Sunday Taint

**Mazie Hirono: Kavanaugh enters Supreme Court with ‘huge taint**

I’d like to see Lindsey open up an investigation as to whether or not crazy Hawaii lady is qualified to determine the relative size of taints.

Miss Lindsey may need to get Barney Frank back in congress to help out.

-some serious stupid has pooled in DC –

Congress’ new motto stolen from adult swim: “Protecting Taint Before you Cain’t”

important music update (plus a couple of ghost taint insertions):


  1. Got six hours sleep on the CPAP, I’m getting better at this.

    Still not happy with the facehugger mask, though.


  3. time to paint this taint!!!

  4. Jam2 you are a master! Of what I don’t know, but xbradtc will tell us!

    Was PJ Momma for or against Judge Kavanaugh?

  5. Brother Cavil are you talking about a C pap mask or a hooker?

  6. Let the puking commence!

  7. Oh my Lord but hat Hank Johnson clip is gloriously funny.

  8. Wakey wakey. Sunny and dry here today so going to try to get shit done outside.

  9. Day 2 of Guard Weekend. Good weather, so I’ll probably try to get her outside as much as I can.

  10. Still nippy outside.

  11. We have snow flurries.

    Is Possum taller than you yet?


  13. 40 degrees and rainy here. They cancelled the final day of the balloon fiesta in ABQ.

  14. That fucker has been out there with his blower since 0800. I have a headache that 4 advil hasn’t killed yet.
    I swear – if I thought I could get away with it…

  15. I think you nailed it Chi: OCD.

  16. I’m on dad duty for driving the boy to driver’s ed this weekend since Paula worked both days. Yesterday I did rounds and took my sweet ass time which burned 1-1/2 hours of the 3 hour class. I sort of napped and drank coffee in the doctor lounge for a bit. Today my plan was to drop him off and go to the cigar shop. Didn’t realize it opens at noon. By the time my cigar is hitting the good spot it’ll be time to get him. Sigh. And the Sox lost last night. FML!

  17. mare, I think Peej didn’t like what was being done to Kavanaugh. I didn’t know she stepped away because I did too after watching the ‘hearing’ that should have never been. I didn’t know he was confirmed until the Monday…or was it Tuesday….after.

  18. The only thing I can think of is a shot of nyquil and a melatonin pill. maybe I can sleep through the crazy?
    (Yes, he’s out there again)

  19. Pretty sure Mommy Owl is thinking about all the different recipes she could use that cat in.

    Window guy has been over ruled.

  20. Chi, you should go out there and tell him you have a tumah and would appreciate it if he would stop blowing FORONEF*CKINGDAY!

  21. I tried calling him, but of course he couldn’t answerer BECAUSE HE’S RUNNING THE BLOWER.!
    I doubt he’d listen to reason anyway. His NextDoor neighbor has already CO fronted him once with a handgun (yes, seriously).

  22. Hold a neighborhood meeting and whoever draws the short straw, has to break into his garage and kidnap his blower.

  23. did anyone see a major upset live last night?

  24. Chi, I know you have sympathy for the poor guy, however, that sound is one of our most hated and having to hear it all day would impact the quality of our lives. There has to be a way of stopping him or slowing him down. Maybe the police coming over based on several complaints would encourage him to get the help (either pharmaceutical or therapy) he so desperately needs.

  25. Holy cow, Jay, there were a ton of upsets yesterday!


  27. That raptor deal was kind of amazing, Pups.

  28. Husky develops trust issues.

  29. 56 sunny and beautiful here. Gorgeous day.

  30. Back on the bus. Mr. RFH’s phone tried to autocorrect on to oy. Or I fat-fingered it. Still amusing to sleep-deprived me.
    Heading to the airport, time to embrace the suck.

  31. Mid 40s, off and on drizzley, and gray. Meh. The sudden Africa hot to what seems like below normal fall temperatures is rather depressing.


  33. I loved Crispy’s obituary link from yesterday.

  34. How many states have you guys raped today lauraw?

  35. Mid 40s, off and on drizzley, and gray. Meh.</i

    For a hot minute there, I thought you were talking shit about me!

  36. Fagged out today, too tired. We raped seven states yesterday.

  37. Day of rest. Good idea, this is a vacation and there are many strange new foods to eat, beverages to sample and quaint local customs to mock.

