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  2. Saturday mornings Alex cleans house.


  3. Comment by Hotspur on October 5, 2018 7:03 pm
    Anyone got any rape plans for the weekend?


    HA! Not yet. But I’m thinking some super fun devil’s triangle should round out my weekend. BOOF SOUND!

  4. Pupster, you’re one funny MOFO.

  5. Raping and ice throwing hopefully commences later this afternoon.


  6. Ice throwing? Whoa, Carin be crazy.

  7. Yea, I figure the chances of me making the Supreme Court is pretty low. I’m going to start throwing ice with abandon.

  8. I saw a trailer for a new Clint Eastwood flick coming up last night.. The Mule. Looks pretty promising.
    When will that guy just retire and give somebody else a chance? I swear, everything he touches turns to gold.

  9. Stolen:

    I think the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh should be announced through the presidential alert system.

  10. That would be rich, Car In!
    Talk about exploding heads…

  11. I’m gonna play Devil’s Triangle with my kids tonight if he’s confirmed.

  12. The first presidential alert should be – I LIKE PIE.

  13. Three day weekend! My Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are playing Devil’s Triangle!

  14. Dear Hysterical Feminist Women,

    Unless you are crying over the birth of your child no one wants to hear you screaming or being hysterical. It is generally thought of as a mental disorder and an irrational overreaction to a situation wherein normal personalities calmly problem solve or accept.

    Thank you,

    Everyone else.

  15. PS

    You look fricken nuts.

  16. PPS

    You also look pathetically weak.


  18. Morning.

  19. I really think Ford and her FBI friend need to be charged.

    What are the odds?

    If nothing is done it’s going to happen again and again.

  20. I started out with the most charitable position possible: Ford was an idiot that got pimpled out by a slick partisan lawyer.

    But it appears that she was actually someone that was ok with using rape as a weapon.

    Good grief. How did this happen?

  21. I’m trying to turn chuck into brisket today on my charcoal grill. Wish me luck.


  22. That looks really good, Pupster. Good luck! If you’re using an Amazing Ribs technique it will probably be awesome.

  23. I made a whole eye of round last week on the PBC. It was a huge hunk of meat so I divided it down the middle the long way. Still had to cook the middle parts in the oven after 5 hours of smoking it. I’m making a pot roast thingie in the crockpot today with the last of it.

  24. I wonder how many beers Brett Kavenaugh will slam tonight?

  25. He’s probably hosting a kegger for the occasion. Squi is definitely gonna be there

  26. Victory Party Fffffffor Kavanaugh

  27. He should definitely grab a pussy.

  28. Mrs. Pupster bought 2 packs of chuck thinking we could make them into steak. I took it out of the packaging and had to strain to put a fork into it, so I decided to try something different. It’s hard to regulate the temp in my grill so who knows. Meathead’s recipes assume you can keep a steady 220 for 6 hours, I go from 180 to 250.

  29. https://is.gd/ynsmmt

  30. Man, the acrimony of the left is over the top. It was bad when Cankles lost, but now they’re beyond grief, they’re looking for scalps.

  31. Hotspur, that’s because they’re effing nuts. Leftism IS A MENTAL DISORDER.

    Irrationality, sudden outbursts of screaming and yelling, inability to think logically, fear, inability to cope and constant projection.


  32. I wouldn’t worry about it, Pupster.

    Low and slow is older than thermometers.

  33. They thought that they had won their final victory. They believed that they had a coalition of women, minorities, and urban millennials which would give them the White House permanently, and so there was no need to play nice with the blue-collar, working-class voters that the Dems had long relied on for support. Now that they are completely out of power and seeing all their “accomplishments” removed by Trump, they have to choose between either crawling back to the voters that they sneered at, or going further to the left out of pride. They’ve chosen to go further left.

    It’s like a 45 year old woman who loses a bunch of weight and has an affair with a coworker, so she decides to leave her husband because she thinks she can do better. Only once she’s on the market, she discovers that the divorced lawyers and doctors she’s chasing after aren’t interested in her, and she’s pissed.

  34. * shouts *


  35. People are upset that Melania Trump wore a pith helmet while in Africa.

    Seriously, these people are stupid.

