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  1. fuck that biscuit and gravy crap, chi-chi, pass the hookers and blow – daylite’s a burnin’

  2. what’s HotSpot up to?

  3. rape documentary:


  4. ahhite – off to the races

  5. One click more for the Jordanian flag. It’s nearly 3pm, I hiked 6 miles through Petra, now a 4-hour bus ride to the Dead Sea. And I am using Mr. RFH’s phone while he’s sleeping. Boof, y’all.

  6. Hope all the h2 Catholics can make this trip. Skip Jordan though.
    We walked the Via Dolorosa, praying at each Station of the Cross, praying the rosary in between (trying to fend off the vendors, didn’t work ), ending with Mass in the St. Mary Magdalene. chapel in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Words are inadequate .

  7. Wow!! That’s incredible, Roamy. Have fun and stay safe!

  8. Houseguest made butternut squash soup last night while I was at work. I want to try it, but we’re leaving for our road trip today. Suppose I should start packing.

    Maybe she’ll make another pot of it soon.

  9. Pupster, this poat is packed so full of poaty goodness. I felt like I could scroll-and-laugh forever.

    I didn’t get some of the jokes though. Maybe it’s too early for my brain. I didn’t get to sleep until almost 2am last night after work.

  10. Roamy – are you visiting Mt Ararat while you’re over there? My buddy says that was a highlight of his trip.
    I think your trip sounds VERY cool. I’d love to do something like that one day. If I were ever so blessed, of course.

  11. Pupster, weekend memes are so good if it was bread I would eat it. Considering I haven’t had bread in years I feel that’s saying something.

  12. What a fantastic trip, Roamy. I would love to go to Israel. It’s one of the few places my husband and I would enjoy traveling to.

  13. I haven’t seen Mt. Ararat but have seen Mt. Nebo, Mt. of Olives, Mt. of Temptation, and Mt. Arbel. Arbel looks over the Sea of Galilee. I understand now the politics of the Golan Heights. (Water rights and security )

  14. Mt. Ararat is in Turkey so, no, we’re nowhere near.

  15. I didn’t get some of the jokes though.

    You should ask Scott to explain them to you.

  16. I saved this last night waiting for Oso to show up but I couldn’t stay awake after ODing on crack chicken.


  17. Who is gmc123?

  18. Mare, when you’re ready to go, I will give you the contact info for the tour coordinator. She is based in Boca Raton. I could not have asked for a better experience in Israel.

  19. Thanks, Roamy! Be safe, have fun!

    (That’s what I always say to my kids and in that order!)

  20. We lost Helga the Barn Cat yesterday. I don’t even know what happened, we just found her dead underneath the truck where she liked to sleep. Not hit or anything, just stiff and cold like she’d passed quietly in the night. Might have been parasites, I guess, or maybe she found something poisonous out in the woods. She wasn’t very old, but she had been skinny for a while. Sad day.

    Guard weekend, so I’m watching cartoons with Possum. I haven’t told her yet, I might not for a while, I don’t think she’d understand yet.

  21. Glad you’re having fun, Roamie.

  22. Could also have just been exposure. She spent nights under there sometimes rather than in the barn because she didn’t really care much for Lars the Barn Cat. We had a cold snap Thursday night.

  23. One of the ladies rooms in Petra is built in a cave . Mini-me is inordinately pleased that she peed in a cave. With nice rock formations .

    Sorry about the barn cat. When you do tell Possum, don’t say Helga fell asleep.

  24. Pepe, it’s been good but I am ready to go home.

  25. I think my buddy Shawn did a huge tour of the entire region.
    Wailing wall to Ararat and everywhere in between.
    I wish I could do something like that.

  26. Leon, so sorry about the cat. That’s tough. Poor little fella. (Not you, the cat)

  27. Sorry about the barn cat. When you do tell Possum, don’t say Helga fell asleep.

    Helga fell in honorable combat against the vermin hordes. When I die, I can only pray for a death one tenth as noble as hers…

  28. Cats can take pretty cold weather. Below zero hasn’t been a problem for ours. We need more, our long time barn cat disappeared last year. Some ringtails moved in for a while, but I don’t know if they’re still around.

  29. My daughter was in Israel for 17 days. Absolutely loved it. She is a practicing Catholic and particularly loved the Holy Sites. But of course, everything was wonderful to her.

