Mystical Mycology Monday: Faerie Rings

Tough weekend here.  Filled with regret over the move at this point, wish I could go back to June 2017 and slap myself, but that’s not going to happen.   Have to try and make the best of it now that we’re here.  Going to head out at first light and try to clear some manure out of the horse pens so rain and snow melt in the springtime won’t just sit up at the surface.  Hoping a little more time outdoors will help my depression, or at least force me to think things through without the distraction of all the glowing rectangles that surround me at my desk.

Saturday, I’m out driving with Possum and I see a giant one of these:


Roughly 30′ across, and the caps all had to be 8′ across.  It was big enough that someone else was already stopped to take a picture of it.  It’s a fascinating phenomenon, and even mycologists are still divided on the exact cause.

Here’s a very pretty one, made of a poisonous/hallucinogenic/medicinal species:


And another:


I tried looking at what’s left in the binders this morning, and it just made me ill trying to get excited about any of the images remaining.  Nothing disgusting or even significantly different from old MMM posts, but I look and feel… contempt?  Boredom?  Ennui?  It’s just so far removed anymore from anything I care about at the moment that I can’t summon a frisson of interest, even enough to choose.  I’ll delete what remains and be done with it after I finish the post.

Laura sent me some great photographs a short while ago that I wanted to showcase and talk about, too.


Here we have a wood-root, saprophitic fruiting body that bears some resemblance to chicken of the woods, a choice edible.  I didn’t take the time to ask for some shots of the underside, so I don’t know if this is a gilled body or a polypore.  If this had gills, no, definitely not chicken of the woods.  Even if it did, it doesn’t really have the knobby shape or bright, sulfurous (literally due to the sulfur content) orange color that I’d expect.  It’s also a lot droopier than the CoW specimens I’ve seen, almost like a lion’s mane (another choice edible) but lacking the frills I’d expect to see there.  I also can’t quite figure out the tree species, which would help ID the fungus.

Another, looks like an amanita of some kind.  Haven’t cracked my books yet for ID.



Beautiful, classic sort of “toadstool” look.

Have a great Monday, everyone, I’ll be back to chat after I shovel some sh*t.

No wonder our yoot are so fucked up these days:



  1. Crap, I thought the sun was due up any minute, but it won’t rise for another 90, and I just noticed it was still raining.

    I guess I’m stuck with the rectangles and my headache.

  2. nice shrooms lebuff

  3. i was pissing around looking into more vpn info and lots of tv stuff pops up. i see that leon has his own tee-vee player (leonflix dot net) –

    i checked it out yesterday on the magic computer box dealio – it works quite well –

    i assume it’s illegal to use in some way, shape, or form

    i’m not a tv kinda person but i’d imagine many teevee o’philes like it

  4. Leon, I know how you feel. Even though I know leaving California was the right call, I still question it. The job wasn’t horrible, and Santa Barbara was nice, and I made more money, although when the cost of living was taken into account my real wage here is higher. But money still feels tighter now than it was then, and my new job is ok, but I don’t have some of the opportunities that I would have had at my old job.

    Meanwhile, my knee has hurt the past two weeks, to the point that I can’t run. I can walk around well enough, and the aching seems to have gone away, but between that and being busy my gym schedule is shot to hell. Hopefully I can get back onto a regular schedule this week.

  5. Dead.

  6. Nice derp by scene btw.

  7. I was busy skyrimming hoping it would clear my headache. No, but I was at least able to forget about it for a while.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. I was busy skyrimming hoping it would clear my headache.


    Seems kind of personal.

  10. I was out a lot yesterday (yard, running,etc) and I saw all sorts of mushrooms. I should have taken pictures.

  11. This shit doesn’t stop until 4th wave feminism (“we like babies and men and sandwich making and hate porn and have uteri we were born with”) starts.

  12. I hope the freaks take over all womens’ sports. I’ll laugh and laugh.

  13. The WNBA seems to be way ahead of you on this one, Mare.

  14. “Her” teeth need a good cleaning.

  15. I think the last is a yellow fly agaric, which is a type of Amanita. Or a type of weasel, I have difficulty keeping track.

  16. Blergh, 29 and foggy here this morning.

  17. I laugh especially hard when the “gals” of the WNBA say they should be paid like the NBA players. LOL Yeah, if only anyone watched your garbage basketball.