    Even before the pith helmet, Seay had started a hashtag — #FLOTUSInAfricaBingo – to note the ways in which she found that Trump was “fulfilling a lot of stereotypes” on her trip.

    “The way she’s dressed and the activities she’s undertaken reflect an outdated view of the continent,” Seay says. “It’s not a place looking for white saviors in colonial getup. It’s a vibrant place where there’s all sorts of innovation and creative problem-solving.”

    The vibrancy of mass starvation, constant low-level warfare, and a low decent into pagan savagery. Innovative new ways to embezzle foreign aid, murder rival tribes by the gross lot, and oppress your own people. And problem-solving solutions such as the wholesale seizure of white-owned farms and businesses, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a regression to superstition and magic instead of medicine.

  36. Comment by scott on October 6, 2018 2:58 pm
    * shouts *


    hahahahahaha…I actually thought about that as I typed it.

  37. Texas vs Oklahoma is just crazy.

  38. Cuck Schemer is bloviating, and lying. What a cunt!

  39. Wow, this is amazing.

  40. Leftism is a mental disorder.

  41. They are unhinged

  42. Man, the Gallery is full of lunatics.

  43. Praise the Lord.

  44. Done and done.

  45. Lock up the harpies.

  46. Flaming Skull and Pudding Cup at Ace’s

  47. All of this winning is getting tiresome.

  48. I’m thinking that Susan Collins needs to be the next contestant on BBF. She has a decent rack for an old lady. We’ve damned sure done worse.

  49. All of this winning is getting tiresome.

    While I worry that constantly winning may make us start to not see how spectacular it is, we can’t risk it. The left has completely lost their shit and cannot be trusted with even the small things.

  50. In honor of Kavanaugh, I reset my password. THe baby is back.

  51. JUSTICE Brett Kavanaugh to Dr. Babyvoice:


    (Great picture)

  52. Oh, and per her lawyers, Dr. Babyvoice does not want to take this any further – probably too afraid of perjury charges….


  53. *throws ice*

    *gang rapes*

  54. Liberal women could get more traction with their causes if they weren’t so crazy. And stupid. And unattractive.

  55. They think they represent the majority.

    It’s a hoot.

  56. Well, that’s because they’re stupid Scott. I’d feel sorry for them if they didn’t so much fucking damage to society.

  57. Family movie night here. We’re watching something called “Mandy”.

  58. Biometrics is amazing. A computer just memorized my thumb in about 10 seconds.

  59. Heysus has apparently been forgiven. @@.

    I haven’t “forgiven” him yet, and Erin hasn’t really explained how he went from “I just don’t care about you as much as you care about me”, to DYING to get her back.

  60. He thought he had a chance with someone else, and got shot down.

  61. Naw, he didn’t have time for that. He basically started texting her 5 hours after he broke up. I don’t know what the deal was. She made him sweat it out a few days. Burned the shit he gave her. Returned the jewelry. He came over before work and she wouldn’t let him drive her to work, or come over later. But they’re at a movie now.

    It’s a mystery. I don’t trust the situation much, but then I do kinda trust HER judgment.

  62. Some outside force abetted his decision to break up with her. The big mystery is figuring out “What was it?”

  63. My brother had a temp job with Entemann’s briefly on a college break. His cow orkers looked at him sideways when he didn’t eat the free pastries in the break room and called it junk food.

  64. LSU is going down.

  65. Yeah, good game so far

  66. Fox is covering the Kansas Trump rally.

    It’s refreshing to see some normal people on TV.


  67. Trump talking about running against Elizabeth Warren.

    ” I have more Indian blood in my veins than she does, and I have none.”

  68. Trump is on the phone with Fox right now.

  69. Connection dropped

  70. Anybody up for some good old fashioned gang rape?

  71. No blue wave in November. It’s not going to happen.

    Hotspur’s mom doesn’t count

  72. https://is.gd/qxQpAn

  73. He thought he had a chance with someone else, and got shot down.

    This. I don’t care how much time there was.

    Look on the bright side. At least he broke up with the first one before trying the second. There is at least a little honor there.