  30. Yeah, my guess is parasite or accidental poisoning. There are small junk piles at random points in the woods. It’s also possible that she was much older than we were told when we got her.

  31. Bethlehem is the only one so far that I was disappointed in. Church itself was fine though being remodeled. It was the extremely aggressive hucksters selling cheap Chinese garbage. Shouting at us “5 scarves $20”, even boarding the bus until the tour guide chased them off.
    Funniest thing there was right by the wall to keep terrorists out, the “Walled Off Hotel “

  32. Ugh.
    Not even 1100 yet and he’s already out there for the third time with the blower.
    Today is shaping up to be a record breaker.
    I used to hate him, but now I just feel sorry for him. OCD must be such a burden to live with…

  33. 1139. The blower is running again!
    I have a bet going with the neighbor lady that will be six times today. She thinks 5.
    If it reaches seven, we’ve hit Nirvana añd have to shut it all down.

  34. Breaking out the winter clothes…..flannel lined jeans for the win! Luv me some flannel jeans…..comfy, functional…can’t wait to find em with cargo pockets.

  35. Troy, how do you feel? Can you tell any difference after the procedure?

  36. I’m doing good. Back to raping everything in sight. Dr. Says see a pulmonologist. The rocket scientist in me says if I stop smoking that’d probably help.

  37. And… again
    What are s that? 4 times? 5? I lost count. My Lord what is the fascination with the blower???

  38. Good blowers are fascination, but I’m not up for 5 times in a row…….

    Perhaps your mom has some insight…..

  39. I wonder if my Mom has ever blown in her entire 81 years.? Strange to even think about it…
    She has always seemed like a prude to me.
    She barely sampled wine once or twice (it was Blue Nun – I remember), but may have been a sex freak – who knows better than you, Pepe?

  40. Maybe the sound of the leaf blower drowns out the voices in your neighbor’s head….. 😈

  41. Missing from that story is any mention of party affiliation.

  42. Talk about creepy:

    Ex-official, girlfriend accused of abusing unconscious woman

    There was a doctor, in Florida I believe, who was charged with the same thing along with his girlfriend. They’d drug a woman and have sex with her.

  43. Road trip! I got us through the first 3 states. Laura is in charge of Pennsylvania.

  44. Scott did you do any raping on the way thru?

  45. Stop smoking, Troy!! We have a number of successful ex smokers at the H2.

  46. Pennsylvania? At least you don’t have to worry about running into Hilary.

  47. If the party affiliation is missing, you know what it is.

  48. Took a little digging Pendejo but I think Larry is Laurence


    Shocked that the GoP-er gets the courtesy of a no party mention.

  49. There are videos of the rape/assaults. Thank God there are videos.

    How insane do you have to be to enjoy sex with a drugged out or practically dead person?

  50. So about 20 years of schooling down the drain. Well done, freak.

  51. Do rapes on the weekend count as a rape and a half? I need someone familiar with current labor laws.

  52. Mare, my sister is a speech path and used to work in a nationally chained rehab hospital in Midland. The MD that prescribed and oversaw all the rehab was a massive sexual diviate. He was about 55 and on his fourth marriage and had hit on every female employee in the place. She figured he scored about a quarter of the time.

  53. Rapes on the weekend don’t count.

  54. “How insane do you have to be to enjoy sex with a drugged out or practically dead person?”


    Pretty sure this one’s in XBrad’s wheelhouse.

  55. How insane do you have to be to enjoy sex with a drugged out or practically dead person?


  56. *spit take*

  57. Huh. Looks like pjm deleted her facechimp.

  58. https://is.gd/IeGy3O

  59. LOL. Bing’d Paint It Black. The lyrics it showed bore only a passing resemblance to what was playing. Jeebus.

  60. Looks like pjm deleted her facechimp.

    I heard she sneezed at a picnic and had to change her status.


  61. Experts.

  62. Jeebus. So tired. Hope I can actually sleep with that stoopid facehugger/CPAP on tonight.

  63. I can’t have more people just disappear

  64. The lake will fill up eventually.

  65. She’s okay, Cari n. Replied to a text. Said she needed a break after all the Kavanaugh stuff.

  66. Guy who disappeared here last month is still missing. Went out for his daily walk and hasn’t been seen since.

  67. So very sorry, PEPE

  68. Springsteen sings a song about that.

  69. I know time is
    Gonna take its toll
    We have to derp for
    The love we stole

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