MMM 341: Throwback

I’m running late this morning, and there are still a bunch of backlog images in the binders, so it’ll be the old format this week.  Laura sent me some good images that I didn’t have time to do any real research on, so those will be coming up in the near future when I’ve been a better steward of the images she sent me.

Greeting the sun.  I’d do this, but it’s been raining for 3 days.


She goes by “Meg” and is on youtoob somewhere.  I don’t watch her channel.


Looks warm there.


The holes are for ventilation.


Anllela never smiles.


Modestly attired, or not?  It’s all covered, and yet I can see everything.


I hate when they crop the socks out.


Next week, more mushrooms, I promise.  Happy Columbus Day to those of you still allowed to celebrate it.  My contract does but my employer doesn’t, so I’m working and they aren’t.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. With Barrett, they will say something about her not having the time to do her job well with all those kids. Also, she’s not a good mother because she has a special needs child and won’t be able to spend time with them.

    From Wikipedia (take it for what it’s worth)
    Amy Vivian Coney married Jesse M. Barrett, an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana.[40] They have seven children: five biological children and two children adopted from Haiti. Her youngest biological child has special needs.[2][41][42]


    Lake cruise went well yesterday, it was pretty fun and the food was good. Leaves have only just started changing so it wasn’t the full fall colors but still very pretty.

  4. Nice, Pupster.

  5. Tell us how many rapes you did. Today. ↓↓ HERE↓↓



  6. Cameltoe Monday!

  7. Okay, this is, ahh, what’s that expression? “I can’t even!”

  8. The holes are for ventilation. fornication.

  9. But, the day is young. No raping. Only because I was the only one home.

    Elliot was there, but he’s not a democrat, so no raping.

  10. Tomorrow is the day. Both kids take the road test. Please please please let this happen.

  11. Comments are funny on that Vox thing.

  12. Coffee’s almost done. Then I have to go do shit.

    /sad face



  14. If it’s in the New York Times, it’s…got to be a load of shit.

    Seriously, I have friends who fell for the latest “Trump taxes” story.

    I need new friends.

  15. Comment by car in on October 8, 2018 8:40 am
    Tomorrow is the day. Both kids take the road test. Please please please let this happen.


    Car in: “HOW DID YOU BOTH FAIL?!”

    Ethan: “Well, I pulled up next to her at the stop light… and I just had to rev my engine and do the double eye finger point…”


  17. “I refuse to understand the plainly intended meaning and that makes me angry!” pretty much sums up the internet.

  18. Barret will be an excellent AJ of the SC.

    I will bet all of my money that Roberts will be a ‘centrist’ from now on.

  19. So I guess the midterm strategy for Democrats is to talk about investigations, tax returns, Russia, and impeachment of both Trump and Kavanaugh.

    *gets ladder, sets up ladder, climbs ladder, rapes Jim Comey, climbs down ladder, closes ladder, replaces in garage

  20. My congressman’s Dem challenger has sent me 2 mailers already hoping to unseat him. I’m tempted to volunteer to stop this twerp from getting traction.

  21. Brett Kavanaugh is to the law what Christopher Columbus was to the Americas. Discuss.



    HA! Scott.

  23. John James for Senate!

  24. John James for Senate!



  25. If you are looking at eyesight, you should look into eye color of pilots in the military.

    My vision used to be above average, and I have brown eyes.

  26. Please stop encouraging my husband’s new pet idea. He thinks that people with light-colored eyes make better athletes, against all evidence. The evidence being that the descendants of african origin have taken over many of these sports (deservedly so) and they all have brown eyes.

    My husband, who as you all know, is a sensible and intelligent man who ordinarily can spot a scam at a thousand paces, then insists to me that some of these african-descent fellows appear in photographs with blue or green eyes. “Contact lenses, Scott, that’s not their natural color” I say patiently, to resounding silence.

    This is cute, our disagreement. Or rather, my lack of being persuaded is clearly making him insane. It’s kind of adorable. He says things to me like “I’m right. There’s something to this. You’ll see.” Maybe more alarming than adorable.

    His next effort has been to move the goalposts, in Cover Song Theory-fashion, and now insists that he *meant* athletes such as quarterbacks and any other positions which white people tend to dominate. Which, how convenient, right?

    And now he links an article which does not support his position, and crows about it.

    I love him but I’m not sure he would even be capable of admitting he was wrong at this point. He’s invested himself (Also like Cover Song Theory). He’s all in.

