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  1. L to R

    Want to Stay in Bed, Need to go Pee


  2. Love these, especially the Dracula one.

  3. Wakey wakey.

  4. Erin is apparently available again. Better move quickly, though, she hasn’t eaten in two days.

  5. Plan for the day –
    Last of the laundry
    Pay bills
    Costco run
    Pick up smoked Boston butts from art club fundraiser
    (grumble about cost of said butts vs. size, be grateful this is the last year I have to do this)
    Change the A/C air filter
    Gosnell movie with Mr. RFH (tentative)
    Pray for Justice Kavanaugh (felt good to type that) to counteract the witches

  6. Plan for today:
    Pick up race packet in Detroit
    Hang with Ian, who’s driving up
    Tentative outing with Hannah, who’s driving up
    Try to get Erin to talk to me/pull out hair
    Wash /prepare race clothes
    Eat lots of carbs, drink lots of water
    Find race ‘snack’
    go to bed early.

  7. charge earbuds

  8. That bit about the naming of the arctic is going to stay with me for months, like when I learned that Cerberus was the Greek equivalent of naming your dog “Spot”.

  9. Pupster I laughed out loud at so many of these I don’t know which is my favorite!

    Pupster left…Mare right:

  10. Found a new MMM source: https://www.instagram.com/learnyourland/

  11. Plan for today:

    Drink a cup of coffee
    Drink another cup of coffee
    Think thoughts
    Look out my window
    Think some more
    look in the mirror and wonder what I’m doing with my life.

  12. Wow, Pups, excellent poat.

  13. “I-91 in CT is the second worst highway in America.”

    If the worst is 95 you may have a point.

  14. 95 blows pretty much it’s entire course

  15. funny poat pup

  16. nice derp sean

  17. weekend plans =
    work on gazebo
    work as kitchen help for church chicken dinner tonight
    try to get your mom off my porch

  18. I kicked butt on my workout but I’m sweating like a MOFO.

    Would someone make me a Western omelette, side of bacon, side of sausage and some unsweetened ice tea?


  19. Do you turdfaces think Hillary is going to run in 2020? Assuming the Donks will allow that to happen.

  20. No.

    The Clintons want to keep that rumor alive so they can raise cash.

    Because a billion isn’t enough, and nothing else brings them joy.

  21. I agree with Scott.

    Also, she was in crappy health in 2016, she won’t be in any better condition to go campaigning in 2020.

  22. The Clinton Tour is supposed to be coming to a local theater in April.

    I just checked out ticket prices.

    Cheap seats start at $54, amd the best seats are over $2000,

    Good luck with that.

  23. Well, they really are about the cash grab. Wondering if she’s just delusional enough to think she could actually win if she ran again. While being interviewed she says crazy crap.

  24. Their politics are crazy enough, but the signs of genuine senility keep leaking out for most of the old guard dems.

    Their replacements will all be Occasional-Cortex clones, though, so it’s not like there’s an improvement coming.

  25. Beto is their new white Obama.

    So much alike.

    Youngish, dumb, malleable, completely wrong on every policy. The left is so predictable.

  26. Oh, and like Obama, Beto is pretending to be something he isn’t.

  27. Texan?

  28. Human?

  29. Male?

  30. Taunted a liberal on FB, asked why Christine Blasey Ford hadn’t gone to the cops in MD to file a police report and get them to investigate. They offered. Wonder why she’s not following up?

  31. Sober?

  32. All of the above.

  33. Smart?

  34. Mexican?

  35. Poor black child?

  36. Poor black child?


  37. Mark it, I said this once a good article on Slate, albeit from 2014.

  38. Hillary wants to play kingmaker for 2020.

  39. My guess is that the “King” is whoever pays them the best and ensures a permanent sinecure for Chelsea and her family.

  40. You CANNOT “steal” memes. Once they’re posted they’re fair game for the entire universe, including Mare.

  41. My guess is that the “King” is whoever pays them the best and ensures a permanent sinecure for Chelsea and her family.

    Pretty much. The goal will be to put Clinton acolytes into positions of power in the DNC permanently. This was why they created the Clinton Foundation: it allowed them to funnel money to their supporters and to buy the loyalty of up and coming journalists, activists, and politicians. With their own people in place, they can continue to sell influence through the Clinton Foundation for years, and eventually pass it off to Huma with Chelsea as the figurehead.