  74. I have more Indian blood in my veins than she does, and I have none.

    That is the funniest line ever, since Linday Graham wanted to dunk Kavanaugh in water to see if he would float. GOP is on fire with one liners lately. Although Trump is usually on point with them.

  75. I decided to go to a local contra dance, and it’s about what I expected: 50% aging hippies, 30% middle aged weirdos, and the rest are barely sociable losers. Myself included.

  76. So, what do Maine voters think of Collins today?

    And how does Senator Palin sound to you?

  77. Hehe, pups, that is Elliot, aka The Most Uncoordinated Dog on Earth™. He stops thrown balls/objects/food with his face, or lets them drop after a half-hearted attempt.

  78. BTW, did you see the upset? ISU over #25 Okie State at Stillwater!

  79. RIP, Montserrat Caballe. One of the best operatic sopranos ever – sang “Barcelona” with Freddie Mercury (who was in awe of her talent).

  80. wow, that would be something to hear.

  81. https://tinyurl.com/y72voezr

  82. That one is great. Here’s another, more Freddie though. Montserrat is quite a singer: Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé – The Golden Boy (Live at La Nit, 1988)

    Thanks TiFW!

  83. How deep does the swamp go?
    It’s long, but worth it.
    Interesting connections between the “Russia! and “Doctor” Ford…



  84. Fuck Heysuse. He is not worthy of your daughter. He is fickle and a pussy! He is willing to bail on her and go looking for some easy ass, and failed.
    Cast him out into the wilderness where there is the gnashing of teeth.
    Let him go and sin no more…

  85. I was engaged to marry a guy, that gave me the we need to see other people speech. He met a cocktail waitress he wanted to ask out, but didn’t want to cheat. Dan asked me out the next day. When Cheaty McCheaterson got shot down by cocktail waitress and tried to come back…I was already dating Dan. 30 years ago Monday.

  86. That is the risk you take, to play the field.

  87. Where is Amy Schumer being held?

  88. Hopefully Kavanaugh will be a more conservative Justice after his treatment at the hands of the Left. He was billed as moderate. I’ll be happy if he follows the constitution and doesn’t try to legislate from the bench.

    The Conservative Treehouse is good, ChrisP, especially with financial and economic stuff.

  89. Pretty sure there will be violence soon. Dems and media keep whipping up their followers into a frenzy. Eventually they will attack people and injure them, or be taken down by security, or both.

  90. Kavanaugh is billed as a moderate conservative, to be fair. Not in the same vein as Breyer or Stevens, when they came up.

  91. Great night at work. I saw someone get quickly, dramatically better right in front of my eyes over a period of a few hours. It was incredible.

    And, of course, it was nice that Trump won again and a good person wasn’t ritually destroyed by the mob just because they could.

    Next SCOTUS candidate is going to be accused of actual witchcraft and/or murder and/or pedophilia and/or dogfighting.

  92. Well, since it’s gonna be Amy Coney Barrett, better get the witch on a broomstick memes ready.

  93. LIV voters are appalled by Ford. I even tried playing Devil’s advocate. The Red Wave has been activated and not going to take it.

  94. I still can’t believe I nearly dropped Dan for the cheater with the amazing ring 30 years ago. (My ring was awesome. Sapphire with 4 perfect diamonds. Pained me to return. I still believe I made the right choice)

  95. full disclosure: I never had to buy an engagement ring. Mrs Jay wanted me to be able to buy a truck to replace my car. Tell me she isn’t awesome.

  96. I wish I had been that sensible a new bride, Jay.

  97. I got blocked on FB by Dan. He’s tired of flirt bots chatting with me.

  98. The Devil’s Triangle!

  99. I boofed

  100. Wonder if Car in is still doing the Devil’s Triangle with her kids, like she said.

  101. Demons eventually reel-in partygoers.

  102. nicely done!

  103. I think you should know, right now, Sean is partying away in Nashville. Having fun, and all that.

  104. Sean looks like he’s having fun. ww

  105. Never forget, the dems tried to completely ruin an innocent man for political gain. They trashed (rapist, pedophile, drunkard) a really decent man. I cannot imagine for the rest of that family’s life they have to hear the asterisk boloney every time the SC is mentioned. This is a great and horrible sin.