  38. Damn, Beta O’Rourke is a mewling quim.

  39. I want to cook shrimp ‘n grits, Brunswick stew, and Mississippi mud pie for Scott and Laura. Alas.

  40. Colorado Alex speaks truth.

  41. As far as I can tell, the whole freakout is that he criticized a broadway show as being poorly written and hiring actresses based on their tits and ass, not their acting ability. What’s hilarious is that I bet if a feminist had written what he wrote, she’d be praised for it.

  42. WTFF??



  45. I love him. I want a pygmy marmoset and I can keep him in a lighted terrarium in my closet and call him Claude. Claude will have a soft toothbrush for me to groom him with and this will be my job for 20 minutes each day before work and we will both feel amazing afterwards.

  46. I would train him to wear a little hat! OMG

  47. I’m putting all my gardening and home improvement projects on hold until the pygmy marmoset thing is fully researched for viability.

  48. Is it OK if I name the pygmy marmoset Leon?

  49. Is that a pygmy marmoset in your pants?


  51. My great great grandpa was a pygmy marmoset.

  52. Pygmy marmoset.


  53. you fuqqirs can’t be trusted with finger monkeys –
    we all know what you’d do

  54. no offense

  55. I’ll have a martini, shaken, not stirred by a pygmy marmoset.

  56. Daddy’s Pygmy Marmoset

  57. “Pygmy marmoset.


    MJ makes the best marmosas.

  58. Pygmy Marmoset pennies.

  59. Don’t talk shit about pygmy marmosets.

  60. We went on a tour of Grand Caverns today.

    Call your mom.

  61. Alec Baldwin has a t. Show???
    Wtf is up with that? I almost want to watch just out of curiosity.

  62. You muhfuks is off da reservation.


  64. I got tricked into going to Sprouts this morning. Ugh. Dan likes soup. He found a recipe for lasagna soup. It was pretty good.

  65. mmm that sounds good

  66. Sprouts is awesome.

  67. *coughhipster*cough

  68. Online recipe. I bought a huge bag of mozzarella for ravioli lasagna bake the other night, and Dan was looking for recipes. Next time, we’ll spice up the soup with red chile flakes and put bread in the bowl before dishing the soup. The mozzarella melts into the soup. Reminds me of a Mexico Mexican soup a friend used to make. It had a name that was a play on words. Sopa de Ropa or something.

  69. Sean, we went after church. It was pretty empty so I didn’t have to fight any hippies. This new location has 2 roundabouts. I H8 roundabouts. Messicans don’t understand the concept and it makes them even more dangerous on the road.

  70. I H8 the Cheatriots and the Red Sux. Guess how my day is going

  71. There aren’t any hippies at my Sprouts. Probably because of our proximity to Orange County.

    *throws Riccola at J’Ames’ head*

  72. all Italian food needs red chili flakes

  73. Good Lord, I just had a friend send me the “Bill Gates is totes for realsies paying people who forward this email as part of a beta test and this is TOTALLY REAL so send it to everyone!!!” thing on facechimp messenger.

    My response: “Heh. I didn’t forward this the first time I got it. Back in 1998.”

  74. Heh, haven’t received that one in a while. Along with Nigerian billionaires.

  75. The Classics, right?

  76. Ha! I grew up with red chile flakes in spaghetti and meatloaf. Never understood why everyone made bland spaghetti and meatloaf. Dan usually tweaks tomato based food and stir fry with red chile. We are currently out.

  77. I’m getting friend requests from foreign chicks with huge racks.

  78. Seems legit.

  79. I think AI thinks I’m an Incel.

  80. Probably the haircut.

    *runs away*

  81. 🤣🤣🤣I will never understand how a stylist can hear “Banged face-frame, jaw-length Bob” and continuously deliver a Pete Rose. My most recent haircut was a do whatever you want, but don’t show my ears. Result at work: Hey, that’s not a Pete Rose. Dan: You look like a fat Keith Urban. He’s resorted to calling me “Ish”. Kingpin reference

  82. I dunno, maybe it’s time to grow it out longer?

  83. I have anger issues with the Catholic Church. 2008. Priest friends on FB and Twitter have me back at Mass. Moron priests. Lots of DM and PM. Homily today was a good day. Happy for Roamy and her tour of Love.

  84. Delicately, Elvis roused Priscilla.

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