  42. They finally found the missing man. Someone found the body up on the top of a mountain. Supposed to get a helicopter up there today to retrieve the body. Coroner will try to determine cause of death.

  43. *yawn* good morning

  44. Thanks for the update Pepe.

    *stern look at Lauraw

  45. bummer about your friend pepe

  46. someone needs to hand lauraw an alkaselter and a beer –
    the party must have been good

  47. Sorry, didn’t look before I typed. Sorry, Pepe. Are you close with the family?

  48. Oh, Pepe, I guess it’s good they found him, but how terrible.

  49. I joined a gym.

    Dad bod destruction begins soon.

  50. Leon, good for you. My knee is starting to feel better, so I’ll try to get back into lifting tomorrow, and slowly add in some running as well.

  51. I’m glad they found the body, but it’s awful nonetheless. I hope he didn’t suffer.

  52. Why isn’t that caravan of Honduran “refugees” headed for the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela?

  53. Dang, it’s windy outside. I’m going to have to put on pants when I take my MIL out for a drive.

  54. Everyone knows the Venuzuealan soccer team sucks. Hondurans want the freedom to root for Mexico in the World Cup in the US while getting the sweet welfare money here.

  55. Weekend plans

    Go to the store
    Make chicken in enchilada sauce in the crockpot
    Watch Daredevil Season 3 (OSO!!!!)
    Clean kitchen

    Go into work for a couple of hours
    Tango lesson

  56. That sucks they found him dead but at a minimum the family doesn’t have to go without wondering his fate.

  57. We’re having a respite from the cold for one day today then it returns tomorrow. I’m enjoying a cigar without freezing my ass off. Listening to Rush week in review on the radio. The boy drove on the road with his instructor today for the first time

  58. News you can use.

    Well, I’m screwed.

  59. No, you’re gang raped. It’s 2018.

  60. Michigan is going to lose this game. Harbaugh brought his B game to a vicious rivalry.

  61. Comment by Hotspur on October 20, 2018 3:23 pm
    No, you’re gang raped. It’s 2018.

    It’s just a very aggressive group hug.

  62. I didn’t know him at all. Penelope is friends with his wife. Great that he was found. His wife has closure, plus they had some financial deals that were in limbo. His wife has come to grips with his loss, so now she is relieved more than anything.

  63. Wonder why she’s not following up?

    Because she doesn’t want to be charged with perjury due to all of her inconsistencies and denials of people named.

    Do you think she will share any of her gofundme moolah with her dem hack lawyers?

  64. Took my MIL to JC Penney and then over to the house. She hasn’t busted a gasket. Yet.

  65. https://tinyurl.com/y9mw3kt8

  66. https://is.gd/EVeeg0

    Tacos, Dan. Green Chile tacos.

  67. I know you aren’t supposed to hit them, but that bitch needs to be hit a few more times than she has been.

  68. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 20, 2018 6:35 pm
    I know you aren’t supposed to hit them, but that bitch needs to be hit a few more times than she has been.


  69. Daughter just told me how much her boyfriend owes in student loans. $25k and two unusable majors.

    Said she didn’t want to tell me because I would judge him…say he was a lazy lump on a log for not working harder to pay it off. That she and her brother are outliers amongst all of their friends in being nearly debt free (she will be paying off her car by next month – her brother never had any)…amongst most millennials. As if that is an excuse for being lazy lumps on logs.

    So dear, what does he do for the four days he isn’t working? Pretty sure Dave Ramsey would tell him to get off his ass and either work some overtime or get another flipping job to pay that down ESPECIALLY IF HE IS STILL LIVING AT HOME RENT FREE! If he wanted to, he could pay his loan off in two years since he isn’t paying for anything other than his car payment.

  70. GAH…when will these children grow up?!! I had a small loan when I graduated from college but that didn’t stop me from growing up, getting married, getting a job, and paying it off.

    I’m not getting any grandchildren, am I?

  71. Yeah, it isn’t a good sign if he behaves this way now.

    I have about 25k in debt, mostly from a loan I took to cover rent for a year while I was in grad school and not working. I have a bit of student loans, but not much, and a little credit card debt. I pay off more than the principle when I can, paid my truck off, and only use the credit card for emergencies or big necessary purchases so I can stretch the payments over two or three months.

