Hello children, and welcome to Big Bibacious Friday.


bibacious (bɪˈbeɪʃəs) adjective  – tending to drink in excess



Your model for today was born in Surrey, England May 16th, 1989.  She stands 5′ 4″, 36F-26-36 and 110 lbs.  Pleasrace me to welcome Miss Brook Little!



  1. First picture has a watermark of Brooke Little dot C0m … she’s merchandising the girls!

  2. She’s a looker, good choice Pups. Your pictures leave us wondering whether her feather dusting skills are on par with past models though.

  3. Boobs are overrated.

  4. Bibendum

  5. Boobs are overrated.

    Name one.

  6. she’s merchandising the girls!

    *clutches pearls*

  7. Finally, a real rocket scientist as our model!! You know, with those glasses she’s obviously really smart!

    I think she looks pretty good in that second picture. Like someone in the office all the men want to have sexual relations with but she’s out of their league.

  8. Wakey wakey

    She’s got “daddy issues” written all over her.

  9. another great joob by the pup pack!!

  10. and also:

    Quick Call 9-1-1!!!!
    pendeejoe has had a stroke!!

  11. Boobs are overrated.

    I think that’s his code that he’s in danger or kidnapped.

  12. Someone had a post on facedouche about that, your captors would let you post on social media to keep things looking normal. The question was what would you post to let people know you’re in danger.

    My answer was Occupy Democrat posts.

  13. Boobs are overrated. Booties are more important by far.

  14. If I start posting pro-porn shit, send armed men.

  15. During my in laws visit I talked up the virtues of a Maxy Waters presidential bid – I think I have them on board.

  16. If I start posting about my bro-love for Andy Cuomo you’ll know that I’ve had substantial brain damage or someone is holding my daughter and or wife hostage.

  17. Carl, I tried Wookie meat

  18. Carl was a pain in the ass.

  19. If I started posting regularly on Disgracebook, folks who know me would realize something was amiss, given I rarely post anything there normally…

  20. If I start posting about gardening…

  21. Gardening is more enjoyable than you’d think.

  22. *hunchback tingles*

  23. My code is “I’m voting democrat”.

  24. “I’m with HER”

  25. Interesting. I think my code would be: no more alcohol, no more bewbs. I’m living a clean life starting today.

  26. We need to design a logo for Car in. make it look like Hillary’s

  27. Chumpo could do it

  28. “I’m with- get away from my daughter.”

  29. “I need another cat”

  30. “Leon’s gonna meet me for a crossfit workout”

  31. “I wonder what NB is up to now-a-days?”

  32. But you do need another cat. Also, at least two more newfies.

  33. “Moose is on my lap”

    No, seriously, if I type that? Send help.

  34. That 2nd Amendment is really outta control……we need to do something! !!Eleventy!!

  35. I do NOT need another cat. I need three LESS cats.

  36. Everyone needs 3 less cats. Even people with no cats.

  37. Fewer.

    And I thought you only had the one kitteh.

  38. Heh heh….Old Richard Pryor..

    Its not so bad when your women leaves you….but they have to tell you WHY..

    Woman: Your Dick is short and you cant even screw!

    Dude: (Gets Pissed) Well FUCK YOU! Ima go find me some new PUSSY.

    Woman: You had two more inches of Dick and you’d find some new pussy here!

    *This is how fucked up my mind is…I remembered this joke cause CoAlex wrote that Car In needed a new cat….and I got to thinking….”well, everybody could use some new pussy every now and then”….and …..

  39. You all need to entertain me. Otherwise I have to sit here and read about medicaid prescription drug pricing…

  40. I’ve gotten tired of waiting for the prime to get their dev env properly stood up and VPN’d, so I’m doing a development task I assigned myself a year ago that I was sure would only take a few days. At the time, management told me to put it off because it wasn’t a feature the customer could see, even though we had numerous technical problems (showstoppers) and security people making hay about it.

    Fuck it, I’m going to get it done while I wait for them to get their manure piles properly combined.

  41. MIne would be:

    I’d like to know what Michelle Obama thinks about it.

