger than they are…in this day and age you should.

  71. We’re baby-faced in my family too. Blessing and curse. If I had hair I’d look to be in my late 20s. The baldness came from the other side.

  72. It’s also entirely possible that he lied about being 16 to get in.

  73. I think of all y’all every time I look at it.

    your mom is queen of peen, so close

  74. My wife bought 10 tickets in the megamillions drawing for Tuesday.

    We won!


    So, I’ll be working the remainder of the day, at least.

  75. Hows training jay? *said using my bill murrary voice from stripes boom chucka alacka…..

  76. My rash still totally sucks. I think it started from the cat sleeping near my stomach. It just spiraled out of control from there, and I think I may scratch my skin off later today.

    Erin is still bedbound. No meal so far today. When I go in her room, I just get an angry “what?” from her.

    Ethan had had MRI and on the way there he declared that he wasn’t going to have surgery again, and that he’d just be a cripple for life.

    My life is wonderful, and bla bla bla …

  77. I think my rash is feeding on the negativity from everything else.

  78. I’m really ready to go down and yell at her.

  79. It could be VD.

  80. You could try the “what the hell is wrong with you and this weak ass shit about a boy?” Thats WHAT. Then you go into the spiel about ok to grieve a relationship as long as its a healthy expression but laying in your bed all day is NOT a healthy expression and she is too emotionally strong and mature to allow this continue…..blah, blah, blah, …..NOW RUCK UP TROOP AND CHARLIE MIKE!

  81. TT, I’m gonna need you to pay Erin a visit.

  82. It could be VD.

    /rubs blanket up against my rash and puts in a box addressed to Scott.

  83. Pregnancy?

  84. Car in, or Er in?

  85. Car in, how about a trade. I’ll take Erin and you can have my MIL.

  86. Smallpox blanket … don’t take it!

  87. I went to pick up her medicine and her share was $150. $50 more than what she gave me. When I came home and told her, she threw it across the table, started calling them sons of bitches, and began to cry. WTF? Apparently she’s in the ‘donut hole’ where she has to contribute more to the cost.
    Told her nicely not to worry about it. If $150 extra for a few months is all she has to worry about, she’s golden.
    She’s so cheap, she thinks she’s all sly when she goes to the deli and asks for 4 slices of headcheese or ham..and they give her a slice to sample,.. which she immediately puts in the bag. Profit!!


  88. Car in, are these cats outdoor cats? Maybe they gave you fleas. Or bedbugs.

  89. Heh, never heard of taking the sample slice to go.

  90. You should take her phone charger when she’s sleeping.

  91. ar in, how about a trade. I’ll take Erin and you can have my MI

    If you can whip Erin into shape, I’ll take your MIL for a while. I can deal with old folks.

  92. I’m actually kinda of pretty allergic to cats, but only if I’m in contact for a while/don’t wash my hands. This one cat has taken to sleeping right near my stomach, and my shirt probably moved on – cat contact for HOURS, and probably more than one night. Once it started itching, I used Bendryl (I thought it was poison ivy) cream, which gives me contact dermatitis. So, it spread everywhere. I had this happen once before.

  93. Have you considered a cortisone cream vs. benedryl?

  94. Happy Birthday Xbrad. Sorry about the whole playground thing.


  95. For some reason, topical creams are really bad. I don’t know why.

  96. Maybe some anti hystimine (sp)?

  97. Happy b day xbrad. I’m glad your around to provide me with entertaining warship videos……there is something cathartic watching the volleys arc into the target. Thanks hope the day is pleasent

  98. Did they revoke Chi’s work release again? Did he finally breakdown and kill the leaf blowing neighbor?…..

  99. Heh, tt.

  100. Car in do you know why Erin and the egghead broke up this time?

  101. Car in, I re read my earlier comment and realized the tone could’ve come across wrong. That was me playing you at the door when next time she gives the “what” routine. They damn well know “what” or they wouldn’t be responding that way. Hardest thing to me about coaching my son is expectations. They seem to have a tendency to one day be all mature (self evaluating and truthful) and the next day reverting to a lesser more juvenile mode…slippage maybe? I’d say a full 25% of my coaching is on perspective and keeping his big boy skivvies on. Anyway, didn’t want you to think I was implying that’s what you should’ve said, more giving ammo for the next encounter. Just throwing flippant suggestions around.

  102. why Erin and the egghead broke up this time?