    Meanwhile, I see apartments going up downtown that are 50% more per month than mine (which admittedly was a bit more space than I “need”) and are being marketed to college students and twenty-somethings.


  72. Beasnsnsnsns, how old is your daughter?

  73. Toad Turd Thursday was prophetic. Got home from work last night and saw Outside Light Tree Frog taking a poop. Timing, sheesh.

  74. It is kind of lame he has 4 days off and he’s not hustling to pay off that debt, because…it’s an obviously smart and common sense thing to do. You’re young, kick ass now.

  75. Even one day a week, an extra $70-$80 a week would add up to $3-4k a year, enough to pay off some debt and start saving for a house or retirement.

  76. You should sell her to Colorado Alex.

  77. Only suckers pay off college loans.

    Bernie is going to forgive them.

  78. I still sit in wonder that more than one person in the whole country thinks Bernie Sanders is anything other than a crazy, old, hypocrite, communist has been.


  79. Comment by scott on October 20, 2018 8:49 pm
    You should sell her to Colorado Alex.

    I only pay in chickens.

  80. Fancy chickens? Carin likes the fancy chickens.

  81. Great memes, Puppeh. And that baby is exactly right about Liquid Swords.

  82. I believe the last offer was for six silkies and a slightly gender-confused goat.

  83. Scott, no the worst highway in America is the I-5. More lanes and the biggest assholes in America otherwise known as Californians. I’d rather drive 95 from Maine to Miami than the 5 from San Diego to LA.

  84. https://tinyurl.com/yaa6n9mb

  85. Urban Meyer is going to have a stroke.

  86. Purdue, really?

  87. Oso?


  88. Carin?


  89. Hotspur?


  90. Mare?


  91. Jimbro, I have to admit the only driving I’ve done in Maine is 95 so your youtube could be totally accurate. 🙂

  92. Oh, c’mon, Spad, the 5 ain’t bad between LA and SD. It’s the 110 to the 10 that kills you and sucks your soul.

  93. How ’bout them Cougs, b-rad?

  94. Got everything done on my to-do list except the laundry. Gosnell was haunting.

  95. Of course, the theater showing Gosnell isn’t showing it on Sunday.

  96. Tulsi Gabbard is weighing a presidential bid. I’ve long said that she was my dark horse candidate on the Dem side. Young, attractive, minority woman, veteran, opposed TPP, IIRC. She wouldn’t win, IMHO, but she might do well for herself.

  97. David’s explanation relieved Perry.

  98. Wakey run wakey

  99. Go kick some ass ca rin !!!!!!!

  100. Carin is going to OWN that race!

  101. Go Carin! Woot!

  102. Brianna Wu says she spent $3K on hairstyling while running for Congress. She might do better with a beauty school trainee, because that’s a $20 ‘do on a good day.

  103. I guess GameDay (the whole week actually) in Pullman for the Oregon vs WSU game was incredible. The crowds, the fun, the enthusiasm, then Corso picks the Cougs to win it.


  104. But Roamy, she persisted!

  105. Spad, the guy who wrote that song died in ’95 and he released it sometime in the early 70’s. Back then it was probably accurate but now the roads are much better, the exception being logging roads in the woods not designed for anyone but tractor trailers hauling logs. Those guys haul ass fully loaded with tree size logs for the mills.

    ( leaves “tree size logs” part of comment intact for LHF )

  106. $35 if they did a shampoo first, which I’m sure they didn’t, from the look of it.

  107. DON’T POOP !

  108. Comment by scott on October 21, 2018 9:06 am
    DON’T POOP !


    It took me a few to figure out you were talking to Carin.

    Also, not mental illness.

  109. Comment by scott on October 21, 2018 9:06 am
    DON’T POOP !

    Everyone poops. There’s even an instructional book explaining the phenomenon.

  110. Don’t shart your skort!

  111. before during or after?

  112. So did OSU just have a bad night or is Purdue that much better than them?

    I have not looked at their schedules to determine their opponents W-L records because I’m not that much of a college football fanatic

  113. Probably safe to say “Ever”

  114. OSU was favored by 12.5 points and lost by 29.

    That was yuge.