  42. Pretty ugly. 6/10 would smash

  43. Her silly accent would annoy me.

  44. My dog has turned into a fuckin’ dick.
    It doesn’t matter what or how much I feed him (pretty expensive food, btw), but whenever I step out the door, he tears into the the trashcan.
    It used to be only when I left him alone for hours or the day, but now? I take 20 seconds to drop a sack of trash in the can outside and he’s done an hour’s worth of damage.
    If he wasn’t so damned cute, I’d strangle the little bastard.

  45. I love this so much!

  46. Whoa. That really happened.

    It’s almost as if the Republicans have learned how to fight.

  47. “Be patient, children. Someday you’ll be all grown up and not have to be around this cunt.”

  48. “One day, you’ll sit at table at Thanksgiving and roll your eyes when your mom tells this story and embellishes horribly.”

  49. heh, in the background “what about presumption of guilty?”

    Bless her heart.

  50. Presumption of guilt is fine for people standing in line for Confession.

    Any other context and you’re in need of a one-way helicopter ride.

  51. Any other context and you’re in need of a one-way helicopter ride.

    Conservatives need to start responding to stupid ideas like that with, “Fuck you, get on the helicopter.”

  52. Are we still doing everyday rape jokes? Is it still funny?

    Cuz I spent all week in Chicago a-raping and it was a helluva week.

  53. I may get to go to DC during the week of the elections to do a lot of needed raping.

  54. I really, really wish I could have gone basically any other time in the last two months.

  55. Car in needs a sign

  56. Was Eric Bolling ever a never trumper?

  57. Valerie, like most in the Obama administration, is a dummy and a hypocrite.

  58. MJ, the left has made rape a permanent joke. When you mock rape by making insane allegations that were supposed to be powerful and destructive against an incredibly good and earnest man you make it seem small and ridiculous.

    Apologies to anyone who has actually been raped but your beef is with the scum in DC not around here.

  59. If you think Beto O’rourk is attractive, you need to get out more. The hair, the teeth, the pencil-necked dickishness?

    Yeah, he looks like a Kennedy but I NEVER thought a Kennedy was good looking. EEEEssssshhhhh. The only thing the Kennedy’s had going for them was thick hair. Jack Kennedy had those creepy hooded eyes. Ted Kennedy with his raised mole covered face. Oh, wait, Jack’s son was nice looking for sure. Dumb as a rock but nice looking.

  60. John F Kennedy (Jack) also had a good smile. The others had gummy toothy smiles.

  61. On the other hand, have we really ever had a good looking President? I don’t think it matters at all. I’m not one to vote on how “cute” a politician is, that’s ridiculous.

    I know that George Washington had stature especially for his time but I wonder if his teeth would have been a distraction.

    I’ll just continue to think out loud…

  62. Just to add fun for Friday, Hillary is not President of the United States. And the one who is is getting a lot done.

    Is Roamy in Europe?

  63. Madison was supposed to be a handsome fellow, if a bit of a dandy.

    He was also my height, so my guess is that being really good looking or monstrously charismatic was the only way he could have succeeded in politics.

  64. My quick bing images show Madison was also not a smiler, but I’m sure that was the pose of the times. Hard to smile for hours while being sketched for a bust.

  65. Rape room’s open.

  66. Not sure if this will embed

  67. Comment by Hotspur on October 12, 2018 4:33 pm
    Rape room’s open.


    That crap always makes me laugh.

  68. That parcour deal was cool, Jimbro. Why? Because I see myself trying to do it and every stunt is a death trap.

  69. Just to add fun for Friday, Hillary is not President of the United States. And the one who is is getting a lot done.

    Heh. I wasted some time on YouTube today and ended up down a rabbit hole of erection election night clips. My favorite was probably Joyless Behar losing it LIVE on TV.

  70. Taylor Swift Special at KFC!

  71. That guy was some sort of skier — pro or amateur — and that’s part of his training. One day the robot dude will be doing that.

  72. I’ve done that rabbit hole journey a few times Chi. They are addictive to watch

  73. Gosnell movie is opening in exactly one cinema in Maine, Westbrook is about 2 hours south on 95.


  75. Ummmm, this is Jeb Bush’s wife.

  76. ^^^^That can’t be right…right?