    Not unusual. See: Benghazi

  106. Why is Sean in Nashville?
    Is he still seeing the woman who he was very fond of?
    Why is Chuck Schumer such an effing liar?

  107. I don’t think it was about asking someone out and getting shot down. He basically broke up. Went to work. Got home, started texting her.

    It’s really weird. I think his one group of friends (who Erin doesn’t really know – she says they’re jerks but not bad people) had an influence on him. The “you’re a senior – you should be free and having fun” stuff.

    If it was about asking someone else out, he would have at least wallowed in shame for a week or so.

    I’m still kinda salty about him actually. But one thing that has struck me was that he’s a NICE kid. Perhaps he just got mixed about something. He’s allowed one mistake.

  108. 1. Getting in touch with his southern roots

    2. Not for a while, try to keep up with the plot

    3. It’s in his DNA

  109. Complete 180 degrees for Sox-Yankees last night. David Price (Sox pitcher) has a low win %’tage vs the Yankees and in the postseason overall. Sigh. Series continues Monday night in NY.

  110. Good link Carin. Saw an article in NY Post this morning about “mama bears” being outraged at this whole circus. If it can happen to Kavanaugh it could happen to my own son. There was a mention, perhaps apocryphal, of women buying calendars for their sons to record their schedules for use in their future defense.

  111. The left is dumb. They don’t understand that most of us know one of those loony women who are always outraged about something men do and feel oppressed all the time and it’s not because of men it’s because they’re nuts.

    These were the women in DC all last week. We don’t want to be around those women, we think they’re nuts, we haven’t told them but they’re toxic and boring.

    These twats will not help their cause. But they think they’re being brave and telling truth to power. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    And all actresses (very few exceptions) are straight up nuts anyway. Bette Midler? Alyssa Milano? Jane Fonda? Cher?

  112. I have a theory about heysus. I bet I’m right. BET.

    She doesn’t go to parties, or football games, etc with him. I bet his friends said she was a drag on his fun. He fell for it for a hot minute. Then realized he didn’t really care. She doesn’t mind if he goes with his friends – and he hangs with them at least one night every weekend. She just doesn’t want to – so he has to choose. He has two groups of friends, one that SHE is good friends with and another. He’s been hanging out more with the other, and isn’t interested in that.

  113. I also love that these insane, harpies cannot figure out why they can’t find good men and men, in general, don’t respect them.

  114. High school social dynamics are more complicated than, well, anything.

  115. If you want to hear man hating, just listen in to any women’s book club.

  116. Yea. It’s in general a terrible time. It just didn’t make sense. He broke up tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon showed up to “clear the air” -and she said he was crying then. at the time I told her it was because he was trying to make her feel bad. Wednesday night, he’s texting her it’s all a mistake. Thursday- full-court press to get her back.

    I dunno. I think this whole thing isn’t going to play well on Lapeer Creek. I’m going to have to spice it up.

  117. Hotspur, I was watching Jerry Meguire the other day and they pretty much get that part dead on.

  118. I’m a dud at a party or book club because I love and admire my husband.

    Book club goer: “My ex is such an asshole, he’s late with alimony payments, doesn’t bring the kids back on time and already has a younger girlfriend after only 4 months!”

    Mare: “You chose poorly.”


  119. No, you didn’t choose poorly, you’re a cunt and are terrible at giving head. Plus your allotted 3 days a month generally stretch to 29.

  120. Sean’s ex-girlfriend is a PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS. gah. It never ends with her.

    so, 2 kids by sean by the time she’s 20 or so. He moves on, and she very QUICKLY gets in a new relationship. Many warning flags. Well, another baby by this dud – and now she’s looking to be homeless.

  121. She should start doing drugs.

  122. If she was an addict, mentally incompetent or had a psych diagnosis she would have a program tailored to her needs. But sluts don’t qualify for crazy checks. And by “but” I don’t mean butt

  123. Going for a Sunday Brunch Cruise on Lake Minnetonka with the family and my parents. Ahoy!


  124. I have a theory about heysus.

    I think you are right. Perhaps he was tired of a high-maintenance girlfriend who didn’t go out and have fun with his friends, and he felt he was missing out. Then when he went out he missed her company and realized their relationship was more important than drinking beer and loud music in smokey basements.