    And I may be wrong but I thought the NBA subsidizes the WNBA and if it didn’t it wouldn’t float financially.

  18. This post has been raped updated.

  19. Women’s basketball is queer.

  20. That image encapsulates the trans- debacle perfectly.

  21. I lol’d . Idiot.

  22. I enjoyed Skyrim, but I really enjoy Witcher 3. Its like Skyrim on steroids.

  23. Skyrim is fun, but I’ve mostly played some Halo games recently. I never really cared for the series until a few years ago when I bought Halo 3 and enjoyed it.

  24. Still play Skyrim occasionally, but Fallout 4 has been my thing lately.

  25. Jeez, mare. That was labeled as “sensitive material” if you weren’t logged in to twitter. You could report it.


  26. Here is a steaming pile of cow flop if I ever saw one.

    Do they really expect us to take the word of some asshole that works at Stanford?

  27. He shouldn’t have described it as “fucking millennials”, Jay. Algorithms don’t know things.

  28. And while we’re on the subject of assholes, if I wanted to listen to one, I’d fart.

  29. Fallout 4 was the game I was on before Witcher 3. I purchased the DLC’s for both. Looking forward to the Fallout 76. The Son got the latest COD late last week. He says its great, but I haven’t seen it yet. Im also considering the new Red Dead Redemption.

  30. Just got back from the daily walk with the cowdog. 29 degrees, foggy and a 10+ mph wind. No fun at all. Dog was happy, though.

  31. I don’t trust DNA tests anyway, they always throw some minority in there, “just because”. Someone sent identical samples to different DNA services, and multiple identical samples to the same services. Results were markedly different. They can get the major ethnicity right, but with the minor parts, they’re just guessing.

    I especially don’t trust one she arranged privately.

  32. So that idiot Warren is 1/512 Indian. We all are.

  33. More emperor has no clothes nonsense. Simple fact of the matter is she took claimed a status that she absolutely does not qualify to claim. Period. Everything else is fucking nonsense. She mis-represented herself and the University was happy to go along with the misrepresentation.

  34. I agree with Pepe, I’ve watched tons of DNA reveal videos and when they have multiple tests done, they are ALWAYS different.

    I’m not sending my DNA anywhere. Unless it’s health related or I voluntarily give blood.

  35. So in 2020 we will likely see a democrat circle jerk consisting of:


    I’ll bring popcorn.

  36. I gave your mom some of my DNA.

  37. And your Dad gave some to Obama’s dog.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  38. LOL Mare wins the internet. \o/

  39. Your mom’s 🐈 smells like her Sancho.

  40. Comment by mare on October 15, 2018 11:03 am
    So that idiot Warren is 1/512 Indian. We all are.

    It may be even as low as 1/1024, which would make her whiter than most white Americans.

  41. Let’s see – according to the Privilege Chart, I am “oppressed”, due to the fact that I am old and female. I can also add in disabled, unattractive (by industry standards), poor (we’re only in the top 10%), nonfertile (post-menopausal), and uncredentialed (just enough college to be dangerous).

    Honestly, that chart is just a smorgasbord of whines from the Daddy Didn’t Love Me / I Never Got To Be A Cheerleader club.

    And they are completely missing a “fat/skinny” component.

  42. Leon, I hope things start looking up for you soon! 😊

  43. Dude, I was not that drunk…

  44. Congratulations J to your Cyclones. They put an asswhuppin on the couch burners. I do hope they rediscover their school colors though.

  45. Yeah, didn’t care for the uniforms either. They can wear pink if they play like that, though. Loudest game I’ve ever seen there.

  46. I’m a higher percentage of an extinct human subspecies than Lieawatha is “Native” American. Hilarious.

  47. I’m all viking.

  48. Trump should respond to Elizabeth Warren’s test results with, “That’s great. I’m really happy for her. I’d be happy to give her any advice she needs on building a casino.”

  49. It would be funnier if he had more Indian blood than she did.

  50. I bet most everyone in the country would come up with about as much Indian blood as Pocahontas.

  51. “Drumpf is 100% evil Nazi German! German people are all evil Nazis!”