  27. Looks like laura will see to it that his idea never sees the light of day.

  28. Thanks, Jay. I have an Award of Appreciation for you. Meet me behind the woodshed.

  29. Must be that african origins I have from all that Scandi.

  30. Hey J’ames c’mere, watch this shot…

  31. I think Lauraw is twisting Scott’s theory much like the harpies did concerning Kavanaugh’s innocent drinking in high school.



  32. Heh, good thing I’m a horse!

  33. Light-colored eyes were selected for primarily by weather patterns in northern Europe during the last major glaciation. If they help at anything, it ought to be related thereto. Better sight in low light, maybe, or better resistance to surface albedo (reflections from ice and snow). We don’t see that, though, and we don’t see other polar populations (Inuit, for example) showing the trait at all.

    More likely, there were a few mutants that kept blue eyes past childhood (making it a neotenic trait), similar to lactose tolerance (might even have been a fellow-traveler genetic trait, since blue-eyed populations tend to also be milk drinkers), and the selection pressure might simply have come from the attractiveness of the trait. Our brains are wired to see cuteness in children, and blue eyes tell some part of our brain that we’re looking at a baby, ergo the person is “cute” in a way that dark-eyed people are not, and that very likely translated in some advantage — however slight — in being selected for breeding.

  34. No one gets contacts to turn their eyes brown.

    My theory is supported by market trends.

  35. I’ve only heard of them for movies. Kristen Stewart wore brown ones for Twilight because the character is supposed to be ‘plain’, which is rather telling in and of itself.

    She is much prettier with her natural blue eyes.

  36. Not all babies have blue eyes. Are the brown eyed ones ugly?

  37. I think the difference isn’t ‘ugly’ vs ‘pretty’ but ‘plain’ vs ‘striking’. The light eyes start out rare enough to be exotic, a few of the men with them get VERY lucky, and suddenly it’s a trait.

  38. Meh, if I want blue eyes I’ll buy a husky.

  39. That’s perfectly fair. It didn’t explicitly factor into my mate selection, but attraction and “chemistry” is subtle, and I, my wife, and child all have blue eyes. Well, more grey in my case, they look blue or green depending on clothing and ambient light.

  40. Eye color never swayed me. I guess I just don’t care enough about one particular trait.

  41. I have bluish eyes. Not a striking blue, but it’s the closet description available. Ian has BLUE blue eyes. Hannah’s got a loverly shade of brown.

  42. Ok, I just made a practice parking area in my driveway. I told the girl. SHe hasn’t appeared yet. Last night I took her driving, but she said she was “tired” and gave up before much was accomplished.

    If she doesn’t pass, I wash my hands of this issue.

  43. Ha ha ha, I want her to tell the driving test guy that she’s tired and just wants her license.

  44. If I think back on the women I’ve been especially attracted to, there was probably an even mix of eye colors. OTOH, if I think back to the ones I had the strongest instinctive desire for, I notice a pattern of light-eyed women.

  45. Brown hair and blue eyes are the best combination.

  46. Also it was very distracting that our cell service has been spotty lately, and she had tried to message heysus before we left and it wouldn’t send. Honestly, how can I expect her to concentrate under those conditions.

    She should probably mention that to the tester too.

  47. Brown hair and blue eyes are the best combination.


  48. She should. Those DMV tester guys are notoriously good-natured and accommodating.

  49. My sister has really cool eyes. They’re green/hazel and changeable with emotion. Usually they’re clear hazel green. Sometimes they go a pearly lighter sage color with a dark ring around the iris. It’s freaky.

    I knew a blue-eyed girl in high school whose eyes got deeper blue when she was upset about something. They would go from clear light blue to like, almost denim blue and very striking.

  50. No love for hazel eyes, I see…

  51. Scott came home between truck loads. He called me a ‘science denier’ and left.

  52. Lovely, button just popped off my pants.

    This will be a fun day.

  53. scott needs to stay off his phone while driving

  54. I usually notice women’s eyes about 45 seconds after first spotting them. By then, the little man in my head hath already passed judgment and spoken.

  55. “Lovely, button just popped off my pants.”

    Still excited about Kavanaugh, I see…..

  56. It’s National Pierogi Day!

  57. What the fuck color is “hazel”? They make a crayon in that color?

  58. Are there two swearings in for a SCOTUS judge? I’ve seen pictures that look like Roberts is doing it, and some that look like Kennedy is doing it.

  59. Hazel is sort of gold/brown/green.

  60. *has been accused of having Hazel eyes.