    Somebody should check on Pupster.

  115. guhmnermem

  116. That’s why I keep hearing the wailing of lamentations and see smoke from a thousand burning couches rising over the city…

  117. The NRSC is spamming me this morning. 5 emails in the last hour, sheesh.

  118. I used to have a funny little book …wait, just found it online. I bought this back in the 1990’s some time. Nothing is new under the sun.


  119. I’m okay. The loss to Purdue is all my fault, I didn’t wear my OSU gear and I haven’t had alcohol in the house for a week due to a weight loss contest between me, Mrs. Pupster and Boy2.

    I’m a little bothered because I’ve always wanted OSU to switch to this kind of offense, pass first is much more exciting to watch than Urban’s typical run the quarterback scheme, but if the offensive line can’t pass protect they also can’t run block, which leads to short time of possession, which leads to the defense getting tired, which leads to big plays and blowouts. Meh, they usually lose a game they should win and win a game they should lose every year.

  120. https://tinyurl.com/yb2j5dzn

  121. https://is.gd/UjESyC

  122. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on October 21, 2018 11:05 am

    1) Now I kinda want KFC.

    b) Her mohawk is lopsided.

    pi) Womens’ Studies: Not Even Once.

  123. https://is.gd/aQZZq7

  124. Mare, from last night….my daughter and her boyfriend are 26.
    He’s supposedly been watching Dave Ramsey videos but I’m not so sure anything is sinking in.

  125. I had a great half!! Got w/in seconds of my best time (which I don’t know I got when I did). I thought I’d never see a time close to that again!

  126. This kind of stuff always makes me feel good: 75th
    of 580 .

    I’ll take that. I mean, I’m not a competitive runner, so I’m good with being at least in that segment of the population.

    For all ages/women: 1,488th
    of 5,901

  127. Congrats, Carin!

  128. WoOHOO! Great job, Car in!

  129. After 3 years away, today I touched barbells for the first time. I even blogged my workout. I took it easy and stopped at a 2 plate deadlift. I could have gone higher, but that wasn’t the plan. Did presses too, but I went very carefully there so my shoulder wasn’t tweaked. Pull-ups were fine.

  130. Well done, Carin.

  131. Friends don’t let friends try Leftism.

  132. Leon, I’m planning to go back in to the gym tomorrow morning.

    Probably squats, romanian deadlift, and bench.

  133. I’ll probably try to hit the heavy bag tonight, along with walking on the treadmill.

  134. In other positive news, I did finish the half before the male finished the full. By TEN minutes.

    /puffs up with pride.

  135. That RedDeltaProject guy on youtube kind of debunks the idea that using heavier weight is necessary for muscle growth.

  136. I guess it matters if you want to get stronger or muscle growth.

  137. I follow him too, Laura, and while I think he’s generally correct about that, there are other factors at play than muscle alone. Bone density, tendon and fascia strength, and myofibrillar vs sarcoplasmuc hypertrophy are all strongly influenced by maximal loading rather than simply time under tension. There’s also a lot to be said for training efficiency. I can do 3 movements well and keep the number of repetitions very low if I have sufficient loading, while with calisthenics I might have to work the same joint many more times or through some weak angles to get a good workout. And there really is no unloaded substitute for a deadlift. I could do handstand pushups for the presses, but, well, I was already there, and they had these barbells ‘n’ stuff.

  138. Handstand pushups can be very bad for you if you don’t have the strength. I can’t push press my bodyweight, so how could I do a handstand pushup?

  139. There are progressions for handstand pushups (pike pushups, then same with feet elevated), but you’re still in a head-toward-floor position that could be injurious if you slipped or a joint gave out. It’s not an especially natural body position, and certainly not the posture you’d normally be in if you needed to push in the vertical plane.

  140. And I think that’s my only real disagreement with Matt. Weights and loads have a place in training. We’ve got a lot of physical culture history to back that up. I read his first book and liked it, haven’t cracked the second just yet.

  141. “I’ll probably try to hit the heavy bag tonight…….”

    What’s her name?