  103. ehhhhhhhhhhh, this is awkward for the MSM:


  104. Hmm, whoda thunk it?

    “Religion kept Warhol from going over the brink. He attended Mass almost daily. Other days he would just slip into St Vincent Ferrer on Lexington Avenue, drop into the back pew and pray. He spent his Thanksgivings, Christmases and Easters volunteering at a soup kitchen, and befriended the homeless and poor whom he served. He put his nephew through seminary. Though openly gay, he endeavoured to remain celibate throughout his life. When he refused to support the gay rights movement, many of his friends blamed his faith.

    He lived with his mother until she died, and every morning they would pray together in Old Slavonic before he left for the Factory. He always carried a rosary and a small missal in his pocket.”


  105. Thanks, TTroy. Actually my tummy has been upset all day, but Sox and I have been hanging out. And I just had two Devastating Strikes in one battle, so I’ve got that going for me.

  106. Beasnsnsnsnsns, that is, well, I’m speechless. It is wonderful in the extreme. When I think of the garbage he was surrounded by (think Studio 54), my goodness, I’m so moved.

  107. Oh and I’m a quarter Slovac. I know there are a lot of intricacies about who is from where considering the borders have changed and countries no longer exist.

    Does anyone here, Leon, I’m looking at you, know the difference?

  108. No troubles TT. I knew how you meant your comment.

  109. My maternal grandmother came from Czechoslovakia. My in-laws came from Yugoslavia. Both countries broken up.

  110. Differences between what and what? Slovac and Czech?

    Sorry, not really my back yard, genetically, so I don’t know as much. All my blood is from the far off lands of Brittannia and Western Europe.

    My TA for Physics 405 was Czech, though, and I got a near-sexual thrill listening to her talk with that accent.

    There, now you know what I know.

  111. I lumped in Ireland with Britain. I’m sure one of my ancestors would fight me drunkenly over that.

  112. Beasnsnsnsnsns, that is, well, I’m speechless. It is wonderful in the extreme. When I think of the garbage he was surrounded by (think Studio 54), my goodness, I’m so moved.

    IIRC, one of Warhol’s nephews went to stay with him one summer, expecting the bohemian party lifestyle, and was instead disappointed to be attending mass daily.

  113. Does anyone here, Leon, I’m looking at you, know the difference?

    “Everyone from these three villages is good people, while everyone else is lying criminal scum and you are not to associate with them.”

  114. Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.

    Yugoslavia…south of Czech Republic..southern slavs. After WWll, it formed six republics. Looks like they got all warry from ‘ 93- ’17 and split into Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro.

  115. My TA for Physics 405 was Czech, though, and I got a near-sexual thrill listening to her talk with that accent.

    We had a Czech detachment on our FOB in Afghanistan, and some of the women were gorgeous. I wanted to ask if it was the Russian or German genes that were responsible.

  116. I lumped in Ireland with Britain. I’m sure one of my ancestors would fight me drunkenly over that.

    Meh, you were all raped and looted by the Scandis.

  117. “This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey. All scripture study leads to Islam, which makes all other scripture studies redundant.”

    Sinead O’Connor on her conversion to Islam, which apparently means treating self-serving fan fiction cobbled together by an illiterate warlord 700 years later as superior to the Gospel.

  118. My senior year college spring break was spent at Marco Island with a friend from ROTC. His parents put us up at a hotel a few miles from their condo. The only requirement was attending mass daily at 8 AM. When you got in from the bars and clubs at 4 AM it was a struggle to remain upright.

  119. Hahahahahahah….Stupid Sinead O’Connor. Always a dumb bint.

    The Quran is completely lifted off the old and new testaments and some other weird shit. Does this idiot understand timelines?

  120. Leon, I saw that earlier today and thought about posting it here. Isn’t she the one who tore up a picture of the Pope?

  121. No redheads in the family, Alex, and nothing in my genome. I’ve got more Spaniard in me than Scandi, which means the fondness for Spanish booty is inherited.

  122. Hmm, so my grandma was born in Austia-Hungary, which shortly after became Czechoslovakia. So yes, when she left she was considered Czech.

  123. Heh, I’m also a quarter Norwegian. I’d like to think I have the blood of conquerors, not the milquetoast bullshit going on now.

  124. Yes. She was very mad at Pope St John Paul II for continuing to insist that murdering babies in the womb was in fact sinful.

    She also set up the only good thing Madonna has ever done on stage by so doing.

  125. I, being old enough to watch SNL but too young to know better, saw both acts live.

  126. and some other weird shit.