  61. I have never had a pierogi. One of my Polish-American med school classmates used to wax poetically about the pierogis he’d get back in his hometown of Springfield, MA. Is there meat in them? Is there one recipe or do they make them different everywhere?

  62. All of Justice Kavanaugh’s SC clerks are female. First ever.

  63. Ford just wants to be left alone now. After all the build up, the hearings and investigations and her not getting him tossed from consideration she just wants to let bygones be bygones.

    The Dems won’t remember her name in a year.

  64. This video is 2:20 seconds long but you should watch to see that the Portland Police have given these freaks free reign:

  65. All of Justice Kavanaugh’s SC clerks are female. First ever.

  66. What do you think? Mediocre.

  67. Not one of us can say those things in mixed company.

  68. kilt it DAIYD!

  69. Hotspur, Roberts administered the Oath of Office, and Kennedy administered the Judicial Oath. Which is apparently a thing.

  70. Hotspur, that was an excellent video.

    She’s a liar and tool. My husband could not believe Ford’s voice. Ridiculous.

  71. Time to mow, hopefully the last time for 2018.

  72. *pretty pose

    *pretty pose

    Nails on a chalkboard

  73. The boy mowed last weekend. He does a half ass job but only I notice plus it gets me out of doing it. I’ll do it myself at least one more time to get the sections he misses.

  74. Thanks for clarifying, XBrad.

  75. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that Kagan buys it next.

    Anyone wanna bet?

  76. For Xbrad

  77. I want RBG to die peacefully in her sleep late at night on 4 November, 2020, just as Trump is reelected.

  78. Truer than you know, Pupper.

  79. butch chicks make me puke


  81. Good news, Jimbro. Looks like the Patriots win the Superbowl again this year.

  82. Anyone get a baker’s dozen rapes today?

  83. Close.

  84. One of them wasn’t rape rape.

  85. Yankees fans – if assholes could fly Yankee Stadium would be an airport.

  86. I’m not done raping yet today, give a gal a break, it takes us longer

  87. Does it count toward my daily rape total if I was both perpetrator and victim?

    Asking for MJ.

  88. Laura, in the name of gender equality, you get no extra time. You can’t have it both ways.

  89. All good questions.

    We’re gonna count HSs rapes based on the Maginsky-Clouffer Rape Standard which was set at the 1911 International Treatise of Raping and Rape Enthusiasts Symposium.

    Lauraw has until 11pm cuz she take longer. EYEROLL

    Yes, Leon, it counts if you are both the perp and victim. In fact, I believe you have found a rape hack. Have you considered presenting your finding at the Rape Enthusiast Symposium this year? It’s being held in Bofa, North Dakota. It’s on an Indiana reservation for obvious reasons.

  90. So, MJ, you took it up the pooper? Sorry to hear.

  91. Do or die for the Sox tonight. No way they can beat the Yankees two in a row if they lose tonight.

  92. We’ll see how Tom Terrific does against KC this week. I have a feeling the Chefs have a different outlook on the Pats going to the SB again this year

  93. Sorry, I was unclear; it’s not gender inequality. When I said ‘us’ I meant hunchbacks. It takes longer for hunchbacks to rape as many people. I can’t seem to get people alone with me. So many bullshit excuses. “I have to get home for dinner, you smell bad, is that a knife?” & etc.

  94. We can give hunchbacks extra time.

  95. I understood.

    Hotspur is such a jerk for not getting it. Just like you say in your secret emails about Hotspur’s many, many faults.

  96. In fact, take all year.

  97. I don’t deny I’m flawed. But I do my best.

  98. C’mon, JD, make this happen.

  99. As Mare would say, “Cock!”

  100. Thanks, guys! Everybody is so magnanimous since Trump got his SCOTUS pick!

    *waggles eyebrows*

    *points to rape shed*

  101. Guys, I’ve found the new Official H2 Vehicle.

  102. Mare’s favorite airline.

  103. Oh Oso,

  104. Hahaha, Donald Trump haikus

  105. blerg

  106. For Pendejo

  107. Do or die, really jimbro?

  108. CAR IN! Do you have to drive anyone to work or school tomorrow?

  109. H2 Painting Class

  110. Does Everyone Really Poop?

  111. Slight hyperbole Jay. Their bats came alive last night but before that they were sleepwalking after they clinched home field advantage in the playoffs. Last night’s version of the Sox was closer to the way they played all year. This year’s Yankees team is good, don’t be surprised if they come back to win in game 4.

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