  142. Yea, I do all sorts of variations. But if anyone has any shoulder issues, I’d say avoid it.

  143. I won’t be bench pressing again. Pushups are enough there, and trying to go heavy on bench is almost certainly how I got hurt in the first place.

  144. I don’t really bench much, and when I do i certainly stay pretty conservative.

  145. Carin, thank you for not embarrassing the H2 with a shit run.


  146. Dayum


  147. https://tinyurl.com/y8qolx2a

  148. Four more NRSC emails today. Now if even I wanted to donate, I wouldn’t, because I’m not rewarding harassment.

  149. Good evening, whose turn is it to send Romacita another brace of Republican fundraising emails?

  150. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/pride-and-prejudice-silicon-valley-edition

  151. I was wearing lighter colored running tights, so I didn’t really have the option of shitting my pants.

  152. I was wearing lighter colored running tights, so I didn’t really have the option of shitting my pants.

    That’s what strangers’ lawns are for.

  153. https://tinyurl.com/y8ogt842

  154. Pepe, that’s what today’s to-do list looked like except the #1 was “run 13.1 miles” , which really justified the rest of the list.

  155. It was nice of your daughters to show support.


  156. I saw some pretty good signs out there

  157. “I was wearing lighter colored running tights, so I didn’t really have the option of shitting my pants.”

    your marketing approach is all wrong –
    you need to hype the design element as “Racing Stripes”

    it’s all the rage!

    all the cool kids have them!

  158. i just tested my latest batch of kimchi –

    bummer, not enough heat and it’s too salty

  159. that boulder to the car hood gif is freaky –
    i wonder if the driver survived.
    the energy it carried to & thru the tree was impressive

  160. I think it missed the people part of the car,

  161. Also, it looks like the brakes were applied.

  162. I didn’t see a dreadlock pic.

  163. “I didn’t really have the option of shitting my pants.”

    It’s always an option.

  164. https://is.gd/QmNsTN

  165. YouTube has been showing me a bunch of Florida-oriented ads lately. I think they have me confused with the Sean M who uses bath salts and fights with cops in the Cracker Barrel parking lot.

  166. BRB to read comments. Is that Aloha Temperature Pizza dealio, about me?

  167. If it’s a pun, it’s about you.

  168. Today in retail sucked. Apparently, screaming “Hey!” at me from across the Club is appropriate behavior. We had a 75 on antenna for the games today. I really thought the Redskins had blown their lead. Lots of First Nation peeps watching the game in their Redskin gear. When the Cowboys screwed the pooch…a roar went up.

  169. Sean, I use free WIFI at ballparks. I get ads from every state I’ve used WiFi in. You were with Colin. Colin is the consummate FL man poster. Are you getting Trash Panda and Octupus posts?

  170. Damn Autocucumber

  171. I post OH so frequently, that when I want to say “Oh”, autocucumber automatically adds the “IO”.

  172. Effing Boilermakers.

  173. Definitely election season. The lifelong dems are advertising about how much they have done for veterans.

  174. I would say I’m sorry about that upset, oso, but…I can’t think of a way to end this sentence that doesn’t actually twist the knife any more.

  175. As long as we beat Michigan…

  176. Derp life, you can run away from time
    Derp life, for a nickel, for a dime
    Derp life, but you better not get old
    Derp life, or you’re gonna feel the cold

  177. Is that Aloha Temperature Pizza dealio, about me?

    Every meme I poast is about you.

  178. Dreadlock tackle pic is awesome. Not sure if that tackle prompted the discussion or another similar one but I’ve heard sportscasters saying that’s a legal football move.


  179. Ha, in the last few minutes I’ve seen 2 ads by Dems (one from “Independent” Angus King who, don’t even try to bullshit me, is a Dem), telling people how much they help veterans.

  180. All the ads here are healthcare, immigration and veterans along with character assassination.


  181. I usually vote early at my town office. It’s pretty easy to do and avoids the potential of being too busy on election day. Once I’ve done that I can mentally tune out the ads even easier than I do know.

    We had a Dem candidate visit us Saturday while I was out. The dogs were going apeshit and Paula looked out to see her in the doorway. After chit chatting for a few minutes the lady asked Paula how she knew her. Long story short, she took care of her in the
    ER for a dog bite she recently had, happened while she was out campaigning.

  182. MMM in about 10-15.

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