    I’m glad you are giving him another chance, but I hope Erin doesn’t punish him for the mistake for too long. If he is a nice guy he still deserves the benefit of doubt.

  125. The punishment is over, I believe.

    And erin is pretty low maintenance actually.

  126. She doesn’t give him grief about spending time with his friends. He just doesn’t want to go. Any pressures he feels about spending time with her is pressure he puts on himself.

  127. I’m going for my long run during the Packer/Lion game. It’s a good time to not be here.

  128. “She should start doing drugs.”

    i raffed out roud on this –

    probly one more check mark for me in the “reasons why ppl think you’re an ass” column

  129. anyone have experience with cable modems?
    i need to blacklist a couple of ip addresses and can’t figure out how to on one of these:
    arris SBG6700-AC

  130. See the smarter lad might have tried putting both groups together at once, thus merging the pools and negating the issue. Unless the two are mutually incompatible, in which case, scrood. (See, this is why you should just ignore any advice I have, I don’t think shit out until I start typing.)

  131. The manual on that model. Firewall setup on page 44.

  132. Yea, I don’t think the two groups mix. Erin actually had that little friend group over on friday (I think as a bit of further punishment before he was fully forgiven). Ethan says the other boys are kind of jerks/dicks. Erin doesn’t want to hang with them, and I’m sure the friends of his she does like doesn’t want to either.

  133. I think doing drugs is one of the few mistakes sean’s gf hasn’t made, although I could be wrong about that. The currect baby daddy who is disappointing her is apparently 1) a drug addict 2) violent and 3) bi-polar.

    He doesn’t work too.

  134. The currect baby daddy who is disappointing her is apparently 1) a drug addict 2) violent and 3) bi-polar.

    He doesn’t work too.

    She sounds like an utter moron who needs her children taken away.

  135. Living the dream.


  136. Apparently she’s afraid to go to a shelter because she’s afraid she’ll lose her kids.

  137. It occurred to me the other day that the absolute best investors (in terms of investment/return percentage) are chicks like this. They absolutely contribute nothing (don’t pay any taxes, etc) and yet they get back out of the system, SNAP, EBT, Section 8, and on and on. That fuckin slacker Warren Buffet, makes maybe 15 to 20% in a good year and maybe breaks even in a bad year? But you can’t calculate the return on these welfare folks because one of the inputs is ZERO.

    Not that I’d trade my life for their’s, but still they’re getting genius level returns on their money.

  138. She literally went from Sean, to dating this loser w/in 3 weeks. I mean, if you’re casually dating, I can understand shorter time periods. But she had two children with Sean.

  139. I’ve been mulling a case over in my head the past few days. I’m involved in the care of a kid whose mom committed suicide by stepping into the path of a tractor trailer on 95 while holding him. I’m sort of beside myself on the why of it all. She’s dead and the kid is injured but survived. Husband, who had their other child, is in shock. I think I’ve seen all of the bad things out there and then I learn that I’m so wrong. So fucked up. No links, he’s named in the articles, please don’t search, this sums it all up. Temporary insanity is the only way I can reconcile this in my head.

  140. That’s horrible. :(

  141. Jimbro, possibly some sort of marital difficulties?

  142. Pendejo, these are the people I think of when I see the libs complaining that the GOP hates people because they want to pay for social programs by cutting waste and not raising taxes or actually enforcing work requirements. The safety net is not meant to be a hammock.

  143. No idea, I’ve just been hyper focused on my part, trying not to think of the reasons why. If I think too much about motives it makes me angry. My duty is to the kid. I don’t envy the LEO’s, pediatricians and social workers who have to muddle through all that.

  144. I know I don’t have to tell you, Jimbro, but as ugly as things can get, they can be as equally beautiful. If I didn’t know that I’d be a monk in a monastery on a mountaintop in a far-off land.

    Regardless, God bless you and help you help that boy.

  145. I personally think it’s cruel the Dems continue to let Nancy Pelosi speak when it’s obvious she’s in early dementia or other declining mental condition.