    -The Left

  52. and now it’s snowing….. *cries*

  53. Why did carin steal Pepe’s login credentials.

  54. Snowed yesterday here, was still on the grass when I went to work.

  55. Car in loves the snow. It hides all the beer cans and she can cruelly send her newfies into it.

  56. Interesting

  57. NSFW language…. but not really bad.

  58. So, now that we know Leon is more “black” than Warren is Indian … can we apply for some sort of affirmative action grant to promote our blog?

  59. Some dipshit on ‘our side’, here in a St. Louis area FB group, is trying to tell us to write-in a candidate for the senate race between Hawley and McCaskill. That we should remember what ‘they’ did to our governor.
    Can’t see the forest for the trees. We’re in a war motherf*cker and throwing a major battle because ‘both are abhorrent’ is pure stupid. We at least have a tiny grip on Hawley’s leash. With McCaskill…nada. Democrats always circle their wagons and rarely cut loose reliable members.

  60. I was wondering how that was gonna come out, beasn.

  61. that dipshit is also probably working for McCaskill

  62. No doubt of that.

  63. I’m an African American.

    Prove me wrong.

  64. I am also black enough to play John Henry.

    Disagreeing with me is outlawed per the Obergefell decision.

  65. Excuse me, there is only one black person on this blog/chat room.

  66. Dude, you are whiter than I am.

  67. Excuse me, there is only one black person on this blog/chat room.
    I’m actually not black, I’m just blessed with a big dick.

  68. Killed it twice today.

  69. “blessed with” isn’t the same thing as “I am”, CoAlex.

  70. *blesses Alex again*

  71. Does this mean that CoAlex has a boyfriend named Richard??

  72. Im 100% lesbian.

  73. I’m a 100% not lesbian.

  74. I tan up pretty good too.
    So I should prolly go for minority lezzy business status.

  75. Jam, we’re perfect for each other. BWAHAHAHAHA

  76. Don’t look at me, I have to fight off the temptation to identify as a “Grey-Cetacean Hybrid”…

  77. Hhahahahahhhhhhhhaloooolllololololol

    The Cherokee Nation says that Warren’s self described affiliation with the tribe is inappropriate.

  78. Actually they kind of rip her a new one.

  79. I read their statement. That was a scalping.

  80. On the warpath

  81. Buried her at Wounded Knee

  82. “Elizabeth Warren Disappointed After DNA Test Shows Zero Trace Of Presidential Material”

  83. I’ve mentioned it before but I really do believe Trump has a providence on him. I think he represents those (us and those like us ANY COLOR or CREED) fighting for the good things of this Country.

    I hope he continues to be blessed.

    Also, his enemies are morons.

  84. We toured Monticello today.

    Pretty nifty.

  85. local stores are overflowing with apples –
    picked up a bunch of jonagolds
    an absolute must try if you see them in your area.
    fantastic apple.
    i may plant a couple of them

  86. We toured Monticello today.
    That’s super cool.

    Jefferson was a true genius and ahead of his time if you know what I mean.

    Did not discriminate.

  87. I’ve always wanted to do that, Scott.

    My husband, youngest and I did a George Washington pilgrimage and it was so, so good. Valley Forge, Philadelphia (all the founding sites and museums), Mount Vernon, the George Washington portion of the Smithsonian and a walk from there to the Washington Monument to finish it up. A great week.

  88. Well goddam.

    I just checked my Ancestry DNA results and I am more Jewish than Elizabeth Warren is Indian.

    Come to think of it, its hot here. So hot. But not like Palm Springs. You wanna talk about hot. My Uncle Moshe would always insist that we visit him in the dead of summer because he was a big shot in the movie business. Its a dry heat they say. You won’t even sweat its so dry. Not like Florida or the Queens in the summer. Meshuggeneh. I spritzed so much I had to wring out my underwear and hang them on the balcony of the Holiday Inn, which is where we stayed because they had a great breakfast included in the room charge.

  89. I hope he continues to be blessed.

    Also, his enemies are morons
    Judge tosses Stormy Daniels lawsuit

  90. Did you know that Jefferson’s wife and Sally Hemings were half-sisters? Yep. Same father.

  91. Did you know that Jefferson’s wife and Sally Hemings were half-sisters?


    Jefferson is a rap song. He’s actually king pimp. Founded a nation, nailed sisters, vacationed in Paris, swindled Napoleon, drank the best wine, etc etc.