    Ol’ Mo stole a bunch of stuff from the Norse, too.

  127. Carin, try an ointment instead of a cream. Sometimes something in the cream base aggravates my allergies.

  128. Didn’t Sine-aid have a passle of chirrens from 3 or 4 men? Maybe married only one?
    *doesn’t really care*

  129. Don’t rule out balms.

  130. Near as I can tell, Mo dictated his “Holy” book as fit his needs in the moment, repeating stories he’d heard and half-understood from travelers and merchants and bits of actual scripture. The Koran is organized around the timeline of dictation, not the events in it, and it jumps around like a Tarantino film.

  131. Didn’t Sine-aid have a passle of chirrens from 3 or 4 men? Maybe married only one?
    *doesn’t really care*

    As I understand it, she’s murdered a similar number and is not pleased to be told that it wasn’t nice to do that. I suspect all of her insanity stems from the guilt she still feels but refuses to acknowledge.

  132. Laura is allergic to aloe. That stuff is in everything.

  133. I have been binge watching Mountain Men.

    Good stuff.

  134. I love that show.

  135. Cool pic, Leon.

    Genetics are funny. Dad’s side has cowlicks, Mom’s side is late-onset gray at the temples. So I have a cowlick with a gray streak through it. I comb my hair and think, hi Mom, hi Dad.

  136. dictated his “Holy” book as fit his needs in the moment

    Joseph Smith?

  137. The Book of Mormon owes a lot more to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, as I understand it, but the similarities are uncanny.

  138. For Leon


  139. For Mare


  140. Leon, I figured it had to be Masonic with the aprons, hats, and secret signs of the square and the nail. I don’t know the different rites.

  141. I am going to be a road warrior next week.

    I have work scheduled in six different states.

  142. Damn, the incel thread on the HQ got bitter by both sides.

  143. How far south did you get, Scott?

  144. For Scott


  145. I’m allergic to aloe. Fewer than 1% have this allergy. It is in everything. I have to read labels. I H8 when they change ingredients. It is in chapstick. Lotion. Shampoo. Most hair dyes. I’m also allergic to lanolin. If it doesn’t have aloe, it has lanolin. Mass was really nice this AM. If you are ever on Kauai, Immaculate Conception is the best church.

  146. We never got out of VA, Roamy.

  147. Sinead has a mental disorder so conversion to Islam isn’t that out there for her

  148. At least you made it to the Shenandoah.

  149. The rocket being launched out of Wallops next month has been named after John Young. 🙂

  150. A very fitting honor.

  151. Shenandoah is one of my favorite movies. Love the song, too.

  152. We used to camp in the Blue Ridge. My GG was captured on North Mountain and finished out the War at Andersonville.

  153. Just heard a video saying that The Wall is going to be used to keep Americans in.

    I had to call that shit out on FB. That is just plain lying.

  154. Correction – cargo ship is named John Young, rocket is Antares.

  155. We refused the pre-buy gas at car rental of $3.86. We always get it cheaper at a Shell station in Lihue. Shell station in Lihue was $4.07. Everywhere else is $4.09. Lihue dropped to $4.05. We were paying $2.48 in the Q. If we return Rental Car without gas, it will be $6.34.

  156. Grilled ham and cheese on sourdough with roasted green chile strips and strawberry preserves.

  157. Thursday night football started at 2:20. Bartender was testing Mai Tai recipes. It is 6:24 here. Can’t drive anywhere. Football pitchers of beer and sampling Mai Tais. Early start in the AM. Koloa Rum makes the best Mai Tais. Probably going to the Koloa Rum tasting room tomorrow.

  158. We like local business. Had Lappert’s ice cream today. Went cheap and had local deluxe breakfast at McDonalds. I love Spam and Portuguese Sausage. It isn’t technically McDonalds. Lots of locals doing the old guy at Mickey Ds. I remember having to translate for Dan in MS and LA. I think it is awesome that all across America, old guys hang out at McDonalds on a daily basis chatting about politics.

  159. Really wish Dan had brought his clubs. Golf here is awesome. 4th trip. First time no golf for Dan.

  160. Live TV here is insane. Watching golf. It says Live. I have no idea where these assholes are playing golf. Might as well be soccer

  161. Distorted eyesight, reduced perception.

  162. Comment by Pupster on October 25, 2018 9:59 pm

    For Scott
    After watching it a few times I scrolled down for the comments with the sound still on. Hilarious!

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