  147. Mrs. Pendejo saw on facecock where one of her ex-students who is currently about 30
    Years old just fathered his sixth bastard child by a fifth hooor. Having babies costs a lot of dinero. How can he afford………..oh yeah, doesn’t cost them a fucking dime. We had to stop after two or face huge indebtedness throughout our thirties. The concept of idiocracy is real.

  148. I’m pretty good about compartmentalising stuff like this and going into robot mode to focus on my part but this one has been creeping into my mind at odd times since I read how it happened. It’s easy to find the beauty in life if, like me, you’re easily impressed with the small stuff. I’m having a cigar, sipping tea and half listening to football on the radio. Two chipmunks are running back and forth stowing acorns under my granite steps. If Armageddon happens my house will have oak trees growing through the front door within years and no one will be here to admire the force of nature. Shit like that amuses me.

  149. Nancy Pelosi is a perfect foil for Trump.

  150. I have found those who enjoy simple pleasures are the happiest people.

  151. *Flips the bird at Mare*

    *sighs contentedly*

  152. I actually do enjoy simple pleasures, I just don’t stop to enjoy them as often as I should. But get me in summer with the cicadas going, just kicking back…ahhhhh.

  153. Wow. Giants lose to a 63 yard field goal as time expires.

    It’s going to be that type of year..

  154. Think Eli has realized they lost yet?

  155. The Loins beat the Fudgepackers.

  156. And erin is pretty low maintenance actually.


  157. So you’re saying Erin is an 8 hot, and a 2 or 3 crazy?

  158. I really have to wonder how much of that is performance art for other lefties. If it were not for ubiquitous cell phone cameras more than half this shit would be unwitnessed. Monkey see monkey do (sorry Jam). If monkey no see monkey less likely to join in and fling poo. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great exhibition of their tactics and the more normal people see it the better.

  159. The true believers truly believe. The rest is theatre. Quietly minding your own business doesn’t go viral, and that’s what the puppet masters are paying for, an exhibition. Move the meter by wailing and gnashing your teeth.

  160. Jimbor, I don’t think it’s performance at all. Those people are unhinged. Borderline institutionalized, except all the nut houses are shut down, sadly.

  161. I don’t think the dems and media (BIRM) understand what this bullshit did to voters. It’s typical for the party of a first term president to lose the House.

    I think Scott predicted we would pick up seats. I think his wisdom is prescient.

  162. It’s a combination, some of them are professionals.

  163. I’m at my boat. Probably the last night until Spring. It’s been a great season. Can’t believe we let 13 years go by. But hey, Inn + Life + HotBride’s health.

  164. It’s way more dangerous than it looks. This is how a group works itself up to do something very, very bad.

  165. Comment by lauraw on October 7, 2018 2:50 pm
    *Flips the bird at Mare*
    *sighs contentedly*


    HA! See?

  166. Who enjoys listening to Joe Buck?


    Not me. He’s a cunt.

  167. Can you say what issues Hotbride is having with her health, Hotspur?

  168. Pretty much coalex

  169. What is left?? They called Kavanaugh a rapist, a drunkard and a pedophile!


  170. Had, Maresy. (I hope.)

    She developed an uncontrollable cough in August 2014. Had to be hospitalized 3 times in the next couple of months. It was totally uncontrollable. At one point the ER doc (good old school guy) said, “I’m going to do something that young docs don’t know about, I’m going to inject adrenaline.” I think he saved her life that night. Her pulse-ox was below 80.

    Then they put her on 60mg of steroids per day, and she puffed up like a balloon, but it helped her recover.

    Now she’s pretty normal, but still hasn’t recovered all of her strength, much to her frustration.

  171. Tonight she and a friend are helping another friend serve dinner to twelve people because our friend donated a dinner to raise funds for a charity. Total liberals. But if you open your house and kitchen to raise money for a worthy cause, you and I a simpatico.

  172. Goodness, Hotspur, whew, so glad Hotbride is better. But no definitive diagnosis? Dang.

  173. The worthy cause: https://www.fisherhouse.org

    Help them if you are able.