  77. Okay, that must have been a really bad day

  78. Turn on the sound, Mare!

  79. I guess Jeb likes that he can balance a Modelo on her head while he’s fishing.

  80. I do not do the raping. Takes too much time away from my boofing.

  81. Mrs. Pupster made this for dinner because being married is dope!

  82. He’s got my vote.

  83. Jeb’s goblin wife is in fact real.

  84. It was good. I still like crack better, but it was good.

  85. Dammit, YouTube – now I have to watch John Wick again.
    The neighbor that used to give me bootleg DVDs got evicted, so I’ve never seen seen JW2, but it’s been so long since I watched the original that it should be be worth it.
    And if you look into it, Keanu Reeves is the real deal. The MF is a badass in martial arts, hand to hand combat and firearms.
    He ain’t the Moron he’s portrayed in early movies ( will admit that I really loved SPEED).

  86. Crack chicken recipe looks great. Must try.

  87. JW2 wasn’t as good as the first, but it wasn’t bad.

  88. Lady in the lunch room with me makes weird noises while eating. Specifically when she opens her mouth. Open your mouth. Now imagine that noise ten times louder. Smacking, I guess is what its called. She’s a loud mouth smacker.

  89. what’s up with B’Cock?

  90. BCoch is probably busy getting drunk on on that gay cinnamon liquor. What is it?
    Oh yeah – Fireball.

  91. “I still like crack better”
    crack crack?
    rapey crack?

  92. I sorta love that Hillary is putting herself out there for the midterms.


    Everyone wants that.

  93. Lady in the lunch room with me makes weird noises while eating.

  94. I sorta love that Hillary is putting herself out there for the midterms.

  95. Just paid off my vacation. Ouch.

  96. Boston Dynamics is further along than I thought.

  97. Did you have a good time, Sean?

  98. I think we might be hanging out in Western VA next week.

    No clue. No plans. Leaving tomorrow.

  99. I had a blast, Pups. Ate my way through Memphis and Nashville, got to meet some cool people (including dpud), and got some much needed R & R.

  100. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I liked living and working in TN. GLand used to live in Franklin, just south of Nashville, but I’m not sure if he is still there.

  101. Huh. Had I known, I would have shown up to his office with printouts of everything he’s missed over the past nine or so years.

  102. The bartenders here are cute, and the beer is cheap. Life is good.

  103. Have one* for me, Colex.

    *Can be applied to cute bartender or cheap beer, at the reader’s discretion

  104. Blerg

  105. wheeeeeeeeee

  106. Seriously, Trump has triggered a Twitter flame war about Grant vs Lee? We’ve reached peak 2018.


    **he was showing that Lee was a worthy adversary to Grant, you know, the guy from Ohio, where Trump was speaking tonight?

  108. Welcome to my life around 1969. VA history was taught in elementary school. My Buckeye dad, would counter every lesson or field trip with Buckeye lore. Still find it hilarious that my Buckeye family has roots in VA back to 1615.

  109. Quantico is built on land that belonged to a family member in the 1700s. Revolutionary war soldiers were paid off in land grants in OHIO. My Buckeyes have pretty much lived in a 4 county area since 1794. Posthumous Revolutionary pardon for a family member executed during Bacons Rebellion.

  110. True Story, I usually make sure that if I eat pancakes, pop tart, or ice cream that I’m ready to black out due to the Sugar. Last night, I oversugared on something without having a plan. I face planted. I’m covered with bruises. I wouldn’t let Dan help me.

  111. Don’t eat Reese’s Pieces.

  112. Fucking CPAP. Can’t sleep worth a rat with the damn thing on. Talk about defeating the purpose. Have to take the thing off after the 4 hour minimum so I can actually sleep…

    Of course now I can’t sleep anyway, so.

  113. F it, Bro Cav. I’ve been waking up at about 0400 for weeks now. No real reason, either – want some biscuits & gravy?

  114. MMM…breakfast…sounds great to me! I can cook up some of that great Conecuh sausage too…

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