  92. GND closes the curtains.

  93. Jefferson is a rap song. He’s actually king pimp. Founded a nation, nailed sisters, vacationed in Paris, swindled Napoleon, drank the best wineMumble mumble uhhh mumble mrffffff mumble Xanax mumble mumble huuuuunh mumble mumble grrrr mumble, etc etc.



  94. How!

  95. ✋🏽

  96. Elizabeth Warren.

    Is she sure she isn’t Aborigine? Throws a lot of boomerangs.

  97. lasagna soup? oh yeah!

    That’s a winner.

  98. How does Jewish come up on a DNA test?

  99. Did the price go up for Liawatha’s Cherokee cookbook?

  100. Because the whole fucking thing is bullshit. HotBride and some friends have been swindled into buying the “test.”

    Then they said I should do it, and I said, “It’s fake.”

    That caused a lively conversation.

  101. I should get it, and see how much Northern European shows up. All my relatives are from north of Germany. In fact, a lot of them fled because of Germany’s expansion in the 1860’s

  102. I guess it’s not all north of Germany, some are from Holland.

  103. I can go back 8 generations, Jan Van Driel was born in 1680.

    10 generations? The Indians hadn’t even met vikings yet.

  104. European Jewish is listed.

  105. I have English, German, French, and Dutch. All verified by family trees that confirm country of origin.

    What is a fucking DNA test going to reveal? That I’m part South Sea Islander?

  106. That you have African DNA.

    Well, doesn’t everyone, since that’s where it all began? Yep, fake.

  107. The science is settled.

  108. I didn’t realize Jewish was a race, haha. I’ll bet Hotspur will turn out to be Islamic, and mare is Chinese.

  109. Better yet, mare is Kenyan, and is related to Obama.

  110. In forensics the test results are believable. Nope.

  111. Islam isn’t a race. It’s a mental disorder.

  112. Would 23 and me be more reliable?

  113. I was pretty sure I was a cracker ass cracker.

    Turns out I am.


  114. Mare and Obama are half sisters.

  115. For Oso and J’Ames

  116. YEAH BABY!

  117. you look multicultural in your avatar, MJ.

  118. Plus there’s always the bonus that the DNA com p aimed happily share info with the government. I think Google bought a DNA company just for access to the info. God knows what they’ll do with it. Expect ads for medicine in your pop-up ads i guess.

  119. Looks like Penis Face and Penis Butt have to cut a check to Trump.

  120. I think Google bought a DNA company just for access to the info. God knows what they’ll do with it. Expect ads for medicine in your pop-up ads i guess.

    Screening for the off-world spice mines. Duh.

  121. I was just looking at my tree in Ancestry, and I got a message from a relative in Sweden. They came across a picture I had of my great grandfather, and wondered how I got it.

  122. Did you reply with a “your mom” joke?

  123. So, any thoughts from Scott on whether the House is gonna flip in November?

  124. I think a mom joke would be lost in translation with a Swede, and I don’t want to start a war.

  125. Heh, nice one from Gutfeld.

  126. Flip? If the election were held today, I would say probably not.

    After another three weeks of Soros sponsored riots?

    Definitely not.

  127. BEASN!

    project veritas gets Claire Bear on camera!

  128. I think a mom joke would be lost in translation with a Swede, and I don’t want to start a war.

    Just stay away from the coast or any navigable waterways and you should be fine.

  129. Haha, and the next one is from Mizzou too!

  130. Rebecca has informed us that we are now to address her as “Your Ladyship”.

    Little stinker 😊

  131. Anyone here watch “Counterpart”? The first few episodes are really good.

  132. Mom has done all the genealogy on all the ancestors back to the boat. One German, one French heugonaut, and all the rest are from the British Isles. Faixahantas is a

  133. My take on NA and DNA. Anecdotal. The reason there isn’t a data base of NA DNA and why they use Rez Rolls is about lore. They don’t believe in the Bering Strait Migration. They were always here. Migration is white man BS. When the Rez was established and your name appeared they are able to track your Nativeness.

  134. Destroy every red potato.

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