  174. Mare, no. Her pulmonologist wanted her to go to Jewish National in Denver because they’re the Mao clinic of respiratory conditions, but they eat bowls of dicks. Never even got a return phone call.

    Total dickfaces.

  175. What is left??

    Browser history.

  176. Comment by Car in on October 7, 2018 6:02 pm
    Pretty much coalex

  177. We donate to a fundraiser for Fisher House every year.

  178. Actually, didn’t they accuse Kavanaugh of pedophilia, making a deal out of the girls basketball team?

  179. I have been noticing that blue eyes are much more common among professional athletes. I am starting to think that blue eyes = better vision.

    Laura thinks I am crazy.

    I just went through all the QB’s in the NFL.

    Of the 33 white guys, 17 of them have blue or green eyes.

    I don’t know what the percentage is in the regular population but I am sure it isn’t 51%

  180. The Hot/Crazy Matrix is one of the best things ever.

  181. Light colored eyes, blue or green.

  182. Kitty-cat is home!!!!!!

  183. good to hear, TiFW.

  184. Woot!

  185. Scott, I think baseball, too. Hitters.

  186. Prayers, Jimbro.

  187. WooHoo! Comments at the HQ we’re praying for TiFW

  188. Were

  189. I knew you would get it.

    Thank you Oso.


  190. https://is.gd/IC1Wr7

  191. You know, right now the Lefties are getting the records, public and private, of any potential future Supreme court nominees and going over them with a microscope. Fabricated stories will be in much greater detail, and they’ll have more accusers set up.

  192. That is why Ford and the FBI friend need to be prosecuted.

  193. I wonder what they will find/manufacture about Amy Coney Barrett?

    We should have a pool.

  194. Financial improprieties. Racism.

  195. Eating meat on Friday

  196. Not recycling

  197. Scott, I believe there was an actual study about light eyes and 15/15 vision that made the claim about peripheral vision and hand eye coordination.

  198. ACB has 7 kids. She H8S Gaia.

  199. 7 kids? How many baby daddies?

  200. Woman to Oso: Where is your popcorn for cooking?
    Oso: We only have microwave popcorn on 16.
    Woman: You’re saying you don’t have the little bags of popcorn to cook in a microwave?
    Oso: Check aisle 16.

  201. She has a lot of kids? Oh, okay, that makes it easy to prognosticate. All we have to do is look back to 2008 and see what they said about Palin. It will be the same. These people are tedious and repetitive.

  202. I don’t know if all are birth or adopt. I just know she has Car in and PJ on speed dial.

  203. Lauraw, she is a devout Catholic. They already got ugly at her hearing. Especially DIFI.

  204. Miguel Estrada needs to be our beacon. Before they attempted to destroy Kav…there was Estrada. These people are EVIL.

  205. Gosh, it would be just terrible if they attacked her religion in a big ugly public way. I sure hope they wouldn’t do that. That would be just awful and I bet Catholics would just stay in bed on Election Day because of it. Sure would be an effective way to ruin the day of a whole bunch of evil Republicans. Golly! And I hope they don’t have crazy screaming bitches at the hearing! Just absolutely *everybody* is informed and persuaded by crazy screaming bitches!

    Just to recap: It’s all over, if the Democrats:
    1) attack a person for their devout Christian faith
    2) with crazy screaming bitches

    This is the foundation for Democrat victory. Do not let this memo fall into the wrong hands or I will give you such a pinch.

  206. Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins just you wait 🎶🎶🎶

  207. Dogs enjoy roadkill pulp.

  208. Who doesn’t enjoy roadkill pulp?

  209. Trump ought to add to his list of potential candidates for SCOTUS some respected liberal judges who have known personal flaws just for the hell of it.

  210. The midterms are probably playing a major role in RBG’s decision on how long she’ll stay on. Low likelihood she’d let Trump appoint her replacement but she is getting long in the tooth and retiring to teach occasional seminars at a women’s college and ogle the coeds might feel appealing. If the Dems take the house and senate (Bloo Wave) she might do it. If she hangs on I’m guessing her head will explode in 2020 when Trump MAGA’s twice.

  211. MMM in 15-20 min.

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